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Found 8 results

  1. I know it's a reboot, but I wish the show acknowledges the character by using her name. (and personally, no Starlight Glimmer.) Maybe a totally new cast will be a great idea if they are not out of character archetypes (you know, the pillars, the student six....) It won't work if Butterfly Sprinkles or whoever the name is acts exactly like Pinkie Pie. People will recognize it. So that's one reason to use the mane six's names again. Character archetypes are limited, and so is the writers' imagination. I know G5 will lean towards the franchise's power and the past gen's success, but it's also a risk that people will compare them even more and G5 will live under the predecessor's shadow if all or most of the mane six inherits the past names. (I can already picture the memes about comparing the characters) And that's one reason not to use the mane six's names again. Will they do something like Boruto s**t? What do you think about what the members of G5 might be?
  2. So I found this video by chance and it has an actually really interesting idea for Gen 5... I doubt it'll end up anything like this but I'd love to see it! Thought ya'll might like to see it too~
  3. So I recently heard about gen 5, and I was shocked. I had known there were last generations, but I never thought of this one ending. I have set up a poll, asking your opinion. Feel free to explain your answer, and share any other thoughts of concern you might have about the next generation.
  4. So, from what we've seen so far, Lauren Faust (the original creator of Gen 4) will not be involved in Generation 5 of My Little Pony. You don't have to believe me; this is coming straight from the horse's mouth (no pun intended ). I suppose it's to be expected, Lauren left Hasbro on a pretty sour note, so I don't guess they would want to hire her again. Do you believe that this is a good thing? Will this be a nigh-death sentence for Gen 5? Will this really mean anything in the end? Feel free to speak you mind; just try to keep this civil!
  5. Heyo fellow pegasisters and bronies. Here is a discussion on the future of our beloved show and fandom. It was earlier this week when my close friend Kellie and I started talking about the show. She had told me that they already have plan on how to end gen 4 and start gen 5. I post the schedule of what should happen below and character concepts. So the we will still have elements of harmony, but as different species. Twilight is an earth pony, Fluttershy is unicorn, Pinkie is a Pegasus, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, and Applejack stay the same species; but this could easily change along with their designs. Personal I love applejack's design it's pretty. Tell me your thoughts, @WiccanAssassin
  6. I'm sure most of you are aware of the leaks from a month or two back, but I just found out today. One of the supposed leaks is concept art for the gen 5 mane 6. While it's not set in stone being years in the future and is obviously subject to change or may not even be legitimate it looks pretty official. What do you all think about it? They turned my Twilight into a Earth Pony! 😠 mlp
  7. I haven’t seen anything, I don’t really know anything that hasn’t been said in the EQD article.
  8. I personally found Black and White to be rather boring and aimed towards the younger crowd. I disliked this gen's Pokemon, but did not hate them. I didn't really like the region though. I believe Black and White 2 has potential. I don't know how but i feel as if it could turn out to actually be worth the $35? a DS/3DS game costs. Ideas?