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Found 641 results

  1. Just curious. I’m personally fond of Shangchi(Shang Tsung and Quan Chi from Mortal Kombat). Taleena(Tanya And Mileena from the same series as above). Capratchney(Cappy, Ratchet and Rodney from Robots). GrayGhost(Danny And Valerie from Danny Phantom). Carmesly(Carmelita And Sly from Sly Cooper series). Kataang(Katara And Aang from the last air bender). DishonorableThunder(The Mayor and Thunder Girl from Action League Now! , yes really) NinjaDiver(Stinky Diver And Red Ninja from the same series as above). And those are just the few I can remember atm.
  2. Where does everyone fall on the Calvin and Hobbes vs Peanuts debate? Personally, I prefer Peanuts because I like the more melancholic tone of it and because it's much more memorable to me. I can see the argument that Calvin and Hobbes had a concise 10 year run while Peanuts slowly declined in quality for half of its run, but not only do I think the golden age of Peanuts lasted longer than Calvin and Hobbes's run (I think the golden age of Peanuts was around the mid 1950s to the mid 1970s. About 20 years compared to Calvin and Hobbes's 10 years), but I think the best Peanuts strips are as good if not better than the best Calvin and Hobbes strips. What do you all think?
  3. Pixar, Lucas, Marvel, and now FOX have been merged with Disney, and I can only see more mergers in their future. Has Disney gotten way too big with its IP and way too much of a powerhouse?
  4. It appears that MJ sexual predator accusations have resurfaced with the "Leaving Neverland" documentary. As far as I know, there has never been concrete evidence that proved MJ was guilty, when the court cases were underway. But the judicial system doesn't deliver justice in fairness, more otften than not, and media is skewed, so we, as onlookers will never have all the facts, no matter how many opportunists wanting to make a quick buck off Jackson's name come forward with their claims of supposed "sexual abuse". But there are always going to be people who believe what they hear, without doing accurate research into it, and form equally skewed opinions. What do you guys think of MJ and the claims of sexual abuse by his supposed "victims"?
  5. Disney's quest to own everything continues.
  6. (If this topic is too political, please put it in the debate pit, or however it is called now. ) For awhile now, it has been a big topic in sports, especially when it comes to Football. National teams that have players with foreign backgrounds. There are a few top teams in europe that have several of them. The current world champions france have several players that have african backgrounds and our german team have players with turkish backgrounds (Gündogan) Senegalese (Leroy Sane) and even Sierra Leone (Antonio Rüdgier) And i wonder, is this is such a big problem? I mean yeah, it's not easy intigrating foreigners, especially if they are just here for the free money. But these players are in my opinion great guys, especially considering that they where born in germany and barely spend their lifes in the old country. Just because they have different colors, dosen't mean they have no right to play for the country that they are proud of and that gave them everything that they have achieved, dosen't matter what certain Nazi groups are saying. What are your views on this matter. Do you agree, or is it a bit more complicated then i think?
  7. I never liked the evil twin trope that gets used in fiction a lot because I think it's overused and I also think it's ridiculous.
  8. What are your thoughts on forced diversity in entertainment media?
  9. Which of these genres do you think have the most appeal and popularity by the general audience? Personally, I'm going to go with action/adventure. All of the most popular franchises fall into action/adventure, many of which are fantasy, science fiction, and superhero. Action/adventure to me has the most complex story structures, and you can put any of the other genres in them (granted, you can do the same with the other genres, but they have a more specific plot structure).
  10. And it's not just My Little Pony. This year will mark the end of many other Movies and/or TV Shows. For fans of How to Train your Dragon, this week will see the release of How to Train your Dragon: The Hidden World. The series has started since early this decade with the first movie. In addition to having a second movie, it also got its own Animated Series that aired on Cartoon Network and Netflix, with a total of eight seasons and 118 episodes. In the end, it's tough to say goodbye to a successful franchise(And this coming from someone who saw the first two films) Another show that's ending this year is the Big Bang Theory. The first Season aired in 2007, and they are already in the middle of airing its final season. Though the spin-off series Young Sheldon will continue, the Big Bang Theory will end its 12 year run sometime before September. And the funny thing is that my parents are a fan of the series. Of course, there's another that must be brought up: The Avengers of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It was in 2008 that Iron Man hit movie theaters and became a surprise hit, kickstarting the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Though the MCU will continue on after Avengers: Endgame releases in theaters, one thing is clear. The era that brought us Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, Thor, Black Widow and Hawkeye will come to a close with the final battle against Thanos. And of course, Star Wars. Mainly the Skywalker saga, which started with A New Hope. Star Wars: Episode 9, for better or worse, will air this December. Once that has arrived in theaters, that's it. And that's not the only piece of Star Wars Media that will end as well. This year, Star Wars: The Clone Wars will come back for one more season, tying up any loose ends that were left behind when Season 6 aired on Netflix back in 2014. Which of these shows will you miss after this year is over? Did I miss any?
  11. Google has announced that they are going to shut down Google+ completely in April 2019, two months away, and the process has already started. Basically, their primary reasons are because (1) a detrimental bug has occurred that compromised some sensitive information of many Google+ users and (2) Google+ doesn’t have much usage anyways. More information here. Shutting down Google+ will also affect negatively affect some aspects of YouTube, though nothing major. What are your thoughts on Google+ shutting down? Did you use it at all? Will you miss it? I personally don’t use it at all, though I do have an account on it. Because I don’t use it, there is nothing for me to backup (eg., posts, comments, data), so I’m good to go. I do empathize with those who have used Google+ frequently though, since they have to say goodbye to this social media platform permanently.
  12. I have thought about making this thread for quite a while not since out pony merch thread is so large and I know there are many anime fans on this site. So here are some questions to get you started! What anime merch do you own? What do you want to own? What do you plan on buying? Where do you buy your merch? Give us tips and suggestions! Also, feel free to post your collection! Posters, Clothing, Figures, Novels, etc! So what do you own? Let us know! Is this you?
  13. I watched some of his reviews before, and I couldn't even finish watching some of them. The guy just take cartoons way too seriously. and he doesn't seem to understand "satire". When I watched some of his reviews, it seem like a kid was the one reviewing the cartoon episodes rather than an adult.
  14. We all know the issue: only Toriyama’s vision and work on the Dragon Ball manga is considered canon, and every Toei’s original, be it OVAs, filler, and even a spin-off sequel isn’t. Among the latter is the Legendary Super Saiyan himself, who surprised many when the news hit that the first DBS film canonizing him So, is that the start of other non-canon lore to be adapted in the official DB canon? who knows? But this inspired me to open this thread (it has spoilers of the DBS manga)
  15. Which Star Wars planets do you like the most?
  16. Uncharted 4. Hands down, it’s the BEST and most beautiful game I’ve ever played!
  17. It’s one of my favorite TV shows and I loved all the characters and the animation were so awesome at times!
  18. Whenever such a thing happens, they can surely piss you off. It can even make you sad knowing that the video will likely be gone forever.
  19. Usually, parents should always only ground their kids for exhibition of age-restricted media, such as movies like Sausage Party and Blade Runner 2049, and video games like Conker's Bad Fur Day. But, I heard of a 16 or 17 year old guy who was actually chastised for being a fan of MLP. I find this a super unfair thing because his parents just want him to see more harmful stuff rather than anything family-friendly. To be honest, parents should never at all do something like this to their kids no matter what their age. So in other words, it's right to teach kids a lesson about attempting to see R rated media, but never ever for family-friendly stuff like MLP.
  20. E.g. -- Count Dooku from Star Wars, and Bane from The Dark Knight Rises.
  21. Honestly, I'm surprised than no one has thought to do a crossover movie with Winnie the Pooh and Christopher Robin meeting Calvin and Hobbes. Two boys with their imaginary friends/ stuffed animals would be so sweet (and another tiger pal for Tigger!). Why do you guys think this hasn't been done?
  22. According to sources, the first two generations of My Little Pony lasted in the US from 1983 to 1998. And guess what? Pokemon was introduced there in 1998! I also want to point out that most Pokemon toys were sold by none other than Hasbro, the creators of My Little Pony. This convinces me, Pokemon might have been the successor of classic (not today's) My Little Pony back then!
  23. Recently I've been feeling pretty... Down. But sometimes playing music helps. I've been listening to these lately: I have to turn it up Real loud otherwise I would still feel bad. So, do you guys listen to music when you're feeling sad?
  24. Which is better? I say heel, as that's the easiest way to get someone over with the crowd. (That, and WWE sucks at creating babyfaces these days.)
  25. List 1 Superstar each. E.g.: Push: Damien Sandow. (He deserves compensation for being screwed out of his Money In The Bank last year -- and, on top of that, currently having to play dress-up and job out every week.) Hire: Jim Ross. (Buck Vince McMahon for firing him over something Ric Flair did.) Fire: Hornswoggle. (Obvious reasons are obvious.)