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Found 36 results

  1. So this is the first time I ever drew a MLP character. I tried to kinda find my own style but also mix in some details with the show's artstyle (like the light spots in the eyes). What do you think? I actually just started to ink pictures a few month ago, I always only did sketches before, so this whole thing is kinda new to me. So I'll appreciate any tips or hints you can give, not only about how to draw MLP chars but also about how to ink and color pictures in general. (also I just realized I forgot the shadow on the tail... oops )
  2. This is a story idea that I came up with after having watched the finale of season 6. My plot isn't nearly finished but I thought I would get my ideas on paper or on screen. I'd love feedback of any kind. Tell me what you like or what you don't like. A good writing with take constructive criticism. Fanfic Summary: Emry is a Queen Changeling. Mind you she isn’t ‘THE’ Queen Changeling. She is Queen Chrysalis’ right wing and the brains behind all the world dominating plots that were played out across Equestria. This is a story behind the story of the expansion and demise of the Changeling Swarm. Beginning of Prologue --> Writing Sample (old) -->
  3. Before I begin, please feel free to post your thoughts, recommendations, whatever below once you've read through the page. If all goes well, I may also explain my method of drawing. Given that it's been 3 1/2 years since my last art thread and that there are probably a lot of mixed preconceptions on the favourability of flat design, I say screw it and post anyway. Here's a few samples. Why flat design? I've found my previous art style was very hard to maintain and even simple pony poses would take a long time to draw, and plus, it's gone stale, so I gave up on a show-accurate style and searched for a minimal style, and flat design was within the set of minimal styles. Yes, part of the inspiration came from Kurzgesagt. With that in mind, my style's not perfect. Throughout the seven years I've been self-teaching myself this, I've never been able to handle colour casts properly; the hard part for me is to make background objects use as few different colours (not including shades of the same colour) as possible. As a note, my newer images are no wider than 1366 pixels, so as to fit on most monitors. I know not everyone has 1080p screens (1920×1080 pixels), given that 1366×768 is the average minimum screen size these days.
  4. ^ When I submitted this story the moderators didn't upload till like 4 in the morning eastern time. Which is around a time in which hardly anyone is on, therefore, hardly anyone noticed it and I wasn't able to acquire much feedback.
  5. Hey Everypony! I made a new beat! It is not mastered but i hope that you guys like it. I like to get some feedback. I like to hear your reactions. Greetings from me, Dashner ( Also known as a member of the Neon Brothers). Neon Brothers - Neon Booting.mp3
  6. Good evening Everypony! Sēkr here, with the newest project/obsession that I've had an absolute joy to work on these past couple days. This is a new card game idea that features Lamiaponies, Diamond dogs, tricky magic, and plenty of crystals. I wanted to show my game thus far, and get any feedback from the community. If you have any additional questions, don't be afraid to comment below or even PM me. I'll try update the OP as the game is polished, thanks to your many wonderful comments. An Important Note is that I’ve yet to make all of the mock-ups yet, and as such this game is still largely theory, having not been properly playtested. This will change in the coming hours, as I complete my supplies. Mock Up cards built! Alpha testing and balancing in progress! Many thanks in advance to anybody that actually takes the time to read through all of this Crystal Caves Game
  7. I know it's not much but here it goes anyway. Any feedback will be appreciated. Ps. There are few censored cursewords. Hopefully it doesn't mean it breaks the rules.
  8. Hello everybody, my name is Melke and I like to doodle and sketch. What I love to draw: My original creatures (The Navitus) Feral or Quadraped animals Pokemon Futuristic background and tech Steampunk stuff Clothes Natural landscapes Magical fantasy Abstract What I dislike to draw: Humans (I don't really mind anthro) Realistic drawings Urban settings Still life My current art styles: Anime Style: Able Sketchy: Adept Vector: Beginner My current softwares and tech: Adobe Photoshop CC Clip Studio Paint (used with Wacom Intuos Tablet) My deviantart is: Oh, and constructive feedback is appreciated.
  9. So, I'm trying to study human faces/anatomy more so... Just give me some feedback on what I could improve upon. so yeah. JUDGE ME
  10. So, I've done my first cover... I cringe every single time I listen to it BUT like some people told me, I'd help if I just put my work out there, so here it is! Please leave feedback either on here on on the video so I know where to improve, I'd really appreciate it.
  11. So I finally completed my first song. I am not very good at creating melodies or anything so it's a pretty minimal song. The song will probably go through more work but here's what I did: if that link doesn't work please let me know. All feed back is appreciated
  12. Hi, I am new here and I am also new to art. Well, new in the sense that I have not drawn since I was 10 or so and I was not even good then. I am looking for more places to get feedback and inspiration. So here I am. I can take criticism as long as it is constructive in some way. I take praise even better =P So let me know what you think. You can see all my work on my Deviantart and Tumblr, all images get posted in both places but the Deviant gets higher quality if you are interested, so take your pick if you wish to take a look (Or follow =P). Deviantart Tumbler Take your pick. And thanks for looking.
  13. Hello brony community! I'd like you to meet Lime Symphony (my OC) He can be really friendly but also sometimes be too down to want to talk to people. Plays video games but also sings a lot and makes music with all sorts (banging pipes,knocking against wood tapping benches etc). Sorta funny and people usually have a good time around him.He'stly energetic but as mentioned he does have his days where he's down and would rather be alone.he's had a normal life other than only having a father but one time on one of his down days his friends told him he should try playing video games,he did and found out he really enjoyed them.The more he played the more he noticed the music in them and how good it was which inspired him to produce game based music on any level.As long as the music is good he'll mess about with it. Because of this he is very thankful for having the friends he has and has always tried to be there for them. (Thank you to DexteriousWings for helping with the cutie mark)
  14. This is a quick Sharpie try on my OC! It's even got a speedpaint! - I'd really enjoy some feedback on this one!
  15. Hey guys! So this picture took me about 2-3 days to do! Yes I did use a base, to me it's like a guide! Of course this base came with horns and closed wings, but as you can see these two ponies are unicorns. I thought the horns that came with the base we're too small, so with the customizing both OC's I drew my own horns. Also the reason why it took me so long was one day I would start working on it, and then leave for another day and so on, you get the idea! This took soo long to finsh. The last day it was done I was up until 6AM. BUT it was so worth it! So in case you're wondering who these OC's are I will explain. The stallion is Crimson Grinn, my OC's husband. The mare is Vanylla Sweetsu who is the wife. Crimson belongs to a very good friend of mine who is on the forums, check him out & his OC! The couple have been married for a year and half now and already have a family. Vanylla is expecting another foal soon (so in the picture I tried to make a bump noticeable! I hope it does X3) they have a son and daughter, one a unicorn, the other an earth pony. If you wanna check them out all links well be here below! Hope you like the picture! Crimson Grinn: Vanylla Sweetsu: @RAGE
  16. Hey guys! So, this is my OC, Sarah Befish, and my friends OC, PaintSplash, in Equestria Girls Form! I'd love some feedback on this! And if anyone does ask, this was made in MS Paint, using a mouse. I actually have a speedpaint here
  17. Hey, peeps! I'm writing a dramatic monologue for my AP English IV class, and I'm ready to turn it in and everything, but I'm a little unsure if it's appropriate (not in content, but in style), because it's different from any of the examples the teacher provided. Could someone perhaps do me a huge favor and give a bit of feedback? Thanks, guys & gals! :wubs: You're awesomesauce! The poem itself: And here you see, in the moonlight, my love—my darling— once upon a time. But now stone, a mere shadow, of what she was—could have been— once upon a time. Who can say? Can you tell, good sir? What she once was, beautiful, elegant, poised. Once upon a time. Sticks and stones, lifeblood, hear my words: “with staff, with rune, seal this beast for all time.” Once upon a time, she was here. Flesh and blood. But now she sleeps eternally. Who can say? Can you—anyone—tell? Why she she once was, but is no more. Temptation, once upon a time. But no more. I have made us safe from her.
  18. So I made this banner after seing the newest episode, Filli Vanille (I think LOL), and I would like feedback.
  19. So, I got Photoshop CS6 about a week ago, and after mucking around with it for a few days, I made my first ever, second ever and third ever signatures! I spent awhile on the first and second so I could get them done up all nice while exploring around the program a bit and trying new things, but the third one took me absolutely no time at all. Even if I've only done three, so far I've found it to be really fun c: Here they are! #1: #2: #3: Yeah! :3 They're not really that good or anything, I don't know much at all about how to use Photoshop, but I'm fairly happy with how these three turned out! Though the second one turned out a little weird Feedback and/or any advice or tips is very much appreciated - I'd love to hear what you guys think of my creations! Enjoy and have a nice day/night! All Signatures in order: All Wallpapers in order: (Won't let me have them as pictures Sorry guys)
  20. This is my first time starting a new topic. I was wondering if anypony else likes their favorite pony for sentimental reasons, like me. Allow me to elaborate. Fluttershy was my favorite in the very beginning. But I realized that I only liked her for the cute factor. Around that time is when my life took a sharp turn for the worst. I was diagnosed with a chemical imbalance in my brain, and as a result of the imbalance I had clinical depression. My wrists :/ they still look awful.... I had to be put on suicide watch pretty much 24/7. I was on anti-depressants and mood stabilization medication. It was awful. I felt like a robot. I wasn't watching a lot of ponies at the time. But I thought if I could distract myself with something I might feel better. As I began to become a more avid fan of MLP, Pinkie Pie started to get my attention more and more. Then I herd her smile song... And it changed everything. I saw so much beauty in her ways of doing anything to make all the ponies happy. The lengths she would go to (like with Cranky Doodle) to make somepony happy we're so amazing to me. They still are. She made me smile when I had no hope, and I wish I could thank her :/ I'm sorry if I posted this in the wrong spot, but I really wanted to share my story. And I also want to hear YOURS. So please, feedback would be much appreciated!
  21. Hey guys, I just want some feedback on my new profile picture that I made using gimp*. This is my first time using a photo editing software so the edges where the paths were may be a little bit rough. Here it is: *I haven't created any of the images on this picture, just edited them onto one background (that of which I did not make either). Here is a list of the people that I need to credit: -Moustache147 (Rainbow Dash; -Artist unknown (Rainbow colored flame background; -Impallari Type (Font; -Blackgryph0n (Rainbow Dash cutie mark; Thanks, RainbowFlame
  22. Alright so the title to this says it all. I feel like have many good concepts in my head for a story, and I have been told from friend and family that those concepts sounds like a good idea for a story. However when I try to turn those same ideas into real stories, I don't really come out with anything that worth wild. I might come up with some scenes, but where they are going to come in is just vague like the beginning, the middle, and the end. I really want to make these concepts more than just concepts, and any help would appreciated.
  23. Hi, I'm thinking about making a programming tutorial for people who want to make there own fangames and stuff, What do you think of this Idea? also I program Java, C, Scratch, Ruby and GML, what language would you want me to teach? any suggestions? thanks
  24. hello everypony, I wanted some feedback for my second OC (actually he's more of my boyfriend's ponysona). His name is StrongHold and he works as a royal guard. Here you can see him as usual and with his armor on. His cutie mark is a shield and sword.
  25. Hello everypony I would appriciate some feedback on my new mix and If you like it please tell me or if you don´t like it tell me what whent wrong so I can make it better next time I´m trying to do a mix.