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Found 2 results

  1. Too many songs? Never, but you can definetely have too much fanservice, that's a personal. And the subtle nods to other fandoms and how they behave within the episode "Daring Don't" of season 4 were great and I thoroughly enjoyed that episode for that reason alone, I could care less about the nuiances of "world-building". I'm talking more about how back in the good old days of seasons one and two, DERPY WAS HARD TO FIND. It became a kind of Where's Waldo for fans and now she's almost literally everywhere. For me it's distracting. Also new this season, is the need for all the main six to be in the episode for even the most minor roles with no lines, just screen time. In my mind here's what happened, Ten or so fans complained about how thier favorite pony wasn't making it into enough episodes and the writers came to a consensus that this meant they needed to cram all of them into as many episodes as possible. Rainbow Falls would have been totally okay without Rarity there, not counting the fact that she probably has important orders to fill with her boutique. Daring Don't would have been fine without Fluttershy barely speaking two words and Rarity providing the off handed comment here and there. You get the idea, what do you guys and gals think, is the show's quality being overshadowed by the apparent need to please it's fanbase? A little presumptuous, they should have held a poll or something.
  2. Lately, lots of people have been wondering about the various hints the writers have given us this season, most notably Slendermane. There were also other minor nitpicks such as the Grumpy Cat cutie mark, and references to other shows/musicals. No one can forget Derpy's appearance and Bulk Biceps being canon. Do you think there's a bit too much fanservice there, and the show is starting to direct towards the bronies instead of the original intended audience? I, personally, have no opinion on it. Minor nitpicks, such as these, are hardly noticeable to me, as I'm not a very observant person who looks out for a particular background pony among the main events. I watch the ponies that are actually part of the plotline, so the references don't bother me one bit.