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Found 105 results

  1. Another allow/disallow forum game. Simple: The avatar above you has to use your bathroom. Do you let them or not?
  2. I'm new at this so I'm gonna make this simple. The person above has captured your favorite pony and has them locked in a tower. How do you respond, whats your course of action, and what equipment will you bring. And just to twist the rules! Your all earth ponies. No magic. No wings. Now how will you handle this situation!!! 8D Good luck! -a~N
  3. The rules are simple, you and the poster above you, the last humans / ponies on Earth / Equestria universe, what do you do? There's no particular rules, simply respect the forum rules ( ), but I still have some idea : 1 - You can add, if you want, the cause of the said humans / ponies doom for the user below you. 2 - You can include one or two ponies / members above. (which make the title wrong, but anyway...) 3 - RP-ish acting would be cool, but just a little. 4 - You can choose if you want that the survivor below you act as a pony (OC or Avatar) or an human. Have fun in my first game.
  4. Here, you can post the eighteen mares: thou would collect and marry... Users can continuosly make a new list, to keep game going 1st ShadowFlare 2nd Lady JayBum 3rd Kalodet 4th CarrotTop 5th BakyBum 6th BonBon 7th Lyra 8th Vinyl 9th Octavia 10th LensFlare 11th RainbowDash 12th PinkiePie 13th Lotus 14th Aloe 15th Blossom 16th Mayor Mare 17th Princess Luna 18th StormFront
  5. This is a simple concept really. I will post a picture, the next person will give a picture of what destroys mine. One two three, GO!!
  6. Here's how this plays out: Poster A: Tell me something that's gray. Poster B: An elephant! Tell me something that's soft. Poster C: A bed. And so on and so forth. So, we will start this off. Tell me something that's blue.
  7. Here is how the game will work. I will post a list of characters from the show, all starting with 0 health. You are allowed to heal 1 pony and harm another. When that pony reaches -10 health, they will die. Dead ponies can not receive any more health or cannot be harmed. PONIES: Rainbow Dash: 4 Rarity: 6 Applejack: 4 Pinkie Pie: 5 Twilight Sparkle: 6 Fluttershy: 5
  8. Just like the topic says.Un-ban the user above you!
  9. Mirad


    Alrighty, here goes. Somepony attacks. then you make up a way to counter attack it or deflect it in any way, shape or form (nothing profane) to attack and optinally hit that person with their own attack. then, you attack the next pony (the one who counteracts your attack). Wash, Rinse, Repeat. Example: Pony 1: Missile launch! Pony 2: Pyro's Airblast :3 Falcon punch! Pony 3: *Blocks and crushes fist* Fire Wave! So on, so forth. (Plleeease let thisbe a good one :S) Let's begin. Tomahawk!
  10. The object for this game is for each poster to continue "the story" with two words. This isn't supposed to be one long sentence so you are allowed to use dots, question and exclamation marks. The cat
  11. Ok, basically the username above you is the name of your new product and you need to get people to buy it. So, try to advertise it in any way you can think of. No one above me, so...yeah.
  12. The first poster makes a statement and then the next person is supposed to determine whether it's fact or crap Examples: Poster 1: I am a cat Poster 2: Crap! I'd like to be a pony Poster 3: Fact. I am the queen of France And so on... 4chan is a disturbing place
  13. (Since the older Ask Spike topic is no longer active i decided to make a new one.) Well Twilight has given me the day off,so i decided to use my free time to get on the internet. I suppose it wouldn't hurt to make a Ask me thread on here so fire away. I'll answer (almost) any question you guys can ask me.
  14. So here's how the game works. Since it's been theorized that there are many universes besides our own in an infinite number so each post start with 'In Another Univrse....' and end it with your idea. For example. 'In another universe...ponies are over lords to humans.'
  15. This game's quite simple: Somebody posts a question beginning with "What if", the next one answers what would be then and makes up a new question, so ever on. I'll be starting. What if Pinkame Diane Pie invites you to her party?
  16. Ok so here's how it works. You can easily find card creators for just about any card game out there online. You just search it on Google. So here's the way were going to do it. Everyday, the first time I sign on the forums I will post the name of a character from something, whether it be MLP or another show. Then I will post the name of a card game out of the ones I play myself (I play all of the card games on the bottom of my signature). Then it is up to you to create a card of that character on that card game. For the sake of the first round (no pun intended) I will choose sometheng easy. Oh and just for fun I too will make the cards. Feel free to get imaginative with the cards abilities too. Have fun. Pinkie Pie, Magic The Gathering And here is my entry for today's card. Thank you, whoever did for trying out my forums game. I hope I will see a whole lot of cool cards.
  17. Ask me(my character which was influenced by red dead) anything you want. I have all day, or maybe i don't. Either way spit it out.Don't be shy neither and tell your friends. If you need help on figuring who i am, i recommend you reading this before you go an ask anything you might regret:
  18. The objective of this game is to add 3 additional words to the previous post in order to create a story! After the 100th post, I will type the story and post it. I'll start us off: There once was
  19. Shiki

    This > That

    Saw this on another forum, so I brought it onto this one. I was too lazy to search, so this might be a dupe. Rules: Simple. Post something that you believe is more awesome than what the above user said. Example: OP: Bananas User A: Chuck Norris > Bananas User B: Bruce Lee > Chuck Norris User C: UR MAWM > BRUCE LEE (Etc.) Have fun, bros! First word - Pumpkins.
  20. Hey everypony. Seeing as how blah blah blah and then I blah blah blah and that's how Equestria was made! Ask me anything, and I will attempt to answer to the best of my abilities that I feel like using.
  21. You have to say two things that (individually) are awesome but together don't mix at all. Ex: bacon and ice cream Begin!
  22. This is a forum game that I thought up but didn't have the time to create. The goal of this game is simple: The first poster names someone, something (or somepony) you would typically (or atypically) find on a bus, and the next poster has to say what it does or what they do. After that, they have to name another thing (or person or pony) that would be found on a bus, and so on. Example: First poster: The wheels on the bus go... 2nd poster: Open and shut. The Pinkie Pie on the bus goes... 3rd poster: Let's party!!! The doors on the bus go... ----- I'll start off with the familiar wheels. The wheels on the bus go...
  23. So! Mafia Games! Here is how it works, I am just going to start a game here..again, not sure if I already started one here, and if I did, fresh start! Rules are, during the day, people send a PM to me as their vote for who should be lynched. The one with most votes, is executed! During the night, you can kill or protect others, if you are able to! Those without night powers, just hope you survive! There will be narrations, where in the day the damned person will be killed and role revealed, and the night narrations will have kills and such, yes, but your night actions will leave clues as to who you are! The other players will attempt to decode these clues, to find out who killed whatshisname. Roles are randomized, and will be sent to the players who have them only. Except the mafia, they gets to know who is in their team. Roles: PRO TOWN: 1 Paranoid 1 Hero 4-5 Townie Criminals: Mafia: 1 Godfather 1-2 Hitman ELECTED/GRANTED POSITIONS These are additional roles and powers that can be granted to some of the players, via election or random selection. Use them wisely. Mayor The Mayor is elected at the start of the game and has numerous roles. His special abilities are: Seal of the Mayor: Increased vote count of 2 during lynching. Did you ever know that you're my hero...: The mayor cannot be killed during the night while the bodyguard remains alive. The mayor will be informed of the identity of the bodyguard. Time for serious action!: You can, once in the game, call for a double lynch! Players get two seperate votes to vote on two seperate people. Pardoner As a check and balance to the Mayor, the pardoner is the runner up to the Mayor. The pardoner has the ability to cancel a lynch. The pardoner will have to notify me within one hour of lynch vote results before the lynch is actually posted. The pardoner will also receive protection from the bodyguard but will not be informed of his/her identity. You can only use this ability twice in the game. Bodyguard Some random Townie will receive the role of bodyguard once the mayor has been elected. The bodyguard and the mayor will be informed of his.her identity. As long as the bodyguard is alive, the Mayor and the Pardoner cannot be killed via night hits. PRO TOWN! Lynch a bad guy during the day. Survive the night. Rinse and repeat. Players who are Pro Town are in business to save Townston from corruption. Hero! You are the caped crusader of Townston. A masked man who has decided to take the law into his own hands. Each night you can target and kill someone who you believes to be a villain. Be careful who you chose though because you just might be taking out a friendly. Or, you can decide to watch over another player during the night, you must tell me before the night is over. You essentially give this person another night life, but if the attacking numbers are greater than one person, your survivor you protect dies. It doesn't matter if you protect that person before or after they get attacked, you still save them. Paranoid The paranoid is a wee bit unhinged by his experiences in some horrible and bloody war. During days, he's perfectly normal but during the night he keeps to himself and relives the horrors of his past. The Paranoid will kill whoever was the first person to target him in any way during the night, whether it be mafia or townie (such as a hero opting to protect him). The Paranoid is unable to NOT kill, but will only kill one person a night. Should two persons interact with him during the night, the first person will die but the second will not. Also, the paranoid is not aware that he's insane and thus believes himself to be a normal townie. That means you get sent a townie role. Townie As a townie, you stand to loose big, should the mafia ever manage to take control of the town. Be critical! Be suspicious! Most importantly, be on time to vote for a lynch or you won't have any fun at all. CRIMINALS! MAFIA The mafia's win condition is to kill all the townies and rival opposition. Unlike townies, all mafia members know who each other are. All mafia members can kill once per night cycle. A mafia member cannot kill fellow mafia. Godfather You have a nice suit, laundered city income, and a pudgy cat to stroke. Classic and cliche, but who cares, you are loaded! So, in charge of the mafia, you get some special powers. Behind the Curtains: As long as you have your hitmen alive, you cannot die via night attacks. This power is revoked if you use the "Now it's personal!" power. Money Talks, in many languages: You can cancel a lynch in the game, however, you cannot cancel your own lynching. Now it's personal!: Time to take it into your own hands. Brandishing your pistol, you take to the streets. Now you can kill once a night, but you lose all benefits of the Behind the Curtains power. The "Now it's personal!" ability is automatically activated if all hitmen are dead. Hitman http://www.die2nite....ilies/knife.gif You are the mafia hitman. Each night you get to stab somebody in the face. Don't forget to have fun.