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Found 105 results

  1. Summarize the user above you in one word.
  2. I hope this counts as a game Basically everyone just write a bit of text and the next poster continues until we got ourselves a story I'll start: It was a beautiful and sunny day in Ponyville ...
  3. Post your reaction in the comments below of what would you do if the avatar above you wants to bake you to a cupcake
  4. Pretty much self-explanatory Each person will come up with there own "Would you rather", and the person below will choose one or the other, then giving another question to keep the ball rolling. Sample: Me: Would you rather be a dog or a cat? You: A cat, because I would love to leap around and relax. "insert Would You Rather here" So on and so forth...let us BEGIN! Would you rather have long toenails or long fingernails?
  5. Ok, so here is a little forum game for you guys. Since its almost Christmas/Hearts Warming Eve, I've come up with a fun and friendly forum game. The main and only rule is that you have to write something good about the person who posted before you(at least 1 sentence), let it be their activities in the Forums, their generosity, good-will, anything that shows how good they are. :har: One more thing that I'd like you to keep in mind and respect, is that a person should only post a handful of times(2-3 times) per day to keep the user variety alive. :twilight: Hope I could bring some smiles on you faces and warmth in your hearts with this mini-game this Holiday season.
  6. Pretty much put a sentence and continue a random story make it action, drama, or just funny! I'll start: Once upon a time there was a muffin
  7. HELLO, I'm The Professor.............But thanks to a Dimensional/Reality Warp & Discord I'm Now Voltron-Defender of............Guess what.......I'm Bored & Unimaginative right now so I'm Going to Play a Little game of Voltron-Defender of (insert what you want me to defend and Why) to add some spice the user above you is my monster of the week that I have to defeat-you tell me how they are defeated......YAY......Form Blazing Sword!
  8. There's respond with a picture... Now do it with the mysterious art of moving pictures! Basically, just respond to the video above you with a video!
  9. So respond with a movie quote, use a clip, gif or pic ( with quote), or just the quote typed itself. Just make sure to leave the name of the movie you are quoting if just typing the dialogue please. ( Kung Pow: Enter the Fist )
  10. Very simple thread. Turn a word the above user provided into an acronym. It can be as silly or deep and philosophical as you want it to be. After that, provide a new word. Any word. Here's an example of how it goes: You see where I'm going from here. Here's the first word: Pony
  11. Alright everypony. Who's up for a game of would you rather? Here's how it works... When you reply, answer the "would you rather" of the user above you. Then, leave one for the next person. Ya.. I'm not good at explaining things. I'll just edit this if somepony is confused. Here are some examples of questions you could use.. (does not have to be pony related) Would you rather live in Ponyville or Canterlot? Would you rather be Snips or Snails? Would you rather meet Harry Potter or Percy Jackson? Hey I'm not good at making up questions that aren't fandom related.... So lets get started. Would you rather be immortal or have the power to grant any wish (besides immortality)?
  12. OK, So, just for fun, I decided to create a cross universe shipping game where the objective is to ship an MLP character with a character from another universe. They can be homosexual if you want them to. Here are mine. Repeated ships are also allowed. No NSFW content allowed(pictures, descriptions). Sorry if I add what title they come from. Just reminding you where they come from that's all. Real Life is also allowed as long as there is relevance with the characters and are not based on clear references in the show. Chrysalis x Kane from Command and Conquer. Pinkamena x Sweet Tooth from Twisted Metal. Shining Armor x Lu Bu from Dynasty Warriors. Or Shining Armor x Worf from Star Trek. Rainbow Dash x Mobius One from Ace Combat. Twilight Sparkle x Patchouli Knowledge from Touhou. Celestia x The Boss from Metal Gear Solid. Cadence x Candace from Phineas and Ferb. Tirek x Minion from Twisted Metal. Tirek x Him from Powerpuff Girls. Discord x Him from Powerpuff Girls(OH NO'S!!! HIM is Discord X Tirek!!!). Daring Do x Lara Croft from Tomb Raider. Shining Armor x Alex Mason from COD: Black Ops. Chrysalis x Natla from Tomb Raider. Sunset Shimmer x Natla from Tomb Raider. Bulk Biceps x Marduk from Tekken. Scootaloo x Bart Simpson. Any examples from you? I will add more examples as well.
  13. Mafia Games! This is an awesome forum game, where the town tries to eliminate the small mafia, and the Mafia attempts to kill off the blind townies through trickery and their own skill. Oh, and their kill powers . Rules are, during the day, people send a PM to me as their vote for who should be lynched. The one with most votes, is executed! During the night, you can kill or protect others, if you are able to! Those without night powers, just hope you survive! There will be narrations, where in the day the damned person will be killed and role revealed, and the night narrations will have kills and such, yes, but your night actions will leave clues as to who you are! The other players will attempt to decode these clues, to find out who killed whatshisname. Roles are randomized, and will be sent to the players who have them only. Except the mafia, they gets to know who is in their team. With a small amount of players, the number of starting roles will be: Roles: Lawful Citizens: 1 Paramedic 1 Paranoid 3 Townie Criminals: Mafia: 1-2 Mobster(s) ELECTED/GRANTED POSITIONS These are additional roles and powers that can be granted to some of the players, via election or random selection. Use them wisely. Mayor The Mayor is elected at the start of the game and has satisfying roles. His special abilities are: Seal of the Mayor: Increased vote count of two during lynching. Did you ever know that you're my hero...: The Mayor cannot be killed in the night while the bodyguard still lives. The Mayor will be informed who the bodyguard is. Bodyguard A random townie will receive the role of bodyguard once the Mayor has been elected. The bodyguard and the Mayor will be informed of his/her identity. As long as the bodyguard is alive, the Mayor cannot be killed via night hits. PRO TOWN! Lynch a bad guy during the day. Survive the night. Rinse and repeat. Players who are Pro Town are in business to save Townston from corruption. Paramedic Don't worry, I'm a doctor!: You have the ability to watch over another resident during the night cycle, which you must inform me about before the night ends. When a player is watched, they cannot die from night attacks. The narrative will state that someone was attacked, but saved, and the narration will include a clue pointing out the identity of the attacker. It does not matter if the paramedic chooses to watch someone before or after they are attacked; he will protect that person regardless. Paranoid The paranoid is a wee bit unhinged by his experiences in some horrible and bloody war. During days, he's perfectly normal but during the night he keeps to himself and relives the horrors of his past. The Paranoid will kill whoever was the first person to target him in any way during the night, whether it be Mafia or Townie (such as the paramedic opting to protect him). The Paranoid is unable to NOT kill, but will only kill one person per nightly disturbance. Should two persons interact with him during the night, the first person will die but the second will not. Also, the paranoid is not aware that he's insane and thus believes himself to be a normal townie. That means you get sent a townie role. Townie As a townie, you stand to loose big, should the Mafia ever manage to take control of the town. Be critical! Be suspicious! Most importantly, be on time to vote for a lynch or you won't have any fun at all. MAFIA! The mafia's win condition is to kill all the townies and rival opposition. Unlike townies, all Mafia members know who each other are. All Mafia members can kill once per night cycle. A Mafia member cannot kill fellow mafia. Mobster You are a hit man for the Mafia. Every night you get to either A.) Shoot someone in the face, or B.) Stab someone in the face. Oh, and don't forget to have fun kiddies! ...SO! Here is the part where you join, and make yourself part of the story! Become either a defender of fair Townston, or a stone-heartened criminal who wishes to tear the community apart for their personal gains. LIST OF VICTIMS: 1.) "Neikos Jubilee" 2.) Not Yet Joined! 3.) Not Yet Joined! 4.) Not Yet Joined! 5.) Not Yet Joined! 6.) Not Yet Joined!
  14. Just say whether you would brohoof the creature(s) in the image above your post, and then add your own image with a creature/creatures somepony below you can brohoof or not. Simple as. NOTE: THE IMAGE DOES NOT NEED TO HAVE THE CREATURE(S) RAISING A HOOF AT THE SCREEN. ANY IMAGE/POSE WILL DO. Okay, first image... Brohoof? :3
  15. Simple. You continue off the last poster's story, then ask the next one what happens next. Let's start! You walk into a grocery store, but you forgot what you were going to buy. What's next?
  16. Right, so this is just a simple quiz. With some references to pop culture. 1. How old is Shannon in the Offspring song ''Way down the line''? 2. In the Simpsons episode ''Three men and a comic book'', what does Mrs Glick say when she is watching a show on TV? 3. What is in the first paragraph of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets? 4. In COD Black Ops, what deadly game are Woods, Bowman and Mason playing in Vietnam? 5. Whose guest star name was ''Sam Etic'' in the Simpsons? 6. In Metal Gear Solid, what does Gray Fox destroy on the Metal Gear?(And please no what does the gray fox say jokes). 7. Complete this Tomb Raider Line, ''Pardon me, if that was-''. No cheating, and feel free to add more questions. I'll wait for someone to come. being patient.
  17. As the title suggest, say something that you should never say in a book club meeting. Let's get this started: "I could really identify with the character of Hannibal Lecter in the book this month."
  18. Comment some things you hate, and wait. Read some things that those people hate and turn two of them into a would you rather question, then quote them and ask them to pick one of your options. Its that simple! Let the games begin!
  19. I'm just wondering why certain topics seem to get more attention than others? And what topics do you think seem to be most popular and why? I mean, I know this is going to get at least one view, because it's in sugarcube corner - which is the general chat area of the forums, but i've seen several topics, either RP plannings, Art threads or other works like that, that seem to go by completely unnoticed. Personally I have created one or two topics that have had no views or replies (duh) for quite a long time - so naturally im just curious as to what makes you want to read a topic, and what puts you off?
  20. This is inspired by the "Rate song, then post another!" thread, I just wanted a place where people can post random videos in the same way. Rate the videos by whatever factor you want, it can be funny, cool, epic, inspiring...whatever. It's also nice if you explain shortly why you gave that rating. Okay, here we go, I'll start it off with this short little thingy here:
  21. As the title implies, the member that posted before you must describe you in the form of a food. Let's begin!
  22. After reading this thread, I had an idea. Today we make history. Today... we will write the single most repulsive, agonizing, grotesque, other-synonyms-for-terrible MLP:FiM fanfiction the world has ever seen. __________ This is how it's going to go down: The next person to post will choose a title and begin the story, and each one following will add, little by little, to the narrative. Illustrations are also gladly accepted! I will be the one who decides when our masterpiece is finished. __________ RULES: 1. No intentional spelling/punctuation errors. This fanfiction will be terrible only because of its content and structure. (This means run-on sentences, fragments, weird paragraph breaks, etc. are still okay!) 2. No Rule 34. 3. No extreme violence or gore. 4. Contribute at least a sentence! This isn't supposed to be a five-words-per-post story! 5. Contribute no more than a paragraph! This isn't your work, this is our work! The rest, I leave to you. Just remember to pick a good title, first poster. No pressure, though. Though if you feel pressure, try to hold on to that feeling, as that's the proper response to being told that what you're about to write will go down in history.
  23. Hey there! Post a screenshot of your GC theme, whether it be ponies or something else. I'll start off with mine. GO!
  24. You may post only, In haiku form or else you, Will lose the word game.