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Found 5642 results

  1. It has now begun, fellow trainers. The official trailer for Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield has been revealed. I'm so happy to see that Gen 8 has finally been announced. The Galar Region looks pretty interesting with beautiful scenery and cities. The graphics look absolutely breathtaking when seeing said graphics on the Switch. I don't know what the region is based off of, but I'm looking forward to visiting the Galar region. Along with that, we've been given some new starters to choose from. Each one looks really cute and interesting to have as a starter. The direct didn't specify how many Pokemon will be included in Generation 8, but I hope we'll get a decent amount. I remember seeing some Pokemon from past generations in the trailer. So, hopefully we'll have a great balance of old and new Pokemon when playing Sword and Shield. What are you overall thoughts of the trailer and game in general? Which starter are you going to take along with you on your journey? Are you hyped and wish to have the game right now!? Also, do you think there will be mega evolutions, Z-Moves and potentially any new types introduced? Please share your thoughts, discussion and theories. Speaking of the trailer, here's the trailer and please enjoy.
  2. I thought I made this thread before, but apparently not. So, here it is! There is a recent purchases thread in general discussion, but this will be specifically for anything gaming related. ^__^ So if you have bought anything that is in the category of gaming, share it here! I will say this one now, tomorrow I will be buying the Attack on Titan game for Xbox One, since I cannot pre-order it. Really looking forward to it. :3
  3. Kinda surprised this wasn't reported on sooner. So yeah, over the past week, Blizzard has faced harsh criticism for suspending one of their pro players, Blitzchung, for a year and stripping him of his earnings, all because he spoke out about supporting the Hong Kong protests. And while any punishment would've been bad, the extensive nature of the punishment was what got people riled up. Adding fuel to the fire was when several college players showed their support for the protest, but were not punished in any way, showing blatant hypocrisy on Blizzards part. And speaking of hypocrisy, their US social media posts talk about keeping attention on the game and not political views, but their Chinese social media denounces Blitzchung, talks about what punishments were issued and how they'll defend the pride and honor of the nation. The official response from Blizzard has not eased things in any way, most notably for lacking any apologies and still defending their hard line stance and dismissing the notion that China had any input what so ever. Not only has the official response been rejected by fans and players but also by Blizzard staff, who have taken to walk out protests and covering up artistic plaques at their headquarters, specifically the ones preaching the core values of "Thinking Globally" and "Every Voice Matters." It's gonna be interesting to see how Blizzcon goes this year and how the company share holders will react to both the bad press and the spike in players cancelling their accounts. But what are your thoughts on the issue?
  4. Google is making a new gaming service. Will you get one?
  5. Racing game photography is a very specific kind of photography imo. i'll start
  6. I'm talking metagaming. Do you do it? I don't particularly like the idea of metagaming, since I feel like its taking advantage of out-of-character knowledge--namely EVs, IVs, and breeding. I feel like it kind of takes the fun out of the game, too, if everyone has the same, perfect team. I've never played against anyone online for this reason, and because I'm afraid it'd just be a waste of time. I have a style of playing, and I don't think I'd stand a chance against graduates from Smogon academy. I'd like to know what you guys think, though. Am I in the minority here? Or do you agree with me? What's your opinion on meta-gaming in general?
  7. This is really happening, the Playstation 5 has finally been 100% confirmed without a shadow of a doubt. AND IT'S GOING TO BE BACKWARDS COMPATIBLE WITH THE PS4. SONY ACTUALLY GETS THAT BACKWARDS COMPATIBILITY IS NOT DEAD WOO HOO.
  8. Round 1 FIGHT! Or, you know, thread activate. Yes, fighting games. A genre that I personally do not have a massive love towards. There are many people out there that are pure fighting game fanatics but I am not one of them. Even still, there are soooooo many fighting games that there are some that I really, really enjoy and can even be considered some of my favorite games ever. So with so many of these games to choose form, let's pick our favorites! What your favorite games in the fighting genre? My favorites are as follows: 1). Virtua Fighter 5: Possibly the greatest 3D fighter of all time. 2). Super Smash Bros 4. Fun, accessible, chaotic yet nerve-wrackingly precise, this is easily one of the most fun fighting series out there. 3. Bloody Roar 2. It is a shame that Activision buried this franchise because the first 2 were really solid games. Unique mechanics and a decently fun engine made this one stand out for me. I was very close to putting the original Killer Instinct on here but honestly, looking back, that game pretty much ran on one gimmick and it hasn't aged well at all.
  9. Try from the below .the last of us .sunset overdrive .just cause 2 .other
  10. Hi, I'm wondering does anypony on here play Pokemon Showdown?
  11. Hey, everypony. ^^ I hope I'm not the only one here who's heard of's infamous series: For those who know what I'm talking about, sweet! ^^ For those who may not, allow me to explain. ^^ Death Battle is a series where 2 characters from (usually) video games, have their "skills, weapons, and armor" completely analyzed by 2 awesome bros known as Wizard and Boomstick, to see who would win a fight. It's actually a really awesome series, I would highly recommend it to those who haven't watched it. ^^ Death Battle has answered some of the most common asked questions to "who would win a fight between x and x?" Some of their most infamous battles have been: Goku VS Superman Mario VS Sonic Spider-Man VS Batman and just for us Bronies Starscream VS Rainbow Dash This series is really cool, and I think there's some serious discussion behind all this. ^^ Today, they have just released their newest Death Battle: Luigi VS Tails Now, take these with a grain of salt, because there's a lot more battles then these I've just named. ^^ For those who have already seen the videos and wish to discuss, I ask that you keep spoiling parts under spoiler tags. Oh, and did I mention that they animate a fight at the end of the videos? Very cool! ^^ So, that's about it. ^^" I'm not entirely sure where to start discussion besides saying that today's Luigi VS Tails battle was amazing! ^^ Has anyone else seen it yet? ^^
  12. This series is probably my second favorite video game series ever and I've played and loved every single game! My favorite of the series is Odyssey right now, but Brotherhood, Black Flag, Origins and III are also favorites of mine! All of the historic backgrounds helps make the series a lot more interesting too! And while it is fun to leap from a pyramid or tower and plummet onto the unlucky souls beneath you, getting to learn all about these unexplored time periods is very fascinating!
  13. The title says it all. Post your favorite quote from either a movie, game, or a tv series. Mine: "Never make a girl a promise......if you know you can't keep it." - Cortana, Halo Series
  14. So, it seems like even the Switch Lite is experiencing joy-con drift. Are there any Switch owners on here who have experienced it too? Thoughts?
  15. I just picked up the Mega Man and Mega Man X Legacy collections for the PS4 and I also got Mega Man 11 too! How many of you are fans of this series?
  16. I'm getting the Castlevania Anniversary Collection next week and it includes the first 4 Castlevania games, two Game Boy games and a Game Boy Color game! I've seen and heard a lot about this series and the Bloodstained games, which is kinda the spiritual successor to Castlevania, are pretty good games! What does everyone else think?
  17. Since there is a thread for cartoon crushes, I have decided to make a thread for video game crushes. Oh god why the fuck did I think this was a good idea? Anyway, post and vidya game characters you have a crush on.
  18. Bad news for fans of the Mario & Luigi series. Long time developers, AlphaDream have filed for bankruptcy.
  19. Quite recently, a particular game has been stirring up conversation in various forums and posting websites. 'Sonic Dreams Collection' is not an official Sega game, it does however, seem to be a silly parody game on the surface. The game does go into weird fetishes that the sonic fandom has, and has implications of 'shipping' and 'vore', but it has no real nudity or bad stuff. However, this game has a deeper and darker side to it. Past the stupid stuff, it has a much more to offer. Past this line has spoilers to the game. ----------------------- ( •ω•) -Rogue
  20. Pretty self-explanatory, I think. With the release of Smash Bros. Ultimate, Nintendo has revealed that they will be introducing 5 new DLC characters over the course of 2019, with one of these having already been revealed as none other than Joker from Persona 5, so who do you want to be amongst the other five? Keep in mind that all characters in Smash Bros were Video Game characters before they were adapted into other media, so sad to say I highly doubt we'll ever get Goku or Superman. All characters also are connected to a series that has been playable on a Nintendo Console at some point, though Joker seems to break this rule outside of a small theory I have that it's still Nintendo related since it's a spin-off of Shin Megami Tensei, which has been available on Nintendo Consoles before. Characters who appear as Assist Trophies are also out, so sadly no Waluigi either. Some characters I want to see include: - Solaire (Dark Souls) - Django, the Solar Boy (Boktai Series) - Blaziken (Pokemon) - Crono (Chrono Trigger) - Mia (Golden Sun) - Kain Highwind (FF4) - Sora (Kingdom Hearts)
  21. So its been forever since i posted my very own topic on here but for someone that is as big of halo fan as me its just hard to contain myself! Anywho, im just curious how many halo fans are out there and if there are indeed quite a few what are your expectations for the MCC and the new game infinite thats coming to pc? Personally Im WAY overhyped and I think halo infinite could either be the best or the worst halo game to come by in a long time! Anyway feel free to share your thoughts or theories on the matter and lets all get geared up for the "great journey" ^^
  22. Share your opinions that could shatter the earth with it's controversial-ness. I for one think that Bethesda should make Fallout their flagship series rather than Elder Scrolls. I find TES's world too generic and Tolkien-like. While Fallout's is a nuclear wasteland stuck in the 1950's, full of quirky people and an overly cheerful tone. Now share yours, rustle mah jimmies!
  23. Classic WoW will be released in a little less than two weeks. Is anyone else hyped? Slower leveling and a greater feeling of progression with the talent trees. No cross realms so if someone ganks you it’s entirely possible to find them later and get revenge, as well as the return of personal reputations on your server. Dat Barrens chat, boi. If you’re playing, what class/race combo? What server? We’re finally going home frens.
  24. sooo its getting closer to the end of this generation of gaming and figured why not have a small competition so what console you guys prefer? ps4 pro or xbox one x ?
  25. Tell everyone about your computer (or computers, if you use more than one)! What model is it and what OS does it run? Myself, I work from two laptops: an HP Pavilion dv6-3170ca for school, and an HP EliteBook 8740w for home (mostly) - both run Windows 7 x64. Here's the smaller one: Specs: Intel i5 2.2 GHz Dual Core w/ Hyper-Threading (up to 2.8 GHz w/ TurboBoost) integrated graphics 4 GB DDR3 RAM 500 GB 7200 RPM hard drive 15" glossy screen (1366x768x24) fingerprint reader Blu-ray drive (read-only) And the larger: Specs: Intel i7 1.7 GHz Quad Core w/ Hyper-Threading (up to 3.06 GHz w/ TurboBoost) NVIDIA Quadro 5000M GPU w/ 2 GB GDDR5 VRAM 8 GB DDR3 RAM (high speed - 1333 MHz!) 500 GB 7200 RPM hard drive 17" 1.07 billion-colour matte screen (1920x1200x30) fingerprint reader backlit, spillproof keyboard Both are beautiful computers and serve me really well. I use the dv6 for school because it wasn't a very expensive computer and has great battery life, and the EliteBook is my awesome gaming/do-it-all machine.