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Found 21 results

  1. Fixer the 7yo philly unicorn foal is in Intensive care in a medically induced coma with suspect brain damage after coming off his go-cart at 50mph and cracking his head off the road surface then the wall and not wakeing up since the accident. Police ponys and Canterlot gards are working together questioning officals as to why the 7yo foal was alowed to race without a helmet on even tho he was strapped in at the time, The go-kart in question has been taken away for examination after rumors that it looked tampered with in some discription but firther speculation is unclear at this time as this story is still developing.
  2. I was thinking about how ironic it is that a pony's name typically matches up with their special ability/gift, even before their cutie marks appear. Scootaloo was named long before she was old enough to ride a scooter, for instance. In fact, I don't think there is a pony without a name at least a bit relevant to their cutie marked abilities. So, how do parents name their foals? Are ponies just amazingly good at knowing what their offspring will likely be up to when they're older? I haven't seen any instances of names being changed at any point in the series, but it just kind of blows my mind to think of how fitting their names all are. I guess it is debatable that names like Pinkie Pie and Sweetie Belle leave some room, though!
  3. This fan club is for the little foal we call Pipsqueak! Pip goes to school with the cutie mark crusaders and other foals. He also wants to be a pirate and I think he could the that awesome costume! Rules: -Don't spam -Only pictures of Pip or a pictures with Pip -Have spoiler tags please -Don't hate -All mlp fourm rule still apply
  4. I've wondered how Fluttershy got her name. Assuming parents name their foals right after they are born (as shown in S2 E13 Baby Cakes,) how did Fluttershy's parents know that she would be shy? The "flutter" part makes sense, because she's a pegasus. Or did she become shy because of her name? If you're told that you are shy, it's likely that you will become more shy. I'm looking for an in-universe answer. I know how Fluttershy got her name as a character.
  5. Hey all 10 days is a long time at sea. Now i'm back here is my question of the week: considering that Cadence is an Alicorn (former Pegasus) what could be the potential species of the Child/en? Dose alicorn effect the mix, and if it dose could this be the answer to how immortal Alicorns are created eg, Luna & Celestia (or are these two something else). Or It's does not affect the mix so is the likely child/en to be Unicorn & Pegasus the most likely and Earth Pony as the off chance? Give me your thoughts people as I have no clue towards the most plausible answer and as ever there should be a vid up on next Monday as usual. Update as of 31/10/15: happy nightmare night and the vid I have promised may take till wednesday, instead of mon (for those who are concerned) Update as of 3/11/15: here is the vid on this subject enjoy!
  6. Wanted to add a little cuteness to my portfolio and thought Little Scootaloo would do really nicely!
  7. Does anybody see the similarities in the youtuber NerdCubed and foal Cheese sandwich? Is it just me? My dad? no, just me? Okay...
  8. My art work that not my little pony. I enjoy drawing cartoon style horses and foals. Again I’m not a expert, but when I show my friends my drawings they enjoy horse ones that in black white. That what these are my cartoon style sketches of horses or foals, depends how you look at them.
  9. This morning I watched Hurricane Fluttershy, and this question came to mind. Fluttershy, as a filly, had longer, thinner limbs. Is it because she was bullied and stressed? Did it affect her health?
  10. Visual Spectrum as a five year old colt:
  11. Since this is a trend now, I decided to hop on the "Ponies fighting random objects with the same name" bandwagon and to *Gasp* POUND CAKE VS POUND CAKE That's right, its the tale of foal Versus Cake: POUND CAKE: -Adorable -Can understand -Will grow up to be something -Can talk -Can walk -Can be your friend -Easier to make (Ifyouknowwhatimean.jpeg) POUND CAKE: -Tasty -Takes 5 minutes to buy instead of 9 months - Isn't frustrating and painful when ready -You would rather have Pound Cake come out of an over rather th-okay I will stop -Eating won't send you to jail -Doesn't make a mess out of things -Isn't an asshole to Pinkie Pie -Doesn't shit itself
  12. *WARNING* Potential Spoilers about Cadence Backstory In the book "Twilight Sparkle and the Crystal Heart Spell" we find out that Cadence was born a pegasus pony before becoming a alicorn. We also know that Shining Armor comes from a line of unicorns So what does everyone think will come of a foal (or foals) born of both of them?
  13. I felt like sketching Queen Chrysalis as a filly, due to my random obsession with changelings today. Changelings are people too, they're just misunderstood. <3 Anyway, forgive me for my poor shading. P-please...don't be m-mad at me. This took me about 30 minutes. ~Colgate
  14. Herp derp. This is why I should never be allowed near the internet XD I make cute things... or really grisly things. One or the other. Good thing I'm in a great mood. Enjoy your Foal!Celestia. EDIT: Lemme clear a few things up hurr XD My style demands that I give everything realistic proportions, which is extremly hard to defy sometimes, so that's why she's a bit strange looking. But this is my style! I'm not trying to use the actual show style, I'm using mine! Her mane is kind of a pain to color, so most times, I just use this base pinkish color. A lot of other artists use this too, because we're lazy XD I'm not asking for a critique on this pic at all, this was just something I doodled in my spare time.
  15. What ever happend to Apple Bloom's first friend Twist? She was in S1 Ep.12 Call of the Cutie Mark. She got her cutie mark befor Apple Bloom and they just stop hanging out?! I havn't noticed her in any other episodes so where did she go? Theories.
  16. I vote for Twilight having a niece/nephew by way of Shining Armor and Princess Cadence having a kid, maybe as early as the season 3 premiere and Twilight freaks out again even though she was the calm one willing to help out Pinkie in Baby Cakes. She'll probably over-study and try to go by the book when watching a baby instead of just letting things happen and going with the flow. Oh and strong chance her niece/nephew will be an alicorn with both the magic surges and the super flight ability. Hope it's not some random background pony. That would be boring.
  17. The last of my Naptime/Peekaboo Ponies, I decided to give this it's own thread because it's way too adorable to be buried in an existing thread. Remember that thread the other night where I needed opinions on which looked better? It was for this :3 Don't sue me for your HNNNNNNNNNG heart attacks
  18. Here's something new I did for the first time: "drawing" from scratch. Usually I find a vector already done and re-color over it as a guide using new paths. Well this time I just used a pose as a visual reference as I eyeballed the paths. Not bad if I do say so myself. Only problems I have with it is that it's small in size and the mane didn't turn out quite how I wanted. Oh well, its too darn cute to keep knocking so I'll shut up and post it :3 Now with spoiler tags so it's like real peekaboo! (click to view gif) Mane 6 Background/Minor Characters The Royal Couple The Wonderbolts Punch and Brushie Chrysalis
  19. Here's my OC as a baby at her first Cloudsdale Red Wings game! :3
  20. I'm working on a four part fanfic series. So far I have part one and half of part two done. Usually I just use a picture from the show as the cover, but for book three I would like to have a picture of Discord with an evil smile craddling a baby version of Princess Celestia. Yes that sounds wierd, but it's Discord. You will be given all the credit for the picture, of course.
  21. Hey everypony I know I made a similar art topic yesterday but I did a quick drawing of Derpy Hooves as a foal. She's crying because she got teased about her blank flank and derpy eyes by some class mates anyway feedback and criticism is welcome this is my first drawing of a pony