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Found 114 results

  1. Fallout Equestria is a comic series about a pony from a vault called little pip in the fallout Equestria world I would love to hear your comments on this topic everyone.
  2. Been a while since I posted, forgive me if I'm posting in the wrong section. A while ago I put together a video of me reading off some of DJ PON3's lines from Fallout Equestria. When I posted it on the Fallout Equestria Amino, someone asked if it was a mod they could download. Obviously it's not, but what if it was? I'm curious to know, because I have no knowledge of mods or modding in general, is there anybody here who might like to do something like that? Like, make a mod that swaps out the usual DJ lines in between songs in Fallout 4 with DJ PON3 lines? That may be a tall order, I have no idea, but I figured I would ask anyway. It's not something I'm dying to have done, but I thought it'd be cool. Here's the original video, if anyone cares to listen:
  3. A silly little project I doing. This is my first serious effort at a story. it is sure to turn out interesting. I would love to hear comments on it. Currently 2 chapters are out. Even though this is based on Fallout Equestria, this won't be anywhere near as violent as the original. This story will always be T. Break Point is a simple earth pony that wants a simple, easy, and safe, not dangerous in anyway whatsoever, life. Unfortunately, this is shattered when she accidentally causes the death of the son of Cosa Nostra, a powerful and dangerous crime lord that rules her town with an iron hoof. Now she must find a way to survive in the Equestrian Wasteland, a place that tears weak ponies like her to shreds. Little did she know that she would become the powerful and feared figure known as the Black Cat. A crossover between MLP, Fallout Equestria, and Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. Based on Kkat's Fallout Equestria. This is set 50 years before Littlepip started her adventures. Wonderful cover art by ShimmerKoi. Thanks to GreyGuardPony for prereading this.
  4. Someone's gotta do it eventually, and I figured I might as well. Here ya go, have some Light Bringer! As always, only post the pony in the fan club, though ships are ok. Keep it kid-friendly(ish) Don't be rude. Love and Tolerate Post ALL the stuff
  5. So, we all know and love Fallout Equestria. It's one of the most famous stories in the entire fandom, right up there with things like Cupcakes, My Little Dashie, and Past Sins. Just about everyone who's a pony fan reads it sooner or later. It spawned numerous side stories; an entire fandom all of its own for just Fallout Equestria, including the incredible twice-the-length FOE: Project Horizons. But the thing is... Fallout Equestria is significantly and substantially out of date. It was written back during the hiatus between season one and season two, for goodness's sake. While it very briefly near the end touched on the idea of Discord (and indeed Project Horizons would go on to include substantial amounts of season two canon) the simple fact is that the show's world has changed. Season one was the definition of small scale. Nightmare Moon aside, we hardly ever saw the world around Ponyville or outside the view of the Mane Six. We had scarce details; whole swathes of the world were so open to interpretation that Kkat, the author of FOE, was free to paint the canvas with her views. Zebras were chosen as the enemy because they were one of only five creatures even known to exist(the other three, of course, being the ponies, griffons, dragons, and buffalo.) It was easy to make catchy slogans like "Better Wiped than Striped" because she had nothing in her way. They were the most convenient. But the world of FIM post season seven and post The Movie is an entirely different landscape. We have a map that spans an entire continent and a partial view of two others. We have scads of nations out there, some seen, some not. We've seen all kinds of new creatures, from yaks to hippogriffs to Abyssinian cats to Saddle Arabian horses and so many more. Creatures which one seemed like mostly feral entities, such as the dragons, have proven to have substantial societies. The culture of Equestria has been repeatedly expanded upon with holidays such as Hearth's Warming and Nightmare Night. New alicorns exist, such as Cadance and her daughter Flurry, and of course let's not forget the absolute game changer that is Princess Twilight. The Elements of Harmony have their origins revealed; the pillars of Equestria, Starswirl the Bearded (who wasn't even known to exist until Luna Eclipsed, and his true effects not known till much later) lives in the present alongside his fellow pillars. Even Equestria's technology has been repeatedly shown to vary in such ways that seem to preclude the development towards Fallout-style technologies. There's also the connection to Canterlot High and the human world there. This canvas is far harder to paint on. So many things about Fallout Equestria have been rendered impossible by canon, from simple things such as the layout of cities (up until the map was first released the show had implied in Applejack's cutie mark story that Manehattan was on the WEST coast, not the east coast) to the whole program of alicorn development (Twilight being an alicorn changes everything. Everything!) Indeed Zebras couldn't possibly be the enemy, now that we know their nation doesn't even exist on the same continent as Equestria. The Mane Six have such a strong friendship bond, far stronger than anything they had in season one, making it excruciatingly difficult to tear them apart as FOE did. The existence of Discord and Starlight Glimmer as forces for good, the physical Hell of Tartarus... the list of game changes goes on and on. So thus, we're left with a question: how could we remake Fallout Equestria in this landscape? What can we do to cause the current canon to twist in the direction of balefire bombs and global Armageddon? What sort of world might Littlepip or Blackjack see upon leaving their Stables two hundred years afterwards? Can we even do this in a way that works, in a way that incorporates every last game changer ever to come out? I've been wracking my brain trying to figure this out, and so far I haven't had much success. Thus I turn to you, my fellow pony fans, for assistance. What say you?
  6. Ok, so I'm happy to say that my story is finally nearing the 1/4 million word milestone. Sadly, I feel as though I have done little in the way of actually advertising it, and more so focused on the writing aspect and fan art. That being said, I am once more throwing myself to the masses in hopes that someone will find in it a story that they enjoy. I am open to any and all criticisms and suggestions as well am I a fairly active community member who loves to chat with folks! Short 'blerb' about the story. Fallout Equestria: The Wildest Dreams is a tale about Joey, a young Wasteland born Pegasi who is in search of nothing more than to be happy and to not be shot at anymore. Born and thrown into the life of being an orphan at a early age, Joey found Found a life with a traveling caravan of traders where he would fill the role of sentry along side his adoptive sister Shale. It would not be until the age of 14 that he would be cast into a world of wondering the Wasteland after a chance encounter with a Zebra mare while on a search and recovery mission. From there he would spend his life in search of that very same mare after circumstances would lead them to be drive apart. Joined by his best friend and running mate Caliber, the two would leave no stone un-turned in the search for Zuri, all the while uncovering more and more of the world they were being lead into. Part comedy, part hopeless romance with a side of bad jokes, FoE:TWD is a slice of life story about the ponies who are less than heroes, but more than ponies. Le' Link vvvvvvv
  7. Hello Everypony! I normally don't do this sort of thing but I recently finished writing a Fallout Equestria Fanfiction that explains the fate of Gilda after her legendary showdown with Rainbow Dash. It has had a good response but not a lot in the way of constructive critisism. Not only that I was hoping to get some feedback on whether I should expand this story into a full fiction instead of just a one shot story. Anyone who's interested I'll leave a link down below. Thanks everypony!
  8. Just curious with the fandom as a whole. who do you guys think is better. Reasons as to why don't particularly matter, but are appreciated. My honest opinion is that Blackjack is better for my own personal reasons. Mostly because she's a, *ahem*, very good-looking cyborg pony, just like my OC. I don't have anything against Littlepip. In fact, if anything, I like her as well and think she's rather adorable and would like to rub her belly, but Blackjack has just that slight edge in my favor in that I'm crazy for cyborgs or anything sci-fi. what about the rest of the consensus. What's your opinions. If anyone has already made something like this, I'm sorry, I'm too lazy to look for such a topic like this.
  9. Im making a new FoE fan fiction that's based off of Fallout 4 and its associated campaign DLC, and I'm allowing YOU GUYS to make the major decisions Kronos makes in the story. However, here's the catch: your choices will affect how Kronos interact with some major characters I'll be adding to the story, similarly to how the events take place in Fallout 4, but with its own unique twists. So, let's get to it and vote away. Kronos' choices and the fates of these places and the characters in them are up to you guys.
  10. Hi everypony! Long story short : i'm making a Roleplay server on minecraft base as a main carrier, based on Fallout : Equestria series. The main storyline \ LORE will be held before the main story of the book and if all goes well will be futuring the history that happened in main book and PH(Project Horizons(P.S. ok ok! Aaand other's) Main access area : EU (sorry the ping is popping by 100+ from USA and Australia to my hosting D: ) Cap : 10 - 20 (alpha - beta testing main cycle) more after if all goes handy dandy. Tech detail : (Will be here if any body want's them) Plugins \ mods : (also as tech details both consider that some stuff i'll keep in secret c: ) Site : (in dev) Roleplay stuff : Mostly text based actions that the game mechanics can't manage(*nose boop * <- like this ) Both the battle mechanics are all on the minecraft side . Ok enough said i assume .. Yie ya go *tosses the post to the waves of the forum* Bump for the greater good. Srsly? No one interested?
  11. -is thing on? Uuuh... yup, totaly. ... Do I need ? Yes. Caps, remember ? Ugh... *inhale* allright, then. Uh, oi, who are you, pices of sc- No, whait, 's better I introduce this. Thank Celestia's holly butt you undertand that ! *walk away* Hi everyone from the wasteland ! My name is Thin Chain, and the dude who was ttalking LIKE A MULE ! I can still ear you, sis ! Is my big brother Bone Saw. Whe live in what was known as Manehattan, one of the major and most active cities before the war, but probably you already know THAT story. Heck, some of you probably LIVED in that times... Stay on the damn topic, sis. Oh, right, *clears trhoat* due to... ehr, financial problems- I shoot a guy in the face ! ... Yeah, that will really help the Inn, Bone ! Anywho, whe decided to run this... holoblog, right ? You should ask Cyber for that. He gave us that bloody bleeping blooping machine Yeah, whatever. So, uh, have you some... questions, orders, or even curiosities about the wasteland ? you know, we traeled. A lot. Even in the southern regions ! Green Gash, sis. No, Bone, don't- whait, I turn off this damn thing. *try to turn it off, then walks toward Bone Saw* What I asked you? Never. name. it. again ! I don't want even a bit of memories fromthat he- The thing is still on. Don't cha- what ?* turn and turn off the machine* =0 End of Registrations 0=
  12. "WELCOME TO DESPERADO HILLS," a voice boomed through out the small town of the same name. Ponies trotted through, some with tired smiles, others walking to their home. This place looked way too happy to be here, but they had never been attacked, so it made some sense. I passed a guard who nodded a greeting which I returned. I had no intentions of staying longer than the night, but until then I made my way to the munitions store named "Buck's Bucking Bullets,"
  13. Raider Caltrop here.. Im doing a Casting Call for Fallout Equestria: Dark Days, if anyone would like me to use their OC's in the story, please post down below. If you could as well, please put your OC information down, as well as a wanted Occupation (I.E.: Raider, Trader, Doctor, Wastelander, etc) This would really help me, in more ways than one, and I think It'll be fun for all of us..
  14. Hi, Raider Caltrop here, a.k.a. Caltrop.. I'm currently trying to write my own Fallout Equestria side story, "Dark Days" and as of now, I am out of Ideas for its storyboard. I have the three protagonists laid out as follows: 1. My main OC, Viridian Shadow Bloodmoon, a half bat pony-half earth pony filly that was Homage's assistant at one point.. She is age 11 2. Thunder Spark, a banished Pegasus Enclave sniper with a 70's getup, leather jacket/sunglasses.. He is age 21 3. Toxic, a wayward Changeling Raider, saved by the other two from a gunfight gone wrong, has a birthmark above her right eye and looks more like a Pegasus than a changeling, but can still change.. She is age 25 Viridian's Weapon(s) of Choice: Electrified Machete, Filly-sized prop 12-gauge Shotgun (chambered to use live rounds) Thunder's Weapon(s) of Choice: Battle saddle equipped with dual .50 cal Snipers (silencers included), Switchblade Toxic's Weapon(s) of Choice: Radioactive Rail-gun, Balefire Warhammer (its a super sledge with radioactive properties) Location: Area in and around San Franciscolt What I need from anyone that looks at this is, a few ideas for the basic storyboard for "Dark Days" minor/major locations, minor/major characters etc. Thankies..
  15. Who do you think the Mane 6 would react to their portrayals in Fallout Equestria?
  16. I'm curious. Do you think Fallout:Equestria is a classic, one of the great works of the fandom? Or is it overrated and really not worth reading? Me, I'm leaning towards the second option.
  17. Fallout Equestria, a huge fan fiction that combines two things that are pretty much the exact opposite. How did it turn out? Well, that depends on who you ask. To some, It's the greatest thing ever, to others.. it's the spawn of the Devil. Either way, It's an influential book. I just wish more people would take the time to read it.. I know it's huge, and that's not even mentioning the 1.7+ million words in a side story, Project Horizons. But, it is good, at least I think it is. Anyway, It's great to talk about. So, who has read it? And where would I put a Fallout Equestria themed thread in the forums here?
  18. Hello! I am developing a Fallout: Equestria game based on the mechanics of the first, Fallout: Classic. I've already created many of the core actions such as, movement, inspection, collision, inventory, and halfway through saving. (All in one night!) Problem is, we're in desperate need of sprites and graphics to make the game complete. We haven't done any of the story boarding, but I imagine it'd be done rather quickly. The sprites require the respective top-down perspective of the original games. There will be a photo down below, but I'm sure you can find more by google search. (You'll probably be drawing Lil' Pip 700 times) For the sake of rigging the game, please don't draw anything until you've contacted me. Thanks! If you're interested in helping out, please PM me. I really hope to finish this project. Thanks! -RePub
  19. About Fallout Equestria... what do you guys think of it? Anything you like or dislike about it?
  20. So it's been so long since I have posted a new topic in general, simply because I didn't really have any ideas I can bring on the forums, and the last one I did wasn't well thought (it involved a fast hedgehog and friends crossing over with adorable ponies) after the communities reaction on that forum post I was like, eh forget it, I will make a new forum post when I actually make something that I feel like is appropriate, and music is something I feel like hugely comes in, other then that, I have been busy. So I was having a nosey on the fan music forums one day because I am a music person if anything and I find a guy called "HoztileManikyn" he had a fallout equestria brostep track (I refer Brostep as the stuff you'd hear by Skrillex or Getter or something) (I refer Dubstep as the stuff you'd hear by Skream or something) called "Spellfire" I decided to listen to it and I liked the vocals, so I thought, what if I remixed this? it also happens he commented on the source of the vocals saying he made a song with those vocals, so I told him that I would be up to remix it, he responded later on asking me to hit him up and that he will give me stems, later on I did that and I got em, started doodling on FL Studio and made the remix in a day. Now something I truly loved was Deathstep, especially Minatory Deathstep, when I heard that genre I stopped relying on Brostep for a heavy electronic drop. For those who don't know Deathstep, (this is how I see it) it's basically like Brostep but is more darker and relies mostly on one note and one bass at the drop, machine gun basses are commonly used for normal Deathstep, (peps like Code: Pandorum make Deathstep) then we have Minatory Deathstep which is like normal Deathstep, but uses more noise and ambient noise elements to create a truly heavy track, Minatory Deathstep is not White Noise (peps like Influx or Fester make Minatory Deathstep) there is also Tearout Deathstep which is like normal Deathstep but uses a more heavier use of LFO growls, (peps like Nimda make Tearout Deathstep) and Hellcore Deathstep which is like Minatory Deathstep but the bass is more spaced out and the drums are used at a minimum (peps like Necrofiler make Hellcore Deathstep) I'm sure a good amount of people in the fandom listen to Brostep for a heavy drop and want relentless aggressive cool sounds no matter what, so I looked if I can find some MLP Deathstep, I only found two, that isn't a lot, wanting to spread the word of Minatory Deathstep in general, I did just that, and just recently I have made my first MLP Minatory Deathstep track. So yeah, this is a Minatory Deathstep remix I did recently under the alias I go as (Phantasmatron) and I really like it, just like my other works because I look at my works at a fans prospective and pretend if this was someone else's, I did this because 1: I want Deathstep in this community. 2: I thought the original had good vocals imo which wanted me to remix it. and 3: Ultimately for fun, I don't know too much about Fallout Equestria but I was quite dedicated to making this song and it's pretty dark and heavy I must say, and unless if you think Minatory Deathstep is just a bunch of noise, who knows? maybe you'll head bang to this. So here's the song, make sure you got bass speakers ready to vibrate for a heavy impact, and prepare for 10 minutes of Minatory madness! Yeah it's pretty long, I mean who makes a 10 minute Minatory Deathstep track? well... me. Like my other songs I did I just do what feels natural to my ears regardless how long it is unless if I wanted to do a short/radio edit, I like my drops to naturally be long and show no mercy, in the end tho, you can think what you want and maybe your feedback can help me out but ultimately I make music for my own enjoyment, I do what comes from the heart and do what I want to do, if I want to make pony vaporwave then I do that, if I wanted to make Harsh Noise Wall then I make that, if you like this track, then thank you, you really mater to me, hopefully when I finish making some videos I'm working on I'll make more of these, and if you never knew about Minatory Deathstep till now and dig it, I'm happy to hear that, give the genre a look and see if you like it, and I hope this community gets aware of this genres existence. That said, thank you for checking this out, I am a diverse musician who likes to make all kinds of music, see you whenever I make the next pony song.
  21. You know that fanfic, Fallout Equestria? How do you think the Mane 6 would react to it?
  22. Hey everyone, I'm wanting to share my first fan fic that I made with the help of my friend Mr. Grimm. We just completed the prologue and the first chapter of the story and I hope to see what you guys think of it: It's about a little white unicorn trying to regain his memory in an Equestria that was destroyed and annexed by monsters that hail from the tundra of Equestria. Hope you like it
  23. So for long while now I've been a great fan of Fallout Equestria and Project Horizons and decided to make me my first fallout power armor suit before getting a pony style version of it made and well here it is nearly all completed with d.i.y. basic dry bearing joints which helps me be able to run etc in the suit and upgrades to legs and arms. I personally wanted Enclave as bad guys always have the cool looking stuff also first Hellfire power armor suit to be made by anyone as i like to have something unique but also do to this it was the hardest as some things had to be invented on the fly. God Bless Equestria god blew the Grand Pegasus Enclave FB@JammysSimplyDivineCreations
  24. so i built from scratch/freehand this IF-9 combat shotgun for my firends birthday tomorrow i think i got it as close as i could get it not happy with paint but you guys think any good?
  25. I mean, honestly. Think about it. Ignoring the already well-connected references present throughout the game, from Arlen Glass's office, to the Minutemen-ending conversation with Preston, there are an incredibly large number of similarities between the books and the game. Which is odd, since the books came out first and the game was in production for upwards of 6 years. Pink Eyes had a giant airship, just like the Prydwen. Project Horizons had an entire story arc surrounding the Institute, even if it turned out vastly different in actual canon. Can anyone think of any other connections? I know there are a ton more, but none are coming to mind right now.