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Found 116 results

  1. So, I've been asking you guys for help in regards to improving my female drawings. I wanted to get an opinion on my new sketch before I inked and colored it. If I didn't make what's going on clear enough, Rainbow Dash just threw a water balloon at Fluttershy. They're at the lake at Camp Everfree.
  2. I keep getting ignored or getting down votes on my images without them explaining why (usually the downvotes happen on Meanwhile, other people who do practically the same thing get praised to hell and back. I need some feedback in order to improve Here are some recent examples
  3. Post any bugs or issues currently experienced so we can fix!
  4. I took you guys' advice to heart and made an attempt at improving my female drawing methods.
  5. I was thinking of an online currency for the forums. Like bits, and it'll show up on the top right of the page. You could get this by doing things like.. - Getting a new rank - Becoming a mod - Signing up for PFU (Pink Fluffy Unicorns I think?) - And donating You could also get bits by buying them as well. Plus there should be a shop where you can exchange your bits for things such as.. - Custom ranks - Extension to your signature (Basically if your limit is 600x100, you could go up to 700x200) - MORE bits - And plenty more! I know this idea wouldn't work, but it'd really cool because it would allow people to get on the forums more. Thanks for reading my idea!
  6. Firstly; I'll make it known I don't like this mobile-theme that forums everywhere seem to be taking; but that's irrelevant. Stuff wrong with the new design: Advert bar appearing despite not checking "opt-in to in site ads" and strengthening adblock (which is the right of an individual to use) removes the whole forum page The "About Me" page on profile should be in front of "Activity" not behind it Profile, Notificaton & Message bar is too far up towards the top of the browser Design isn't as easy on the eyes as the previous one was Cover photo dimensions not specified for ideal resolution There is probably more I have missed; but this stuff is the main issues I have noticed. The adert part in particular i annoying; HATE sites that force ads in your face even when you choose not to opt-in, and TRY to use an adblocker.
  7. Welcome to the Poniverse Authors Helping Authors group! Here, our hope is that this group might serve to help build ties between the MLP Forums fan fiction community, whether we be writers or readers, by providing a number of services. Namely, this group will serve as MLP Forums first ever official fan fiction library. Fics will be stored and categorized in the thread's OP, where they will be easily accessible to readers and writers alike in one easy to find section. In order for this group to truly have an impact on our fan fiction community, however, there are a few rules that those who want to see their fics stored here must follow: Group Rules (PLEASE READ!!!): MAJOR UPDATE, PLEASE READ!!! Hello everypony! In case you're wondering where the library has gone, well, we've been having some technical difficulties lately in this thread. Sadly, we're no longer able to store the entirety of this group's library in a single post, and any other solutions that involve threads on the forums themselves are simply too much trouble to be bothered with. That's not to say that this group is being disbanded, no no, far from it. Instead, we're simply going to meld it into Poniverse's bustling group on FimFiction, so if you're not a member of that group already, go on and join up right now! It'll be a lot easier from now on to have your fics submitted, since once you're a member of the group you can just add it to the group yourself, in the appropriate folder of course. On top of that, with only one group to manage, I'll be able to more easily organize events such as contests or fic features, etc. I apologize again for this, but I think it'll be for the best in the long run. If you have any questions, feel free to still leave them here in this thread, by all means, or to contact me via PM. To join the new group (if you haven't joined it already), just follow the link below: Poniverse Official FimFiction Group
  8. Hi, some of you might know me, most of you don't. I'm a university student of Illustration and Visual Communication. I love all kinds of games and have a wide interest of little skills I like to pick up and try and use. I've really enjoyed my production classes and it's encouraged me to realistically attempt a long term goal of mine, develop a card game. Before I go on to giving details about the game and tell you how to get a free test copy sent to you I'll give you a little fun fact about this game. The main character design, The Overlord, was based on a plastic fork. I had a broken plastic fork on my table and thought it looked like a funny tall eared cat-thing so I drew it out and the card game followed. I still have that fork and use it as inspiration to finish this project. Weird, right? A Brief Game Description: "You and your demonic friends must appease your Overlord by offering tribute every day. You’re all sick of being on the bottom and agree to start collecting loot so that you can takeover the Overlord's position. Unfortunately, none of you can agree on who the next Overlord should be. Amass more loot then everyone else in order to overthrow the Overlord and take your rightful place on top. But getting greedy risks the rage of the current Overlord, who won’t go easy on any of you. So build your stash in secret, back-stab your friends and give as little as you can manage to the Overlord to stay out of trouble." Tribute to the Overlord is a bit of a deck building card game that pits players against each other and a common board enemy. There are 5 rounds; the situation and cards to deal with it change every turn. There are various strategies implemented to combat total RNG but the game should be able to be picked up and learned in half an hour or less. The game is targeted at player groups of about 4 or 5 but can physically be played with groups ranging from 2-6. Target age group is early 20's to early 30's but could be played comfortably ages 12+. I've been developing this table-top card game for awhile now and am nearly at a point in which I can test the game with outside peoples. This project has a few goals: To be a refined piece for my personal portfolio, Test myself in finishing such a comprehensive project, and get a tiny foothold in tabletop game development (I have other ideas I'd like to develop one day). The past few months I have been working on this on and off in between personal projects and working side jobs, school stuff and the occasional Poniverse thing. Most of the focus has been on the rules and gameplay up to this point. Now I'm dividing my time between game balancing and art. Now I'm looking for candidates to play-test this game and give feedback, help balance and find game loop-holes I may have missed. I'll be shipping out around 10 prototype copies of this game sometime in February (or thereabouts depending on how the next school semester fairs for me). These copies will be shipped out free to those living in the US. I currently will not be shipping elsewhere; but if you fill out the provided form you'll be sent updates on the game and be notified if I get an international thing going. I'm shipping these out for free in return for feedback, if you can't or don't plan on proving feedback or testing it for problems, don't bother signing up. If your interested in signing up to get a free alpha copy and helping this game become complete in it's design; please fill out this form here. Please note that this is NOT first come first serve, I'll be semi-selectively choosing candidates to test various bits. Also, as stated this is an ALPHA where the focus so far has been primarily on gameplay and functionality, the art is mostly wip or in a placeholder state right now. It is quite likely that it will be in a similar state when these copies are shipped as well. Meaning it may not be a pretty game, but it'll work. The Beta phase of the game is a ways off, but will have nearly completed art and enforce the necessary updates found in the alpha. If you agree to get updates on the form above then you may get sent a Beta copy. So don't worry if you arn't offered an Alpha. The ALPHA deck will be printed on heavy weight paper and laminated so they feel pretty high quality for prototypes. Alpha decks will most likely be in black and white because the focus is on game mechanics and balancing rules and cards. If your interested in this project or have questions feel free to talk to me about it. And again, if your interested in getting your hooves on an Alpha copy to test, fill out this form asap.
  9. Hey! So I've been edting videos for my friend Dazzle Diamond's YouTube channel, where she makes vocal covers of MLP songs, and I think she's pretty good!! But I find she isn't really getting many views, which means no feedback... For a creator to grow they need lot's of feedback! So if you have the time, please check her out? (Not worries, I've convinced her to save up for a good microphone!!)
  10. I just got on here, and have tons of mlp fanart that I would love to share with everypony! But I can't have attachments until I reach muffin level. XD Other than that, I absolutely love it here. Can't wait until I can roleplay!
  11. For locking an unpopular opinions thread. Really, thank you. I've been to other forums that were incredibly negative and I used to have no problem with unpopular opinions threads...But then I realized how aggressive they can be. You guys rock! Keep up the good work!
  12. Very simple point to this topic. I'm an unemployed historian (.........) with a second in English, and general artsyness. Oh and basement dweller levels of MLP lore knowledge. A vendor at MLP convetnions, selling fine pony arts. What I'll do for you, is read your OC profiles. Their back stories, their histories, etc, etc. If there's pictures I'll look at those too, but thats it. -so don't post stories or RP logs- a simple link to their profile on the OC Archives is just fine. -hint hint- Then, what I'll do is just....give you feedback. NOT opinions. This is going to be neutral feedback, so you wont get things like "he sucks", that's not constructive at all. Be aware though I won't pull punches, if something doesn't make sense, or contradicts, I'll tell ya flat out, So yes, you can send alicorns, I will not hate them for being what they are, but I will point out if they aren't really justified as such. WHY? - Well I browsed dozens of OC character archives and noticed a bunch that could really have used work. What came out in the profile, probably wasn't what the creator intended. This will give you some feedback to work with. As for pictures, again my own opinion of what I like will remain void. Just say it as its seen. A quality check, colours work? Design works? That's all, so post away, I got lots of time. 1 OC per post please, if you don't want said review public just make a note and I'll PM it too you. FINAL DISCLAIMER - I'm not here to appreciate your characters, but I'm also not hear to hate on them. You'll hear good and bad alike (if they have such features). Only post someone if you want a constructive review of them. If you want some suggestions, always feel free to ask. If this gets popular...expect a bunch of improvements to the post, maybe some OC art, i dunno, we'll play it by ear. This is the list. I'm not doing these in order anymore, because some take quite a lot of thinking, and reading, and drinking. Others, come easy. So I'll pick and choose.
  13. UPDATE To be honest, most of what I've mentioned in this post I'm not to concerned about anymore, however, I have a new issue I hope can be looked into right away. So far I've not got word back about it yet. Here's my quote from my reply down below that I want to be looked into: Introduction Okay, it's been over a year now since I've been a member on here; It's about time I made my own feedback topic. Now this opening post is extremely large, so prepare for a long read. It would be best to read only if you have the free time to spare and plan on reading the whole post. Please remember that nothing I say in here is directed towards any individual as I won't be using any names. I want this to be as complete, and as honest as I can, so it's a constructive feedback topic. The whole idea here is to give both the positives and negatives of the site, while being honest with it. I strongly believe there is room for improvement, which I'll get to in here. Also, I'll spoiler tag the main feedback and suggestion sections to minimize scrolling. Anyway, read away and enjoy Edit: I'll make a reply to all replies in here when I have time Thanks for the replies though. I'm glad this was acknowledged ^^
  14. Hi all, I've just been doodling with a new style of illustration. I usually work with vector tools when drawing so this is a refreshing change. I would love to hear what you think of it Thanks very much fellow Bronies.
  15. So before I really hit Moonhowl in his feedback, I thought to make his boyfriend which is a key part of his whole history. In making, I got Windlight out of weeks of playing around in the idea of him being a part time Wonderbolt and a lead singer in a pony punk band known as the Tempest Makers. A little iffy on his whole design just it kinda fun to make him! His cutie mark shows his talent for music and his love for it, he also helps to make out the music line up for the Wonderbolts and in smaller shows will play with his band at times live. They have a good following in the underground and some bits of mainstream, also they will play for charity on the side. He dyes his hair purple mostly in liking the color and the whole "punk" thing, he keeps his pin from the Wonderbolts Camp in his ear so he reminds himself of the hard work he had to put into making it in and also a drive for his dream of music. The other earrings are a gift from his boyfriend Moonhowl......
  16. What's up? Alright, so I'm currently in the works on this short story right, and I've begun drafting it. I need some peeps to read it and give me some feedback on it. Title: Unquiet Quiet (the title of the first chapter is the title of the whole story) Premise: A kid is home alone in the 80's (lel not during Christmas), the power goes out, and he has to turn it back on. And yep, there's a creature stalking him. I know it sounds very generic, but there's a lot more going on that I don't need to mention. In any case, the story's done, and I mainly need some feedback on the writing of it. Just let me know what you like, dont like, whatevs. I know it's short, but its a short story. Chapter1.docx
  17. I am going to write a pony grimdark story, but as I'm basically immune to even Cupcakes, I don't realy know what would be Disturbing to the masses. So as you answer this question you are also giving me insight into a grimdarks Structure. Be sure to include as many ( site appropriate (nothing sexual)) things that would disturbe you. Also as a side note, any one that can create/suggest a Grimdark/creepypasta that disturbs me will recive bragging rights from me, and a chance to preread my story when I finish it. Have fun with that. You can suggest the names of Non site appropriate stories so I can look it up myself, just do not put any links to any non site safe stories. Here's a few that I've read that I consider grimdarks: Grimdarks read Cupcakes Rainbow factory The cough A puppet to her fame Cheeralie's garden Rocket to insanity The experiments of twilight sparkle Silent poniville 1-2 Awoken Pregasas device Hard reset Where's the beef? ( only because of unnatural eating habits ) Shattered
  18. I noticed on the other MLP forum I am on, that there is a list of the site's staff currently on the website at the time. I feel like this would be a useful feature for quick access to a moderator/administrator and not have to search around for one that is online.
  19. I know it's not much but here it goes anyway. Any feedback will be appreciated. Ps. There are few censored cursewords. Hopefully it doesn't mean it breaks the rules.
  20. Prologue “The world is cruel, despite those wanting to improve our land; they never do so fairly; you see power can change a lot about ones perspective on life. Once you are high enough in social rank to look below at the common, do we think that their lives mean less than our own wants and expectations. This land is vast with terrain diverse; not much is known, only a selected few scrolls reveal details of the wilderness. Civilisations living in distant cities and villages should be thankful.Humble simpler lives they have, no hierarchy to control them. All which keeps them in order is willingness to help their own pony-kin. They truly are foolish; I guess no matter how we live we face injustice. Unicorns like I, are regal with fantastical powers beyond any common Pegasus or earth pony. We collectively can move celestial bodies; we control the rise and fall of day and night. We keep the land in balance of nature which in turn means balance to our lands. This empire I rule over watches over and protect the night and rest in the day. I must say the night is truly unknown in its beauty, so many things which are not known or understood. The stars navigate the sky opening all new ideas and development of knowledge. Knowledge in my eyes needs to be sought-after. The night is powerful granting me and my ponies of the Luna Empire the gift of this now called dark magic. Dark magic is what allows our top unicorns and I to collectively lift and drop the stars and the moon as transitioning from day to night. Like regular light magic can cause events and spells to be cast as well as levitation, however dark magic requires less effort and results of casting are much grander. Currently this new magic is being studied by me and a few council members. It appears that dark magic has life within it, which makes it very powerful to wield.” “My brother land, the Solar Nation does not wish to understand to night as they have deemed it as un- important as they control the day. I feel they are fearful of the potential power the night could have over them, well it’s not a surprise. The Solar Nation runs on very strict control and the use of lower races to fulfil their duties and less important roles. The Luna Empire is the one whom are truly proud, only unicorns live here. Soon the Solar Nation will learn the power and the unknown fears of the night! They will learn the power that I, Lillium possess within …” Chapter 1 The sun was high, clouds minimal the warmth of the sun radiated down on his back. A white coated, yellow maned Pegasus flew through the skies within the Solar Nation. He broke and slew down to observe the town below his hooves; Unicorns walking through the town in elegant attire, buying, selling and doing daily routines. It appeared normal but Dawnbringer knew of the dark underbelly of the nation and he was going to meet it. The Pegasus flew towards a grey castle then through a window and landed gently into a cold stone hallway. He began to walk slowly with only the sound of metal hooves hitting stone and the glint of gold and silver artefacts. He cautiously wondered until he found a gold plated double door with to armoured unicorn guards. The guard were covered in bronze they were indistinguishable, their eyes glared towards Dawnbringer. “Who wishes to see the Lord Aquarius? State your business Pegasus.” Said a guard. Then a voice came from inside the throne room. “Guards! Let him in.” The voice was deep and echoed through the hallway. The door was then opened and Dawnbringer entered the throne room still treading carefully. “My lord the lunar empire has not sent a message in over 6 days. What action do you want my flight army to take?” spoke Dawn Bringer. His eye failed to look at the lord. Lord Aquarius sat on his throne the light shined behind him showing little to his character. He sat and pondered what to do about the situation; he saw Dawnbringer’s fear and relished in it. But then his mind went to more important matters. “Hmm it’s unlike Lilium to be this unresponsive. The moon hasn’t risen in over 6 days; it’s taking longer than it should. They can’t be struggling; they are doing this to spite me! I must take charge of her; her and her philosophies are making the empire non-cooperative! How dare she!” The anger flowed from Aquarius; the strong unicorn stood up from his throne chair and stared directly at Dawnbringer with a merciless look. Aquarius knew he had Dawn bringer and his army under his hoof. “Dawnbringer do you understand how important loyalty is to me and this great nation?”. Dawnbringer felt a cold sensation run down his neck. He dropped his head. “Yes Lord Aquarius. I understand”. Aquarius rose slowly but stoically towards the nervous Pegasus commander. “Dawn Bringer I know your Pegasus troops are strong. You and your troops make a great addition to my unicorn forces”. Dawn bringer looked up to Aquarius somewhat calmer feeling than before, with a sigh of relief “th thank you my lord”. Aquarius looked towards the Pegasus again then proceeded to walk around his grand throne room occasionally picking up artefacts and studying them; he spoke softly. “This nation is founded on trust as you know, and the thought of protection and safety to all whom live within it.” Aquarius then looked back to Dawnbringer and snarled angrily “If anyone within or outside this kingdom disobeys the laws founded by the Solar Nation they will be executed or maimed.” Dawn bringer appeared shocked and distressed; he took a few steps away from the lord. Aquarius then calmed and smiled subtly. “No need to worry you and i both know that the traitors from this nation are all gone”. Aquarius trotted over to a stone table with paper and quill and began to write a message addressed to the Lunar Empire. The lord requested the message to be personally delivered to Lilium by Dawn bringer. Aquarius walked to Dawnbringer and looked at him dead in the eyes. “We have come a long way haven’t we?” stated Aquarius. Dawn bringer took the scroll from the lord quickly to escape his growing wrath. Dawnbringer trotted out the throne room and jumped out a wide window and flew towards the land of the Luna Empire. Dawnbringer felt sickened by leaving his troops; families and friends behind him. Them in the hooves of the Solar Nation, but he had to leave to protect their lives. Aquarius waited until the air became silent. He left his throne room and walk towards a stairwell leading to the lower levels of the castle. His armour was made of thick gold coloured metal which fitted around his robust navy body, neck and head. The shimmer formed from the sun reflecting of his armour matched hues of his mane and tail; blonde but almost white. He made his way down the stairs calmly until he had encounter to the lowest level of the castle; of where Dawnbringer’s troops were kept within stone walls and metal framework. He walked passed them all and spoke addressing them all at once. Only the sound of his breath and hoof steps echoed through the large chamber. “Dawn bringer has left you for the time being. I don’t think you would like to leave this nation would you?” The chamber was silent. Aquarius continued. “I feel now you are becoming one with this nation you need to be branded with our own emblem… it’s a painful process but I assure you the mark giving to you is a mark of greatness and power.” Aquarius then left the chamber of sadden and concerned pegasi. Returning to his private room he laid down upon a large gold decretive lounge, he sighed quietly to himself. He then looked toward his flank and stared at his cutie mark. “If only I could remember my true mark.” A tear rolled down from his eye and streamed down his face, he thought to himself “No, childish things need to be put aside. I am the last of Solar royalty; I need to be… strong.” He looked back at his surroundings and the open window caught his attention. “Why can’t I go back to a more innocent time, a time where I was happy? No, even back then there were hardships. When I was named by the oracles was the day I disappointed my father.” Dawn bringer flew through the sky quickly. The wind glided around his body; it felt a bit more calming. Dawn bringer mind began to wonder as he watch as the terrain moved past him. “Destiny can often be unclear and unfair cant it. I was unaware of my name’s meaning till later years but I’d wish I had known back then. How can I bear the name of Dawn bringer if I don’t possess magic to raise the sun?” Dawn bringer soared down to take a break from his long flight. He landed down in a dirty but sandy terrain. He was uncertain on what time of day it was supposed to be as the sun had been up for days. The light hit the sand reflecting a light yellow flare. He was reminded of Aquarius; “You use to be so innocent Aquarius, we played and laughed together away from our families, I knew we shouldn’t have but... The only thing I wish I could change was are titles. For you to be blessed with the name of dawn bringer to fulfil the royal monarchy. Maybe then you would be proud of yourself.” Dawn bringer began to rest on the hot sand, occasionally moving his wings along; the tips of his primary feather across the sand making deep lines. His eyes began to dip from exhaustion, he checked his surroundings to see if there was anything coming his way. There was nothing but sand and some small plantations. He began to fall into a deep slumber…. Please give feedback on this =) thanks
  21. This oc's been in my head for a while and thought to give him a it of life, its just the bare bones mostly and thought of getting some feedback on what I have done and his design: MoonHowl Age: 23-30 depending in Role Play Type: Unicorn Sexual Standing: Gay Magic Aura: A whitish shade with sparks of gold mixed in. Cutie Mark: A Waning Moon with a white wolf's paw next to it flowing softly. Talent: Understanding none-ponies creatures: He can understand what a Timberwolf is saying like its talking basic English to his ears while other ponies cannot. From: Born in Trottingham but mostly grew up in Ponyville and lives in a rented cottage on the edge of Apple farm close to the Everfree Forest. Job: Wildezoology (Study of wild and magic creatures in the world)/ Cryptozoology Notes: He also pushes for equal rights for the none-pony races of the world and tends to act as a go between for none-pony and ponies as a bit of a Ambassador when called into help. He urges to protect the Everfree forest from those who want to get rid of it, including the “wild and magic” areas. Personality: Moonhowl tends to be a bit shy like around large groups of ponies given he spends a lot of time on his own in his research and wanderings around the whole world. Mostly he tends to relax and get along with none-ponies better and with a few ponies who understand his quite and laid back. Just do not think this stallion is a push over, he is more than willing to take a stand if pushed and can hold is own in a fight. He has been given some harassment is being gay stallion in some of his family don't get why he would be gay with so many mares around of good breeding. Still he is proud of who he is and what he does in also having published many papers and teaching a class now and than on the study of Wildezoology (Study of wild and magic creatures in the world) in which is a leading voice in. Bit of nerd if anything, he can talk for hours on this subject and the creatures of the Everfree Forest. Friends: Iron Will Big Mac Stoneroot (Timberwolf) Spike Fancy Pants Blueblood Fleur Dis Lee Fluttershy Discord
  22. hello and welcome cwhip making another form as iv been drawing and reediting my OC Cresent I keep running into walls whether writing or drawing him out in ether RP or the ongoing backstory. This is where you come in the link to him is in my signature. Note I tried to put myself into him probably hence the trouble I'm running into aaand. GO (jumps behind couch awaiting reactions) and because I cant upload the pic on here for some reason -_- here the link to my drawing of him
  23. My feedback is about the linking to other sites within the profile setting. Such as linking to a youtube, steam, skype, deviantart and many other sites. The problem comes when people tries to click on said links on the profile and they end up in a dead page. For example: On Lunar Echo's page, he copied and paste his youtube url into the links and when someone clicks on it, this is where it brings you: this is what I assume he put in: , What is happening here is that the inputted information is a complete url and then your system adds another https://... etc. This is under the profile setting and listed under contact information and it simply said youtube and then a text box. My suggestion would be to either: 1. change the system in how people input their information (make it so that they are inputting url links to the various websites) and add an ~url to each location so it would look like (Youtube URL) 2. put an indication for people to see that it is their account name on the various websites so that these sort of dead links are not going to happen. This is a small problem but can quickly become a pet peeve for people on the forums. I hope that you would consider the options.
  24. So I thought to go back and redo a few of old ocs to get in some new life into em! One I loved back in the day some months ago was Wishvow in my Prism Ponies (redoing them in the winters) yet I could not think of a reason to really use her till as of late. Thinking, I've redone her design a bit roughly and thought to get some feedback to keep the new, refine it or keep up with the old one: Name: Wishvow Type: Earth Pony/Half Crystal Pony Age: 17-26 (depends in rp) Parents: Adopted daughter of Fluttershy (might not use) or Crystal Pony Mare Jewel Joy Cutie Mark Meaning/Talent" Can hear the music of the stars and remakes it into songs so other ponies can hear it. New: Old:
  25. From the beginning when i first joined here i saw that this place was special unique beautiful community structured and guided to be happy and good place for people to be able to communicate with eachother safe place for people to be like a beautiful greenhouse in garden, when its raining outside I can come here be happy with my friends. Friends that i never had before, people all around the world not from my neighbourhood or school where they bullied me teased me and laughed. Beautiful lovely people unique personalities beautiful messages for me to read different persons people around the world able to connect with eachother through the little portal in internet called MLP forums. People who maybe never had a chance to really be social before like me i was always discarded I hid myself in my shell and cried often. Here i can have real friends talk with real people. and feel the bliss in my heart. It has really helped me with my depression and other issues, it is a beautiful thing how My Little Pony can gather such a beautiful lovely audience of ponies friendly people and fantastic artists so many talented people it inspires me I see people are not afraid to be who they really are I thought that i shouldnt be afraid either and I been coming out from under the rock i been hiding, this world is a beautiful place and this community here is lovely example what the world can be at its best <3 Lovely friendly community here on site like a big family, Family where all ponies belong, no pony left behind staff being happy here doing fantastic job here on forum keeping the sit happy and teaching the rule of friendship to the children lovely community based on this thought of freindship and it gives me this blissful feeling of joy, just by seeing the posts all ponies make here maakes my day happy and I can be in smile, all ponies help other ponies in need be there for their friends, This community and ponies here are really important factor in the key of my growth as an individual I really hope this community can be beautiful place for all ponies for many years and I'm trying my best to help on that You are all doing amazing job here Thank you<3