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Found 691 results

  1. Having watched some meanwhile, this label strike me rather negatively than positively meanwhile. Note that netflix original can actually seemingly also refer to media that Netflix has the sole permission to stream and nobody else has. Some stuff I watched. Pro: Castlevania - But even this was of varied quality and immaturely strong language. Neutral: The Seven Deadly Sins Con: The Defenders (without having watched any other series before of them) The Wrong Missy Ghost in the Shell ZAC 245 (or something) -> Like WTF: This looks like it was done with Steam Film Maker!? Are your experiences with it in line with mine? I mean, it would make sense given there is likely a lower budget when you are producing for one media provider only and with limited number of customers...
  2. What do you dislike so much, your only recourse seems to be outright Fanon Discontinuity? For me, one example is Sombra's role in The Beginning Of The End... Strike 1: R.I.P., worldbuilding and development from the comics. Strike 2: No-nonsense, genre-savvy beast like before? Nope -- monologuey, overconfident stereotype. Strike 3: Little more than the KGBeast to Grogar's Amanda Waller.
  3. Could you say this would be fair comparison. In the end, who is lying, who is telling the truth? Media, internet, public figures, money in news, politics, racist money, crime, In reality, misunderstandings...makes you think?
  4. Lol what is your view on this video. I found it sort of inspiring.
  5. Let's be real here, we often talk about character redesigns that are terrible, especially with the ones after the dreaded "Cal Arts" style. But how about good ones, there's been some takes on certain characters that are not only good, but some could argue were a big improvement over the originals, some streamlined to some radically different what are some of your favorites? Megaman X's appearance in Command Mission has always been my favorite designs of him
  6. Shocking and heartbreaking news. Kobe Bryant has been confirmed to be killed in a helicopter crash.
  7. Man i missed this guy. What is your view on him?
  8. As you can probably tell by my username and avatar, I'm a Spider-Man fan. He's been my hero since I was a toddler. And one of the many reasons why I love Spidey is becasue of his rogue's gallery (Along with Batman, he has the best one). And with this post I'll be discussing my personal favorite villain of his (Who eventually became one of my favorite anti heroes), Venom. My first introduction to the character was when my mother gave me a DVD called Spider-Man The Venom Saga that contained all of the Venom focused episodes of the 90's Spider-Man cartoon. In that version, we see that Eddie Brock (Voiced by Hank Azaria actually) is a journalist who really hates Spider-Man and blames him for all of his problems and mistakes and lies about Spider-Man stealing an important rock from a crashed space shuttle. Eventually though, the truth comes out and he's fired and humiliated. Meanwhile, that rock contained a black alien symbiotie that bonded to Peter Parker/Spider-Man and increased his powers and gave him some new ones, but it also started to really change who he was and make him more aggressive and violent. He soon gets rid of it thanks to the loud sounds of a church bell, but the alien then bonds with Brock and turns him into a big, strong, monstrous looking creature. The symbiote also gives Eddie all of Spider-Man's knowledge and secrets and soon they dub themselves as Venom and try to torture Peter/Spidey as revenge. Why is Venom my favorite Spidey foe? Well besides the fact that he has one of the coolest designs I've ever seen, I think it's because of how truly dangerous he can be. Not only does he have similar powers to Spider-Man, he is stronger, he can bypass the Spider Sense, and he's one of the few villains who knows that Peter Parker and Spider-Man are one and the same. He knows all of Peter/Spidey's secrets and all the people he cares about. I also like how he has a dark, sadistic, and just sometimes weird sense of humor. But Venom isn't just a villain though. During the 90's he became more of an anti hero for awhile starting with Lethal Protector (Messy but fun 90's story) and continuing in Venom stories since (Including the 2018 Tom Hardy solo film) and I enjoy that as well. Even when he was a villain, he was never a complete and irredeemable psychopath (Other than maybe the Ultimate Comics version and Topher Grace's version from Spider-Man 3). He would sometimes protect innocent people or people he still cared about. He's still far from a goodie two shoes, but he can still deliver justice (Or at least his view of justice). There have been other characters besides Eddie Brock to bond with the symbiote and become Venom like Anne Weying (She-Venom) Mac Gargan (Scorpion), and Flash Thompson (He was known as Agent Venom), but to me there is only true Venom. It's Eddie Brock and the alien symbiote together. I find the character of Eddie Brock interesting on his own and then when you give him this living black goo that he bonds with (And sometimes clashes with), you can have some entertaining stuff. After fighting Spider-Man a few times, Venom then got another archenemy when serial killer Cletus Kasady and the symbiote's red offspring bonded and became the monster known as Carnage. I mentioned earlier how Eddie/Venom still had some good traits even as a villain. That's not the case with Cletus/Carnage. He is just pure evil who wants to kill many men, women, children, and animals just because he enjoys it. No remorse at all. So this was my Venom appreciation post I guess. If you are interested in Venom lore and want to learn about it, you can buy a lot of the stories in trade paperback collections on Amazon like Birth Of Venom, Carnage Classic, Lethal Protector, Planet Of The Symbiotes, Maximum Carnage, etc. And you can also check out The Venom Vlog on Youtube by Siike Donnelly. It's a show that covers Venom stories and adaptations from the past and new Venom content like comics, cartoons, and the films by Sony. I've been subscribed to his channel since December 2017 shortly after the show got started. Siike is a cool guy and you can tell he has a lot of passion for the Spider-Man/Venom lore, but he also isn't afraid to criticize a Venom story if he doesn't think it's good (Cough Cough Ultimate Venom and Carnage). What do you guys think of Venom (And other symbiote characters)? What's your favorite Venom story and adaptation? Comment and let me know and thanks for reading. #WeAreVenom
  9. Prove me wrong. For me it is insanely manly to wear pink
  10. What's your favorite sound effect? Mine is those little fart sounds when changing weapons in Half-Life and Counter Strike 1.6. The other is when you hit face in Hearthstone.
  11. It's a very unique genre because the world buildings and settings are already done/limitted, the writer mostly has to focus on the storyline and characters. Even most famous families, factions, skills and items are already established already and expected to be in the trope. Similar to westerns, but this is completely based on a fantasy world. It's like they are building their own story out of the same D&D setting. Thought every fantasy fictions are copying Tolkien? In oriental chivalric novels, it's wierd not to! I think it's a unique form of fantasy genre and storytelling in general, and if it's done well, it's really fantastic, unique and satisfying. What do you think?
  12. What is the most selling merchandise from mlp
  13. I’ve been closely following this story on Twitter for quite some time. About a month or two ago, an artist by the name of Jonas Jodike, who has been an advocate for artist privacy rights, has been dealing with copyright based art theft for quite some time. Among the vandals is former Nickelodeon music star Aaron Carter. Here’s a screenshot of Jonas’ tweet that brought the controversy to the attention of Twitter Jonas has been fighting this battle ever since then. I hadn’t listened to any of Carter’s music since the Jimmy Neutron movie, and I had already heard his brother Nick filed a successful restraining order against him. Carter responded saying “You should’ve taken it as a compliment (BLOCKED) a fan of MINE sent this to me. oh here they go again, the answer is No this image has been made public and im using it to promote my clothing line guess I’ll see you in small claims court (BLOCKED)” And today I logged into Twitter and Jonas tweets that now Carter is using the stolen artwork as his profile picture. I think what Carter has been doing in this whole issue is immature and unprofessional. Any thoughts on this?
  14. Mike O'Malley would be perfect as an announcer.
  15. Freespace 2 - Classic mission-only, extremely atmospheric, and more hotkeys than you can remember! Freelancer - Playing it again. This revolutionaized space-sims esp. in mouse controls, and it featured aside of the SP campaign an open world universe and multiplayer. Right now I am playing the newly released and only first fan campaign for this game ever. Colony Wars 1, 2, 3 - For the PSX. 1 & 2 offer a lot of different endings and chapters. Control were often frustrating, or not very clear what to do in a mission either. Aquanox 2 - Officially not a space sim of course, but I figure gameplay wise it qualifies as one. Basically pretty similar to Freespace 2. Darkstar One - A pretty bad Freelancer clone. So, which ones did you play and do you recommend?
  16. Just as what the title said. Do you have any (underrated) character that you like that no one else does or rarely does?
  17. .. While I normally like listing off my favorite things... this list is actually gonna be kinda small for me personally. This could maybe be attributed to the fact that hardly any one fictional character really connects with me, usually it is the combinations of characters within certain settings. That being said, here goes: Ripred, The Underland Chronicles Rarity, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Luxa, The Underland Chronicles Gregor, The Underland Chronicles Boots, The Underland Chronicles Spike, My LIttle Pony: Friendship is Magic Captain Holly Short, Artemis Fowl series Applejack, Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle. ... and then, uh...I'll probably just hafta go with like, Buzz Lightyear and Woody and Toy Story characters. I know a ton of people here will be like, "too many to count". I hardly care about... like, Harry Potter characters, or Hunger Games characters. They just sort of exist and are pawns in a larger story. the characters from both those series I just mentioned. oh yeah... maybe I like the major characters in my actual favorite movie of all-time, the movie called AKIRA. I like Kei, and Yamagata, and Kai, and even the Colonel. I also just realized, I forgot to mention how excellently written most of the characters are in that one manga-about-the-manga-industry called Bakuman. I adored that manga, despite the fact that it is one of the only manga I've ever read and that I generally dislike manga and generally don't read manga. Kaya Miyoshi is one of the best-written female characters I've ever known. I also like the two main characters, Moritaka "Saiko" Mashiro and Akito "Shujin" Takagi.
  18. Just curious. I’m personally fond of Shangchi(Shang Tsung and Quan Chi from Mortal Kombat). Taleena(Tanya And Mileena from the same series as above). Capratchney(Cappy, Ratchet and Rodney from Robots). GrayGhost(Danny And Valerie from Danny Phantom). Carmesly(Carmelita And Sly from Sly Cooper series). Kataang(Katara And Aang from the last air bender). DishonorableThunder(The Mayor and Thunder Girl from Action League Now! , yes really) NinjaDiver(Stinky Diver And Red Ninja from the same series as above). And those are just the few I can remember atm.
  19. What characters do you hate or think it’s overrated but everyone else love them?
  20. Anyone play GTA V? I’ve got a PS3. Looking for people to maybe play with and definitely dogfight with in the Lazers .
  21. Ever have a show or a game that you remember playing or seeing, but just can't remember what it was called? Well, maybe we can help. Describe a thing in media that you remember playing or seeing but don't remember the name of, and maybe people can guess what its name is.
  22. Actress Andrea Arruti, known to us as the voice of Diamond Tiara in MLP FiM, passed away at 21 years old. The cause of her death is unknown at this time. More information can be found in this article: A life taken too soon. Rest In Peace.
  23. Like the title reads, who is your favorite Jedi and/or Sith in Star Wars? The character could be from the films or expanded universe(novels, comics, video games, etc.,). Who is your favorite and why?
  24. If I'm watching TV or a movie, I find myself sitting midrange from the screen, not too close or too far. If I'm playing video games though, I tend to sit close to the screen and lean in closer when things get intense and I enter my gamer lean stance.