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Found 10 results

  1. Have you guys ever felt a little defensive when people say something disagreeable about your favorite characters? For me, I feel that way when my favorite characters get called one-dimensional and things like that. I'm not naming names, of course, for the sake of avoiding an argument.
  2. Hi! I asked this question to the folks over at the Twilight Sparkle Fan Club and I thought I'd take the opportunity to ask the other members here the same question. "What is your favorite episode starring your favorite character?" For an example, My answer was: "My favorite Twilight centric episode is "Amending Fences" because it took a simple few second scene from the pilot episode and added a new layer to Twilight's story." I'd love to read your answers.
  3. Hi, I'm wondering who is your favorite Marvel superhero? Mine is Hawkeye (if you couldn't have guessed by looking at my profile pic )
  4. After watching MLPEQ several times, i have found myself attracted to (but not like that) Rarity. After discovering this, I've wondered who everypony else's favorite Equestria Girl is. So who's your favorite?
  5. Who is the best Siren? Vote in the poll and tell us why in the comments!
  6. I'm curious to know if anyone else has ever changed their favorite character? I had been a Rainbow Dash fan for a long time but I really didn't like how obnoxious she has been in recent seasons so I changed my favorite character to Twilight Sparkle. Am I the only one who has done this or have others done this too? (And no I am not hating on Rainbow)
  7. One of the biggest thing on the internet now and forever is cats. Everyone loves cats, even people who cats love them. I know I do. Anyway my favorite cat character is Kyubey. His emotionless emotions is just the best thing ever and blaze the cat from Sonic. She's pretty bad arse. What about you brosnies? And everything is better with Kamina shades
  8. Hey everyone, hope you're all having a fantastic day ! This is a simple 2 question poll, who is your favorite and least favorite "key" character in the show so far? I only say so far now because Twilight still has yet to receive her key, and whose to say that a new character will be introduced to give it to her? I personally don't think that'll happen, but the show has surprised me in the past before. My favorite key bearer is Cheese Sandwich. Do I even need to explain why he's my favorite at this point? He's the most developed of the bunch and I felt that he worked perfectly as a foil for Pinkie. He didn't feel shoehorned in, is probably one of the most memorable characters of season 4! My least favorite key-bearer award goes to Silver Shill. Sorry any Shill fans out there, but I just found him so bland and uninteresting. He felt like a 2nd rate version of Coco Pommel imo, and his dialogue with AJ at the end of the episode was just worded so awkwardly. It didn't feel natural at all. If there's anything positive I can say about Silver Shill, it's that he was voiced by Ian James Corrlet. He's Claire Corrlet's (Sweetie Belle VA) father and also happened to voice Goku of DBZ for the Ocean Dub. If the only thing I can compliment a character on is their voice actor, it probably means that they didn't leave that big of an impression on me. So yeah, let me know your favorite and least favorite characters are
  9. Not sure if a topic like this has been posted before. Searched, but no cigar. Ah well. So just tell us who your favorite character is out of everything you've watched, read, or even made yourself. It just has to be fictional, or a character that's fictionalized but is actually real, like this guy here: ... Something like that. Anyway, my favorite character constantly changes depending on which fandom I am in at the current time. Before I watched a certain anime, my favorite show was MLP and I was obsessing over Orangesexy. Damn girl, you're hot. As of right now, Akemi Homura from the anime Puella Magi Madoka Magica is my waifu!!! <3 Surprising, I know. You probably can't tell from my avatar and username. Just look at her. Even if you have no idea what I'm talking about... admit it, she's bucking gorgeous. *sways on spot* *ahem* So, uh... right. What's yours?
  10. Exactly what the title says. In MLP: FiM, characters learn all sorts of lessons. Is there any particular lesson you think your favorite character needs to learn, or something you'd like to see them take to heart? I'd like for Rainbow Dash to learn that she doesn't have to be cool/the best. While she's known for being pretty blunt at times, she actually can struggle with being herself. In Sonic Rainboom, she was compelled to put on a cocky and confident face while inside she just wanted to get away from everything. Her fear of not living up to everyone's expectations and messing up in public crippled her. In Mare Do Well, she hid just how bothered she was with how quickly a new hero replaced her in the eyes of the town and how quickly she became yesterday's news, showing only brashness and jealousy, and not how troubled she was. In Read it and Weep, she was afraid to let people know that she liked a freaking book. Seems to me that she'd be better off and happier being who she is and not trying to be who everyone (and she) thinks Rainbow Dash is/should be. How about you?