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Found 367 results

  1. Hello lovely ponies of the forums! I'm gong to be taking questions as the princess of the sun! You may ask anything you wish, as long as you keep the inquiries within the simple guidelines I've set forward: 1) please keep everything welcoming and friendly for others! 2) I'm not terribly interested in talking about ships- lets just not do that please (although sailing ships are quite alright ) *soaring down from above- almost falling, until catching myself at the last second* Hello dear ones *trots over to my big plush pillow and lies down- stretching*
  2. Let's say that Westeros and Equestria existed on the same planet and thanks to good old conniving and diplomatic failure they went to war. Who would win? How many losses would there be? And what would be the aftermath? My money's on Equestria as they have quite a few more dragons and what not, not to mention the ability to control weather and the elements. But I do think it would be a battle with several losses, and that Equestria would have trouble holding on to Westeros if they decided to occupy it.
  3. If the Earth military decided to invade Equestria for whatever reason, which side do you think would win the war ? Personally, I'd say the humans would, since they have nukes and stuff we could just bomb them and then launch an attack or something. BUT I would say the ponies do stand a chance since they have access to magic which we haven't.
  4. Who do you is the most threatening villain/creature in Equestria so far? Consider their strengths, abilities, how they were defeated, any weaknesses perhaps, their effect(s) of being present in Equestria, things like that. The most threatening villain doesn't have to be the most powerful. To keep things simple, let's just the consider the villains/creatures that appeared in the show. So disregard Equestria Girls, any MLP comics, etc. Reformed villains/creatures can also be discussed.
  5. I was thinking about creating a realistic portrayal of how language(s) would develop in Equestria. Of course you would have different language families, most likely divided by the different sentient species in their world; the equine languages, the griffin languages, the draconic languages, etc. Each would have their own unique history, dialects, grammar, phonetics, and more importantly lexicon, which would be highly influenced by their culture and way of life. Now let’s focus on the Ponies’ languages, or possibly a common Equestrian language that would have developed with the unification of the tribes. I was thinking they could develop an interesting noun classification system based on three groups; Earth/Terrequine, Sky/Pegasian, and Magic/Monocerous. This classification would not only apply to the types of ponies themselves, but reflect in how they view the world. Their names could take on the appropriate endings depending on if they were an earth pony, pegasus, or unicorn, and all nouns would get classified into one of those three groups; the ‘earth’ group for more earth-oriented things, the ‘sky’ group for sky-oriented things, and the ‘magic’ group for more abstract concepts. This could even apply to a single noun, where changing that noun’s ending or classification would change its meaning. Let’s make a word in example; perhaps la phona could mean “the tree” in earth form, then le phone could mean “the cloud” in sky form, and li phoni could mean “the pony (sentient individual; conscience)” in the magic form. (This is just for example; if I really make this language, there will be much more thought put into making it natural and have historical context with phonetic changes, irregularities, historic spelling rules, etc.) Now historically, among the three tribes, each one would’ve had their own distinct dialect of a “proto-equestrian” language, which would eventually shape the accents, dialects and colloquialisms of their modern counterparts. The unicorns’ language would’ve probably been more archaic and formed the basis for the standardisation of modern equestrian grammar; hence, people from Canterlot and aristocratic unicorns/ponies tend to speak very clearly with a distinct accent and word choice that could possibly sound ‘posh’ and ‘ritzy’ to other ponies. You could even have a similar thing to English where, after the invasion of Normandy, we took words from French, which took on a more pretentious and sophisticated feel as they were used by the aristocracy, yet we also retained the same words from Anglo-Saxon which have a lower register as they were used by the commoners or working class. So words from historic Unicorn language would sound more formal and sophisticated, while perhaps words originating from Earth Ponies would sound more simple. The earth ponies would also develop many accents and dialects of this modern Equestrian language based on their historic language(s), which could be perceived by other ponies to be very ‘country’ or ‘rustic’ (i.e. Applejack and the Apple family). Of course in modern Equestrian times these colloquialisms won’t always hold true solely based on a pony’s type; for example, Octavia is an Earth Pony who speaks kind of poshly or ‘properly’. You could also have unique accents arising in the city, for example Babs’ accent. Princess Luna, then, would speak a very archaic, unicornish form of the Equestrian language, possibly an Early Modern Equestrian language based in Canterlot (comparable to Early Modern English). If I continue through with this idea of documenting/creating a theoretical linguistic background for Equestria and constructing actual languages, I’ll probably post my progress here. Maybe one day we can have actual language courses and an entire community speaking an Equestrian language? That would be amazing. I’ll try to develop this more when I can, and hopefully I’ll have an actual speakable language underway soon. I will, however, probably have to start with an experimental Equestrian language first, before I start something serious, to kind of get an idea of how it would turn out and to get a basis for the whole thing. So what are your thoughts on all of this? Any extra ideas or Equestrian history you'd like to point out that may contribute to this?
  6. I was driving through my fair country of South Africa, and it just dawned on me. There is a place called Equestria in South Africa. So after a little Google Maps I found the exact location. Take a look!,+Pretoria/@-25.763325,28.338155,14z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x1e955e5c875906fd:0xa65176214cdebc80
  7. We saw in MLP: FiM that different worlds exist from Canterlot High to the dark versions of Equestria from The Cutie Remark. What kind of alternate Equestria do you think could exist? I came up with concepts that are different from the original Equestria down below. Feel free to make your own. In an alternate Equestria... Spike changes back and forth from filly to baby dragon thanks to Twilight's magic hatching him. Diamond Tiara is a Pegasus and Silver Spoon is a unicorn. Sweetie Belle is really Screwball, who just wants to have a normal pony life. Discord is married to Derpy and both take care of their hybrid pony/draconequus children. Pinkie Pie is the princess of friendship and has her own chocolate castle that will never melt. Applejack owns a baby hydra. Fluttershy is a friendly changeling who takes love from worms. Rarity's dream is to be a ice skater. Rainbow Dash has a part time job as a waitress at the Cloudsdale Hayburger Queen. Twilight used a spell to turn into a Smooze to teach a friendship lesson, but she hasn't been able to change back into a pony since.
  8. Hi everypony, i want to share a story that truly take me to Equestria in a pony form: "For many years i developed what you call a Lucid Dream (a dream were you full control every aspect of it creating characters with the parameters you like) and when i discovered MLP: FIM i wanted to try it in Equestria in a pony form that i create, after a few tries finally i lay down on my bed i began to counting and when i reach 600 seconds i truly was there in Ponyville, even if all enviroment was technically the same happy coloured a can feel the texture of the ground and walls because my mind says so, i remember visiting Pinkie Pie, my mind was telling me that she was hiperactive and happy so Pinkie was telling me things in HER style, things like "hello! You are new here? where are you from? and many other things i can't remember because she was talking so fast, i touch her face, it was like touching a puppy, she was warm. soft like marshmallow and smell like baked cake, she watched me confused and then i retired ashamed, i saw other ponies my mind was creating but the houses looked the same with some minor changes, i was happy like never before, i wanted to cry of happiness, i was sure that if a want to have a crush with everypony i'm gonna get it but i'ts not time yet i have plains for Fleur de lis or Luna" seriously guys i invite you to try lucid dreams and see for yourself, i promise you that you won't regret it! i'ts a indescriptible sensation, you are truly in Equestria and now i'm thinking... if all MLP universe cames from an idea of someone's mind... i can trully say that, after the last three weeks of lucid dreams, that Equestria truly exist in the realm of dreams, dreams are real because they have an effect on us (something that isn't real in every realm can't harm us if we create horrible things on your mind they exist there in the moment that we are affected by them, of course, we can get rid of them if we want) i really want to know your opinion guys because if we bronies (a.k.a The Chosen Ones) can master lucid dreams we can even have shared dreams
  9. So Im sure most of you have seen this but for the people that havent, behold the greatest video since the dawn of creation.
  10. EQ / Roleplay Suggestions As we are building to complete Equestria for player's to explore and play in many area's, Any suggestions you have can be posted here and be considered by our Equestria build team! If there is anything to make roleplaying better for you and your friends in EQ just reply in the comments. Please note that equestria is under construction and we are working to finish Equestria, if you have suggestions about builds that are finished feel free to reply, anything plugin related will also be taken into consideration.
  11. The full name of the title is actually: "Would you leave this world and go to live in Equestria"? The purpose of this topic is to ask people if they wanted to say to this world "bye bye" and say "hello" to Equestria world, and of course reasons, why those people would leave (or not) our world. I'll start: I would leave this world and go to live in Equestria, because I feel, like in Equestria I would find a society (Mane 6 + Starlight + Spike) that would be fine with my imagination of utopia society, true friends, that would be interested in most things you do, that would listen, that would be happy and grinned with life and spending time with you. I'm an egoist, from what I see, but whatever. I am just very worried about our humanity and human world, about things, that most people do, about cruelty, that can come from social behaviors... I just really want to go to Equestria - at all cost (if that only would be possible). *idea of the public poll is to check how many people will actually be brave enough to vote with the risk of being eventually criticized*
  12. This question used to seem like it had an obvious answer: Monarchy right? I mean the rulers name Is Princess Celestia. But a lot of canon has been added to the show that the answer is much more blurry now. First Argument: A monarchy is differentiated from other government types because the ruler is chosen from heredity. But who was the ruler before Celestia? Discord, Celestia took that power away from Discord, with weapons, the elements of harmony. Yes, they were colorful rainbow weapons, but a rose by... well you get the idea. Celestia took that power from Discord through a military takeover, not heredity. This could mean that in realty Equestria could be a Dictatorship, or Despotism. "Dictators usually resort to force to gain despotic political power"( This is exactly what Celestia did. Yes, the people rejoiced and life was better, but that doesn't change the fact she did it. BUT! A point could be made for the other side too. Monarchies aren't required to be ruled absolutely. "monarchies are not necessarily authoritarian; the enlightened absolutists of the Enlightenment were monarchs who allowed various freedoms"( Celestia seems to give out much of her power to local authorities (i.e. Mayors). Also, a few military generals traded Dictator in for a name better suited for monarchies. An example would be after Napoleons successful coup, he became an Emperor. (I'm not going to cite that because its so easy to confirm) Another Point: "Many monarchs once claimed the right to rule by the will of a deity"( Celestia isn't just ruling on behalf of a deity, she is the diety. This could be evidence enough that Equestria is a Monarchy but also... ... that it is a Theocracy. However, theocracies have always been ruled by religious leaders, NOT gods (for obvious reason). So this point may or may not hold value depending on how you define it. * * * These are my notes on possible government types for Equestria's possible governments. Needless to say, I overanalyze the crap out of cartoon ponies. You may notice that I never said one answer definitively. I want to see what you guys think Equestria's Governmental type truly is. Post your thoughts below.
  13. prologue: you may heard of Equestria ponies , rock ponies bat ponies cystal ponies and sea ponies however there is A another pony race called trainponies A trainponies is pony who is a half pony and half train with railway/railroad cutie mark , they all came different shape colors and sizes. The train empire is very different than Equestria because the empire has it own government , it has own emperor named blu traincrown the emperor of the train empire , it population is very large than Equestria population it also has it own elements know as the elements of the railway or know as train six Today this story is talking about relationships between Equestria ponies and trainponies End of the prologue Chapter 1 The beginning of the relationship It was beautiful morning in ponyville the birds chrip the flowers bloom the morning sun was going up every pony in ponyville was still sleep everything was so quiet but then a very loud horn that was so loud that wake up the entire town as the noise rumble threw the town In the afternoon every pony was very angry and confused about the whole nosie that wake up every pony in the morning Background pony 1: what was that nosie Background pony 2 : where did it go Background 3 : who was it As every pony was arguing each other for 20 minutes as the mayor of ponyville make a speech Mayor : everypony calm down we don't who did it everything is under control Then twilight came to the agrue meet Twilight : why is every pony is upset Mayor : twilight thanks goodness you're here the pony of ponyville have complain about the nosie that happen this morning Twilight: that happen to us but we don't know who did it Mayor : well I think some pony told me there a trail with shape of train wheel that lead somewhere else Twilight: a train wheel ??? Who that impossble there way how train wheel can go off but don't you worry I can investigation who did this Mayor: thank you twilight Twilight investigation the trail End of chapter 1
  14. What are some mythical creatures that we haven't seen yet that could possible appear in the show? And since some of them have R-rated backgrounds how could they be made kid-friendly?
  15. Will princess Luna one day rule Equestria? Your thoughts and opinions are highly supported!
  16. I'm just asking this because we really don't know if there is anything of the sort in Equestria (which I guess kudos to the writers for that). I know we have the princesses but that doesn't really constitute a religion.
  17. So, in the show, we know that they know about zombies or has some sort of knowledge about it (28 pranks later), but do they really exist in the show world? Equestria has magic that can make almost anything real, is it so hard to believe that there isn't a magic spell or a potion that can reanimate the dead and then that dead pony can bite and create more dead ponies?
  18. I have had this question since I first saw '' the school for gifted unicorns '' ... I mean, in the series some schools have been seen (the ponyville school, Wonderbolt Academy, the flight school in cloudsdale) but ... these schools will be paid or free(paid by the government) to use for any pony that wants to attend? Obviously the school of unicorns is not free, just to enter you need to pass an admission test Maybe my question is a bit ignorant, but at least in my country public universities are considered "the best in the country" given their high academic level ... private universities usually you pay when you are not able to pass public universities (basically you pay for having a degree) or have a relatively easy career that, besides liking you this career, this career is not taught by the public university. Thanks to this '' lifestyle '' I do not know the educational system in other countries, but I do know that in countries like the United States and England schools, universities and... basically you pay for everything.
  19. Is there any alcohol in Equestria? I know we see cider and everything, but we really don't know if that's alcoholic. Also, Berry Punch. And if that is then what's the drinking age? I've seen estimates that the Mane 6 are around 15-20 years old (I know that's a WIDE margin but I'm not here to talk about the Mane 6's age, just the drinking age) and that they are drinking the supposed alcoholic cider. I'm just curious about the whole thing.
  20. Is this the Equestian Nation anthem? Or at least the closest Hasbro will get to making one?
  21. *PLEASE CHECK POLL ABOVE BEFORE POSTING* A few months back I had a discussion with a buddy of mine as to why a human invasion of Equestria would fail. I keep coming back from time to time thinking about that discussion and considering jotting it down and possibly making a presentation of it. What are your opinions on it?
  22. this has bogged my mind i mean the nation seems to look like a normal county but how does its Constitution work how do you vote do you have freedom is it like Iran and North Korea give your opinion
  23. In Equestria there is no shortage of evil individuals who spread mischief and mayheam where ever they roam. Were it brainwashing and cutie mark stealing ponywizard, notorious conman brothers or hungry pack of timberwolfs, you name it, ponies have suffered from that scourge. On the contrary, law enforcement are much more rarely seen fenomenom. Even though we have seen royal guards from the very first episode of the show and quite impressive war efforts against King Sombra in one of Starlight's alternative futures in season 5 finale, ultimately saving the day seems always depend on certain alicorn and her friends. Kindom of Equestria have serious lacks on its armed forces, police corps and justice department, all which are needed to guarantee and maintain order and society's civil peace. Military presence can only be seen in capital Canterlot. City is under attack so regular basis that defending crown and it's subjects should be rather familiar concept for Celestia's soldiers? Nope. As it turns out, wooden spears aren't that effective against magical beasts... Polices patrol in busy streets of Manehattan and ponies of Appleloosa have local sheriff and his deputys watching over their settlement. But how about poor Ponyville and it's citizens? Whenever Beebear or GREAT AND POVERFUL TRIXIE appears, peasants are left on their own. "Where is justice?!", frightened and angry mares and stallions cry. Clad you asked. Ponies don't have justice department that would punish wrongdoers. They are either banished to the moon or gently lectured. Simple! Equestria's form of goverment is autocracy and absolute monarchy. However, capital have representavive democracy in form of town hall. Smaller communities such as Ponyville have only ceremonial occupation of city mayor. She mostly hosts openings of new hospital wards and another festivitys. (But since she is so ravishing looking bird, I ignore her uselessness for townfolks wellbeing.) Equestria: functional, fair and fantastic?
  24. Ok, so you're Equestria's new ruler. What happened to Celestia and Luna is up for you to decide (would love to hear your ideas if you have any) Anyway you are now in charge so your royal highness what is the first thing you want to do? Me, I would either banish Mary sue and Gary stu oc's to the moon or make it against the law to steal wifu's and husbando's.
  25. Why doesn't the Equestria server work? I've tried to do /spawn Equestria and I've tried going through the portal, but it doesn't work!