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Found 46 results

  1. We are wrapping together our own Birthday Celebration (9 years) with the show's 10th anniversary. Holy crap .... 10 years! Most of our lives back then vs. today may look entirely different. I know mine does. The show and this community have impacted my life in more ways that I can fathom. It isn't a stretch to say that it may have even saved my life since a few of my friends here were there when I needed a friend the most. The final BronyCon was a critical point in my life, where I took the final step into closure and healing from two years of struggling with grief and pain. I'll make a proper lengthy tome later, but I want to know if and how this show and community has impacted you over the years. While you are thinking about that ... @Randimaxis has graciously taken it upon himself to get the some special videos to say how much the show has meant and even some shoutouts to this very place. More fun to come folks. Eyup!
  2. The people on these forums are the best part. The things we talk about, the connections we make, the stories we tell... all of those things are REAL, and we cherish every moment of it, don't we folks? It's the stuff that sticks with us from this wonderful little corner of the internet, the magic that we find in the friendships we make here that make it such an incredible thing that we've come this far... and we plan to keep going, of course. For this third installment, we would love for you to share those moments with us; the specific points where the folks here made that spark of a connection with you. No long lists of names, now - we have other threads for that *chuckle*; I mean key moments where someone (or some ones) shared some of that magic with you personally. Be it a roleplay moment that was epic, or a conversation that became a dear part of your memories, or possibly even a meetup where you got to see them in person - tell us of the moments when the adage ''friendship is magic'' REALLY happened to you. And now, your final gift... and of course, who else to present it but our beloved draconequus expert: Thank each and every one of you for lighting up our lives, our hearts, and our cutie marks. Excelsior!
  3. Why hello. As the Master of Chaos I would love to know how you spread Chaos on such a day?
  4. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic has given many of us years of entertainment, laughs, tears, friends, and memories. This project will be our way of saying thank you to the show staff, Hasbro, and even the characters. This project will be compiled into three categories. General Thank You (Video or Audio) - A simple statement of you saying "Thank You" Responding to a Prompt - There will be several questions or prompts that you can create a video to reply to. Dear <Insert Character> Letters - This is a text entry of you writing to a character on the show in the same style as how Twilight would write to Celestia. Here you can talk about what the character means to you or thank them for teaching you something. These text files can be uploaded as an audio file or you can opt to have an individual on staff read them for inclusion. Above is the submission system for videos, audio, and letters. You may do one or all three. Around the airing of the finale a final edited video of all of these submissions will be posted here, submitted to EqD, and also sent to show staff directly as I have a few on DM. This is your thanks to say thank you, and maybe tell them how the show changes your life. Below are several prompts that will help you if you decide to make a video file. If you decided audio, please submit your OC as well so that there is a visual to go along with your voice. Please try and submit clean audio only as it is hard to hear you if you are talking into a potato. Video / Audio questions How did you discover Friendship is Magic? What does being in the fandom mean to you? Have you made friends do to the show and community that came from it? What is your favorite memory of the show? What is your favorite memory of the fandom? If you could shake the hand of any of the creative team behind My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, who would it be? Favorite character / Best Pony Favorite Episode Favorite Song Favorite Lesson Finally for those that record an audio or video reply, please end with a short statement of thanks. It can be general, to a part of the DHX team, or to a specific staff/crew. If a question doesn’t apply there isn’t a need to answer it.
  5. May the Fourth everyone. Star Wars has some of the most amusing memes in pop culture. Go ahead and post the most hilarious memes you can find about that galaxy far far away.
  6. This Nightmare Night, join me and other Fic readers as we read some of our favorite spooky pony tales live on the Poniverse Discord server. My reading will start 7:00 PM EST Time permitting I may sneak in a non Pony tale as well.
  7. Let's have a take off, shall we? Just a PSA from your friendly neighborhood outdated storage format. We are now t-minus four days from the deadline for submissions to the 'Thank You for Pony' project. For those of you who are unaware of this, it is a personalized love letter of sorts. It is our community's direct thank you to the show's staff, thanking them for the work they've done on this show. After all, the show, the very reason for this site to exist at all is ending in just a handful of episodes (US airing time). Get in now while the getting is going, folks! There are three ways to participate: 1: Create a letter towards a certain character or towards the show's staff at large, explaining what impact they've had on your life, or simply giving a heartfelt thank you. 2: An audio or video submission giving a general thank you to the show's staff. 3: A video submission responding to a provided prompt of questions. Full details in the topic above. If you fell off the wagon accidentally, weren't aware of what was happening at all or have since decided to contribute, please do! No contribution is too minor. if you're on the shy side, don't worry! As a writer I opted for a text letter, myself, and it's the best option for those who may be audio or camera shy. All responses in all formats will be sent directly to Nicole Dubuc, who has been the show's lead story editor, an executive producer and writer of several episodes, going on a couple seasons. Rest assured, what you have to say can and will be heard. Let's send off this show we love so much with proper appreciation towards the staff who've put it together so dutifully! If you have any questions, please direct them towards the topic, itself. No sense in splitting attention.
  8. (I know this is not a show discussion. I was going to post in Events but I'm not able to) Forget Area 51! On September 23rd, 2019, we will be raiding Hasbro studios. We need to look for G5 spoilers, renew FIM for a 10th season, and, of course, see them lil' ponies!
  9. Time for some event trivia. This time we will be doing things a little differently. Throughout the Star Wars event we will be releasing four levels of trivia, each level becoming progressively more challenging. Each level will have its own badge. Each will only have 10 questions. The levels are as follows from easiest to most challenging: Padawan, Knight, Master, Grand Master. Padawan is created so that those who have only passing knowledge of the original trilogy films can get a chance. Grand Master will cover all media (canon and non-canon), behind-the-scenes, and merch) and will be heavily focused on audio and visual questions to limit the ability to google some things. I do not expect more than 10 winners. Unlike previous trivia, ALL QUESTIONS MUST BE ANSWERED CORRECTLY TO EARN THE BADGE. You will multiple chances to get them correct, however you will not be advised which question(s) is/are wrong. You may also not attempt the trivia out of order. To get Knight, you must pass Padawan. To Get Master you must have also passed Padawan and Knight. Grand Master will require all prior levels. Trivia will be posted for at least four days. IMPORTANT - PM @Buffy with your answers. IMPORTANT - Make sure the PM states what level you are attempting. Padawan (Easy)
  10. With episode 200 coming up very soon I think it’s time we had another banner contest. Theme is celebrating 200 episodes of FiM so it’s pretty much wide open. This is going to be a tight deadline this time so try and get your submissions in by April 16th. Upload them here
  11. So I want to get this launched soon. Basically I want to create a Thank You video of MLPF individuals sharing what the show has meant to them, favorite moments, favorite jokes, friends they met: All addressed to the staff. It can be on video, audio, or it can be a quote I can use with their OC. Thoughts, suggestions, ideas?
  12. Welcome to the Chaos Appreciation Day on the MLP Forums. It seems that not even the trivia event is safe from the chaotic nature of Discord. But, I must persevere and present you a trivia with a twist that only the Master of Chaos himself could've come up with in his bid to make the forums that more crazy. There is a badge that can be awarded here but the question is can you answer... with questions? The twist is this. Normally, you would be given questions and need to find the answers, but this time you've been given the answers and need to seek out the questions. Is it confusing you already? Well, Discord is known for doing that. Think of this trivia as playing a game of Jeopardy only without any money, Daily Doubles, and so on. The answers have been written in a way where there is only one solution as opposed to multiple ones. Believe me, you'll thank me for that as had we gone with the multiple route... let's just say that things would've become even more chaotic than they already are. Send your 'questions' to @Discord though expect him to be chaotic in his responses to you. Again, send them to @Discord. How many 'answers' do we have here? I can see many of them but here comes another twist in the greater game. All of these answers are bonuses which means you need to provide the questions for about... I'd say half of them. Oh, and the answers below aren't in any particular order, so there's that. Hints are available if you need them but be careful as they could be even more confusing, or they might be helpful. I did say that this trivia wasn't safe from Discord's shenanigans. Finally, you've got the standard four days to complete this before the thread is locked. Let's get started. 1. Captain Wuzz. 2. Sugar Belle's wagon wheel. 3. 'You see, this is the first rule of our game: no flying, and no magic. The second rule is everypony has to play or the game is over, and I win. Good luck, everypony!' 4. The Smooze. 5. The Pink Heart of Courage. 6. A balloon animal. 7. Normality. 8. 'To fill in for Twilight, of course, as head-draconequus. I seem to recall a whole song about how this school is where you make your own rules. Now, who better at that than me?' 9. Blue Flu. 10. Plunder Seeds. 11. 'A bit reindeer ex machina, but... two thumbs way up! Woo!' 12. A statue. 13. Perfect tea party. 14. Winterchilla. 15. A candle. 16. 'A cuddle with a Pekingese. A singing harp who's named Louise. A goat on skis, a new trapeze. And more and more and more and more of these.'
  13. In The Cutest Couple Contest, I know I saw that Bright Mac and Pear Butter got the most votes, but then on the day of the announcements, their votes were zeroed out and instead the winner went to Chrysalis and Shining Armor, which didn't have any votes the day before. I may not have voted for the Apple Pearents, but they're the couple who should have won and the nine people who actually voted for them could testify. If this whole event was meant to be a prank, it's too soon for that, seeing that April's Fools Day is a month away. I'm not the only person who noticed this as seen on the Topic page after the "winner" was annouced, other people pointed out the switcharoo. All in all, the people who voted for the true winners are likely upset their victory was unfairly stolen and I'm just trying to bring attention to this unfair outcome.
  14. Welcome to the Hearts and Hooves Day Trivia here on the MLP Forums. Unlike most previous trivia challenges that were dedicated to specific characters, this one is focused on a special day that is well known in Equestria. In our world, we refer to this occasion as Valentine's Day. Amongst ponies, it is known as Hearts and Hooves Day. I know what you're probably thinking right now. You think you're going to be given a series of questions that revolve around the obvious couple of Friendship is Magic, Shining Armour and Princess Cadance, right? Yet you'd be wrong about that. I mean, they are a part of the occasion yet there are other couples who are also a part of this so they deserve their due as well. Whether you're involved in a relationship or are single, you can take part in this trivia in order to earn yourself a badge. The questions here are taken from Friendship is Magic and Equestria Girls, and are focused purely on the romance side of things. The comics are not being included here as apparently not everyone has read them so including them would lead to confusion. So who do you send your answers to this time? I think @Princess Cadance would be appropriate enough. She is the Princess of Love after all and this special day does resonate with her even if she isn't its poster pony. Yes, please send your answers to her. You do have the standard four days after this thread is posted and you are allowed to work with others. Hints for most questions will be provided when necessary as well. Again, send your answers to @Princess Cadance. How many questions? Will eight and a bonus suffice? That's what you've got so no complaints please. Q1. What do the CMC do for Big Macintosh in 'Hearts and Hooves Day'? Q2. Why was Twilight upset about her brother's marriage? Q3. Cranky Doodle Donkey and Matilda's wedding had several problems that weren't their doing. Name at least two of these problems. Q4. Though they did not become a couple, what do Big Macintosh and Marble Pie have in common? Q5. Big Macintosh had to compete with someone to win the heart of Sugar Belle. Who was it? Q6. In 'The Break-Up Breakdown', what caused romance troubles between Big Macintosh and Sugar Belle? Q7. Sunset Shimmer and Flash Sentry were once an item though the former did so for what reason? Q8. In Legend of Everfree, what did Gloriosa Daisy do that prevented Twilight Sparkle and Timber Spruce from having their special moment? Bonus. In the 'Text Support' short of Equestria Girls, who are the three individuals who can help Twilight Sparkle deal with what Timber Spruce sent her? Also, what happens in each of their respective scenarios? (Note: For the second part, a good explanation for each scenario is needed.)
  15. 'His Two Favorite People' by Dragonpone Hello, everyone! For those of you who don't know me, my name is Thorax, and I'm the (still pretty new) leader of the changelings. It's taken me a while to build up the confidence to say that, honestly, but I suppose it's better late than never! I know everyone is busy, but I'm here today to share something with you all, and hopefully you'll be as excited for it as the changelings are! My kind used to take love forcefully under the rule of our former queen, and for a very long time we lived as emotion vampires, feared or even seen as repulsive by other species. In my own self-exile from my hive, I discovered that changelings could put an end to their constant hunger - not through stealing love from other creatures, but through sharing it with them. By expressing compassion for others, and receiving it in return, I proved to my kind that we could be more than parasites! Okay, no, this is ridiculous - you're ridiculous, Thorax. Why are you using that eyesore of a color? Who do you even expect to read that? Pharynx, what are you-hey, let go of the keyboard! I'm trying to make an announcement for Huggo de Buggo Day (coined by Spike by the way, everyone)! And, what are you talking about? I'm just using my chitin're doing the same exact thing. Yes, because this is how you rock an exoskeleton. Yours is an eyesore, Thorax, because you're an eyesore. know you don't have to be so mean to me, especially in front of everyone - I'm trying to do PR, here. Oh, I'm sorry; hello Pharynx's brother, I'm Pharynx, my lot in life - among other things- is to pick on you. Perhaps we've met. Sorry, everyone, Pharynx can be a bit...invasive, sometimes. You know what, I'll just use my eye color instead. Anyway, because of our discovery that sharing love is better than taking it, today is a very special day for the changelings! Now that my kind is peaceful, we've taken to celebrating our new self-sufficient way of life by sharing it with other creatures! Love is what gives us our energy, and that wouldn't be possible if not for our friends and family, who provide us with that love. Today, on January 6th, try extra hard to spread love and kindness to those around you! Whether they're a changeling or not, give them a hug! All of my hive will be doing the same, as we pay our neighbors a visit and offer them our company. I'm sorry, I don't actually have any events or anything for any of you, as far as this site goes! To be honest, the changelings just got a computer, and we're still learning how to use it. It took weeks for the drones to pester Pharynx into getting just one for the hive, because he's pretty sure the changelings are going to fall behind on hive chores and duties now that they have a distraction. Whiny little sacks of glitter...I mean for the Hive's sake it's practically a lamp with all that light it gives off. 'New Era of the Changelings' by inuhoshi-to-darkpen In summary, today is a day to celebrate the fact the changelings have joined modern Equestrian society, and that we are now creatures of love, not creatures who feed off of love. As you go about the site, as well as around in the world outside, give a changeling a hug! Give your friends and family hugs, as well! They're a sincere, personal way to show that you care. I'm actually gonna hurl, Thorax. If you must, but just don't get any on me, I have changelings to hug!'re such a dork, how are are we related, again? Thank you for reading, everyone! This is actually my first time posting on any website, let alone on this one. Could you let me know how I did in the comments? I'd definitely appreciate a hug in the comments or maybe on my profile, as well! I'll be doing the same throughout the day! I'd love to see if I can get more changelings on here, it seems like a really warm, friendly place. Until next time! Thorax -also Pharynx, an unwilling yet apparently much needed chaperone to this runaway hippie train No, don't leave that, Pharynx!
  16. I have Thanksgiving being my favorite tradition. Why, cause all the food you can eat and I do like the skin of the turkey though. What is anyone's favorite here?
  17. As some may have noticed on the event calendar we will be celebrating the 20th anniversary Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. While we will always be first and foremost a place to discuss everything surrounding My Little Pony, that isn't all we are. The interests of the people that populate this forum are as varied as our personalities. From gaming, anime, comics, wrestling, and Lovecraft ... we have many interests. This is why on some occasions we want to pay homage to other IP's or themes that some may enjoy. Now, obviously this presents a pro and con. One particular drawback is that some will not be able to enjoy events surrounding something like Zelda if them simple couldn't care less about the IP. I mean, it's hard to kick ass in a trivia on Sci-Fi properties if you don't know who Card, Asimov, and Heinlein are, right? So there will invariably be events that you won't care for. That's understandable. That also opens up a benefit. You may not care about Star Wars or Marvel, but I bet there is a theme that would interest you! This is your opportunity to recommend events and themes to us that aren't Pony. We have a dedicated team of event staffers who have proven that they can whip up some fun little nods to many IP's. I can tell you that there are already plans in 2019 to celebrate a few specific non Pone events, but let me turn this over to you the community to see what you want to participate in coming down the line.
  18. There are six rupees hidden around the forum that you will find as you perform relatively normal forum functions. Yellow, Blue, Orange, Green, Red, Purple. Finding all six will unlock a purse to hold them all. One hint: Find and talk to the thing that helps you track time.
  19. I am changing the limit on this so that people can receive more than one.
  20. Hidden in several threads are five artifacts and objects that have a special connection to Sunset Shimmer's Hero's Journey. Some will automatically be awarded these if they have visited the topics in the past, others will be searching far and wide for them. The only hint I give is that the Artifacts are hidden in topics are relevant to Sunset. Happy hunting.
  21. Oh no! Overnight as Rarity slept somepony broke into the Carousel Boutique and made away with the Radiant Hope Diamond and a crate full of supplies needed for Princes Twilight's accessory and dress. Oh but they messed with the wrong mare. Donning her Shadow Spade outfit Rarity will set out to investigate locations for clues, talk with suspects and witnesses, find the culprit, and and recover her materials. How to play. Shortly a topic will open here that will be the first Location. Looking in the topic will unlock a clue. Use the clue to hunt for a suspect or witness in specially marked topic pinned somewhere else on MLPF Interact with the character based on the instructions in the post. Take their information and look for the next location to investigate. When you feel that you have solved the case, PM Rarity and advise her who took her stuff! Begins in an hour
  22. I have to offer an apology. I have been on vacation visiting family. My intent was to try and run both the noir event and dedicate time to my sister ands her kids. I was unable to manage both within time. The grayscale was perhaps the most important element of revealing the final clues, however due to quite a few complaints that it has outstayed its welcome, and as I am not going to ignore family for an event, I have postponed the Noir event until I can better regroup, though at this point it may be best to simply call it a failed experiment. So, color has returned. Going forward events like this that require Administration support with special knowledge will not go forward unless 100% effort can be given.
  23. Just wondering if we will be celebrating respective upcoming show events like Zap Apple harvest and Running of the Leaves.
  24. It is that time of the month again to give you all a sneak peek at the upcoming events for this month. This time, we have a team of ponies to put these together. And oh boy did we deliver on ideas. September 1 - Monthly Art Contest Launches - Yep this is coming back, but with a twist. The community will vote on aspects or traits that artists who wish to enter will need to draw. Be sure to keep an eye on the Events Forum for details ... better yet I would follow up because it might just have a few surprises here and there. September 1 - Reaction refresh - Number One will be sunset as will I See as we make room for a new monthly reaction. People who have received or given these reactions will find that they are permanently part of the statistics so they are gone but never forgotten. September 2 - Top 32 World Cup Round Robin Begins - This is going to be good news and bad news. This will kick off on this date, however some of the launch elements will be moved to the Top 16 Elimination Rounds. That said, the narrative elements, character appearances, will be in full swing. The giveaways will be returning as well, with a grand prize drawing geared specifically to actually joining a team and participating in the threads. Hint: It is a Nintendo Switch / Games dealio. September 6 through September 9 - Fashion Week Gala - To celebrate Rarity Day and Fashion Week we have a serious of Rarity focused events. (In before the length of this makes be accused of character bias ... because it is probably true. ) Inspired by the events of Rarity Investigates! Help Rarity solve a mystery by hunting down several clues to discover who stole the Maltese Falcon Rarity needs your help to design a dress for the Grand Galloping Gala. Design a dress over one of her ponnequins. Make suggestions to @Lord Valtasar to improve upon it. Rarity has is out searching for gems for a new fashion line but has been kidnapped by the Diamond Dogs. Help her by grabbing your pick axe and digging for gems in posts and threads. Trivia, Badges, Reactions, and a very very hyper Jeric too. September 21 through 22 - Summer Sunset Celebration - A Shimmering Equinox - Celebrate the end of summer and herald in the new autumn by reliving Sunset Shimmers own Hero's Journey. For this even we are introducing Equestrian Artifacts. Hidden around the forum will be artifacts and treasures made famous through the show, films, and comics. We will be launching this with six familiar objects centered around our favorite bacon maned Rainboom. Can you locate all of the Artifacts related to Sunset Shimmers path? Sneak Peek here. As with any character day, reactions, badges, and trivia will help round out the event. As usually you can expect Fanfic Readings to be posted, general tomfoolery, and each of the above to get its own announcement topic. Hope to see you participate in at least one of these events. More to come.