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Found 5692 results

  1. This topic may contains spoilers to the new game. Please use discretion Now it's the new game from Animal Crossing series has arrived. Perhaps some of you people can discuss what your island is like once it's finished. Go ahead don't be shy. Update 3/21/20: New stuff I discovered in the game that could never be done in earlier games (never play Pocket camp so I might be mistaken) is inside this box. I covered them to prevent people from casually being spoiled Any further new discoveries that I believe are new to New Horizons shall be spoiled covered so that readers who want to discover for themselves As a courtesy to people, please use the spoiler button (the eye icon) from the editing tools
  2. Iv been called a loser in the past because I enjoy video games Does liking video games actually make someone a loser? "OH, you like video games? That just means your not going to be anybody, ever. What a loser!" - random person "Youre just a freak! And you have no friends!" - random person
  3. For those of you who don't know, especially Steam gives away TONS of titles for free in order for making it more comfortable for people to stay home. I will update here regularly. -> Sale ends 4/2/2020 at 5:00 PM I also posted these before:
  4. Metropolis Zone, UGH. The level was a real pain in the ass to beat. Metropolis Zone has many things that make it hard: dangerous hazards, the fact that it is effin' infinite if you don't chose the one right path, weird gimmicks (running on corkscrews), massive levels, and 3 acts instead of two. But everyone who's been to that zone knows the real danger: THE ENEMIES. (the Slicer, Shellcracker, and Aestron). The enemy placement was horrible, Shellcrackers ambush and punch you off ledges you work hard to get up to, to get combo-ed by a hazard or Slicer. Slicers throw scythes at you that go very fast, and you see them at the last minute. Aestrons are in walls, so they can't be killed. Instead they explode when you get near them, releasing several spikes that fly everywhere in 5 different directions. The boss, is Eggman in his Egg-Mobile with several spheres that orbit him. You got to time exactly right to hit him, then he releases a clone from a sphere that bounces around to distract you. Because I'm generous here is the awesome music that plays in that level: I was just used to the ordinary, easy enemies that these guys threw me for a loop. Now, what is your hardest level to play?
  5. I have my ol' Sega Genesis set up next to my xbox, and I sometimes can't believe how much fun my friends and I are still having on that thing. At random times, we turn off Halo and switch the input. Turn on Sonic 2 or Dr. Robotnik's Mean-Bean-Machine and just... have fun. Sometimes we are even playing for hours without realizing it. There's just something about getting a "Tripple Yippee" that makes me feel as if I just performed a Sonic Rainboom. Or the satisfaction that randomly button mashing performs a "Finish Him" move. I don't care if you think Sega is crap. I love... *sunglasses* My Little Genesis. Do you guys have any fond memories of playing a Genesis? Or am I the only one who cares about such an old and outdated console? Update: Added a poll
  6. According to some reviews and the following video the Silent Hill HD Collection really screws up. Not everyone is graphics whores and cares about graphics but apparently this game has screwed up so much of the graphics, such as frequent framerate drops and even toning down the fog to the point things appear in front of you without actually appearing out of the fog, that Amazon has put the item under review and is almost refusing to sell it anymore. This video explains quite a few of the problems and while most are graphical and could possibly be easy to get over there's one particular problem I saw that I don't like and that's the hiccups where your character stops running. I'm not 100% certain if this was the game itself or just the person playing but it looks like something the game will pull on you. As it stands, I was gonna get the HD Collection but now I think I'm just gonna try to hunt down the PS2 versions so I don't have to have these hiccups. Plus there's no SH4 on the collection and that bummed me out from the beginning because I wanted to play them all.
  7. I ADORE a good lets play! I recently discovered a very funny, and really entertaining one names phycadellicsnake I was just wondering if anypony else watches let's plays, and if so, what are their names and what have they played?
  8. So, it is not long now until the release of DOOM Eternal. I am so hyped! I am a huge fan of DOOM 2016, especially the level design. I am hoping Eternal will make it better! Post anything related to the game in here!
  9. As some of you may know, Sonic the Hedgehog is my favorite video game series to date. I loved every game from Sonic 1 to Generations, I even loved the bad ones like 06, Shadow, and Black Knight. But due to SEGA's recent financial loss, they are looking to reboot the entire Sonic series. And, its taking alot of inspiration from Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure. This, to me, doesn't sound very good. But anyways, here is the list of the supposed changes to Sonic: SEGA and Sonic Team are looking to Monetize Sonic. Its gonna be a massive and total reboot. They are commited to the reboot. Speed, Platforming, and surreal environments are the same. Sonic and Eggman's rivalry will continue. Sonic and Eggman will get a massive makeover. Everything else (Yes, everything.) are seeing radical changes. Including Tails. New universe and characters. New gameplay and gimmicks. New engine. No concern of photo realism, Might be Like Burnout Paradise. Zones return as massive levels with a bunch of missions. Could have models/figures for collection to target the young audience. Also used to unlock special features in-game. New cartoon series is thought of. Classic characters are DLC. From my impressions, most of it doesn't sound good. With the new universe, and ideas from other games, I just think it won't be such a good idea. Also, about the makeovers, I think that Sonic and Eggman will look ridiculous. Granted, that may be because I am thinking of Skylanders, but still... I also like the fact they are having figures (Because I like to collect those) and a cartoon show (Maybe), but, I hope they don't focus to little on the game itself, and just make a bunch of figurines to collect. I have the feeling the gameplay will be radically changed as well, and not for the better. If SEGA is inspired by Skylanders and Burnout Paradise, I think its a bad idea to take those ideas, and put them into Sonic. Don't get me wrong, I am welcome to change, and I like change, but it doesn't seem like it fits. In short: I think it won't turn out so well because of the radical change and ideas from said games. What is your opinion on this?
  10. Is Shadow the Hedgehog really a hero, or is he a villain? Or is he something else entirely? Personally, I feel he's his own hedgehog, doing what he believes to be right. He saved the planet after trying to destroy it, he saved it again from aliens by following his own heart.
  11. The Spartan Laser in Halo Reach gives me such nostalgia of the trophy gun from S.S.B.B. They seem similar once you think about it.
  12. My god. This is the most entertaining thing I've come across in a long time.'s_Game_of_Life It's this little "game" on a grid. Points on the grid are "cells", which can live, die, and reproduce according to how many adjacent cells there are, called "neighbors". There are a multitude of programs that allow you to do it. You put down some points, in a pattern, or just randomly, and then watch as the patterns grow, evolve, change, and disintegrate. I understand this is a pretty niche form of entertainment, but I guess I'm part of it, because I bought a .99 cent app called underscore life, which let's you create all kinds of patterns, rules and other stuff, and an hour and a half went by before I even realized it. Anyway, there is plenty of freeware for PC, Linux, and Mac that's made for CGoL, so go find some and play it Bump for great justice.
  13. So a little while back my xbox 360 got red ring. I dealt with it for 3 months. My friend was all like "I have an old 360 you can have." so I got really excited. I kissed his lips, man. And I get the console and it works without any problems until I buy a game. All of a sudden, I turn it on and it's static and an odd screen pattern. It sucks. I got my hopes up and now I am sad.
  14. Hey guys got any good suggestions for games for my PC that has ATI X1270 and Xbox 360 and Nintendo 64 and Wii and the PSP?? PLZ REPLY!! And im wondering if these games will run on my Ati X1270, F.E.A.R. 2 Project Origin, GOW(Gears Of War), Shadowrun and also the Crysis Maximum Edition. AND NO STUPID ANSWERS THAT IT WILL NOT RUN AND I WANT TO KNOW WHAT IT WILL LOOK LIKE WHEN I PLAY IT!
  15. Here's a hilarious video I found of Fluttershy being a dragon in Skyrim:
  16. I understand if some people are reluctant to be playing games that aren’t really suitable for children based on language and fighting, or if they’re JRPG games, but this morning we finally had the first Nintendo Direct in half a year. The first thing shown off was Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition. This is a game I’ve really been looking forward to because it’s a high definition remake of my absolute favorite game of all time that came out for the Wii in 2012. The new improved version of the game is currently set to release on May 29th of 2020, but is subject to being pushed back if the COVID 19 pandemic doesn’t die down by then. Xenoblade Chronicles is an intellectual property owned by Monolith Soft, a former subsidiary of Bandai Namco games that was sold in its entirety to Nintendo in the year 2007. To be honest I never played the game until 2014 when the main protagonist Shulk was added to Super Smash Bros for the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. Another driving factor to me playing the game was the promotion by notable YouTube personality Emile Rosales Birou, aka Chuggaaconroy, who I’ve been subscribed to for nine years now. The game even gained two spiritual successors such as Xenoblade Chronicles X, a post apocalyptic game featuring the voice talents of Caitlin Glass, Bryce Papenbrook, DC Douglas, Matthew Mercer, Patrick Seitz, Cherami Leigh, Cassandra Lee Morris, Chris Cason, and Josh Grelle, also featuring the music talents of the famed composer for Attack on Titan Hiroyuki Sawano. Another spiritual successor worth noting is Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Here’s where massive spoilers come in. Open at your own risk. So what are everypony’s thoughts? Has anyone ever played Xenoblade Chronicles or the spiritual sequels? Feel free to comment.
  17. For me it's the Souls games. I'm without a doubt the worst player at these games. Granted I have beaten them. Demon's Souls and Dark Souls. But these are games I need to be clear minded to play, I also cannot play this game after having a bad day at work or something. I beat bosses like the Flamelurker without cheating and can level out great in the beginning. just have no patience or skill. Today in my new Dark Souls run. played 7 hours and beat asylum demon(obvious, I'm not a retard this guy's catatonically easy) Taraus Demon(no ladder trick) Capra Demon(****** dogs and camera) Gargoyles, without Solaire summoning Gaping Dragon(the 2nd boss I didn't die on) Got better at parrying, but still get killed. I just loves the games. The story, atmosphere and lore.. It's just an attractive series of games.
  18. I thought I made this thread before, but apparently not. So, here it is! There is a recent purchases thread in general discussion, but this will be specifically for anything gaming related. ^__^ So if you have bought anything that is in the category of gaming, share it here! I will say this one now, tomorrow I will be buying the Attack on Titan game for Xbox One, since I cannot pre-order it. Really looking forward to it. :3
  19. I figured I’d make a topic for this too. Even if my answer is incredibly embarrassing. It was Barney hide and seek for the Sega Genesis. I remember like years and years ago my oldest brother showed it to me again as a little joke, not in a mean way but in a playful teasing way. And I did play it for a bit. But what about you? What was the first video game you ever played. Was it something embarrassing like mine or something actually good. Seriously I’m still kind of ashamed to admit that it was my first because my GOD was that game terrible.
  20. Paper Mario is undoubtedly one of the most recognizable and loved Mario spin-off. Sadly, it has lost it’s way in recent years, with half-baked games that haven’t been received too well while at first it captivated with a more strategic JRPG gameplay and story of greater standard out of Mario games. I’ll leave some interesting videos on the matter
  21. To anyone that plays Ponytown do you have a favorite server? And do you have a favorite thing about that server? For Example I Usually go on Ponytown or Mystical Meadows but I sometimes go on Ashes Town My favorite server being Mystical Meadows.
  22. Ok, Quick Question here: If you like Nintendo, what is your favorite Title/series from Nintendo? Remember, you can list ANY title or series below, as long as it was an ACTUAL Nintendo game, not a Capcom, Sega, or any other brand name's game that was licensed for one of Nintendo's console, e.g. Street Fighter IV and Sonic Heroes. Especially not Sega, since they were Rivals in the 90's
  23. Well, since Skyrim, the fifth installment of The Elder Scrolls game came out today, it's only appropriate to make a thread on such. Feel free to talk about all things Elder Scrolls, not just Skyrim, but Oblivion and Morrowind as well!
  24. Recently, thanks to a certain outbreak, word has it that E3 this year will be cancelled. Given the last few years for E3, it feels like a convention that's on its last legs. And this cancellation could finally seal the fate of this long time expo...for good. This is in comparison to another convention I've been going to for a long time: The San Diego Comic-Con. Right now, that convention will be going on despite the outbreak. But with E3 going down for good, what are your thoughts on the sad end of the Electronic Entertainment Expo?
  25. Steams sales. The time when many buy games more because it is on sale than actually having any intention of playing them. In more recent years, I have not spent nearly as much on games because, at this point, I already have most games I have any bit of interest playing I have close to 300 games on Steam (actually fewer because some games are listed multiple times like "Game:Singleplayer" and "Game:Multiplayer", but leaving that aside for simplicity...). But of those, about 133 games I own have either never been installed or have less than 1 hour of total play time. How much of the games you own have you actually played?