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Found 5 results

  1. I don't wanna flood ya'll with like, 20 new posts right off the bat so I'm going to make a couple posts that are compiled art works and when I make new works I'll post them individually! but for now here's a bunch of my favorite trades and commissions that I've done commission for purple-blep Contest prize for Moonrose95 commission for lavilovi12 Pixel icon commission for xnoodledragon my half of an art trade with Idoartz Commission for RummyBunny of a pony version of her Fursona my half of a trade with LolaDitz
  2. I need to get this off my chest. I really don't understand what it is about tragic pasts that make people in this fandom hate fan characters. it's like they despise sentimentality. If anything, thing, they can assist in making fan characters interesting. I'm not saying all fan characters should have tragic pasts, mind you. I hope this isn't considered a rant. If it is, I just want you to know that I have no idea how to access my blog.
  3. Why do fans hate tragic, and dark and mysterious fan characters and call them edgy?
  4. Hello there everypony! I'm Ami. Writer, illustrator and Rarity fan. Now, while I'm more writer than artist, sometimes, I draw things. And I like doing it, though mostly it's been a good handful of Kim Possible art since I started up my long arc fanfiction again. So I figured I'd start with that, because this piece, which I consider one of my best, is what got the gears turning and made me want to draw more. It was my first real picture in forever and the first time in four years I've drawn her. AND it's EQG inspired, because, yes, I actually liked that film. I'm just going to post the pics in order, including the WIP ones that amaze me. I'm like, "It started out like that?" More to come later...If y'all are interested. Also, be warned, I whomp at backgrounds, so I usually do the lazy and just choose pretty colours.
  5. So in 2010, I started a comic called "Flight School 101" Where the characters are in Flight School (duh) and they are taking the final exams to get into the Flight team (for racing and such) And then something happens which I will not tell you about because it will spoil it! But I decided to now continue it because I really liked the idea of the comic, The characters include: Nova (mine- main character) Charcoal (mine-main character) EmoSparkle ((she's not emo!)) (Belongs to main character) Glitz (Belongs to my Real life friend- main character) And I need more OC for the backgrounds, and team. They will come in the story as more minor characters in certain parts of the story! Such as, the team meet up, in the hallways, taking the exam in the background. Post a link to/picture of your OC, and maybe a little description. (Like gender, age, personality) I will only open about 20 parts for the first part of the story, then I will re-open this up later for the other part if the the results are good!~ They must be a Pegasus. 1. - Supernova 2. -PonyEcho 3. - Octavia's Cellozoid 4. vector.png - Webber1900 5. http://img96.imagesh...130/srbenda.png - stefansreto (chetnik) 6. - Amare Sentire 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. Thank you! (Also with you signing up, you get a free picture of your OC too, because I like to draw all the characters!~)