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Found 68 results

  1. Hi everybody, here's something that's been bugging me every time I go back to watch EQG (don't ask why I go back to watch it, it's become somewhat of a guilty pleasure of mine ). Remember in the cafe scene where Twilight bumps into Flash and then Rarity tells her to be careful since he was getting over a previous relationship with Sunset Shimmer or something along those lines? It occurred to me that that piece of information was never brought up again in the movie. It brings up so many unanswered questions like: How did those 2 get together in the 1st place? How did they end up breaking up with each other? Why was it stated in the movie if they weren't going to do anything with it? That plot point just comes out of left field in my opinion and isn't really needed at all. Nothing of value would be lost if we took that line out. But it would have been interesting to see how the two of them hooked up and how they ended the relationship. It definitely would have made Flash a more interesting character instead of your generic cookie cutter "nice-guy" who has a crush on the main protagonist. So yeah, let me know your thoughts on this interesting yet useless plot point that was brought up for only 3 seconds in the movie :comeatus:.
  2. Yeah, we've all gotten over that. I was wondering, were the animators just putting him in for fun or just 'cause? Or was this part of some overly elaborate plan? Let's remember that season 5 was in pre-production at the time this episode was animated. It's possible that Meghan asked the animators to put Flash in an episode to see how we'd react. This could be because some writers wanted to use the character in S5 and this is an effective way to see how we'd react to such news. So...well Flash be in season 5? Should he be in season 5? I actually would be happy if he was.
  3. spoofing the very fans that hate him. My God i love this series. What do you think if they made flash a dork would he have been more likeable? it worked with rainbow dash and daring don't.
  4. Bear with me. Twilight doesn't have a key yet. Flash shows up in toe with the princess of LURVE! Seriously. A character twilight has a love interest in, that is totally canon, 110 percent canon, so sayeth aunt megan, what else could it mean?
  5. In the year XX14, Princess Twilight Sparkle have overthrown Celestia, Luna, and Cadence to take over the Equestria with an iron hoof, turning it into a darker and edgier world of tyranny, betraying her friends left and right in the progress. Now, only the Element of Loyalty, Sun Pony, and Pony Brock Lesnar are left to rebel against Sparkle and her unhealthy reading addiction ways, but only one universally hated stallion can get the job done. *cue montage of 80s styled action scenes* This Summer, Flash Sentry, together with his newly formed crew of rebellions, are on the race against time to start a revolution to save the universe from Queen Twilight Sprinkles. Starring: Arnold Schwarzenegger Twilight Sprinkles Sparkle Rainbow Dash Sunset Pony Pony Brock Lesnar with the The Secret Flashian Society as themselves The Rock as Tom and Applejack as That Guy Arnold Schwarzenegger is Flash Sentry; Savoir of The Universe I do not own any of the pictures. Flashians: ~Champion Anna~ Sir.Flutter Hooves DXSilverX LSP Champion Phyro
  6. This is going to seem like a weird thread, and potentially a duplicate, but I really wanted to make a poll on this so just hear me out. I want to know if there is a significant difference between males and females who watched Equestria Girls. I have engaged in a lot of different conversations about Flash Sentry and why people may or may not like him. I mainly want to know if there is a difference between the opinion of men and the opinion of women about him. Hence the poll. I ask because I am getting the feeling that more females like Flash Sentry than males. I want to know if that is actually the case. So if you are going to vote in the poll, please feel free to post in here letting us know what you voted for and why.
  7. Wait just one second! Twilight has a crush on Flash Sentry in the human world right? Let's think about this. Twilight still has the mind of a pony right? Well then that would be like a human falls in love with a dog or something! She is still a pony in mind so she thinks like a pony acts like a pony and loves like a pony.
  8. I actually like his character...okay, the design. What can I say, I'm a sucker for ponies with blue hair. I'm really getting bored with colored pencils.
  9. Just think about it! They're both Pegasi, they both seem to like rock music in the movie (Rainbow Dash says "Rock on!" a few times, and Flash Sentry is a guitar player), Flash has a bolt as his cutie mark, so his cutie mark might have something to do with guarding and being fast? But seriously, I can see them together. Concerns? Questions?
  10. Hello everyone, Made another sketch and color with MLP. This time, it's a duo of Twilight and Flash. Hope you like it. Note - I didn't have the exact color for Twilight's hair so I had to color it with more strength(with a Med. blue) to create a darker color. So thats why the color for her mane and tail is more rough. P.S - I rushed the coloring so it definitely looks less professional than my other work, but I wanted to upload it anyways for you guys.
  11. This is a small thing that kinda bugs me. Applejack is orange, Pinkie is pink, etc. However, Flash Sentry's pony form is orange, while his human form is more yellow and looks like the normal color for humans in other shows.
  12. If our protagonist Twilight Sparkle was married to the cool and spicy Flash Sentry, what would your initial reaction be, and why would you like/dislike it?
  13. There are a lot of speculations and discussions about this colt. But I have come by some people talking about that Hasbro made Flash Sentry up, because they wanted romance in the movie. And that they told DHX media to add him to the movie. But that the writers actually hate/dislike Flash. This all sounds very nice (actually weird I guess) and fine, but there is no actual prove that this is true. And I don't believe this theory. Or I can't believe it. I mean, I like the idea of a little bit of love, but not so stereotypical. What do you think?
  14. Okay so for some reason Meghan won't bring Flash Sentry back to Season 4(Not that she hasn't lied before -_- ) . But what if He returned in Season 5? For some reason I can't Imagine an episode about him or him being in a finale/Premiere Without Twilight being a damsel in distress. I just don't. Perhabs I don't have Enough Imagination. Well atleast I can hope he never shows up in the show
  15. So I just had this thought. Since In EQ it was the first time a villain actually tried to kill one of the mane six(King Sombra Nearly killed Spike doesn't count since King Sombra din't state he is gong to kill him). I was Quite frankly suprised by this. Also For the first time The Show took on romance(In a hottible way, as they did not even give Flash sentry Character devolopment, Hell the teenage dragons were more intresting than him). So Death and Romance, these two Were not full on adressed inn the show before. could This mean that The Show is going to take on more dark/Mature themes from now on? And if they did how would you react? Personaly I wouldn't mind it as long as they don't it and have a balance between the innocent and cute moments and the dark moments(If not have More Cute and Innocent moments.)
  16. OK, when twilight and flash start dating (It's obvious they will) we have to come up with a name for them so I recently saw this on a youtube video top comment. The top comment calls Flash Sentry and Twilight Sparkle: Flashlight. It's so perfect