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Found 778 results

  1. Ok, so, we all have our own rooms here, right? Hopefully? Unless you're sharing one, in which case, this applies only to your side of the room, or your portion of the room. But like, if you looked at your room right now, and you didn't know the person who was living there... what could you infer about them based on how they keep their room, what sort of decorations they have, how their stuff is organized, et cetera?
  2. The place I currently work at uses a 10hr day for four days, and coming off the standard working for 8hr/5 days, gotta say, as scary as a 10hr work day sounds, it's honestly not that bad and having a 3rd day of rest is really fucking nice. How about any of you? Do you prefer 5/8hr Days or 4/10hr days?
  3. I’ve always wondered how many people have their lover watching mlp too or if they even know you are watching it in the first place.
  4. As the title says, what have been the moments in your life when you have thought that something you just did should have been lot easier than it ended up being. I'll start with my most recent one, that should also be a good example of what I mean if I wasn't clear enough. Getting metal thumbtacks. So, I have started making dragon-eggs for fun, and one of the things you need to do them is flat thumbtacks, best ones being those that doesn't have paper or plastic on them...which has been exactly the problem, because I have been for three weeks now going through every shop in three cities that possibly could have thumbtacks to find them, and it wasn't until today, after already making one of those eggs with thumbtacks that have the paper (not nice experience), that I finally found them, in a small kiosk, that was inside a ice-cream cafe/bar.
  5. Magic_Spark

    General New baby minitures.

    I am currently on duty watching pregnant mares. Babies will be due soon. Once we they are here I will post some good pictures. Below is a sample of one that was born in 2013.
  6. Princess Moony

    General Opinions on Oujia boards?

    What do you think about ouija boards? ^^; cause I been using one for a loooong time now,I even talked to 2 girls from 1900's named Cady and Betty.They even told me people who used it only encountered evil spirits and demons are dumb,and they are not using it in safe places.They both are really nice ones ^^ there is even a ghost living in my spare bedroom named Rachael,she's from texas and also she's a nice witch ^^ they are told me that they been watching me ever since they saw my parents bought and moved in the house,well except Betty since she came here to see on what's going on in the goldengate bridge.
  7. We all need to rant about things every now and then. What if I told you that there is a fun way to rant? Introducing aggressive positive rants! All you gotta do is what exactly the title implies. Rant about anything positive in your life aggressively. I'll give an example of myself aggressively ranting about my love for lemon flavored treats: Oh. My. GLOB. Lemon treats are like my rejuvenation food! I just wanna eat them all day like a lion chews on it's meaty dinner! Orange treats are no match for the lemony goodness of those new cake pops from Starbucks or the lemon custard tarts from my local market! Lemons on their own are good but LEMON TREATS ARE DA-BOMB!!!! I can burn people's houses down... with the lemon treats. Pumpkin spice treats? nah. Chocolate fudge treats? Maybe. Lemon treats??? HECK YEAH! .
  8. A few weeks ago, I got an E-mail from this fine lady called "David," a, "Free romantic female," who is, "Looking for a good man who is over 28 years old". As you can tell, David is very good at finding men in her desired age demographic, which is made clear by the fact that she's looking to a 13-year-old secondary-school student for a, "Man who is over 28 years old". Anyhow, here's how the chat has gone so far. Excited to see how this plays out. Will update this thread when David responds in two weeks!
  9. Iris Flower

    General Your outfit of the day?

    So what are you wearing right now??? Today as I'm making this thread I'm wearing my bright yellow stretchy jeans, black skull top with my rainbow pusheen crop top shirt over that. The only thing that doesn't match very well are my old dark blue shoes. Bleh. Pictures of your outfits are welcome as long as they are appropriate.
  10. NightmareLuna1996

    General Worst customers you've had?

    Has anypony else here worked with retail? If so, what are some of the most annoying customers you've had? I once had a customer call me stupid because I didn't understand what he meant at first and once I worked at a toy store and there was this toddler that kept throwing everything on the ground and the parents couldn't care less.
  11. Hey, everyone. I hope you're doing well. I have 2 problems I need help with recording my screen and audio. 1. Does anybody know how to record the screen and the audio to be EXACTLY like how you'd be hearing it via headphones/earbuds? The Let's Play videos are like that. 2. I have a Blue Snowball, but I'm having trouble using it. I don't know how to use it without the mic on my computer recording things instead. I have Audacity and aTube Catcher, but I'm still learning how to use them. Are there any other free programs commonly used by YouTubers for their Let's Plays? Thanks.
  12. In a world which almost has no boundaries anymore, Foreign language such as English is becoming more and more used and significant in both everyday life and educational life. Usually, when getting into top universities or applying for a job, they usually ask you whether you have any certifications or not for your language skills. So, TOEFL and IELTS are usually the most common for English, have any of you ever tried taking the test? If so, how was your experience? Are you satisfied with the results? You can also share your experience about other language proficiency tests, like Delf Dalf(French), JLPT(Japanese), or HSK(Mandarin).
  13. What sorts of things have you wanted to do, but have been unable to for whatever reason? I've wanted to start a YouTube channel since middle school, but I've always been too shy. That, and I don't want people to recognize me in real life.
  14. Do you like to travel by airplane? What do you like about it? What do you hate about it? What are your experiences at airports or up in the air? Or would you prefer to travel by other means altogether?
  15. Sondash Studios

    General When did you join the forums?

    I joined the MLP Forums exactly one year ago starting today. I remember sitting at my desk and happening to stumble upon this place by accident. Best mistake ever.
  16. It's probably just me, but don't you feel today's clothes look the same as clothes in the 1990's?
  17. Ever since I had my DSLR converted, I have really enjoyed Near IR and UV photography. I just love comparing how objects look in light that we cannot see. Near IR landscapes appear dreamy with white vegetation and black skies. Flowers look so different in UV, with patterns that aren't visible to the human eye. I have a modded DSLR that handles Near IR, Visible, and UV-A with the appropriate filters. I also have a cooled thermal camera that operates in the midwave infrared band, but it's the size of a broadcast camera. Anypony else enjoy photography? If so, what kinda stuff do you typically photograph?
  18. One time, when I was maybe 7 years old, my older brother and I really wanted our older sister to come outside and play, so he began knocking on her window and calling for her to come out. She was doing something else, so she kept refusing. Me, being the little dumb kid I was, thought that she simply couldn't hear us through the window. So I punched the window as hard as I could, and broke it. I then stuck my head through and asked if she could hear me better. She was not happy. There was a piece of glass in my wrist and it was bleeding as I went inside to tell the parents. When I found them I for some reason decided to lie and blame my older brother for breaking the window, even though I was obviously bleeding. They were not happy either.
  19. Feather Data

    General Sleeping Naked

    Do any of you guys sleep in the buff?
  20. So I live in Washington state USA right? Well, we have our fair share of weirdness like the rest of the states. The weirdest thing about us washingtonians is our obsession with bigfoot... we have people literally all over world coming here to our forests looking for him. It's quite entertaining. Another thing that's weird about Washington is our amount of Starbucks here. Coffee is like our fountain of rejuvenation.
  21. These are Hasbro My Little Pony Design Gen 1 up to Gen 4.. These are my Species Designs,. Do they infringe on Hasbro Generation Designs, throughout all their MLP Reboots ? What do you think . Laurie Ann Garland
  22. Whether it was a youtube comment, reddit post, a fanfiction or something like a mix of those, what is the absolute worst thing you've read on the internet? There are a few really bad things I've read here on the webs. I once read a "creepypasta" called "Blood on the crotch of a fursuit"... it was just as bad as it sounds. One of the worst youtube comments I've read was someone telling a youtuber how they've been stalking them to try to get them to kill themselves for months. It was pretty disturbing... Also there was a reddit thread about hating animals.
  23. Feather Data

    General Casual Nudity

    What do you guys think about casual nudity?
  24. Crimson storm

    General Any LEGO fans

    Anypony here play with legos?
  25. This is a question for high school and college graduates. Have you ever wished you earned better grades back when you were still in elementary/middle/high school, when you didn't know how it would feel to get F's, D's and more C's than other students as you do now?