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Found 132 results

  1. See * for disclaimer The Cutie Mark Chronicles (April 15th 2011, 22 minutes) Summary: How I got my cutie-mark, by the Mane 6. Right off the bat. Zip-lining has been around forever, but that's relatively recent name for it. Early references to a sliding line go back to the 1700's as one of the stunts tightrope walkers, steeplejacks, and the like performed. The version shown here is a cobbled-together one out of climbing equipment instead of a dedicated zip-lines (which would use pulleys). They're using carabineers, which were invented in 1910 in Germany. Question is, how did Spike know about zip-lining, if no pony has done it? As far as I know, Spike only knows pony culture, and that through Twilight, and I can't see Twilight zip-lining, can you? Actual Manehatan, considered to be the most cosmopolitan city in all Equestria, at least by Applejack. Pony pun of Manhattan, one of the five boroughs of New York City. The buildings are typical brownstones, indicating that this area is the equivalent of the Upper West Side, and therefore is traditionally upscale. We also see a ponified Statue of Liberty, which along with Fluttershy's references to Haute Couture, means there is probably a France equivalent in Equestria. Wah. I object to that interior. The color is just so blah. The ceiling light is art-deco from the 1930's. All the servants at the dinner are unicorns here, and all the guests are earth ponies. It's not a very good sample to draw conclusions from, but it's something to look out for if we ever return to Manehatten. It may be a class reversal from Canterlot. AJ could see the rainbow from Manehattan. No indication of anyone in the Apple family outside of Big Mac, Granny Smith, and Applejack. Apple Bloom may not be born yet, but if she is, she's too young to be walking. No indication of Applejack's parents. Summer Flight Camp. Summer camp for pegasi. No idea where this might be located, but if it's not Cloudsdale, then are there other pegasi cities? Fluttershy is very... stretched here, being very skinny. A growth stage beyond little filly? Rainbow Dash is definitely smaller than Fluttershy here, reinforcing that she's likely younger than Fluttershy. Where are the adults during this? Fluttershy had never been near the ground before. So some pegasi don't visit earth-bound ponies very much, if at all. But she knows the *names* of all the creatures. Song is very Broadway, which is odd when you think that it's Fluttershy singing it. Maybe the creators had a bit of a New York City fixation going on. Actual sonic rainboom this time, not just a rainbow. Scootaloo 'can't take any more singing'. Which means Fluttershy was actually singing that Broadway-style song right there. That's... fascinating really. Rarity seems to be indicating that she was also late in getting a cutie-mark. That's the same school building as Ponyville, so we have a definite location here. Rarity's magic is going haywire. I love Rarity's expression as her magic drags her across the landscape. No comment. Terrain is very broken, not like the terrain around Ponyville, so Rarity's been dragged quite a distance. Rainboom is still distinct, but no rainbow afterwards. Same stage as the CMC were on during their talent show. Canterlot. Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns, with an entrance exam. Which means Twilight likely has had previous schooling. So either she is small for her age, and is also late in getting a cutie-mark, or she's being treated as precocious and is getting the entrance exam early thanks to her parents having some form of influence. Rainboom is visible from Canterlot. Twilight experiences some form of surge, much like Rarity just did but far more devastating. I doubt that hatching the egg was really the intent of the test, otherwise I think Spike would have mentioned other baby dragons at Twilight's school. So likely it was more a 'how do you approach the problem' test rather than a 'solve the problem' test. Okay, this is Pinkie we're dealing with here. No way of knowing how much creative interpretation of events we're experiencing. This time we don't just get the rainboom, but the rainbow afterwards. Clothing and manestyles of the Pies seem very Plain People, which is a category of Christian groups which include Amish, many Mennonite orders, some Baptist orders, a few Quakers, Hutterites, etc. Oddly, Pinkie's mother sounded East Coast with what little I can make of it. Someone's *really* focused on New York City it seems. Sonic Rainboom was legendary, and Rainbow Dash did it right in front of those bullies from the previous episode that denied that she did it. Odd. Okay, now we confirmation that all the Mane 6 saw the Rainboom. So it was visible from Manehattan to Cloudsdale to Ponyville to Canterlot to ... wherever Pinkie was. Pinkie also saw the rainbow, as did AJ, Rainbow Dash, and supposedly Fluttershy. So Cloudsdale was at that time nearer to Manehattan, and the Pie's rock farm, than it was to Canterlot and Ponyville. Given the official map has Cloudsdale on the other side of Canterlot to Manehattan, then Cloudsdale must move.
  2. See * for disclaimer Sonic Rainboom (February 18th 2011, 22 minutes) Summary: Rainbow Dash is to compete in the Best Young Flyers Competition, but gets an unexpected challenge from a friend. Manipulating clouds without actually touching them, but just from speed. That's the 'trick' part, I assume. There's a video somewhere on YouTube about a young fellow trying to put physics on the sonic rainboom. It's fun. In any case, the 'cone' you're seeing is the bow shock wave starting to form something equivalent to a Mach cone. The so-called sound barrier is mainly due to the fact that wave drag (drag produced by shock waves) exceeding the drag from the air's viscosity at the speed of sound, causing lifting bodies to behave differently. It gives the impression of hitting something as a sub-sonic-designed plane suddenly seems to fall out of the air because it's no longer generating enough lift to stay up. Being 'bounced' off the bow shock wave is probably an extension of pegasi unconscious cloud-walking abilities (as they can sleep up there, that ability has to be unconscious). Rainbow Dash hates doors. Cloudsdale, and the Best Young Flyers Competition. In most real life competitive events like this, Young means teenage or equivalent. This reinforces the idea that Rainbow Dash, the first of her class to get a cutie-mark, is probably the youngest of the Mane 6 by one or two years. Twilight doesn't know what a Sonic Rainbow is, and Pinkie says she's not seen one before. Showing how rare this trick is. Yes, this is contradicted later in the series, but likely Pinkie simply didn't make the connection between what she saw previously and the Sonic Rainboom concept. I was a roadie for a vaulting team (gymnastics on horseback) a couple of years back, as my wife was the coach, and one of the girls there was much like Rainbow Dash. Similar voice, athletic, but with a lack of confidence that led to putting up a front of ego. Flutterpony! So there's a spell to let non-pegasi walk on clouds. Which starts to wander into areas of magic being 'the solution to everything' and reducing the value of non-spellcasters. Weather factory, where they actually manufacture snow, rainbows, clouds, etc. Doctor Whooves! Yay! Pegasis? What? Usually regeneration produces more difference in appearnce than just the addition of more limbs... Though the voice is also different. And Derpy, of course. Icarus, of course. The Wonderbolts need more practice at this kind of thing. Nice detail in that Rarity never got the cloudwalking spell.
  3. See * for disclaimer A Bird in the Hoof (April 8th 2011, 22 minutes) Summary: Fluttershy cannot help herself, she must nurse Celestia's pet back to health, no matter what! That's an interesting couch in the background there. It has a very post-modern look, with the bowl shape. It's probably a standard given the quadrapedal lounging style that ponies likely have with the legs curled up under them. The white rabbit is late, for a very important date. *sigh* And the cabinet hutch there is a nice rough-hewn Colonial-style piece. Traditional Honor Guard behavior. So this is the first time Celestia has had an extended social time with the rest of the Bearers of the Elements? Interesting. You eat the appetizer first, then the salad, if they are being differentiated. Modern eating habits usually has the salad *as* an appetizer but in foodie circles they are distinct. It makes me wonder though what exactly the ponies would have as an appetizer, given that most of their foodstuffs seem to be either pastries or salad-derivatives. And Trollestia is born. Actually, it's nice to see Celestia likes little pranks like that. Steam heating, with a mid 1900's radiator. And fascinating wooden bathroom fixtures, reminiscent of Japanese standing baths. I've mentioned in my worldbuilding blog that the guards act more like police and special service than they do the military. This is one of those examples. Yakity Sax again, a new version though. Scooby Do door-slamming scene. And suddenly phoenix. Another Greek creature, though there is a similar creature in Egyptian myth called a benu. Nobody is quite clear if one begat the other or whether they are both sourced in an even older, lost, mythology.
  4. See * for disclaimer Over a Barrel (March 25th 2011, 22 minutes) Summary: All out war between Ponies and Buffalo in the great plains of Appleloosa. Steam train, being pulled by ponies? Not sure exactly why it's necessary to pull when there is a very distinct engine on the train, but okay. AJ is just as neurotic as the rest of the Mane 6, just in different ways. Reference to Appleloosa, a pun on Appaloosa, a breed of horse from the Palouse River area of Washington and Idaho with distinctive spotted coat colors. Created from pied Spanish horses by the Nez Perce tribe, who were well known for their advanced livestock breeding methods in the 18th century. Reference to Puff the Magic Dragon, song from 1963 by Peter, Paul, and Mary. Apparently the lyrics are from a poem that was inspired by a slightly older poem called 'Custard the Dragon' by Ogden Nash, a famous light verse American poet. Buffalo, with eagle feather headbands, which is supposed to recall Native American tribes people, but honestly were only worn on a daily basis by a few Woodland tribes like the Abenaki or Lenape. These were worn by both genders and had no symbolic meaning, they were just considered pretty and fashionable. Buffalo being a very important part of the Plains Indian tribe culture, such as the Sioux tribe. They would also wear eagle feathers, like the Woodlands, but they had symbolic meaning and would only be worn on formal or ceremonial times. Buffalo are one of the few non-equine sophont race we've run into that appears to have their own detailed culture. Griffons and Dragons being the others, but at this point those cultures have no details, so we're dealing with a first here. Braeburn's acting really weird, like he's trying to convince the girls to settle in Appleloosa. Actually, given the way the mare/stallion ratio looks like in Ponyville, and the apparent ratio seen in these brief scenes, it's entirely possible the Appleloosans are a bit desperate for mares to move out there. Much like many Western American towns in that period. The terrain here is very much like the Painted Desert in Arizona, which was mostly Navajo which is not normally considered a Plains Indian tribe. Tipis which are also Plains Indian. And finally the big feather headdress is a warbonnet for Plains Indian tribes that were only worn ceremonially by those who had proven themselves in battle, each individual feather earned by an act of bravery. In these tribes the feathers were only worn in ceremonies. This conflicts culturally with the feathers worn by the Woodland tribes mentioned before. It may not seem like much difference to Europeans, but to the various tribes it is just as important differences as being Venetian and being Sicilian. Multiple generations of Buffalo in this area. Pinkie... how is this supposed to help? Okay, what Pinkie is wearing is a typical 'Old West' corset dress, primarily from stripping Edwardian dresses down to more fundamental works with significant French and Spanish influences. And the Western pie war is an homage to the Mel Brook's movie Blazing Saddles, which in turn is an homage to Charlie Chaplin, Laurel & Hardy and the Three Stooges who have the definitive extended pie fight slapstick routines in their movies.
  5. See * for disclaimer Green Isn't Your Color (March 18th 2011, 22 minutes) Summary: Fluttershy, the fashion model. Rarity, the jealous. Wow, that's definately a hat. The spa is quite elaborate. Spas like this have been around since... well, forever, really. The name is an abreviation of the famous Roman town Aquae Spadanae (basically Water Fountain), now known simply as Spa, Belgium, but the concept of the healing properties of mineral springs goes back to prehistoric times all over the world. The social aspect of going to a spa, with a variety of beauty and health treatments dates back to the 1700's. Interestingly for this episode such things were also connected directly with seasonal fashion shows. Having a spa like this in Ponyville doesn't mean the town is built on a mineral spring, but it would help. There were many such spas built in rural towns in America, with the rural setting being considered a part of the treatment. Given Rarity's high fashion business, the Spa, the Elements of Harmony, and the fact that ponies like Sapphire Shores, Hoity Toity, and Photo Finish show up in Ponyville on a regular basis, it wouldn't surprise me to find out that Ponyville is actually the equivalent of a resort town deliberately cultivating it's rural atmosphere to attract tourist trade from Canterlot. Wow. Again with a definite hat. Photo Finish. Yeah, that's Anna Wintour in attitude, haircut, sunglasses, and dress. The accent is silly, because Anna is English, but the rest is dead on. And I'm not even going to try to figure out what the heck her assistants are wearing. It's typical 80/90's high fashion nonsense. Ack, more Elvis outfits. Uhm. Where is this show, actually? Is this some place in Ponyville, or did it get moved to Canterlot? And now on a train back to Ponyville, so I guess it was Canterlot. Suddenly Pinkie! Apparently Pinkie Promises need practice. Okay, all of Pinkie's general weirdness is fine, and her ability to suddenly appear out of nowhere can be excused as more weirdness. But her appearing in the mirror without being in the room takes a lot more. It's *funny* yes, but like her ability to outpace Rainbow Dash back in Griffon the Brush Off, it's one of the real incidents that indicate she has abilities beyond that of a normal Earth Pony.
  6. See * for disclaimer A Dog and Pony Show (March 11th 2011, 22 minutes) Summary: Spike to the rescue, as Rarity is captured by Diamond Dogs! Sapphire Shores, the pony of pop. She doesn't seem to be modeled after any specific celebrity, but she is very brash and 'on' while still being friendly. Her accent is African American, and honestly sounds Milwaukee to me but I could be wrong. She is physically quite imposing, being at least half a head taller than Rarity if not more, while not having on any footwear to disguise lifts. The ruffled blouse, odd collar, even stranger spiked skirt, plus the tiny top hat, but with the simple color choices marks it as being a very subdued version of the 'post-modern' fashion range from the 1990's on. She mentions Zigfilly Follies, which is a pun of Ziegfeld Follies, a lavish theatrical production from the early 1900's that was a collection of singing, dancing, comedy, magic, etc. Basically an expensive version of vaudeville. Both vaudeville and follies were *not* marketed to the more puritan middle-class of America, but to the rowdy and less restrained low and high classes respectively. The reference to Pop doesn't necessarily mean pop music, and could refer to any entertainment media, but likely we're looking at an old-fashioned performer who sings, dances, acts, etc. and dominates the stage on a variety of tours around Equestria. The outfit Rarity shows Sapphire is extremely 70's Elvis. Elvis actually designed that famous jewel-studded outfit himself, interestingly enough. I'm tainted by Ponies: The Anthology I. I keep expecting the rainbow to explode out of the letter to Celestia during the opening credits. Rarity's gem-finding spell. The gems are already cut and polished, and are occurring in clusters of multiple colors and shapes. And either Spike is capable of digging through *rock* that easily, or that was just dirt. Either these are planted in some way, or they are not gemstones as we understand them. Spike demonstrates the dragon need to eat these gemstones, indicating that dragons have a quite different metabolism than any real animal. Unless of course those gemstones are something other, like I mentioned before. And now we have the Diamond Dogs. As bipedal canines, they are structured in an interesting way. Very heavy forearms, paw-like hands, slit eyes like a cat with iris muscles that are taking up most of the eye (indicating that the slit pupil opens up quite far to see in very dark locations). Very short haired, and possibly the 'spikes' on their tail is what little long hair they have. The behavior is more mole or gopher than canine. I get hints of the movie 'Labyrinth' in this episode. The armor plating on dream-Spike is interesting as it appears that some parts are riveted right onto his arms without any supporting structures. Of course, dream, so *shrug*. Lot of tunnels, so again Diamond Dogs, like Spike, seem to be able to tunnel through rock just as easily as soil. Twilight can duplicate Rarity's singular spell with only a few minutes of concentration. That's another tick on the 'magic is too good' slate. Rarity's hoof hitting the ground is folyied like a horse hoof hitting rock, which the Diamond Dogs then grind through with relative ease. I think that finally proves that the both Diamond Dogs and Spike can dig through stone. As such, they're not really canines and are probably distantly related to Dragons and want those gems to eat. Mules are stereotypically considered ugly. Even if this is Rarity just taking advantage of the opportunity presented to act up, if the idea occurred to her that means that there is, or was, some kind of stigma against half-breeds or donkeys in general.
  7. See * for disclaimer The Show Stoppers (March 4th 2011, 22 minutes) Summary: Cutie Mark Crusader Rock Anthem Go! The only thing that stands out for the treehouse is the ramp up to it. That's actually what a lot of livestock farms do on ramps, attach bars going across the ramp at set intervals. It makes dealing with ramps a lot easier for hooved animals when the ramp is slick due to ice or... slime. That's a lot of thrust those wings are generating. Way too many hints as to what the various CMC talents are. Bringing up a weird point, it appears that the pony has to actively acknowlege the talent for it to count. Taffy pull machine. I know these are used for saltwater taffy, especially down in Oregon, but I don't know anything else about that. Sorry. Ah, the psychic match cards, more formally known as Zener cards. These are not actual Zener cards as there are only five proper cards with slightly different symbols than what you see here. Karl Zener designed the original set in 1930, to remove a lot of the culturally trained tells that subjects were using to guess at the actual playing cards that were used orginally. Interesting that these even exist. I can't say anything about the swiming scene, as underwater biology isn't something I've spent any time on. That's some kind of squid, and I have the vague impression that those stacked 'rocks' is actually some kind of coral. But beyond that, I've got nothing. Okay, they were reading that poster. But the only writing on it that we can see is that strange symbolic writing that was in the history/fairy tale books in the first episode. In fact... it's not just the same script, it's the exact same phrases, probably copy/pasted. If it's a generic fairy-tale saying about destiny and the like, then there has to be other script on the poster we can't see. More reinforcement of what their actual talents are. This version of the poster didn't even have the symoblic script on it. Odd. Wow. That's... the seventies in a nutshell right there. Glitter punk, as it's called now. I'm curious as to where they are getting the electric guitar music from. They must have electric guitars, or something that can replicate that sound. There was nothing in the episode about the CMC recording their own music so someone else had to do it, or is doing it right now, for them. Impressive fan. I wonder if Peachy Pie is related to Pinkie Pie.
  8. See * for disclaimer Stare Master (February 25th 2011, 2 mintues) Reference to Trottingham. Wait, Rarity has to *make* the gold silk? That's interesting. Under normal circumstances it would be raw cultured silk fabric dyed with a blending of 'mosaic gold' and maybe even actual powdered gold as pigments. Mosaic gold is a tin sulfide that is often used as a gold pigment substitute. Either that or there are insects that produce a literal gold silk fiber in this world. Actually weaving new cloth from thread though would take a lot longer than the apparent deadline for these clothes. So I'm going with dying her own fabric. Still takes a long time, but not as long as weaving it from scratch. Valid question, it seems Fluttershy hasn't actually met the CMC before. That's a pretty big cottage, being as large as any of the houses in Ponyville. A sod roof, that's interesting. Sod roofs are not exactly what they appear to be. It's actually a bark roof, especially birch bark which is excellently weatherproof, but the bark isn't nailed down or attached in any way. That's what the sod is for, as a weight that grows together into a tough insulating layer on top of the birch bark. This used to be, and in some areas still is, a very common roofing method in Nordic areas like Scandinavia and Finland. They could teach Fluttershy how to cheer. As an animal expert, Fluttershy should really be more used to this kind of thing. Animals play quite a lot, and that cottage should be play-proof with all those animals living there. Sweetie Bell, gospel singer. And the Stare. Horseshoe marks on the ground. So at least one of the CMC is shod. Unshod horses leave quite different marks. For all her ditzyness, Sweetie seems the brightest of the three. Cockatrice. An English monster with roots in older Greek stories. The Greek version was called ichneumon, and descriptions were basically of a crocodile, this version came to England from Roman Latin as calcatrix. It was in the twelfth century England that it got mixed up with the draconic basilisk and ever since the two creatures have been interchangeable. Both the Cockatrice and the Basilisk are described as being hatched from a cockerel's egg by a toad and able to petrify with it's gaze, or with it's breath, or touch depending on the exact story. This one appears to have made it here via D&D again. Twilight, Twilight. You need to be way more careful in the Everfree.
  9. See * for disclaimer Feeling Pinkie Keen (February 11th 2011, 22 minutes) Summary: Twilight tries to understand Pinkie. Oh lord. Why does Spike's concentration have any effect on Twilight's magic? Is Twilight actually drawing power from, or channeling power through, Spike? Is that why Twilight has more ability than normal, because she's using Spike as some form of battery? Here we are with another air-chariot being pulled by a pegasis. However, this time Fluttershy is hovering with it. I was willing to let is slide when they were in motion, but hovering is a different matter. Unless she's freakishly strong, there's no way she's holding that weight up that far away from her on a lever-arm like that. The torque on the harness is going to be astonishing. There has to be some kind of innate pegasis magic in operation here, or the chariots are enchanted. I still say Gummy's not an alligator. The head shape is definitely crocodile. Alligators have relatively short, blunt noses. Crocodiles have narrower noses with more pronounced nostrils. Gharials are even more extreme with their narrow noses, for reference. The other defining difference between an alligator and a crocodile depends on the fourth tooth being inside or outside the lip. Given that Gummy doesn't *have* teeth, that doesn't work for us. Anyway, Gummy looks like a very young dwarf crocodile. Oh wait, I lie. I had forgotten about the dwarf caiman. Caimans are a special subfamily of small crocodilians that sits right next to the alligator family instead of the crocodile family. This would satisfy Pinkie calling Gummy an alligator. Crocodilia, the order that includes alligators, crocodiles, caimans, and gharials, all loose and regrow teeth constantly. It's one of the defining characteristics. So it's technically possible that Gummy just accidentally has lost all his teeth at the moment, and that they will regrow on their own. More likely he has a condition that prevents teeth from rooting properly. So putting Twilight and Pinkie in 3rd edition D&D terms, Wizard vs. Sorcerer then. Okay, normally all that tech in Twilight's basement would fall under 1950-60's atomic-era styling. Except for the steam whistle. Though to be honest, there was so much steam venting in the classic Star Trek series (also 1960's styling) that I'm surprised someone didn't stick a steam whistle on it. "Pinkie, have you seen Twilight?" "Ah-huh!" Well done. Pith helmet, so-called because they were originally made of pith, the spongy stuff in the center of tree branches. Eventually transitioned to cork to be more durable. Although originally military, and have some resemblance to combat headgear, they were never meant to protect against anything other than the sun. The traditional British police 'Bobby' helmet is also a pith helmet, brought back from British tropical colonies as part of the military uniform. And Twilight is in fact following typical, but not correct, scientific process. Deciding what the answer is and looking for supporting evidence. Which tends to transform science into their equivalent of fanfiction. Much like what I'm doing here. Location known a Froggy Bottom Bog. This is a somewhat complex pun because it's pun built on top of pun. Soggy Bottom Boys, the music group from 'O Brother Where Art Thou' is a homage to the Foggy Mountain Boys (a real bluegrass band from 1948, considered to be the archetypical bluegrass band), and Foggy Bottom, a former slum district of Washington DC with a mix of black, Irish, and German immigrants, from which came a wide variety of blues, bluegrass, and jazz musicians. Hydra, again the D&D version from old Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, rather than the mythological version. I get the impression that some of the animators are old-time pencil-and-paper gamers. Actually, I'd be curious to see if any of the staff worked on the old D&D cartoon that was ran a year or two before the original My Little Pony animated series. Probably not, but it would be funny if that was true. Pony emotional states cause actual physical changes. This will be reinforced later, but first really shows up here with flaming Twilight. Yes, it's cartoony, but if we take the reactions of the other three present and how the flames reflect on their faces, then for them, then something visible occurred here. And suddenly Celestia again. She seems to make a habit of appearing out of nowhere. I can see that being a valuable skill for a ruler.
  10. See * for disclaimer Suited for Success (February 4th 2011, 22 minutes) Summary: Rarity is in a bind, promising custom clothing for her friends who have completely different ideas on what they want. As I, and many of my friends, compete in historical clothing designs shows, this episode is a bit near and dear. Especially since several of those friends became Bronies after having watched this one. Back to the Grand Galloping Gala. Rarity's fine control over her telekinesis is pretty impressive. I agree, that's horrible coloring for Twilight. Does Rainbow ever use the door? The Art of the Dress song has some hidden bits in it. Rarity sings about how important facing is, which is indeed very important for clothing. Easy to screw up with some fabrics, but damming under lights. Mention of a jewel neckline, which is a rounded neckline above the collarbone, as opposed to a bateau neck (or boat neck) that doesn't cover the collarbone, or a scoop neck which reveals cleavage. Rainbow's headdress is to 'lock into the crest', which is a horse term for that specific part of the mane. Rainbow, despite the art style, must appear quite muscular if Rarity is concerned that a blousing train will make her look like a tank. Again, Rarity's telekinesis is really impressive. She can maintain lift and detail control over a lot of different objects. And bolts of fabric are quite heavy on top of that, so she's not lacking in power. Ungrateful little... Sorry. Fluttershy lists a lot of issues here. The armsscye may in fact be tight, but that's neither a middy collar nor a shawl lapel in any way. The pleats actually are slightly uneven but almost unnoticable unless you're looking for it. Toille in this context is a cheap linen cloth used to test patterns. Backstitch is a needlepoint stitch used for outlining, while topstitch is a decorative or reinforcing stitch run parallel to, but not directly on the hem or seam, but the blanket stitch is a structural edging stitch only used on heavy materials. They have completely different purposes and can't really be interchanged without changing the fundamental stitch. With respect to fashion Pret-a-Porter means 'off the rack' or factory made clothing, whereas Haute Couture means custom made without using sewing machines or sergers. There is actually no 'style' for haute couture, it's how the clothing is constructed completely by hand. In other words, Fluttershy just spouted a collection of rather insulting nonsense. As much as that scene was probably supposed to show that Fluttershy has actual fashion knowledge, it actually plays like she reads too many fashion magazines without understanding the actual terms. Which, now that I think about it, is representative of some customers I've dealt with for my wife's custom shop. Yup, this whole episode is a pretty accurate depiction of how the custom clothing business runs. Turntables, remote controlled spotlights, and the microphone Spike is holding is a 1950's style. Yes, those outfits are in fact horrible. And now we have the payoff on the Fluttershy sewing rant. The payoff is fine, but the rant itself is still weird. The real dresses are picking bits and pieces from a variety of appropriate styles, ranging from 1550 up to modern fashions, without tipping over into the stupid 'high fashion' nonsense that some people get caught up in. Applejack's outfit is... odd. Mainly the pointy-toe and heeled boots on just the front feet, which looks weird and must be unbalancing. And again with the saddle. I'm not convinced of the grape cluster on RD's neckline either, but likely that's a triangular cluster of jewels and should have more glitter to them. Other stand-outs is Twilight's Tudor high spread collar as worn by Mary I of England, and Pinkie Pie's 1960 tiny pillbox hat as worn by Jackie O.
  11. See * for disclaimer Fall Weather Friends (January 28th 2011, 22 minutes) Summary: Applejack and Rainbow Dash compete for best pony. Applesnack. I like that nickname. They're throwing horseshoes, which seems natural, but that brings up an odd point. Horseshoes, especially the ones drawn here, are meant to be nailed to the hoof to keep them from chipping or wearing down too fast on rocky ground. Modern horseshoes are also used to correct growth issues with the hoof, like braces are for teeth. That's got to be really awkward to do to yourself, so they'd need to have some other pony do this to them like a farrier does in real life. It's not like a pedicure, as there's a lot more health issues with messing that up. So it's possible they'd treat their farrier in a similar way we treat dentists (to bring it back to the braces thing.) A lot of the roofs in Ponyville are thatched, did I mention that one before? Takes a lot of skill to thatch a roof. Rainbow was actually quite a bit insecure at first when the competition started. I love the way it turns into a massive spectator sport. Running of the Leaves is the fall equivalent to the Winter Wrap Up, just not quite as important culturally. They have a lot more control over that balloon than they would in real life. "I like pickles?" Best response to Pinkie. This particular forest is 'White Tail Wood'. Referring to white tail deer? We've not seen deer in this show yet. Ah! Sap buckets. That's.... weird, actually. Sap collection is normally done in the spring, not in the fall, as you want to get the sap as it rises in the tree. The trees normally store starch in their roots and stuff, preparing for winter. Over the winter those starches are converted to sugars, which then gets shoved up the tree in the spring, which is what you're tapping for. In the fall you might collect resin, but that's done from coniferous trees, not deciduous and you don't use taps for it. I'm a little confused as to what's going on here. And suddenly Celestia! How the heck can someone that large, and a princess, move around without anyone noticing that she's there?
  12. See * for disclaimer Call of the Cutie (January 7th 2011, 22 minutes) Summary: Apple Bloom wants a cutie-mark NOW! One room schoolhouse. A bit over-decorated, like most things in MLP, but it follows the 1800's design very clearly. The round bell tower up above is unique, though, I've not seen a setup quite like that. Many years ago I participated in renovating and restoring an 1819 schoolhouse that was a somewhat bigger version of this. The one I renovated was actually two floors (one room on each floor) with a ladder connecting them, no stairs. Place was built like a fortress; the walls were three large bricks thick. Okay, very specific mechanics on cutie-marks. Unlike in previous generations cutie-marks are a sign of 'maturity', when a pony discovers what innate talents they have. You really can't get more 80's than Cheerilee's outfit there. If Cheerilee isn't handing the foals a line here, then cutie-marks are rarely direct and obvious. Since they manifest magically and can be interpreted, they must be following some kind of system of symbolism. Possibly driven by the pony itself, meaning that a pony from a foreign culture or even just a different city, could have a completely different 'system' of symbols. Cuteceanera, a pony pun based on the Quinceanera: a celebration of a girl turning fifteen. Fifteen is the age in most common in Latin America, but similar ceremonies occur all over the world ranging from fourteen to eighteen, like Debutante, Cotillion, etc. The original point of celebration was a simple announcement that the girl was now of marriageable age and was not already part of an arrangement. Which is interesting if not a bit disturbing to modern minds in this context. If the Cuteceanera is the remnants of a similar concept, then getting a cutie-mark really was once the defining moment of becoming an adult. They probably don't realize it, but this party would have once been Silver Spoon and Diamond Tiara shopping around for husbands. Applejack selling apples from a mobile cart in the middle of town. Sounds like a market, but it's pretty empty relative to real marketplaces. Doctor Whooves! Yay! Sorry. Applejack was the last of her age to get cutie-mark, but Rainbow Dash was the first of her age. Which means Rainbow Dash is likely significantly younger than Applejack. Karate. Not generic martial arts, but specifically karate. A 'hard' Okinawan form (hard means it focuses on strikes, where soft focuses on grappling) that blended some very old indigenous martial arts with the Chinese Kempo or To-te. Nice kite, actually. Roller derby? Okay. Even magic can't make a cutie-mark appear. That's a huge chocolate pony. That takes a lot of effort to make one structurally sound at that size balanced like that. Silver Spoon seemed a bit off put by the suggestion that Apple Bloom might have the potential be a great writer. Like that was what *she* wished she had gotten instead of a spoon.
  13. See * for disclaimer Winter Wrap Up (December 24th 2010, 22 minutes) Summary: Twilight learns how to deal with spring the Earth Pony way. Twilight has redecorated slightly. I think that's different furniture in the sleeping loft than was there during the sleepover episode. Right. Okay. I'm going to deal with this one. The fuzzy saddle Twilight is putting on. Why would they have such a clothing item when it 'obviously' is a saddle, and there isn't a need for anyone to be riding the ponies? Beyond your dirty minds. Clothing isn't always obvious. Take the tie. Basically it's the remains of a neck cloth, a easily removable and cleanable cloth separate from the shirt that reduces the need to wash the shirt as often. It's a bit more complicated than that, but that's the idea anyway. This 'saddle' appears to be a similar remains of a functional item, perhaps the foundation for a more complex outer garment that required something more structural underneath. The outer garment isn't fashionable anymore, but the saddle support piece is still worn all on it's own. As a foundation garment that no longer serves it's original function and is now worn as a piece of clothing of it's own, it would fall into the same category as a Basque, which at different times was a jacket, an undercoat, and lingerie. Like a corset it is now sometimes worn as an outer garment though it's risqué... which doesn't really help the kinky problem, but I'm not a miracle worker. It appears that Twilight is unfamiliar with how to wear said saddle. It's obviously not a 'normal' piece of gear, and someone has told her it's traditional for the Winter Wrap up situation. Why do I have a feeling this is a Rainbow Dash prank? Hundreds of years of Ponyville's Winter Wrap Up festival. Saddle is gone now. And nobody else is wearing one. So yeah, I'm going for prank. Finally the mayor doing mayor-stuff. Doctor Whooves! Yay! Sorry. Okay, why do the pegasi get to use their special abilities, but unicorn magic is banned? Winter Wrap Up is very definitely an early-year Fertility Festival, with the preparing and planting. Given Spike's reaction, it sounds like celebrating this event isn't as prevalent in Canterlot, which is interesting. Combined with the actual labor of planting going on, it's possible that the urban areas have transitioned to a different spring festival as they have little to no interest in the passing of the season and are focusing on an artificial calendar-driven event instead. I can guess which one, and I'll leave that for the future episode I'm thinking of. And so ends the song that is one of the myriad reasons I joined this fandom. I'm not a musician, so I'm not qualified to criticize the music in any way, but blast it, that song was fun. Twilight is not crafty. Quite a few lakes in Ponyville. That makes sense given the general terrain. Those look like oversized hedgehogs, but next we have porcupines. Hrmmm. Currently hedgehogs are mostly from Eurasian continent, as all the hedgehog-types in North America died out at the end of the Miocene period. So those animals are probably something else, even if they look like hedgehogs to me. Twilight is basically just not an outdoor pony. Been there, done that with the tomato soup trying to clean out skunk smell. Reference to Ditzy Do. Twilight really doesn't like snakes. Not just when she's surprised, but in general.
  14. See * for disclaimer Swarm of the Century (December 17th 2010, 22 minutes) Summary: Tribbles... no sorry, Parasprites attack! Again, why is Twilight doing all this? The local government should be all over a royal visit. Pinkie knows exactly these parasprites are, but nobody else does. Why? I know Rainbow Dash's dress looks silly, but it's mainly the hat. The style of the dress is typical over-the-top Louis XIV. The tight 'arms' indicates late in the 17th century. Although the pattern on the hat is atypical, the style is correct being an insanely tall construction of fabric on a brass wire framework. This started in 1680 when the Duchesse de Frontange had her hat blown off. She quickly tied up her hair with her garter in a vain attempt to keep her curly hairdo in some kind of order. King Louis XIV thought it was charming, so started the race to have the most amount of lace, ribbons, and whatnot tied on top of a women's head. Of course, completely loosing the point that it was the hair that Louis was commenting on, not the lace garter. Some of these hats reached two to three feet in height. Ever notice how Twilight never actually helps when Spike is trying to do something? She just complains how he's not doing it right. She didn't know what they were in the first place, how would Fluttershy know now? Okay, four-horse carriage. Rear wheels larger than the front, with a shell-like rear. A dashboard, but no dickey box (where the driver would normally sit), and no footboard or rumble (someplace for the footman to sit or stand in the rear). The big shell is a probably a fold-back top. Which makes this a much like a basket Phaeton carriage from the 1870's with a unique folding roof system. Rainbow Dash can actually create a tornado condensation tunnel by her herself. Sweet Apple Acres barn destroyed count: 1 Ah, Zecora. Balancing on a stick? That's an interesting behavior, and reinforces the idea that she's the pony equivalent of Haitian or Trinidadian rather than African, as it feels suspiciously like some of the balance gymnastics I've seen practitioners of the martial art known as Calinda/Kalenda do when I visited the Caribbean last year. It's sorta like Capoeira, in that normally it's constant motion with dance-like movements, but Calinda has a lot more staff work involved. She also knows of parasprites, but Pinkie seems to have more details. One pony band. That's just fun. I love Celestia's reaction to Pinkie. However, I'm surprised she doesn't make the connection between the parasprites and the crisis in Fillydelphia.
  15. See * for disclaimer Bridle Gossip (December 10th 2010, 22 minutes) Summary: A strange pony appears, and all of Ponyville panics in response. This time, it's not Twilight to the rescue, but Apple Bloom? A Zebra by the name of Zecora. They all act afraid of her, as if nobody's ever talked to her. Yet they know her name... I'm not sure what to make of that. Especially given that they didn't have the same reaction to Gilda the Griffon, who is far more of a threat as a patently predator species. Zebras aren't ponies? Okay, yes, in the same way donkeys aren't ponies. They're all equines though. (Ponies and Horses are the same thing, they're just different breeds based mainly on size. A Dale Pony is as different from a Percheron Draft Horse as a Scotsman is from a Ethiopian. They appear different, but the same species.) You can crossbreed zebras with ponies and donkeys and so on. The resulting mule/hinny will usually be sterile, but that's not always true. The ponies are confused by Zecora's stripes, and Rarity seems shocked that a pony can be born with more than one color coat. Ah, the Everfree Forest. The place the ponies are afraid of because it's 'natural'. They're really freaked out by this place where ponies don't have to constantly micromanage the environment. I think they're more afraid of the fact Zecora lives in the Everfree than anything else, and now they're making up excuses for their fear. Zecora's place is also a hollow tree. Décor is stereotypical West Africa, especially those styles of masks which are common on the Ivory Coast, but the accent sounds more Haitian to me. Unfortunately, I don't know the various languages, so I can't pick out what Zecora is actually saying or what dialect she's using when the Mane 6 break in and wreck the place. The spa pony has an interesting accent as well. Brazilian? I'm not very good with tropical and southern hemisphere regions, so if anyone can confirm this stuff or correct it, I'd really appreciate it.
  16. See * for disclaimer Look Before You Sleep (December 3rd 2010, 22 minutes) Summary: Applejack and Rarity have to survive a night together, at Twilight's first Slumber Party. The pegasi have some kind of quota for the amount of rainfall within a period. The sheer amount of micromanaging that these ponies do to their environment is really strange. Twilight is just slightly psychotic. But we knew that. Not much to really talk about worldbuilding-wise in this one. Ah! S'mores. Okay, what do I know about S'mores... It's uniquely American, associated with the Girl Scouts normally. The earliest reference I can find goes back to the 20's, but there's a good chance it's older than that. The earliest they could possibly exist is 1830 or so, as that's when Graham crackers came about, but Graham crackers were actually marketed as a health food originally, so that's unlikely. I can find no indication on when they switched over from a hard unsweetened biscuit meant to curb sexual appetite (yes, really) to the modern sweet cookie-like thing. That's likely in or around the time that the s'more came about. Where the heck did that outfit come from? Does Twilight have that kind of thing in her closet normally? Did she bring it from Canterlot? Or was it something Rarity foisted off on her prior to this episode? In any case, it's typical fantasy princess nonsense. While each individual item did occur historically sort of, they didn't occur together. The cone hat is a hennin, 1430-1530 in Italy. The Juliet sleeve with the puff at the shoulder is from 1795-1820 again in Italy, the scalloped skirt with lace edging and enough petticoats to keep it that voluminous is from 1820-1875, mainly in France.
  17. See * for disclaimer Dragonshy (November 26th 2010, 22 minutes) Summary: All of Equestria is threatened by a sleeping dragon, and only the Mane 6 can respond. (Honestly, this has the same weird feeling that most Star Trek stories have. Why is the Enterprise the only ship ever in range?) Canterlot is easily visible from Ponyville, being the source of a waterfall. And there's a rather large building down at the base of the waterfall, separate from Canterlot. I wonder what that is? Interesting that the dragon mountain is depicted as being quite different from the others surrounding it. It's darker, all sharp angles, etc. Twilight thinks Fluttershy's animal affinity is necessary for dealing with the dragon. So she thinks of the dragon as an animal. Technically, that's a landslide, not an avalanche. What? Why on earth does Twilight think shooting apples at a full grown dragon is going to do *anything*? Is there some allergy that dragons typically have? I've always been curious, where do all these dragons get their treasure from? Smaug got it from the Dwarves in the Hobbit specifically. But this one has no obvious source. I'm assuming the Dragon took the treasure with him/her when they left, otherwise that's a pretty big dent to the local economy.
  18. See * for disclaimer Boast Busters (November 19th 2010, 22 minutes) Summary: Ponyville is visited by the Great and Powerful TRIXIE! Who immediately comes into conflict with the Mane 6. That mustache trick is described as a 'growth' spell. Meaning dragons have hair on their upper lip for the spell to grow into a mustache. Much like that sea serpent in the second episode. So is there a dividing line between Steve Magnet and Spike, species-wise? Possibly not that wide of a division. Twilight is a munchkin. Taking something as generic as 'Magic' as a special talent would violate nearly all RPG character-building systems. Snips and Snails remind me of the characterization of male MLP characters back in G1.5's My Little Pony Tales. The automatic 'boys are stupid' meme in girls-oriented media. I love the wagon that folds out into a stage. While I've seen setups similar to that, none of them are automatic, have much less 'stage' area, and they leave very little room for a living space. Plus they're drafty and heavy. This kind of thing was very common in America in the the early 20th century, as an evolution of the 19th century 'Medicine Show'. Bigger setups like circuses would have separate wagons for stages vs. living quarters. Her control over those fireworks is pretty impressive actually. I'm not entirely sure what Trixie actually did to Rainbow Dash. That's not telekinesis, unless rainbows are physically manipulatable by non-pegasi. The mini-storm is apparantly telekinesis though, as we'll see later when Rarity pulls the same stunt in a future episode. Twilight summoned a door? What? Ursa Minor. This is interesting, as we've seen nothing else like them since. What exactly is it? The stars within it seem to move independantly of the creature. "Vanquish it, eh?" This is very distinctly the Central Canadian dialect, popularized by Bob and Doug McKenzie. Yes, people do actually talk like that, though it's not as common anymore. Trixie still gets a bum rap at the end, her act is disrupted by hecklers, her home is destroyed, two other ponies are responsible for the damage, and she gets the blame while they get... rewarded, sorta?
  19. See * for disclaimer Griffon the Brush-Off (November 12th 2010, 22 minutes) Summary: Rainbow Dash is visited by an old friend, who doesn't get along well with RD's new friends. Suddenly cliff. Reinforcing the idea that Ponyville is right there in the foothills of a mountainous region. And pegasi don't just walk on clouds, but can sleep up there too. Pepi Le Pinkie. Technically that way of walking is called 'pronking', if you were curious. Dragons can get hiccups, so can ponies. I've never seen a horse get hiccups, but I've seen dogs get them. Painting all those apples was one *heck* of an effort. I'm kinda curious what they had planned for Fluttershy. Nice to see other species here. Griffons are *really* old in mythology, predating Greek, Egyptian, Persian, etc. It's one of the oldest known mythological creatures that has remained effectively unchanged over the millennia. Griffons can also walk on clouds. Junior Speedsters sound a lot like the pegasi/griffon version of the Scouts. I wonder if Earth Ponies and Unicorns have something similar. Griffons have that prehensile tail trick that prior generations of pony had. Lots of references to Griffons being rare. No indication if they're from a different country and are rare *here* or just rare in general. The question is, is Gilda's attitude specific to her or is it part of Griffon culture to be more aggressive given that they are composed of two different predator creatures. As a note, the interior of Sugar Cube Corners is very similar the way the tourist town of Levenworth in Washington state is decorated. The style of carved lintels above the windows is very reminiscent of Bavaria, which is a blending of Gallic and Germanic cultures in an Alps setting. Given prior generations notes to the same cultures, this isn't that surprising but is nice to see a bit of continuity.
  20. See * for disclaimer Applebuck Season (November 5th 2010, 22 minutes) Summary: Big Mac is injured, and Applejack must take on the entire harvest by herself all while keeping her promises to help all her friends with their own interests. That's a huge orchard. I mean *huge*. I've never seen an orchard run by one family that is that ridiculously huge. That size is agricorp level. And the terrain is surprisingly hilly. It looks like the orchards in Western Washington just on the other side of the Cascades, and not like the Midwest area that the official map would stick it. The cows talk as well. And the spokescow has a very distinct Minnesota accent. Why is Twilight doing this? This is the mayor's job. Twilight goes from never having teleported in the prior episode, to popping in and out everywhere today instead of just walking. Yep, this explicitly says the first episode was the Apple Family Reunion. This will become important in later seasons. Rainbow Dash refers to Applejack as 'Ponyville's greatest athlete'. Either she thinks Applejack is better than herself, or she doesn't think of herself as a Ponyville pony. I lived in residence at University, and worked part-time in the residence kitchen in order to pay my way. The 'baked bads' look familiar. The stuff that passed through those kitchens to be categorized as 'food' was... disturbing at best. Yeah, that's pretty much what the cafeteria food was like. Again Spike shows a more universal digestive system. Bunny stampede. We've switched to Australia, apparently. Okay, just a note. Loosing one member of the family, and Applejack almost dies of exhaustion trying to complete the harvest. The episode gives the impression that she just barely made it to the half-way mark. Which means Big Mac does a *lot* of the work around the farm, or knows tricks and techniques that he hasn't shared with Applejack yet.
  21. See * for disclaimer The Ticket Master (October 29th 2010, 22 minutes) Summary: Twilight has two tickets to the Grand Galloping Gala, can she choose which of her friends to take? Spike may have trouble spelling words, but he can read complex words with the correct pronunciation just fine. Not just letters, but the tickets get transported by Dragonfire. These are tickets to the Grand Galloping Gala, and are rare enough that they don't seem to be regularly purchasable, so we're dealing with a weird kind of Society Event. Big enough that a gate list is unable to cope, but still technically 'exclusive', much like various awards ceremonies in modern day. Given that we have 'Princesses' and 'Kingdoms', but there no reference to any other ranks of nobility (Dukes, Barons, etc.) it's likely the society has feudal remnants but is not a true feudal system anymore. As such, it's possible that the Gala started as the end celebration of the ceremony of Knighthood and has evolved beyond that. Likely there are still some awards and medals given out at the begining. The plow is an oversized Iron Beam Scotch-style Walking Plow from the early 1800's, missing the handles. These were specifically for heavy work in rocky soil. Rainbow Dash can hover upside down. And the various high-speed pegasi have distinctive contrails. Sorta. Two of them are the same, apparently. Very distinct images of what ponies *think* the Grand Galloping Gala is about. It seems that the Equestrian media is as good about depicting current events as the real life media is. Celestia's nephew. No name mentioned. Actually, Twilight can probably get Fluttershy into the private gardens without the Grand Galloping Gala. And Applejack's dream is also not got anything to do with being a guest. She wants to be a caterer. Spike demonstrates that he is capable of digesting a much wider range of food than any pony. He eats gemstones *and* hay. Ah, here we go at the carousel. This very much resembles the Columbia Carousels (there are two of them), the only two-story carousels in the world, built in 1976 to resemble the French-style carousels of the 1850's. Apple Brown Betty... what? Pause to look up. Okay, this is a real thing that I was unaware of. Apparently it's an American variation of the Apple Cobbler where it's done in layers with the crumble crust between said layers. Usually served with lemon sauce? Interesting. I'm going to have to try this at some point. Countrified version of the Benny Hill theme music, actually called Yakety Sax. This version is extremely similar to the version known as Yakety Axe as done by Chet Atkins in 1965. Twilight teleported *and didn't know that she could*. Unlike previous generations, teleportation is apparently not a normal Unicorn trick. The Library main doors are... odd. It's setup like a Dutch Door, but the lower portion is a double door. It makes me wonder if Twilight ever went to the Grand Galloping Gala in previous years. Or maybe this isn't an annual event, but happens ever x number of years. If she hasn't, then her status as Celestia's *personal* student may not be quite what is assumed by everyone else. Spike feels the need to open the window to sent the letter this time. Interesting. Celestia is really fast with her replies. She reads and writes very fast, or has these letters already penned up 'in case'. Canterlot Castle is easily visible from Ponyville. That can't be Canterlot itself, because that was shown with wide open spaces, where the Castle is on the side of a mountain and is very vertical.
  22. Okay, yet again I'm going to remind everyone reading that my intent here is not a review or a critique. That's not what I do. Instead this is watching the various episodes of My Little Pony with the intent of pulling out any details that can help inform the worldbuilding around the setting itself. That includes cultural events, festivals, architecture, clothing styles, references to other cultures, and whatnot. I've been doing this for all the prior generations, and I have finally hit the current one. Here we start on the first Generation 4 episodes. We have a two-parter, produced by an entirely new crew under the Studio B name (eventually rebranded by it's parent company to DHX Media/Vancouver, but they were owned by DHX for years before this.) As always with the first episode of a series, this is going to be long because there are lots of details at the beginning. Friendship is Magic (Part 1 and 2) (October 10th, 22nd 2010, 2 x 22 minutes) Summary: Twilight gathers friends against her will to oppose the legendary Nightmare Moon. Celestia voice over, making the introduction story-book-y. Right from the beginning we're getting backstory and history for the setting. Celestia isn't introduced by name though, she's referring to herself as the 'elder sister'. Magical land of Equestria, not kingdom, not world. Two regal sisters, raising the Sun and Moon with their unicorn powers. Now it's called a kingdom. Let's see if this is referred to as a Kingdom anywhere else. Here we have the Elements of Harmony in their assumed 'base' form, a number of jewels in an elongated old single cut style. And the elder sister banished her jealous younger sister *forever*. The architecture in the illustrations are interesting. They're thatch-covered roundhouses, a very common construction in ancient Europe (10th century BC to 5th century AD), and many places in Africa. First view of Ponyville in the intro. This is actually a fairly respectable sized town. Okay, here we are at Canterlot, though we don't know it's called that yet. We're in an area that is very open, with hills in the background. The architecture looks a lot like mushrooms, but the decorations and general styling seems to resemble Russia in the Imperial Period in the 1700-1800 range. Lots of color, patterns, and rounded shapes. Hey Lyra. Is this Twilight's actual residence? For a student, it's freaking huge, with a massive private collection. She's too casually throwing books around for it to be anything other than her own stuff. And even then, she's showing no respect for the books themselves. Or for Spike for that matter. Spike is aware of the Mare in the Moon mythology. Stars will aid in her escape. How? Cute reflection there. I'm curious as to the range and/or capacity of Spikes' letter-transport breath. Okay, the sky-chariot. Pulled by two pegasi. It has the appearance of a Roman Triumph Biga, a specific kind of chariot. The major difference being that two-horse chariots are normally drawn on a central pole with traces (leather straps & chains) on the outer sides. Two poles are normally used for odd-numbered horse vehicles in order to have one horse central (where the single pole would normally be). The poles are oddly curved, by the way. There must be some strange condition with it being an aerial chariot that a land chariot doesn't need. Interestingly in Roman mythology a Biga represents Luna, the Roman Goddess of the Moon, where the Quadringa (a four-horse chariot) represents Apollo the Sun God. Summer Sun Celebration moves around every year. Excellent introduction to Pinkie there. That's pretty much her in a nutshell. Sweet Apple Acres. One rather large barn, in an extremely elaborate Prairie-stye barn 1930's style that evolved from the earlier Dutch-style barn. Here we have a gabled roof with dormers (unusual in a barn), what appears to be a vent tower that's been transformed into another room, and the distinctive peak projecting above the 'hayloft' that marks it as a Prairie-style. Several smaller structures, including a chicken coop and a set of identical storage sheds in a row. The Apple family's distinct accent is odd as nobody else in Ponyville seems to have it. Rainbow Dash demostrates Pegasi abilities with weather manipulation. The rest of Ponyville is very Tudor, with timberframe construction and thatched roofs. The town hall is interesting. Still Tudor timberframe, like the rest of Ponyville, but very distinctly round with elaborate dormers on a straight-shingle roof. The interior appears to be one large room as well, like a small fully-enclosed Globe Theatre, just a very narrow version, like a tower. I missed the switch between the town hall and the boutique. The library has no analog in real life as far as I know, as there are no hollow trees of that size that are still alive. The interior is following the concept that the construction is organic and has to follow the lines put down by the tree itself. Those four stars are actively moving into a configuration around the moon. Ponyville has a mayor. I love Nightmare Moon's 'yeah, I'm bad. What of it?' attitude. Nightmare Moon demonstrates weather control, and a form of shapeshifting, as well as the ability to keep the Moon in the sky. Pinkie demonstrates her serendipity powers. Listing of five Elements: Kindness, Laughter, Generosity, Honesty and Loyalty. The sixth is unknown. So Celestia kept that one a secret deliberately? And the last known location was the Castle of the Royal Pony Sisters. The ponies are really disturbed by the Everfree Forest. Nopony goes in, nopony comes out. It's not even considered to be part of 'Equestria' by Applejack. Manticore, a creature from Persian mythology. This specific version, however, seems to be straight out of D&D. The thorn is a direct reference to Androcles and the Lion from Aesop. Definite shapeshifting from Nightmare Moon, as she was quite literally the thorn. Honestly Nightmare Moon doesn't seem to be trying very hard here. She's pulling little tricks of very random levels of threat. They're more delaying tactics than actual attempts to stop the Mane 6. That's an interesting spell. It merged Rarity's tail hair with the sea serpent's mustache. I'm not sure exactly how. "What's with you and falling off cliffs today?" This is pretty specific to Rainbow Dash. This is the first time Nightmare Moon is using some kind of ability to read a pony's desires, and shows knowledge of the concept of the Wonderbolts in order to create the 'Shadowbolts'. Not sure why the Elements of Harmony are now round stones with geometric gem symbols on them. Teleportation for the first time. I still love Nightmare Moon's attitude and voice acting here. "You're kidding right?" Rarity looks confused at first when her element is revealed. Twilight names the element of Magic. I'm still convinced she made an assumption there. "Taste the Rainbow, Muthafuker!" And suddenly Celestia. She seems to be coming from the sun, so Nightmare Moon must have reciprocated the entrapment. And Celestia as the chessmaster is born. Luna's voice is... odd there. It doesn't sound right, even if you ignore later presentations of her. And of course the odd 'even younger' appearance she has that doesn't match the storybook sequence at the beginning.
  23. Friendship is Magic (Generation 4) Season 1 Friendship is Magic (Part 1 and 2) (October 10th, 22nd 2010, 2 x 22 minutes) The Ticket Master (October 29th 2010, 22 minutes) Applebuck Season (November 5th 2010, 22 minutes) Griffon the Brush-Off (November 12th 2010, 22 minutes) Boast Busters (November 19th 2010, 22 minutes) Dragonshy (November 26th 2010, 22 minutes) Look Before You Sleep (December 3rd 2010, 22 minutes) Bridle Gossip (December 10th 2010, 22 minutes) Swarm of the Century (December 17th 2010, 22 minutes) Winter Wrap Up (December 24th 2010, 22 minutes) Call of the Cutie (January 7th 2011, 22 minutes) Fall Weather Friends (January 28th 2011, 22 minutes) Suited for Success (February 4th 2011, 22 minutes) Feeling Pinkie Keen (February 11th 2011, 22 minutes) Sonic Rainboom (February 18th 2011, 22 minutes) Stare Master (February 25th 2011, 2 mintues) The Show Stoppers (March 4th 2011, 22 minutes) A Dog and Pony Show (March 11th 2011, 22 minutes) Green Isn't Your Color (March 18th 2011, 22 minutes) Over a Barrel (March 25th 2011, 22 minutes) A Bird in the Hoof (April 8th 2011, 22 minutes) The Cutie Mark Chronicles (April 15th 2011, 22 minutes) Owl's Well That Ends Well (April 22nd 2011, 22 minutes) Party of One (April 29th 2011, 22 minutes) The Best Night Ever (May 6th 2011, 22 minutes) My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Live (Live Action, July 24th 2011, 30 minutes) Season 2 The Return of Harmony (Part 1 and 2) (September 17th, 24th 2011, 2 x 22 minutes) Lesson Zero (October 15th 2011, 22 minutes) Luna Eclipsed (October 22nd 2011, 22 minutes) Sisterhooves Social (November 5th 2011, 22 minutes) The Cutie Pox (November 12th 2011, 22 minutes) May the Best Pet Win! (November 19th 2011, 22 minutes) The Mysterious Mare Do Well (November 26th 2011, 22 minutes) Sweet and Elite (December 3rd 2011, 22 minutes) Secret of My Excess (December 10th 2011, 22 minutes) Family Appreciation Day (January 7th 2011, 22 minutes) Baby Cakes (January 14th 2011, 22 minutes) Hearth's Warming Eve (December 17th 2011, 22 minutes) The Last Roundup (January 21st 2012, 22 minutes) The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000 (January 28th 2012, 22 minutes) Read It and Weep (February 4th 2012, 22 minutes) Hearts and Hooves Day (February 11th 2012, 22 minutes) A Friend in Deed (February 18th 2012, 22 minutes) Putting Your Hoof Down (March 3rd 2012, 22 minutes) It's About Time (March 10th 2012, 22 minutes) Dragon Quest (March 17th 2012, 22 minutes) Hurricane Fluttershy (March 24th 2012, 22 minutes) Ponyville Confidential (March 31st 2012, 22 minutes) MMMystery on the Friendship Express (April 7th 2012, 22 minutes) A Canterlot Wedding (Part 1 and 2) (April 21st 2012, 2 x 22 minutes) Season 3 The Crystal Empire (Part 1 and 2) (November 10 2012, 2 x 22 minutes) Too Many Pinkie Pies (November 17th 2012, 22 minutes) One Bad Apple (November 24th 2012, 22 minutes) Magic Duel (December 1st 2012, 22 minutes) Sleepless in Ponyville (December 8th 2012, 22 minutes) Wonderbolts Academy (December 15th 2012, 22 minutes) Apple Family Reunion (December 22nd 2012, 22 minutes) Spike at Your Service (December 29th 2012, 22 minutes) Keep Calm and Flutter On (January 19th 2013, 22 minutes) Just for Sidekicks (January 26th 2013, 22 minutes) Games Ponies Play (February 9th 2013, 22 minutes) Magical Mystery Cure (February 16th 2013, 22 minutes) Twilight Sparkle and the Crystal Heart Spell (Novel, February 2013) The Return of Queen Chrysalis (Comic Issues 1-4, November 28th 2012 - March 6th 2013) Nightmare Rarity (Comic Issues 5-8, March 27th - June 12th 2013) Under the Sparkling Sea (Illustrated Novel, April 23rd 2013) Equestria Girls (Theatrical Release, June 16th 2013, 73 minutes) Pinkie Pie and the Rockin' Ponypalooza Party (Novel, July 2nd 2013) Zen and the Art of Gazebo Repair (Comic Issues 9-10, July 31st, August 28th 2013) Pony Tales Volume 1 (Microcomic Issues 1-6, February 20th - July 11th 2013) Neigh Anything (Comic Issues 11-12, September 24th, Octover 30th 2013) My Little Pony: Annual 2013 (Comic Special, October 30th 2013) Season 4 Princess Twilight (November 23rd 2013, 2 x 22 minutes) Castle-Mania (November 30th 2013, 22 minutes) Daring Don't (December 7th 2013, 22 minutes) Flight to the Finish (December 14th 2013, 22 minutes) Pony Tales Volume 2 (Microcomic Issues 7-10, August 22nd - December 18th 2013) Friendship Ahoy! (Comic Issues 13-14, November 20th, December 18th 2013) Power Ponies (December 21st 2013, 22 minutes) Bats! (December 28th 2013, 22 minutes) Rarity Takes Manehattan (January 4th 2014, 22 minutes) Rainbow Dash and the Daring Do Double Dare (Novel, Jaunuary 7th 2014) Pinkie Apple Pie (January 11th 2014, 22 minutes) Rainbow Falls (January 18th 2014, 22 minutes) Three's a Crowd (January 25th 2014, 22 minutes) Pinkie Pride (February 1st 2014, 22 minutes) Bookworm (Comic Issues 15-16, January 15th, February 5th 2013) Simple Ways (February 8th 2014, 22 minutes) Filli Vanilli (February 15th 2014, 22 minutes) Twilight Time (February 22nd 2014, 22 minutes) It Ain't Easy Being Breezies (March 1st 2014, 22 minutes) Somepony to Watch Over Me (March 8th 2014, 22 minutes) Maud Pie (March 15th 2014, 22 minutes) For Whom the Sweetie Bell Toils (March 22nd 2014, 22 minutes) Leap of Faith (March 29th 2014, 22 minutes) Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3 (April 5th 2014 22 minutes) Rarity and the Curious Case of Charity (Novel, April 8th 2014) Friends Forever Volume 1 (Microcomic Issues 1-4, January 22nd - April 9th 2014) Trade Ya (April 12th 2014 22 minutes) Inspiration Manifestation (April 26th 2014 22 minutes) Equestria Games (May 3rd 2014 22 minutes) Twilight's Kingdom (May 10th - 17th 2014 2 x 22 minutes) Reflections (Comic Issues 17-20, March 19th - June 25th 2014) Applejack and the Honest-to-Goodness Switcheroo (Novel, July 15th 2014) Friends Forever Volume 1 (Microcomic Issues 5-8, May 21st - August ? 2014) Fluttershy and the Fine Furry Friends Fair (Novel, ?) Equestria Girls 2: Rainbow Rocks (Theatrical Release, ?)
  24. I am currently looking for a cast and crew to work on a Youtube mini season 4.5. A total of 8 episodes. Season 4.5 Synopsis: Toola Roola is from a place where nopony has been since The Great Pony War. Her home, Unicornia, has been ruled over by Sketch Wretch since she broke it off from Equestria while everyone was busy fighting. Unicornia was caped in a dark force field so no one would could escape or enter. It was so hidden and far away from Equestria that nopony could ever find it. On the day that Unicornia went missing the eldest daughter of the King and Queen of Equestria was giving the last element of harmony to the emperor of Unicornia to hold until the pony who would receive it was born. The last element and the princess were trapped. Until 5,000 years later Toola Roola found she was the missing element of harmony. She also found the missing princess too, but didn't know it... For this project I need some animators,video editors, and anything else. I also need voice actors for: Toola Roola Starsong Wysteria Polka Dot Toola Roola's Parents Celestia Luna Twilight Sparkle Spike Pinkie Pie Sketch Wretch Rarity Fluttershy Rainbow Dash Apple Bloom Applejack Sweetie Belle Scootaloo Lyra Sweetie Drops (Bon-Bon) Octavia VInyl Scratch Additional Voices All voice actors should have Skype and know how to sing also. If you are interested in thsi project or want to learn more about it email me at or add me on skype derpymows! ~Thank you~
  25. Note: Very First Fanfic, posted this somewhere else and ppl liked it so I'm posting this here! Y does everyone always hate on Sombra? No one can get past the whole enslaving the crystal ponies thing. And yes he was a filler, but he was the best filler ever! This is writin in the point of view of my OC Red Rose. Here it is! Oh hey look a bunny Rise of King Sombra Day 1. I'm writing this to tell the story of us. Our struggles, sacrifice, and our glory, Maybe one day this will be a famous book! One would hope. Back on topic. Our village was attacked by humans, so now our leader BlackNight is leading us to find a new home. Maybe the ponies of Equestria will help us. There must be room for us after they found that new land when they were forced to leave when the big blizzard hit them. We have not heard from them in many years. But back to now. With our leader, the small group of us that is left after the slaughter of our people by the humans are traveling to a new home, far away from the humans expanding their land. Many of us are just little foals and fillies, with no parents that tried to protect them after the humans attacked. Me, BlackNight, Sombra, and a few other ponies are the only ones left to take care of the young. The older, weaker ponies were easily slain. We've been walking for a few hours. The young ones are whining about being hungry. We didn't have time to get supplies before fleeing the village. Sombra has been encouraging them to keep walking and that we will find food very soon. I respect him for that. We've always been best friends, and I've always notice how good he is with foal and fillies. But I should introduce my self. My name is Red Rose. I'm white as snow. Have long black tail and mane. I have red eyes, I wear light armor, also I'm a Pegasus. And this is our story. Day 2. The next day after we left our small make-shift camp, we starting walking out of the forest surrounding the village. And before us was a great plain and a wall of huge mountains."Geez, that's going to be a long climb". I muttered as I looked up at the mountains. " It just looks that way from all the way back here" said Sombra a little to cheerfully. I realized it was to make the younger ones think it wasn't going to be such a bad climb. " Let's get walking" called BlackNight from a little ways ahead. " We don't have all day, And I'd like to get to the mountain before nightfall". To our luck we found some bushes full of berries that would tied us over till later. As the sun set we got to the edge of the long plain, we found a small lake with fruit along the shore. BlackNight told us that this is where we were camping for the night. Sombra and I made small nest-like beds for the foals and fillies by the shore. " I can't wait till we get over the mountain" Sombra said happily as he pictured our new home in his head. " Do you think the Princesses would even welcome us?" I said with a worried look on my face. "Why wouldn't they?" He wonder confused. "When the great blizzard came, the three tribes came to us looking for food." I replied and looked up at the stars hanging above us. "We knew that if we gave to one tribe, then we would have to feed them all. And we didn't have enough food to feed all three." I looked back at him again waiting for a reply. He was silent for a few minutes, but I waited without out compliant. "Maybe... They must have forgave us by now. They can't hold it against us for this long." He said quietly. We were quite for a few minutes with our thoughts. Breaking the silence- "We'll have our answer once we get past the mountain. But we should get to bed, or we won't have the energy to make it up the mountain." I said as I stepped into my make-shift nest. "Ya..." He said quietly as he too got in bed by mine. A few minutes later I could hear his slow breathing knowing he was asleep. I ran through my head our talk. Worried now more than ever about the Princesses not helping us. Putting my thoughts aside, I fell asleep. Day 3. The next day after we cleaned up camp we set out to climb the mountains. We found a path going up the slope that travel must have used long ago. Eventually the path slowly faded away and left us to wonder. Still going straight from the path, and then suddenly a snow storm pick up. "Everyone follow me, we need to find shelter!" BlackNight yelled over the rising storm. BlackNight turned his head left, and then right looking for a cave. Sombra and I gathered the foals and fillies into small rows so we can an eye on them. The other ponies were up front with BlackNight, looking for a cave. After about ten minutes of looking, they found a small cave that was deep inside. Sombra, the Children, a few ponies, and I stay at the opening of the cave. While BlackNight and two others went into the cave to make sure it was safe. After a few minutes they didn't come back, a pony went in after them. Later none of them came back and it was just Sombra and myself." I'm going in to find them" I said as I unsheathed my sword hanging at my side."Wait! I'll go in, someone as to watch the kids and you have a weapon to protect them." Sombra said as he walk to the tunnel where the others hadn't returned from. I didn't argue and he made a good point, I sheathed my sword and sat down next to the sleeping children. "Alright, just hurry it up." I said looking out to the storm raging on. "I'll be right back!" He called over his shoulder as he raced in. For a long time everything was silent. I love the quiet and all but, with no one coming back. It worried me. I pushed rocks to hide the children from the storm and anything else that's out there at this time and galloped in to the tunnel. After awhile of running in the dark tunnel, I could see a faint light ahead. And with the tunnel opening up, I spead my wings and lifted off the ground. I flew into the large dome to find a few dead ponies and blood all over the ground. I landed and looked at the bodies. Not BlackNight and not Sombra. Sighing in relief but sad at the lose of the ponies. I slowly looked around taking in everything. No way out be the dark tunnel, where could they have gone? And who or what killed the ponies? I heard movement above me. I look up and there is a giant spider coming down very fast. I flew up and unsheathed my sword, cutting the short be that kept it in the air. The spider hit the ground, breaking a thin leg. An idea came to me. The spider shot it's web at me, but it wasn't fast enough and I swerved out if the way. I flew to the ground, wings still flapping, but hooves still racing on the ground for dear life. I flew up to where a long, thin leg connected to the body. And cut the leg, sending the unbalanced spider to the floor. I quickly cut the other six legs off, leaving the spider no longer mobile. And finished it off its head. After it died I flew up to its web. Thankfully found the rest of the missing ponies unconscious in the web. I cut them one by one from the web setting them carefully on the ground and flying up for the next pony. Once I had every pony on the ground, I sheathed my sword and started nudging them all to wake up. BlackNight woke up right away and stood in a self-defense stance, and looked at the dead spider. Confused, he sat down next to the spider." Can you wake the rest up? I need to check on the kids." I called, snapping him from his trance." Ya... Sure." He said staring off into space. I walk up the dark tunnel to find the kids still asleep. Then once again walked back to the dome to find every pony awake and talking. As I walked into the room, Sombra bounded up to me, of course wanting to know what had happened. I yawned and with a bored look on my face said "Its no big deal. Just killed the spider is all." "But it was like huge!" He replied with his hooves up trying to show how big it was. "It was a spider, and spider are to be killed." I said as every pony was standing up. "Every pony, we're heading out." Called BlackNight heading up the tunnel with the rest of the ponies following. "Shall we?" I said jokingly. "We shall." He said in the same manor. Once we got to the opening the storm was over and we woke the children and left the cave with bright, warm sunlight greeting us. Looking around we found our self at the top of the mountain with a easy climb down. In the distance was a city, maybe where are new home with be. Every one seeing this, ran down the side of the mountain on the path that had become visible again. Day 4. We stayed the night at the bottom of the the mountain. The next morning we set off to the the distance city. The way there had endless rows bushes and trees full of fruit. "We'll stay here for a few hour, eat as much as you can while we're here." BlackNight said while everyone was eyeing the food. After awhile of eating we set out, even close to the city. When it got dark we where only about a mile from the city. We quickly set up camp excited for making a new home for our selfs and talking to the leader of the city. While the children slept, we sat by BlackNight and spoke about tomorrow." When we enter the city, the first thing we are to do is speak to the leader." BlackNight said. " We'll need to talk about the surrounding area nearby the city." " What if they want Bits? We are broke!" Wailed Par Parody. " We can pay them later, when we start earning Bits from farming and other jobs." I replied. " But it'll tie us to the land if we owe them, we'll spend the rest of our lives and our children's paying it off!" Moonlight Mist countered. "Maybe the ruler is nice and he'll give us the land the land for free." Said Music Melody cheerfully. "In your dreams." Moonlight Mist muttered. "What about you Sombra?" I asked, Sombra lifted his head. "Do you think he'll be nice enough to give us the land for free?" He thought for a moment. "It'll depend on how rich they are and if they have land sitting around that they have no use for." He replied. "Sombra is right, if they have land sitting around then they are more likely to give it away for free. We'll just have to wait and see tomorrow." BlackNight said. We all nodded. And a few minutes later, we were all asleep. Day 5. BlackNight, Sombra and I walked out of camp and neared the city. From close up it shined off of the crystal it was made of. The guards were giving us weird looks as we walked through the streets. We made it to the castle doors, BlackNight requested a audience with the leader. A few minutes later we were allowed to go inside to speak with the ruler. In the throne room sat a fat looking unicorn with a servant feeding him grapes. Something inside of myself wanted me to slap him off his throne. "Your majesty, would like to-" BlackNight began, but was interrupted by the King. " Where are you from?" His voice bounced off of the crystal wall." Passed the mountain Sir." BlackNight replied. The throne room was silent for a minute. "Where the three tribes were from?" The King ask. "Yes Sir." BlackNight said. "Which of the three is your group from?" Asked the King, his words once again bouncing off the walls. "None Sir, we were the ones that united together before the great blizzard." BlackNight replied looking down. The King looking like he was going to have a fit of rage shouted "OUT! GET OUT YOU BETRAYERS! YOU LEFT US IN OUR TIME OF NEED!" The King screamed. "Sir, we have a good reason for what happened-" BlackNight began only to be again interrupted by the King. "GUARDS GET THEM!" The King yelled. "Run!" BlackNight called as he unsheathed two short swords attacking the guards charging at us. I quickly pulled out my sword and prepared myself for the line of guards coming at me. "Come on!" Said Sombra as he pulled at me to follow him out of the castle. "But Black-" I started, "He is buying us time, now come on!" Yelled Sombra. Sombra half dragged me out of the room. We galloped from the large doors to the inside of the castle only to find guards coming from every street. I began to hover over Sombra, using my teeth, I picked him up by his cloak and hovered over the guards while we slowly made our escape in the sky. We landed at the clearing that we made camp at, everyone gathered around waiting to find out what happened during the visit and where BlackNight was. ********************************************************************************************** What are we to do now? Wail Par Parody." We need revenge!" Answered Moonlight Mist. Sombra sighed "That isn't going to do us any good." "Sombra is right, we'll only lose more us." I said looking around the clearing thinking about the guards finding us at any moment. " Maybe we can take over the city!" Music Melody chimed in. All of us stared at her, that was a brilliant idea! "Yes! That's perfect payback!" Yelled Moonlight Mist with a evil grin on her face. "But how would we over-throw them? The King has guards and there isn't many of us." I wonder aloud. "They might have something in a library. If they still remember the time of the blizzard, then they must have a book on a nearby power source." Sombra replied, answering the question. "Ok then." I said as I stood up towering over the ponies sitting on the ground. "Tomorrow Sombra and I will go into the city to the library, undercover." Day 6. The next day after planning to sneak back into the city and visit the library. With our cloaks on, we dove into the crowd. Both keeping an eye on one another to make sure we both didn't one another, we enter the library. We look around and there were hundreds of books, with no one at the counter we looked up books with power sources in a big book with the name of very book in the library. Nothing about power source books were in the bigger book, we had to look in all the books on the shelves. After a few hours of searching, Sombra comes over to me on the other side of the library with the book we were looking for. "Found it!" He said while he trotted over to my side. I take the book and flip through the pages. "Nice! There is one nearby the city!" I said still sitting in the floor as a guard walks in to the library along with the librarian. "We'd like to put this wanted poster in here by the door if you don't mind." He said as he went over to a open wall. "Of course! Feel free to put them anywhere in or outside the building." The old women said as she took books to a shelf and put them in order before setting them on the shelves. "Thank you very much, I'll just put them up every so often on the walls." He replied has he began to hang them upon the empty walls. "We need to hide!" I whispered as I watched the guard get slowly closer to where we were sitting. Sombra scanned the area, spotting a supply closet. "This way! In there." He said quietly as he dragged me over to the door. He opened it, dragged me in, enter it himself, and cracked the door open so we could watch the guard. The closet was very small, we were pressed side by side as we watch the guard tape a poster on a nearby wall. I was blushing, very hard. And by the crack where the light was still shining in from, I could tell he was too. I was having a very hard time suppressing a giggle. The guard passed by, and right at the last second he noticed the door was cracked. "Better close the door." He said as he shut it, making the room feel cramped. "Little ones might get in!" He chuckled as he hung up another poster. "Hurry up Rain Dancer!" Called a voice "We can't be late for the execution!" Rain Dancer stuffed the tap and posters in his bag. "Coming!" He cried as he rushed down the steps to the exit. "Do you think they are going to kill..." I started in a worried manor, hoping they aren't going to kill who I thought the were. "Only one way to find out." Replied also in a worried tone as he opened the door. No one was in the large book-filled room once again. We galloped to the exit, pulling our hoods on and walking out the door. When we got outside there was a giant crowd before a stage. There were a few guards on the stage eyeing the crowd. We slowly made our way to the middle. "We are here today to punish a traitor from a tribe that left us to die in our time of need." The guard from the stage said to the crowd. We watched as they brought out BlackNight who looked like he hadn't eaten in days. They brought his head down, a pony with a mask raised a giant axe above his head with magic. The guard was ready to give the signal, I want to look away but my body wouldn't move. The guard gave the signal, I closed my eyes and a moment later I heard an axe swing and a slight crunch. I opened my eyes to seethe horror of BlackNight's headless body laying on the stage, with magic a captain hooded BlackNight's head up. As if showing that if we ever showed our faces again, the same would happen to us. The crowd slowly left the stage, my wide eyes still staring at BlackNight's body. Sombra brought me back from the trance and looked at me worried. "You ok?" Sombra quietly asked. I couldn't bring myself to speak so I just nodded. "We should head back, we need to talk with the others about the information we found." He gently guided me away from the stage looking worried about me. Together we slowly walked back to camp. Day 6 Part 2. We had told every pony of what happened to BlackNight and that we had found what we were looking for at the library. After we had talked, Par Parody walked to the edge of camp. Dark Star, her daughter joined her in her grief. BlackNight was her husband, I can understand the want to be alone after having been told the news. Sombra and I sat down and talked over what our plan of action was next. He plopped down right next to me and opened the book in front of us. Our sides were touching but neither of us cared, we were focused on action. "Tomorrow, me, you and Moonlight Mist will head to the location where the source of power is said to be at." He said as he pointed to a cave on a page of the book. "Power doesn't come easy, we might have to give something up to gain the power." I replied thinking of the possible body parts we could lose. "I will pay the price myself, no matter what the cost." Sombra said firmly. "Hopefully it won't be something you can't live without, like the heart or a lung." I said then sighed. "Then what's the point of paying without being able to use the power granted?" Sombra pointed out. I shrugged. "What if it takes your sanity?" I wonder aloud. "Why would anyone want another pony's sanity? It's pointless." He said as he chuckled. I pushed against him. "Are you making fun of me for thinking?" I pouted. He laughed, "You've probably thought of stupider things then that." He said as he pushed back. I stood up towering over him as he sat. He too stood up, little over a foot taller than me. He playfully pushed me over on the grass. I flipped, laying on my back and held a hoof out for him to help me get up. He took my hoof and I dragged him to the ground beside me. We laughed for a minute before both standing up. "Race you to the river!" I said as I pointed to a nearby river at the edge of camp. "Ok! But I'll beat you for sure." He said with a grin on his face. "Ok... Ready, Set-" I began. But before I said go, Sombra took off, heading straight for the river. I quickly started running, trying to catch up. But right before I made it to the river, he won. He held one hoof right above the grass, I tried to stop but I was going to fast. I tripped over his hoof and fell into the shallow river. He started laughing really hard, pointing a hoof at me. Angered, I pulled him into the river too. Laughing at his shocked face. While I was trying to stop laughing because my cheeks started to hurt, he made a huge splash right at my face with his hooves. One moment with a blank face and the next making a even big splash going right to him. After awhile of playing in the water, we dragged our selfs out of the water and on to the grassy bank. Falling asleep with our two back hooves being lapped at by the water and with one of other top two, holding each others hooves as we slept. Day 7. We set out for the cave where the power source is located. After an hour of walking, we came to a deep cave. Using magic, Sombra lit the deep damp cave as we walked deeper in. After navigating through the cave we came to a large cavern with high ceilings. Inside the dome room was a crystal clear pool, we all kneed down at the edge of the pool. Wind coming out of nowhere whispered in our ears. Instructing us to drink from the pool to gain its power. "I'll be the on to pay the price for the power" Sombra said to us. We stood up and took a few steps back. Sombra drank from the clear pool, he slumped unconscious. The pool that lit up the room with a u worldly glow went dark, the room was consumed with darkness. For about ten minutes the room was silent. Sombra came to, but with a dark pressure about him. "Ready?" He asked while looking at us. His voice didn't change. Neither did his appearance by much. "Yep!" I replied and started up the dark slope to the surface. When we got out into the sunlight i looked back at Sombra. Thankfully he still looked pretty much the same. For now I pushed aside any fears about the pool changing him. We went back to camp, tomorrow we take over the crystal city. At camp we made our plan to attack. We'd sneak into the castle in the middle of the night, kill the King and use Sombra's new power to knock all the guards unconscious. The rest of the night Sombra and I joked about what would happen to us after we that the city. "And I'll buy everyone a big mansion of their own!" Sombra joked as he pushed against me. "Then will will I get the biggest of them all?" I said as I pushed back. He laughed. "You can be my queen and live in the castle!" He said with a grin. I blushed, "Then I'd be honored to be your wife." I joked back. Wondering if he meant what he had said. I yawned and set my head on my hooves. Sombra did the same, with bodies leaning against each other and our heads side by side. We fell asleep. Day 7 Part 2. [italians] "Jump!" Sombra said with wide eyes. He took my hoof and we jumped from the flaming building and on to the ground. The building collapsed from under its self. An arrow whizzed passed us. We look back and there was a human behind us. The human notched another arrow. This time pointing it right for me, Sombra then stood in front of me blocking the humans view. The human fired the arrow and-[italians] I woke up and looked around, everyone was asleep. I looked beside me, empty. Where was Sombra? I rubbed the back of my head trying to wake up. I walked to the river where I found Sombra sitting on the bank. I sat besides him. "What's wrong?" I asked quietly. "Do you think I've changed?" He said has a fish swam by. "No. You look the same." I answered and changed sitting positions. "I feel all dark inside..." Sombra replied, still staring into the river at our hooves. "I wonder if there is take-backs on power" I wonder aloud. "Or..." He began. "Or what?" I asked. "I need a distraction." He finished, shifting his hooves. "What kind of distraction?" I asked, confused about what he meant. He was silent for a moment, then he turned his head to me. "You." He answered as he tilted my chin up and kissed me. After that the rest if the night was a blur of our faces pressed together. Day 8. I woke up to Sombra's face right in front of mine. I slowly untangled my hooves from his and sat at the edge of the river, splashing my face with water and collecting my scattered thoughts. For some reason my head was hurting, I rubbed head to force the pain to leave. Behind me I heard Sombra getting up, I trotted back over as Sombra was struggling to wake up. I rubbed his mane to bring him back from whatever dream he was having and back down to earth where we needed him today. "You awake?"I asked. "Mhm" he mumbled, he stumbled down by the river and splashed water onto himself. He walked up next to me. "Today is the day! You ready?" He asked positioning himself next to me. Ready when ever you are." I answered and we started back to the center of camp. The other ponies were already up and getting ready. A few minutes later we left camp, leaving the children hidden. With our hoods up we entered the city. Sombra and myself would face the King, then Sombra would knock all the guards unconscious. Par Parody and Music Melody would round them up. Moonlight Mist would tie up all the guards in the castle. We explored the city, we had time to kill till it turn night and we needed to know many different ways to get out of the city undetected if the plan didn't work out. **********************************************************************************************Night time swept across the land, we got into position. Sombra and I quietly entered the King's bed room. Trying to kill him in his sleep may not be honorable, but we weren't looking for glory. We were there for revenge, and we didn't care how we killed him. Sombra went to either side of the bed, just in case he tried to make a run for it. Sombra started to charge up the spell, right before he finished the King's eyes flew open. I grabbed for him, and held him down the best I could while he was wiggling around and trying to get my hoof off his mouth to call for help. Sombra used his spell to kill the King, guards came rushing in and I killed them with ease. I stood with my sword out ready to protect Sombra as he charged the next spell to knock out the guards. Three more waves of guards came in before the spell was ready. Sombra used the final spell, i looked out a window to see guards falling to the ground with Par Parody and Music Melody tying them up. We walked outside where we had all the guards tied up. "What now?" I asked looking toward the sleeping guards. "Brainwash them?" Moonlight Mist replied. "That is a good idea. We'll need the guards and we don't have many ponies to replace them with." Sombra answered, thinking what spell to use. The rest of us yawned. Sombra laughed."You guy can go to bed, I'll take care of the guards." He said looking up at the castle. I nodded at Sombra and behind me Music Melody cheered "Yay! Sleep!" The rest of us walked back to the castle leaving Sombra behind to solve our guard problem. Par Parody went back to the kids at camp. The rest of us went to our rooms. A few minutes after I got in bed I went right to sleep, awhile later I felt someone flop down next to me. Day 9. My father pushed Sombra out of the way and took the arrow to the side. Father fell to the ground, the human was ran over by a colt that charged at him. Sombra quickly went to his side. I followed him over. Father said something to Sombra, I couldn't hear it over the building by us collapsing. A few moments later we watched him die, helpless to stop his fate. Sombra looked around. "This way!" Sombra said over the roaring flames. We galloped from my father's dead body and into the forest under the cover of night. I slowly blinked, the sunlight from the window entering my eyes too fast. After a minute I looked around taking in what happened last night and us taking over the city. I stared up at the ceiling for a few minutes. Sombra shifted besides me and my stomach made a small growling noise. That was a signal to get up and eat. I slowly got off the giant bed and on to the floor careful to not make any noise. Thankfully Sombra left the door open when he came in last night, I got through the door without making a sound. In the kitchen there was no cooks, I though nothing of it and dug through the shelves. I had never seen so much food in my life, I started to drool a little. That Fat King ate well. A few minutes later I had a load of different breakfast-type foods before me. I had made big plate of pancakes and waffles with lots of different fruit and whipped cream. I looked at the plate. Something was missing a few seconds later it came to me, chocolate! I went back to the shelf where I last saw it. I found it and set it on the counter, looking for a spoon. I went back to the counter and the plate was gone. I looked around on the other counters to find it nowhere. I heard giggling. I sighed and looked behind the counter. I saw the three girls with their mouths full of my food and the plate half empty. They both pointed at Moonlight Mist. I went back to the counter to get the chocolate. When I came back they had food all over their faces. I set the chocolate and spoon in the floor next to them and went back to the stove to make some pancakes. After making a stack of pancakes with syrup, I set them on the table and returned to the kitchen for a glass of orange juice. As I set the glass on the table I saw Sombra stumbling down the stairs and sat at the table rubbing his head. I pushed the food his way, he gave me the "are you sure?" Look and I nodded and smiled. I went back to the kitchen and settled for toast and a bowl of fruit. After I finished Sombra was gone and the girls went to explore the city. I looked around the castle. I found a big library, billions of halls, bedrooms and bathrooms, a training room I'll come back too, some other rooms and a giant throne room. I found a nice bathroom and closed the door behind me. It had been to long since I had been clean. I took off my armor, my sheath and my pony tails that I threw away. After a nice and very, very long bath I walked out leaving everything in the bathroom. I'd be back for it. The food and warm bath made me feel sleepy. I slowly made my way back to the big bedroom. Sombra was already asleep. I crawled into bed and curled up beside him. Day 10. As soon as I saw sunlight, I hid under the covers. My long hair not in a pony tail was all messed up in my face. I clawed at my hair trying to keep order, but of course there is the static problem. It only made it worse, now my hair was doing its best to stretch as far as it can under the blankets. I threw the blankets off only to be greeted with cold air. I quickly dived for the blanket on the floor. After wrapping myself in the blanket, I did my best not to trip as I walked over to Sombra standing at the window. Looking down I saw ponies looking up at the castle. Probably wondering what happened to the King. I sat down and yawned. "Now that your going to be king, you might wanna have a coronation to make it known to the ponies." I said hoping to get him out of his trance. "What? Oh yes." He shuttered. He sat down and crawled with me under the covers and sat there and cuddled me. "What if the ponies ask about the old King?" He asked in a worried tone. I laughed softly. "Anyone can be better than that fat king" I replied. Then Dark Star appeared from the outside of the blanket. "They need you guys!" She squealed, then left the room. Sombra sighed. He went from under the covers and walked to the door. "You coming?" He asked as he turned around to look back at me. I ran quickly over, almost slipping over the covers from when I came out from under the blanket. We walked downstairs to the Throne room. Two servants came over a dragged Sombra out of the room. I went over to sit with the girls by the Throne. "Where are they taking him?" I asked as I looked over at the door. "We had his coronation set to today, they are getting him ready." Par Parody answered. We sat and talked for a few minutes before two more ponies walked in and towered over me. They dragged me away to the same door they dragged Sombra through. My eyes pleaded with them to help, but they just sat and laughed. "A queens gotta look her best!" Moonlight Mist yelled while laughing as the women dragged me out. Queen? I thought as they did my hair. Since when was I married? After hair was make up. Ya, no. Then of course the dresses, unlike with make up I couldn't get out of this one. Puffy, no. Frilly, no. Slimming? Better. Before I could look at myself in the mirror, the women pushed me through the door to Par Parody and Music Melody squealing. "What's the big deal? It's just a dress." Asked Moonlight Mist. Finally someone who felt my pain. Then we walked outside and up to the back of the stage. The girls disappeared. I yawned this was already a long day. Like me, Sombra was pushed back stage. "They don't have to push me for me too-" Sombra began, but stopped at the sight of me. I blushed, what was there to stare at? I personally didn't think I looked even close as good looking compared to other ponies. "Now presenting..." An announcer said on stage to the crowd below. We stood side by side waiting for the pony to announce our names. "King Sombra and Queen Rose!" The pony called. "Here we go!" Sombra said with a smile. Oh dear... I thought as we walked out on stage as the curtain rose up. Day 10 Part 2 After sitting on the Thrones on stage and having crowns out on our heads while being announced King and Queen. We were taken from the stage and pushed to the Throne room, where the girls had planned a party for after the coronation. A pony had walked up to me and introduced him self has Sand Surfer. And had many odd questions to ask me. "I congratulate you on becoming queen." He said bowing, then added. "I am Sand Surfer, I am a Secret Agent that worked for the King. And I have a few questions about what happened to him." He finished. "Ask away." I answered doing my best not to sound worried about him finding out that we had killed him. "When was the last time you saw the King?" He asked. "5 days ago if memory serves." I replied thinking back to the day we met with the King. Sand Surfer shook his head. "Ok lets cut to the chase, are you and the other ponies being held hostage?" He blurted out. I gave him a weird look like he was crazy. "It's ok. It's ok. You don't need to be afraid anymore, that's why I'm here. Just tell me the truth and then Everypony can go home happy." He said. "I have no idea what you are talking about." I replied now annoyed. "Ok, I'll just put it down has too scared to talk about." He said as he walked away writing down notes. Ya facehoofing it. Sombra walked over. "Who was he?" He asked looking over his shoulder. "A secret agent on to us." I answered rubbing my face hoping I'd never see the pony again. After the party I was in the bathroom of the big bedroom taking off my clothes and slowly undoing my "uff" hair. After spending an hour getting clean, I walked out of the bedroom and flopped onto the bed. I slowly clawed my way under the covers, and laid there half asleep. A little while later Sombra came in and laid besides me. "What are we going to do about the Agent? He'll stick his nose where it shouldn't be and find out what happened to the King." I mumbled. Burying my face into his neck, trying to forget about what would the Agents do if they found out that we murdered the King. Sombra put his hooves around me. "I'll send Moonlight Mist to check out the Agency tomorrow." He said quietly. "Mhm" I said as I fell asleep. **********************************************************************************************Meanwhile at the King's Agency... "Ok men." Sand Surfer said in front of his elite group of agents. "I suspect that the Queen, three mares and the children are hostages used by the new King so we can't attack head on." He said as he paced back and forth in front of the colts. "So, we'll remove the mares and children and bring them here under our protection, then we'll attack the castle and over throw the new King." Sand Surfer said while thinking about all the secret of passages that run thought the castle walls. "We'll move them tomorrow night, till then men I need you to watch the activity in the castle and report back if something odd happens." Sand Surfer finished and dismissed the agents. He thought back to the party that had happened a few hours before. The queen had looked very beautiful, and they weren't married so... There was still hope for him! He went back to his office to day dream of the day of their wedding day. Day 11. A knock on the door was a rude awaking, sliding out of Sombra's embrace, off of the bed and opened the door. To my display Sand Surfer stood in front of me. "Did I wake you up?" Sand Surfer asked trying to look innocence. I looked behind me, Sombra was still asleep. "No it's fine, did you need something?" I said as I stood straight up. "I just need to take a look around the castle for any clues." He replied trying to look into the bedroom behind me. "Of course, feel free to look in any room you want. I'm going to sleep for a little while longer." I said as he started looking around in the hall. "Mhm" is all I got back as I closed the door behind me. I sighed and rubbed my head, that'll get him off my case for a few hours. I climbed back into bed, the sun wasn't fully off the horizon. ********************************************************************************************** I woke up to yelling, trying to get up I fell off the bed. I looked up to see Sombra yelling at Sand Surfer who was standing by the door. "Get out!" Sombra growled as he stood in a fighting stance. "How dare you use-" Sand Surfer began as Sombra charged at him. Sand Surfer got out of the way just in time before Sombra almost slammed into him and skidded to a stop right before he hit the door. Sombra charged again, Sand Surfer jumps out of the way but Sombra couldn't stop in time and runs into the wall shaking the room. I gallop over to Sombra, after seeing no physical damage I looked over at Sand Surfer. He snickered as Sombra got to his hooves, Sombra tackled Sand Surfer. "This is your last warning, get out now!" Sombra yelled and lifted Sand Surfer with magic to the door. "I'll make you pay for this-" Sand Surfer began but Sombra interrupted him. "You go ahead and try." Sombra said and then slammed the door on his face. Sombra sat down in front of the door, I walked over and sat next to him. He pulled me into a embrace, for awhile we just sat there holding each other. The only sound was the ponies outside and some one walking by the door every so often. Eventually someone knocked on the door and said lunch was ready. "Eating will make us feel better!" I said trying to sound excited to cheer him up. Sombra stood up and smiled, which I could easily tell was forced. After we walked a few feet from the door Sombra's eyes shot wide open. "You go without me, I'll be right down!" He said in a hurry and ran back into the room. I walked downstairs to the dining room where the girls where sitting. "What was all that nose upstairs?" Par Parody asked eyeing a bowl of fruit next to me. "It's a long story." I replied passing the bowl to her. "Do you guys know of anyways to cheer Sombra up?"I asked as I put my head down on the table. "Sword fighting!" Answered Moonlight Mist as she waved her hoof around like a sword. "Not really what I was looking for." I said defeated. "How about a romantic night in bed?" Par Parody teased. I blushed really hard. "I meant during the day." I said eyeing a roll that magically appeared on my plate. "Could you past me a date?" Music Melody said pointing at one on a plate. "Music! You're a genius!" I yelled and galloped out of the room. "What about my date?" Music Melody asked the other ponies. I skidded in front of Sombra trying to slow down. "Sombra! Wanna go out?" I asked still trying to catch my breath. "Like... A date?" He replied. "Ya!" I said finally breathing normally again. "And we're waiting for?" Sombra asked as he turned toward the other direction. "Nothing!" I replied as we headed to the big doors. Once we got outside I looked around for a cafe that I remembered the girls talking about, once there we ordered some food and talked for awhile. Then went to pay for the food before we left. Mean while when Red Rose is paying. Sombra sighed at repeatedly opened and closed the small jewelry box he had purchased a few days before. How hard could it be to say four simple words? Other colts did it, why couldn't he? Where other colts always this scared? That the pony they ask would say no? He had taken over a kingdom, so how could asking a question be so scary? There was a chance she would say no, what would happen to them then? What if she said yes? What would be after that? She was most definitely the pony he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. But does she feel the same way? There would be no other prefect time to ask then today. But what would be her answer? Day 11 Part 2. After we left the cafe we explored around the city, and a few hours later. "Do you wanna head down to the river?" Sombra asked pointing to a street that lead out of the city. "Sure!" I replied as I looked at the setting sun. We walked to past the clearing and down to the river bank. I looked down at my reflection in the water, behind me Sombra was acting strange. "What's wrong?" I asked with concern. "Ok... Here we go." He muttered as he took out a small black box. A little black box means... I thought trying to hide a big smile on my face. "Will you marry me?" Sombra asked opening the box. I pounced on him while yelling yes as loud as I could, then we ended up rolling into the river. We climbed our way back on the shore laughing, and walked back to the castle. When we got back every pony was finished with dinner, we headed to the library to look thought the books. An hour later it turned dark. "I'm turning in for the night, what about you?" Asked Sombra as he walked to the door. "You go on head, I won't be much longer." I replied as I flipped the page in a book. Sombra shrugged and walked out. After finishing three books about the last King and his "deeds" I heard hoof steps and ponies talking quietly pasting the door. I silently poked my head into the hallway. Empty, I come out fully and follow the quiet whispers. I saw them dragging ponies out of their rooms, I did a head count. Twenty big colts, I couldn't take them all on by myself. I turned around to go get help, and behind me was a big pony. The next thing I saw was darkness. Day 12. My head was pounding when I woke up. I looked around, everyone was in a cell. Moonlight Mist was banging on her cell door, Music Melody was turning her head in circles and Par Parody was trying to pic the lock. The kids whining and crying, we heard hoof steps coming down the stairs. Sand Surfer came down the steps and took a look around the room. Of course, if anything strange happens we can always blame it on him. I thought to myself. "Mares and Gentlecolts, I apologize for bring you here but we needed to get you to safety because the castle is under attack." Said Sand Surfer, standing tall as to show what he said is important. "Then why in the world are we in cells?" Moonlight Mist yelled. "We have the guards taking care of the murder of the king, and you are here so you can't be taking hostage." Sand Surfer answered trying to get Moonlight Mist to stop asking questions. "That dirty piece of s-" Par Parody began, then covered her mouth. Sand Surfer gave her a weird look then continued. "You will be released soon, now if you excuse me." He said walking up stairs. "You know, I just noticed the key on the desk." Music Melody squeaked as she turned her head sideways. We all turned our head to the desk, Par Parody picked up the key using magic unlocking our cell doors. "That was stupid of them." Replied Moonlight Mist. "Well it's because of how stupid they are that got us out." Par Parody said back. We slowly crept upstairs and with no pony insight, we left the building. We galloped to the castle, inside we split up to check where the guards had gone. *CRASH* The castle shook, I galloped down the long corridor. Another crash came from nearby, I ran up to the Throne room and opened one of the tall doors. I was greeted by waves of dust, chunks of ceiling fell to the floor. I waved away the dust that was trying to escape the room. Looking around the crumbling room Sombra was firing balls of energy at Sand Surfer who was behind the Throne peeking out to fire back. After slowly crawling my way behind rocks when Sand Surfer wasn't firing I finally got to Sombra who was behind a large chunk of of wall firing whenever there wasn't something flying at his face. After shooting at Sand Surfer again Sombra turned to me, he quickly game a hug and then shot again at the Throne. Sand Surfer shot a ball of fire at the rock, Sombra put up a shield and the ball of fire bounced off and hit the wall behind us, showering us in dust and pieces of the wall. "Do you think you could do something to get him from behind the Throne?" Sombra asked putting down the shield. "I'll think of something." I replied coming out in to the open and picked up some rocks. I flew up and went to the side of the Throne. "Hey over here you idiot!" I called from above throwing rocks at his feet. He looked away from where Sombra was hiding and shot beams at me, dodging I threw more rocks. Sombra galloped out and Sand Surfer charged a spell, Sombra fired a ball of energy. But it was it was to late and everything went white, then black. I woke up in the dark, I could make out the walls of the room. I saw a hall way that lead out. After what felt like forever walking in the corridor I saw light ahead, I galloped out of the hallway and saw a large white room that never seemed to end. I looked behind me and the hall way had disappeared, when I had turned back around a tall white Alicorn had appeared she had Light Purple Hair, Butterfly Wings and Spiral Horn. "Where am I?" I asked looking at the white space around me. "Nowhere." A voice in my head had said. I could only guess that is how the pony talks to others. "And how did I get Nowhere?" I asked looking around for the nearest exit which I couldn't find. "You do not remember? You dead." The voice answered. Day 12 Part 2 Dead? Impossible. I never felt any pain before or after the white flash. Could it have been the white flash that had taken my life? Could I be killed so swiftly? "Fear not, it is a mistake that you are here. You have arrived at the gate of Heaven to soon." The voice said, I sighed heavily in relief. Gate of Heaven? There was nothing but white all around us. The Alicorn moved out of the way and before me was a Golden Gate. "It is time for you to go. My sister will show you the way out." The voice said as I turned around to find a smaller black Alicorn with black hair with blue streaks and a Vortex Cutie Mark waiting for me by the dark hallway that had once again appeared. I turned my head back to see if the larger Alicorn was still there. After seeing empty space I followed the black Alicorn back in to the dark corridor sloping down. At the end of the long tunnel I saw light, the black pony nodded and I proceeded. I opened my eyes to find myself in a large white room with beds in long rows on either sides. "She Lives!" Yelled Par Parody with the voice of the Doctor of Frankenstein. Everypony galloped over from a bed on the far side if the room. Sombra was about to give me a big hug but was stopped by Par Parody in mid air. "STOP!" She yelled in a firm voice, everypony backed away from the bed. "She has finally stop losing blood and I don't want anyone ruining my work!" She said trying to not sound threatening has she had before. We all watched as she slowly left the room. After the door had closed everypony asked a billion questions."What does Heaven look like?" Cried Moonlight Mist over everypony talking. "I never saw it!" I yelled back over the noise. "QUIET!" Music Melody shrieked over the ponies. For a minute the room was silent. "Geez guys one at a-" DarkStar began but stopped as Par Parody walked back in. "You guys are still in here? Out! Sombra your gonna be fine, just don't push yourself for a few days. Now out with you!" Par Parody growled as she walked over to another pony that was in a bed. "She doesn't have to be so bossy." Moonlight Mist muttered as they walked out of the room. Final Chapter A few Weeks later UGHHHHHHHHHH, for the billionth time today boredom strikes again. Moving the big stack of books aside that Sombra had brought in the day before I stood by the window. I quickly glanced at the clock, 1:54 in the morning. I don't think being this bored and lonely at the same time is healthy. Everypony except Par Parody is held in the Throne room working on something, and Par won't leave her room. No pony would let me see what their doing and tell me to go somewhere else. It's not fair, I wanna get in on this secret stuff! I sighed and looked out of the window and into the night. She didn't feel like sleeping, she would just wake up an hour later escaping from another nightmare. After a moment a flash came from the forest. Odd and it'll finally give me something to do. For the first time in weeks I unfolded my wings. Par said I couldn't fly till tomorrow, and the clock says its tomorrow. Climbing onto the window sill I flew to the ground. If I flew there I would have a chance of being seen, its saver to run. With all this noise I'm sure to go deaf. Sombra thought as they were putting the finishing touches on the stand. To much white for he taste but he didn't want to say anything when everypony was working so hard to get their wedding ready. It pained him to leave Red all alone, especially after the whole Sand Surfer thing. If only Par Parody had let him kill Sand-. Sombra shook his head. Dark thoughts were coming more and more often. He chuckled, he had other thing to think about to get them out of his mind. But... they still bothered him. He left the room, he had to check on Par Parody. She might be having one of her Fabric fits again. He opened the door, almost having his face hit with a roll of Fabric. This always happened back at their old Village, and BlackNight was always there to calm her down. But now... "I'm going need my face for still quite some time." Sombra said stepping over the Fabric thrown all over the place. "Sorry!" She cried, "But these Wedding Gown books don't do me any good!" She threw the books at the wall. "I'm just gonna let you be..." Sombra replied slowly and backed away to the door, closing it behind him. Sombra returned to the Throne room. He walked over and opened a window, he saw someone galloping in to the forest. He ran for the door. The cave? Red Rose sighed in defeat, there isn't anything in there! She saw a flash inside the cave. She followed the trail down to the room with the pool. She looked into the pool, nothing. Just as she had thought, nothing was ever do here. She turned around and- something grabbed her hind legs and pulled her into the pool, the pool wasn't shallow like last time. She had gotten 1/3 out of the pool then pulled down again. Sombra raced in and tried to pull her out. "Som-" then another pull and she was dragged into the water. And it all went dark. Sombra jumped into the now shallow pool, he dug with his hooves to reopen the hole. Something was behind him, he turned to see a dark cloud floating. "Now... About our agreement." It said with a evil smile. This was written like writing in a journal, chapters in days hoped u like! Gonna start writing da sequel called Phantom Earth. Please tell me what u think!