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Found 478 results

  1. So, recently I've got much into Steven Universe, and so I kept drawing some characters.... But then, since I'm mostly into drawing animals, I decided to make our favorite pink big cat, Lion. Ain't the best, but was the most I could do.
  2. Hey guys, wassup! As you can see in the title, this is my first time using the tablet i've got from my dear and sweet friend, @@Princess Moony, It's crap, I know, but it's the closer I could get compared to my traditional artworks nheheheh.
  3. Just my sketchbook I will post all non-request related work on. Feedback is appreciated. If you want a request, please do not put it here. Check my request thread.
  4. LiraCrown


    Another image I never planned on coloring. Four hours longer then I'd planned to work on this and here we are.
  5. So yes, I decided to post a smol thread about my recent artworks, aka Traditional Arts. (I've lost my notebook, so no digital artworks for a while). You can find more artworks on my DeviantArt page : Sketch 1 - Chantilly Sketch 2 - Demon Tamsa Sketch 3 - Discord Sketch 4 - Static Sketch 5 - Eyes Sketch 6 - Vida Loka Sketch 7 - Cyber Sketch 8 - Past
  6. like it says on top i need 3 for my story and i need you to show one pic of art to be one of artist for my story and i need away to get a hold of you once you is choosen for it and this is a mlp story pm me if you want to talk to me this is for unpaid and i need it custom or something like this
  7. like it says on top i need 3 for my story and i need you to show one pic of art to be one of artist for my story and i need away to get a hold of you once you is choosen for it and this is a mlp story pm me if you want to talk to me this is for unpaid and i need it custom and need diamond trira voice actor too
  8. WASSUP EVERYPONY? Scribbler here with a whole new season of artwork! I've been busy so far, even before season 6 starts, and this time I'm rocking full watercolour and proper high res scans! My DA account> Scribblepwn3 If you would like a artwork of your OC, be sure to head on over to my commission shop. So kicking things off with my oc/mascot, Midnight Scribbler. Next up, another of my own characters. Suit Twister. This one is a parody of one of my favorite movies/albums. He's a pink horse of a different colour. And finally, The hive queen receives good news of a magical land where plenty of food can be found. aaand almost forgot. My new creepypasta character. Arachna Widowmane More to come as the year progresses! Make sure to check out this thread, and my DA page for updates! You can also find my work on under the tag "artist:scribblepwn3" There's also a bunch of older work I did over the fall and winter of 2015 if you're interested in seeing my progress up to now. Check that out here!
  9. This thread (is in the right place I hope lol) serves as a way for me to show what I have created and receive critique on how to make it better its actually super embarrassing how bad i am DX anything helps. Everything will be pencil drawn and taken with a crappy phone camera in poor lighting.. i might be getting a tabled for Christmas but i'd like to be able to actually draw first DX This first one is only half done (the whole right side is missing) but I figure I should check to see what yall think of it so far anyway And a quick shoutout to Choros Isorropai who is helping me by giving me tasks to draw, this current one is as follows: "eyes like shatered skies, piercing though your soul... with the power to take flight, the leader of her goal. an essence of love, and longing of heart she stares back out of the dark.... beconds to me, "come and be with us..." but i cant, even though i must."
  10. A pretty neat chalk pastel drawing I found of Boba Fett, that super popular Star Wars character that played a small role. Go ahead and give this artist some love if you like.
  11. Possibly the earliest known race of pony, the Umbrum (the race that King Sombra belonged to) were of once a prosperous yet aggressive race that inhabited the tundra along side there proclaimed enemies known as the Crystal Ponies. Though they may not look like it on the outside, they were made out of red crystal to which they believed crafting this element from there deceased loved ones into useful tools or weapons would be the most honorable thing for those who have passed on. The Umbrum had a society that was so obsessed with perfection that as much as something like incompetence could result in a rather fatal penalty and that any other way of life was considered corruption. This of coarse being one of the leading motivations for them to despise there neighbors enough to result in a great war. After a century of battle they fought themselves to extinction. The commoners were pretty much the lowest rank within the Umbrum's empire. Though they did live further into the tundra than that of there rivals, they didn't require much in attire due to how they can naturally endure the cold better than any other race in Equestria. The common clothes were nothing more than simple robes for there mares, and togas for there stallions. For wives, to show they they were married they would have a specific order of colorful stones worn across there cheeks as the husbands would wear a ring around there horn. Some women in rare cases could be born with wings, but even then there wings were only useful in gliding rather than actually flying like pegasi. _______________________________ I would like to thank Mr. Siansaar for inspiration on putting this picture together. I might even be able to do more with my ideas for the Umbrum and there ways of life.
  12. If his family and/or friends lives are in danger, you know he's not fooling around
  13. Myself and a team of nearly 20 other people are getting together to make an audio drama on YouTube. I am on the "promotion" team, and I am tasked with gathering help for the series. Help includes voice actors, artists, secondary characters, or just promoters like me to spread the word. Message me if you're interested in helping out with this series at all!
  14. Princess Luna ( 2013) OC pony baby ( Ruby) OC pony Punk rocker
  15. Yo, so here's a random lil' sketch of Midnight Sparkle (Sci-Twi's alter ego in the third Equestria Girls movie.) It's a bit hard to identify due to lack of coloring, but I'm lazy and it's one in the morning. So, what do you guys think? Compliments, criticism? (I absolutely hate Equestria Girls proportions, so that's why she's not a stick figure, and the eyes are a bit different.)
  16. Eternal: Once again I'm pleased to meet you all, I'm Eternal Flames Shadow: I'm Shadow Force, Eternal's childhood bud. Eternal: For those of you who have questions for us, feel free to do so anytime. Shadow: First off Eternal, why'd you want me to join this little Q&A? Eternal: I figured you should be noticed as well, I can't hog the spotlight. I got my pals to think about too. Shadow: Heh, you truly are one of a kind.
  17. I have been circulating this video I edited around for some time, with very little response. I'd love to know what ya'll think! Please be sure to LIKE, COMMENT, & SUBSCRIBE!
  18. Just a random image I did the other day cause I've been stressed about doing things for other people. Trixie, some ruins, thats it. No backstory or anything.
  19. Tools of Trade & Tips Paint Tool Sai - Art Program Photoshop CS6 - Small effects some times Wacom Intuos 3 Tablet - Used forever Wrist guard - Good for those who have carpole tunnel like me or those who roll/easily feel pain with their hand. Tip #1 Waterbottle - Trust me using water while staying occupied for hours at a time working on art its good to keep something with less sugar. Plus you can buy flavor water packets if you really desire something with flavor. Tip #2 Do not sit for periods of time that last longer than 5 hours. You must get around and walk, bad things can happen to muscles and veins if you leave them in one position or not move them for longer than this. Sometimes it can even be life threatening! Take your time on art and be sure to go out and walk even if you desire to stay and draw. Tip #3 If you're like me and stay up late at night drawing you learn pretty fast its bad for your stomach and also health to snack out on things during all hours. I recommend eating light fruits or maybe even nuts if you aren't allergic. Eating junk food or full blown meals can end up making you nauseated and possibly harder to find sleep quicker. Tip #4 DO NOT force your self to stay awake. Work on art at your own pace and do not think you have to rush to get things done and plus disrupting your own sleep patterns can be harmful in it self. Tip #5 MOST IMPORTANTLY... Save your work continuously cause for the love of Celestia I have lost so much work by not saving regularly. This out of the way... *cracks knuckles* Lets get to business.. I guess I'll start from oldest to newest of my recent works. Kayy so this first one is a bit of fan art based from the IDW comics so if you plan to read or haven't read to the 'Reflections arc' then I do not really recommend looking. If you do not care then be my guest! These next three are fan art from Equestria Girls: Friendship Games so again if you do not want potential spoilers.. Then do not hesitate skipping this spoiler section all together. If you notice I relatively screwed up her outfit on most of the images then you'd be correct. It was frustrating for me to even figure those out. Everything else? Piece of cake mostly.. But the clothing just.. WHY This is fan art of Sunset Shimmer, mostly was a practice run really. My theory is her being the Princess of Guidance with element being possibly "empathy" or "forgiveness" Because she was two sides of a coin and knows both walks of life. Plus the fact who knows what hardships she had to overcome offscreen. These two are together because they are kinda a 'mini story' in my mind I could never actually form into words into a fanfiction. Majorly what happens is Discord gets corrupted by his own dark magic arts and begins tormenting Fluttershy with nightmares that are endless. Resulting in eventually her breaking fully and him able to use his power to turn Fluttershy into a sort of Nightmare Moon sort of thing. Unnamed Pony though I have been tempted to just name her Silver Music.. Well anyway ear is awkwardly placed and so is the horn. But hey practice makes perfect! This was my first shot of drawing tirek! Inspired by a animatic by Ink Potts! Just search up "You're only second rate animatic" by Ink Potts ;v; This final image was inspired by a fan fiction. If you wish to know which one I'll gladly share via PM! I am trying to evade directly sharing things publicly without permission to do so out of respect for the authors/Artists. PS. Sketches and other unfinished art will probably be posted via blogging once I have ability to make blogging posts. :>
  20. Hello everyone! So as I said in my welcoming post I wanted to show everyone my artworks and here we are. Most of my works are OC's and Undertale art but maybe someone is going to like it... Here is some examples:
  21. If there was ever a time when my O.C Eternal Flames made a big mistake, it'd be when he'd put on the Alicorn Amulet, and transform into Shadow Flare.
  22. Lots of people have made Jedi ponies, so I thought I might try my hand at it. It's an idea I've actually had for a while now. #1: Rhinestone Delivery Pony (Rarity Investigates) I might take a few requests for canon characters if you like. If so, please visit this thread:
  23. Hello, I don't know if I'm posting this in the wrong discussion area but how do YOU, create your OC or fan art. I don't RP or even tried (Only in-game ex. Garry's Mod) But I'd love to make fan art if I had a drawing tablet and proper editing tools. Anyways I wanted to know how you created your art. Or what program, tools, tablet or maybe even a scanner from paper. Do you think using the Pony creator is "cheating"? I created my profile picture with a reference photo and made it from Paint.NET, anyways I just wanted to know if that's okay :3
  24. So this is for posting and commenting on genderbent fanart of characters from anything you like! I made this topic (and my new blog) for this (rather large) picture: I really really like this picture and I made it my phone lock-screen background. So, what cool genderbent pictures do you have?