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Found 887 results

  1. You know what they say.. "Curiosity killed the cat". It can be anything, fun or serious. Heck, It can also be something you read from the user's post just now. I have few things that I regret finding out something that may ruin the franchise for me, one example. Finding out that Voldemort and Bellatrix hook up and have a baby. eh..yeah not a great image to have in your head.. So how about you?
  2. Somehow I want to sync up all the Chromebooks at school and play I'm On a Yacht to all the mean kids..
  3. Following the madness that is Black Friday, a day which supports big business retail, the following day shines a spotlight on local small industries. Small Business Saturday. So what are you gonna do to chip in and what local business will you support? Shout them out below! I for one will be going to Hen House cafe for breakfast, the one place for early risers. Hit up 1863 Coffee Saloon, have a latte and read a magazine until they kick me out. Maybe have lunch/ dinner at Rustix, the biker bar turned restaurant. See if the Upcycle thrift store has anything to offer. And after all that, maybe I'll order some cassettes from some indy labels. Your turn!
  4. I get asked that a lot. "How are you?" is a very common greeting in the English language, and while it's almost synonymous with "Hello", it is a question and requires a response. Most people say "fine" and get it over with (or the use the "no u" variant, "fine, and you?"), but I find that to be a very dull way of responding. Besides that, most people aren't actually doing fine when they respond, it's just a polite way to tell people to shut up and not worry about you. And that's honestly the proper response... nine times out of ten, the asker doesn't really care how you're doing, it's just a more polite way of saying hello. But to me this is really bland, so... If it's a person I don't know, I like to respond with an overly-happy greeting, even if I'm completely bs-ing them. "I'm doing great today, thanks for asking!" or something like that. I could be having the worst day in the world, but as long as I fake it, it might help spice up their day or give them a burst of positivity. If it's a person that I know, however, I'll likely respond honestly, which could be a variety of things. The flip side of that, however, is that if I'm asking someone I care about how they're doing, I really, genuinely want to know everything about their day. If I don't, I'll just say "heya" or something short like that. Anyway. Thoughts?
  5. Self Explanatory Topic really. Regret is such an uncomfortable feeling that spirals me to the point of insanity and crippling depression. There are many things in Life I have done that I regret (even in MLP Forums and other online forums in general as I hate to admit), but as long as I meditate and understand what I did wrong, accept criticism (be they nice or harsh) and own up to my failures for the pursuit of achieving success in that which I’ve regretted. To me Regret is a negative emotion that’ll destroy you if you don’t do something about it. Shame on the other hand is something I’ve become complacent with. It helped me since childhood and continues to do so. I think Shame builds character and shows a sense of care/sensitivity you have for anything. It’s a feeling to remind you that you have your mental and psychological limits and trying to overdo your limits can be disastrous for your health/survivability. Having no shame or being entirely shameless in everything you do in Life is a Life not worth living IMHO. So to me, Shame is an emotion we Humans deep down don’t want to feel because it’s uncomfortable just as much as Regret, but an emotion we need to survive. What do you all think? No need to be too personal. Just wondering if any of you feel ashamed or regret throughout your Life?
  6. To clarify, this is excluding your "home country", i.e. where you were born and/or currently reside (whichever of the two parameters you consider most important for such status). I think I'd go with France. It's such a massively diverse country from one region to the next - beautiful architecture, beaches, mountains, forests are abundant and whether you want snow, sea, or sun you'll never be left disappointed. Each trip you take could be completely different. Plus then that'd give me a reason to actually stop being lazy and improve my French, which is currently quite shocking. How about you guys?
  7. Ever used an alter ego to get out of or in to a situation? I mean this in a bit of serious sense, not rp or anything. To make it clear an example would be trying to avoid a date or something as for me, no
  8. If you did/are doing a part time job alongside full time education what was your experience? Was it enjoyable and worthwhile? Or was it a pain? I was thinking more of high-school but I am also interested in what it is like during university/college. I have a part time job, I have been in the job for half a year now and it is my first job. Like almost all jobs, at least in England for my age group, it is a customer assistant role. I work in a Fish and Chips shop (Stereotypically English) where I take orders, prepare orders and help wash and clean the shop. My experience is more negative than positive. The only positive i gain is the monetary value, it has allowed me to buy useful and fun items (such as a new guitar, laptop and driving lessons. [I get paid minimum wage: £5 per hour for under 18s]) but I don't know if that displaces the negatives. The negatives, for my job at least, is late shifts, long shifts (especially when counting that I sometimes go straight from school into work up to 11), erratic times (I only know when I have a shift a week in advance so it is hard to plan) and my boss is very patronising and pedantic. I have heard people have had great relationships with part-time work, I think I was just unlucky with my prospects. It is too late for me to find a new job because I am leaving for exams and university in 6 months so no one will take me on, but I still would like money especially for the long break before university to travel around Europe. The main reason I don't like my job is more the attitude of the people and the uncertainty of shift times (whilst still having to abide by them, also I have to notify six weeks in advance for a single day off yet they once sprung a shift on me 2 days in advance!!). Anyway enough of my complaining what are your experiences?
  9. If you had a hidden power, what would be yours? Some examples could be Telepathy, Flying, or Super Strength so, what would you have?
  10. If the characters from MLP were human, who would match your appearance best?
  11. Please, if you do not feel comfortable sharing then simply don't reply - alone
  12. If your best friend on the forums turned out to be (who ever is the leader of your country, currently) and was a huge brony how would you react?
  13. Adventure novels are always my go to books! I always like reading it and put myself into the book and experience what's happening in the book!
  14. What would be your favorite kind if you were to choose one?
  15. If you travel a lot like I do, chances are you'll fly through a lot of airports, whether it be for a connecting flight or your final destination; so I was wondering, what's the worst airport you've flown to? The worst airport I've flown to was Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport, which I went to in 2017. I got there at like 10am for a 4pm flight, and there were so many people that there were no seats to sit at.
  16. Some cities already have nicknames (The Big Apple, The Windy City, Biggest Little City in the World) but most cities don’t. Does your hometown/city have a nickname? And if it doesn’t, what nickname would you give it and why?
  17. I've had rooms in the past where it's located right by the door, under the window, or just in the corner. Currently it's in the middle of the room away from door and windows, but pushed up to the wall. How about you?
  18. Howdy there, I wanna ask, who here has never been to any big My Little Pony conventions, like BronyCon, BABSCon and Galacon? I'm saying this because, I live in Southeast Asia, which is really, REALLY far away from the US, and also costs a darn lot to get there. Also, I'm really afraid that these conventions would close down in a couple years' time, as MLP has already closed. I hope that isn't gonna happen. Is it?
  19. When you hear the word Friendship, does it mean as an example, that you care about each other or that you support each other? What might be your thoughts on Friendship?
  20. I've heard ghost stories and personal paranormal experiences here, but I'd like to know if anyone here has been on any 'official' Ghost Tours. If you have, where was it? Did you encounter anything ghostly or unexplained? Were there many others on your tour? Why did you go and what did you hope to find? Let's have some details!
  21. Throughout history, humans experience different events and are brought up in different lifestyles depending on what time period or generation they were born in. Here is a list of the generations we know: The Silent Generation: Born from 1925 to 1945 The Baby Boomers: Born from 1946 to 1964 Generation X: Born from 1965 to 1980 Generation Y a.k.a. Millennials: Born from 1981 to 1996 Generation Z a.k.a. Centennials: Born from 1997+ I belong to generation z, as someone born in 2001. So, which generation do you all belong to? Do you believe in the concept of generations? What did you experience as you grew up and how did that compare and contrast with other people your age?
  22. The title is self explanatory What's your room look like?
  23. The Earth is flat, prove me wrong, you won't!
  24. I have 6 acres where I currently live, but recently purchased 50 acres in a very rural part of my state. I plan to move there in a year or two. So, how many acres of land does everypony on here own or live on?