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Found 5780 results

  1. I know that lots of ponies are here from the 3DSForums, so why not start a 3DS thread? Share news and stories about the 3DS here!
  2. Out of every sonic game that was ever made including Sonic 06 :/ What is your favourite sonic game? Or favourite sonic games? for me, My favourite sonic games would have to be: Sonic heroes Sonic Generations
  3. (We've seen a bunch of strange magical creatures in the poniverse; the manticore, the cockatrice, the hydra, the chimera, the orthros, the bugbear, the slingtail, the bunyip... I'm sure I'm missing some! The list is endless when it comes to magical creatures on MLP. And some of these creatures can be quite fiercer than the rest. It got me thinking of what if monsters or creatures we see in some Final Fantasy titles would exist in Equestria or other surrounding lands? What's your opinion? Would some Final Fantasy creatures be found in the pony world? If so, what environment would it take place? Is it dangerous? Let me know what you think!)
  4. Now it's the new game from Animal Crossing series has arrived. Perhaps some of you people can discuss what your island is like once it's finished. Go ahead don't be shy. Update 3/21/20: New stuff I discovered in the game that could never be done in earlier games (never play Pocket camp so I might be mistaken) is inside this box. I covered them to prevent people from casually being spoiled Any further new discoveries that I believe are new to New Horizons shall be spoiled covered so that readers who want to discover for themselves Update 7/30/20 Attention, all NEW HORIZONS players. the ability to turn your Island into a dream and visit other people's dream island is now available to those who updated to the lastest version today. Once you receive a letter from Luna, hop into any bed. When you turn your Island into a Dream, you're given a dream address that's different Everytime you upload a new version. You can share your dream address here in this topic like you do with Dodo codes. As a courtesy to people, please use the spoiler button (the eye icon) from the editing tools
  5. (We've seen a bunch of strange magical creatures in the poniverse; the manticore, the cockatrice, the hydra, the chimera, the orthros, the bugbear, the slingtail, the bunyip... I'm sure I'm missing some! The list is endless when it comes to magical creatures on MLP. And some of these creatures can be quite fiercer than the rest. It got me thinking of what if monsters or creatures we see in some Final Fantasy titles would exist in Equestria or other surrounding lands? What's your opinion? Would some Final Fantasy creatures be found in the pony world? If so, what environment would it take place? Is it dangerous? Let me know what you think!) (This has been reposted because no one must've seen this the first time around...)
  6. Her original classic design from Sonic CD? Or her current design?
  7. Games like DOOM, Hotline Miami, God of War, Mortal Combat, Prototype, etc, what do you think of them? Personally, I'm very soft in life, but when it comes to games, oh boy, I love ultra-violence. It's so satisfying for some reason But within tasteful limits of course, I'm not a fan of Manhunt or Hatred
  8. What are your guys thoughts on Hotline miami? I personally think its amazing.
  9. Share your opinions that could shatter the earth with it's controversial-ness. I for one think that Bethesda should make Fallout their flagship series rather than Elder Scrolls. I find TES's world too generic and Tolkien-like. While Fallout's is a nuclear wasteland stuck in the 1950's, full of quirky people and an overly cheerful tone. Now share yours, rustle mah jimmies!
  10. This is your discussion thread for The Legend of Zelda. Post memes, Talk about the latest games, debate the timeline, and post tips and discoveries. If there is a game point you wanna talk about. make sure you do this: SPOILER Theres a women that will yell at you if you step on her flowers in breath of the wild. Have fun and may the triforce be with you.(inb4 thread gets closed)
  11. For those of you who don't know, especially Steam gives away TONS of titles for free in order for making it more comfortable for people to stay home. I will update here regularly. -> Sale ends 4/2/2020 at 5:00 PM I also posted these before:
  12. Microsoft bought ZeniMax for $7.5 BILLION. To put that in perspective, that's $.5 billion less than what Disney paid for to buy Marvel and Lucasfilm COMBINED.
  13. Anyone seen Equestria At War which is a mod for Hearts of Iron 4? A couple of my friends discovered it and thought it'd be a great way to finally get me to play Hearts of Iron (It was). The depth it goes into is insane! and I'm honestly surprised it's never been talked about on here. If you don't know what Hearts of Iron is then it's basically a grand strategy where you play as a nation and "basically" try to take over the world. The base game is set within World War 2 so you have a choice of many "fun" nations. Equestria At War changes the entire map and adds a bunch of nations such as Equestria, Crystal Empire, The Changling Lands, Stalliongard (yes, I know..), and many many more. There are a lot of made up nations as well to fill in the gaps that tend to involve the other races within MLP such as Griffins and Dragons. All these nations have their own goals and events that can take place. I think the Equestria, The Crystal Empire, and the Changling lands are the most developed in terms of events that they can get but I could be wrong. Examples of events being that you can play as Sombra and have him take over the Crystal Empire, or have Nightmare Moon or even Dawnbreaker form the Luna Empire or the Solar Empire respectively. I think the best thing about it really is just the insane things that can happen within what is meant to be the MLP Universe. It's really not as "cutesy" and calm as you'd likely think. Not sure how many people have heard about this mod but I thought I'd try to bring some more awareness to it as it's honestly super impressive for a fan project about ponies going to war xD
  14. Well for all of us horror game fans What game has scared youthe most I'd put these ones in my list: LSD: Dream Emulator - I'm too scared to even go near this one 4th Wall - The ending of this game gave me such a scare Exmortis - This game as well had the jumpscares Eastern Mind - It's quite similar to LSD so I'm not going anywhere near it and it's a hard to find game so to get a copy of it, would cost 100$ so that's a no and The Least scariest ones: Slender - It was just plain boring SCP: Containment Breach - I've been reading the SCP documents since before this game was developed so I'm too used to it, and it was quite repetitive SCP-087B - Even more repetitive than Containment Breach and it did get kind of boring, I'll give it a thumbs up for good background music, but nothing more than that Amnesia: The Dark Descent - Very repetitive and the Amnesia monster doesn't even look that scary at all
  15. I knew it's been a week since the announcement but I wanted to make a topic where we can discuss the stuff featured in Super Mario 35th anniversary. What upcoming stuff in this video are you looking forward to? Do you have any fond memories of playing these games in the past? What do you think of the new ideas like Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit and the special Super Mario 35 Vs. as I call that one where you play against 34 other players? How about some of the Mario themed merchandise that'll be coming out, or Mario themed items coming to Animal Crossing New Horizons Don't forget to check out Eren's topic on Super Mario 3D World+ coming next year
  16. The Title says it all Whats your favourite strategy game or games? For me it would have to be... Age of empires 1,2 I love Age of empires and i have for years, still play it now but the first and second one are the best , I don't really like the third one since to me it does not feel like a true age of empires game
  17. I have just downloaded Team fortress 2 and i have clicked play but all it does is show a black screen and then goes back to steam and it does it ever time I have played Team fortress 2 before and it did work I don't really want to install it again because it took ages How do i fix this problem?
  18. Lets say when you feel really down on a rainy day, all of a sudden, a dark figure confronts you and gives you evil powers, you can keep them if you destroy that dark figures worst enemy (the hero of the video game). The game would be platforming or fighting (no RPGs). Questions are: 1.) What would your boss theme be? (can be from any game) 2.) What would your special power or theme be? (ex: ground, wind, control of the undead, speed, ect.) 3.) What would your weakness, blind spot or weak spot be? 4.) What kind of boss battle would you be, what attacks would you have? (ex: like would you be bouncing off the walls, being really cheap and attacking from the distance or have a huge killer attack you charge) 5.) Where would you fight the hero you are tying to beat. I think my abilities or theme would be signal or wave stuff (satellites and wire lines), I would be one of those bosses that try to keep distance (jumping over them and running) then shoot a beam at them then zip into them at top speed (yeah i would be the super cheap one). My weakness would probably be water and my blind spot would be my face maybe (how easy to guess). When I get up close to fight with fists the hero could easily attack me. My stage would be the top of a Las Vegas casino or a huge skyscraper (I like city lights). Although I would NOT be in a zombie game (never really liked them) this boss theme would be good, describe how jealous and angry I can get.
  19. I'm curious if anyone else is pumped for Fallout 4 too. What else is everyone looking forward to? It can be on any platform and it doesn't matter what, as long as it hasn't come out yet
  20. The title says it all. Post your favorite quote from either a movie, game, or a tv series. Mine: "Never make a girl a promise......if you know you can't keep it." - Cortana, Halo Series
  21. I am honestly surprised this didn't happen sooner considering that the Switch has been dominating everything but this is a sad day for me. Nintendo has officially ended production on 3DS units. The 3DS is one of my favorite systems of all time and I have wonderful memories with that little unit. Did any of you own a 3DS or 2DS as well? If so, what was your first system in the lineup? What was some of your favorite aspects of the system? Favorite games? Let's discuss good memories of the 3DS system. This was my first 3DS, the XL. I remember it so vividly. It was summer of 2013. Animal Crossing New Leaf had just launched. I wanted to play it so badly but I never owned a 3DS. So I find a great deal on a used unit and I sold my Vita to get it. In the end I am very glad that I did. The next day I downloaded New Leaf and I adored it. I would ocntinue to get more games after that of course Possibly my favorite overall aspect of the system was the UI. For my money, Nintendo has always been the master of making wonder UI's for their systems, starting with the Wii. The 3DS was certainly no different in this regard. The UI is pleasant to look at and has wonderful, relaxing music to accompany it. It is very clean and organized perfectly. That's not even considering the countless themes they made for the UI! Those were a wonderful addition as well. Another great part of the UI was the eShop. The eShop has been my favorite storefront in gaming for a while and that's simply because of the charm and the wonderful music. Hearing one particular track now floods my mind with memories. The Nintendo DS compatibility was also very nice to have. Some of my favorite games: Animal Crossing New Leaf, Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon, Retro City Rampage, Ocarina of Time 3D, and countless Virtual Console games.
  22. Just when I thought Super Mario 35 anniversary news was going to be the high point of good news in 2020, this was announced earlier today. I am very excited about this game but what are your guys thoughts on it?
  23. I just find it boring, unfunny and the characters have no personality.
  24. I go back into the 90s so the first game i ever played was sonic 3 for Sega genesis at the time i loved that game looking back now its a little meh cuz i played it a thousand times lol