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Found 11 results

  1. So, one thing has kind of bothered me as of late... Anyone remember / know about that fan character Nyx? I think she's originally from that fanfiction "Past Sins" (which I now have a hardcover book of), correct me if I'm wrong. Anyway, I remember back in 2012-2014 or whenever, everyone was talking about her, making fan art, plushies, RPing as her, etc; she was a very popular and beloved character it seems. Well to my surprise, after coming back from my multi-year hiatus away from the fandom, I come back to people doing kind of the opposite: making fun of the character, making memes out of her like "compared to this, was I really that bad?", etc. So it has me wondering...what happened while I was gone? x3
  2. EDIT 5/14/18 - I'm going to be uploading all my works to this thread unless it's OC Specific! I wanted to try out posting my art too a forum because I feel like I'm not getting the attention on it that I'm looking for, especially sense most of the people who watch me on deviantart or follow me on tumblr aren't super into MLP, so Here I am in a MLP forum. I was thinking of making holographic prints with this but it all depends on how interested people would be! let me know what you think!
  3. I had been discussing the topic of mutated ponies with Jekyll-in-Hydeing and one of the concepts was, a unicorn, but instead of being born with a horn, she was born with a third eye. Her name is Magic eye. She’s totally blind in her other two eyes, and her special talent is essentially having permanent True Sight. So Changelings, shapeshifters, and illusionists would hate her probably. She can also see behind her so sneaking up on her is, difficult as she has VERY small blind spots. She practices actual magic too, like spell casting, and charms. She’s mostly a hermit though because she doesn’t want to be mocked. her Color Scheme was inspired by the Arcanist from Flight Rising. Her Cutiemark was designed by Moonrose95! I was considering doing some mutant pony adopts, like maybe another third eye unicorn, and a four winged pegasus, and two headed ponies, and six legged ponies, binicorns, etc. but im not sure yet, id love to know if anyone would be interested. ___________ Character and Art © StrawberryOverlord This work is not to be redistributed or reposted anywhere in any way shape or form. Please do not trace/edit my work in any way.
  4. Okay guys, this might be a fun one! In this game the person in charge of the current turn will show a picture of something. The picture will be the cutie mark for that turn. You may draw the cutie mark or just pull an image of the internet of what you want it to be. In response, players will design and draw a character that they feel would be fitting to have the cutie mark upon their flank. You may redraw the cutie mark however you see fit. You don't have to name your character or give them a backstory, but you are free to do so. The one in charge will then pick a winner after the number of posts and/or time they wish to wait (please limit posts and time to a reasonable number). The winner will then become the next in charge of presenting the cutie mark and choosing the next winner. okay guys, I'll start us off! Make a character that will have THIS cutie mark! Five posts or two days
  5. First before I get started on this, there's something I have to address first: A OC (meaning Original Character) is supposed to be a character that a person created for their own world that they created. A FC (meaning Fan Character) is supposed to be a character that a person created for a world that was already created by someone else. So it really annoys me when people mislabel FC for OC. Now let's get started; while I don't like most FCs that are for franchises like "Sonic the Hedgehog" or "The Powerpuff Girls" or any other franchises, the MLP FCs annoy me the most since they are always on places on the internet like "DeviantArt". One thing I hate about FCs is that most FCs that are made by fans tend to be a Mary Sue/Gary Stu that has no flaws what so ever. And another thing I hate about FCs is that a good majority of them are just recolors of already existing Canon Characters. And also another thing I hate about FCs is that they tend to be paired with actual Canon Characters by the FC creators themselves who created the FCs that are paired with the Canon Characters, and I hate it when fans make FCs that are supposed to be children of either a Canon Couple or characters that the FC children creator ships together. I don't get why a lot of people make FCs, since their FC is never going to exist in the franchise that they are based off of, and that feeling of knowing that your FC is never going to exist in the franchise that they are based off of must be a pretty bad feeling.
  6. Hey guys! I was wondering what others think about this? Is the correct term for our characters in the MLP fandom a pony OC [or Original Character], or Pony FC [or Fan Character]? I personally think that fan character is the most correct term due to our characters being only fan creations... but! I want to see what others think about it! :3
  7. Blood is not 'extreme' in my art, there is only 1 currently and its only 1 word, but still this warning is just in case :3 This is my thread, for my pony artwork. I currently have no 'canon' ponies, but I shall post pictures I have done from different times. And this is what I had done recently using only SAI and Photoshop Any tips would be helpful! Thank you
  8. Awfully sorry if I've put this in the wrong place, but I think here is the right one? I've come to the conclusion I don't like my character's name all that much, however I'm stuck on what to re-name him. His name copper came from the brown colour he is and root being related to plants. But it just doesn't... go. It doesn't flow like the names on the show, or even my other OC, Mango. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Here he is, if it'll help you come up with ideas; His cutie mark is a hibiscus flower c:
  9. Daughter of Saintcrusade and Princess Luna, Princess Morning Sunset was born after the first Trinty. She inherited her father's two horns (thus making her as powerful as Twilight when battling Tirek and durable as Saintcrusade when ascending into angel). Her powers also changed her eyes and gave her marks on her body. Her cutie mark consists of the moon in front of the sun. She inherits her mother natural beauty form.
  10. I don't really watch Tokyo Mew Mew (or Mew Mew Power, depending on which you prefer), but it looks pretty awesome so I made a fan character for it. She's an American student who moved to Japan when her father got a job at an animation studio (Japanese version-wise, that is). She references Western animation sometimes, and it's more direct and common in the English dub. Her Mew Mew form is infused with a dog, and has electric powers. Her Mew Mew form: Her normal form:
  11. Well here's three drawings of my version of the blindbag pony/the yellow-maned Wonderbolt, Breezie! My version of her is a bit nutty, she's usually a very kind pony, but everyone calls her/mistakes her for Surprise so she goes batty whenever the name, or even the word is brought up. XD She's a fun character I enjoy messing with. Yep.. she's a bit of a nutbag. XD Anyway, i hope you like my drawings! These are in my more simplistic style, the type I use for her ask blog.