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Found 778 results

  1. Littlecandylulu903

    General What life do you want?

    This is something I have thought about for ages, what with my dissatisfaction with the way things are. I came to plenty of conclusions (I am setting literally no rules on how you answer) involving other universes and being some kind of supernatural creature, and I think now I've finally come to an answer I never thought I'd come to: THIS life... except with all the most regrettable parts taken out. I mean, if we're setting no boundaries since this is purely hypothetical, you'd think I'd take full advantage of it by making it that I'm some kind of ultimate sorcerer or a celebrity. But this life is what I realize I truly want, it's just all the blemishes that ruin it for me. So if some ultimate power allowed me to restart life with all the knowledge I have now, that would be swell. So, if you could choose literally ANY life you could think of, what would it be?
  2. So what were you doing 10 minutes ago? ____________________________________ I was just eating vegemite on toast because I got hungry.
  3. I'd personally love to have a second MLP Movie. We need a second one. (By the way, we might get one)
  4. My family is a thing I love. I'll declare that now. I don't see my extended family, cousins and all that, so when I talk about family I mean those I am immediately related to. Quite often though, they drive me nuts. I'm 22 but I have a 9 year old brother. He drives me nuts sometimes because he is 9. I live at home with my parents. I love them but they drive me nuts sometimes. My dad can be a bit on the strict side even though I'm 22. This gets me mad on occasion. Right now though, its my mum who is driving me nuts. She has suffered for most of her life with manic depression/bipolar disorder. She takes medication but it doesn't stop all of her episodes. It can get difficult for us as a family when when is in one of her extremes. They would be a lot worse if she wasn't medicated but even so we all have to be at the whims of her emotions. I love her very much and understand it is something which is part of her which she struggles with every day. She often can't remember whole patches of time in her life when she was either manic or depressed. We all remember them and it is especially confusing for my little brother who doesn't understand why mum is in a foul mood one day and buying him loads of presents on amazon the next day. Today really got to me as for the longest time she's been back and forth about getting dogs. We've already got 4 cats and I'm the only one home all day as I work from home. Who will get lumped with all the dog care? I really feel petteed out. I love animals very much but I don't feel its being kind to many of them to squish them together in a small house, especially as our cat group is established. Tonight my mum declared the same. She couldn't devote her time to dogs. Theres no room for them. I'd be having to do all their care. The cats would be stressed... And so on. Next week this will probably reverse, as it was reversed last week... And that's what drives me nuts. Long rant over. I'm just being honest as an opener for everyone else. We've all got things that get us riled about our loved ones... This is a space to vent!!!
  5. Tell us, what was the moment that you think you had the MOST luck in life? I think my most luck moment was when I crossed the street, and the traffic light turned red, and then I ran across. I almost got hit by a car
  6. Thread encouraged by the existence of these two. So, yeah. In all honesty, up until very recently I've been thinking of waifus* and... waifu-havers? Is there a word for that? as a joke, basically, or at least an innocent if mostly insignificant fantasy. However, I've been getting the impression lately that, for some people it's a lot more than that. So, I'm extending an invitation for those in the know, be it firsthand or not, to tell me more - how does the whole thing generally work, what does it mean to you, is it a BFD and why... that sort of stuff. Oh, and just one rule - let's keep this thread respectful, both towards those present and those who are not, mright?
  7. So, how you guys feel towards your OCs. I mean have you ever felt something akin to affection towards them, like in sense of that you should treat them with kindness. Or have you ever felt bad or regret over making your OC go through devastating situations. Do you think that your OCs are fragments of your own personality or have you guys ever felt treating them like as if they were your child if they were IRL. I might be super weird but I feel to much affection and compassion towards some of my OCs. NOTE: This don't include the OCs which were introduced as villains or such. These OCs has to be some others like main characters, supporting characters and such.
  8. 5 being average. I came across these graphs, and it made me think a bit, and if I were to simplify myself to fit in this graph, where would I fit; Obviously we all know personalities are way more in-depth than this, but hey it's just for fun hmm if I were to simplify these 3 traits on how others would probably perceive me if they hardly knew me... I think my; attractiveness 8/10 intelligence 5/10 kindness 8/10 So I'd be in the dumb/Idiot spot haha. What about you?
  9. I'm not saying it's gonna happen, but I'd just want to know what you'd think if Hasbro announced that they're not making the second MLP Movie, continuing the show, merchandise, etc. Let's all say I'd go nuke their headquarters.
  10. I wanna say PONY!!!! (It's just how I am)
  11. Hello everyone; I open this topic because I was curious to hear about your experiences (if any ) with having bad roommates to live, either now or in the past. It's also so I can share my experience with you guys and why not hear some advice to how I should act. So I finished highschool two years ago and began going to college ; more precisely EPFL, in Switzerland. Because life there is expensive however, and because I had little time to search, I needed to find a place where I can live with a roommate so the rent doesn't kill all the money I recieve monthly from my family. There were people from my highschool I knew for quite a long time, around 6 or 7 years, who were my friends, who were also going to study there; So I naturally told myself: "I'll just ask one of them to live in a shared studio, no biggie; I know these guys very well." So I settled with this guy that I was seeing everyday and I though to myself it was going to be great! One of my best friends living with me is neato, right? Oh god how wrong was I... he has the worst defaults he could fear with a roommate: NEVER cleaned any part of the studio since we got here, including bathroom, where we cook, etc... sometimes cleans the dishes days after he used them; hugely wasteful person too; I have to take care of everything here, he just doesn't fucking care at all. I did try to talk to him a LOT of times, but he just forgets every fucking time, and does the same annoying stuff barely days after I tell him; and it's really taking over my patience, as I became more and more angry all the time. We barely even talk anymore these days. I have been thinking of moving out for quite some time now, but the studies take so much time I can't concentrate on that. But next year, I'm sure I will not stay with him, I'll find a way to move out (without fucking him over either, don't worry I'll warn him). If I had one advice to give to those thinking of having a roommate? Choose carefully, not because they're your friend; find yourself a respectable and clean person, or believe me you're going to explode. Any of you guys had such bad experiences?
  12. I, myself, can pretty much say that my sister drained all my luck from birth. She was always the type to look down and find a penny on the street, get lucky opportunities from events and things happening, etc. Meanwhile, on the other side of the coin, there's me and my average luck. I wouldn't say that I'm being followed by a cloud of life-ruining bad luck, but I can't say that I've ever been exceptionally lucky either. I mean, I'm still here doing fine, but it's not like I lost anything big to unfortunate odds or won any lotteries. So, are you a lucky person? Tons of misfortune coming your way? Or more of an average kind of joe? Or are you the lucky superstar we all look up to?
  13. Personally I find the thing that truly makes art is great shading and highlighting as well as good pose work. That at least is what makes me proud of my art and actively look at other's art. What's your personal idea of what art techniques makes art excellent?
  14. Denim&Venom

    General Do Any Of You Invest?

    Have any of you invested your money into ventures for the future? Like mutual funds, 401Ks and IRAs, Roth & Silver IRA's, precious metals, exchange traded funds, real estate, growing industries, etc. Do you trade regularly on the stock market or buy something outright and wait for the right moment over the long term? Do you mainly buy to make money or to act as a hedge against inflation? In short, what are you doing with your money, other than spending or saving it in a bank?
  15. Post here some pictures of your MLP Stuff! Tips: You can just text the thing, if you don't want to post a picture (But it will be more cool if you post some picture ) If you don't want to take a picture, you can put a image from google! Well, at this moment i don't have any stuff of my little pony, i'm waiting the Easter week to buy a easter egg and get a little doll cheapest (because in my country those dolls are very EXPENSIVE). So i'll leave here Fluttershy and Twilight waiting new threads.
  16. Do you have you ever been to chuckecheese ? do you like it, hated , do you find the weird or whathever ?
  17. OK, this is something my friends and I were talking about in the pub. XD I know, random. Anyway, here's the ones we used to use, just wondering if Americans use different ones? I'm from England, by the way. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, then this is the rhyme you use when choosing someone to be "it" while playing games at break. Oh, and some of these are a bit rude. Ip dip sky blue Who's it Not you Ip dip blue The boys love you Meet me at the cinema At quarter past two When the picture started Everybody farted And you are the one who started it Ip dip Dog s@%$ You stood in it
  18. Hey guys i need help, i was posting this image called "Anti Air missile" but i changed to pony as a part of my storyline, it was on 2015 when couples of oc's sabotage ships lost a lot of crews so i build these missiles and gave it a test and it was a success... But 2016 and onwards was silent... No attacks so far, 2019 retest the missile again and some random OC's just eated the missile without a feel, the modern missile in my storyline has already equipped with Electric shock, Poison and High Explosive.... So is there a way to defeat them?
  19. Some of you learned about a few Asian countries that were once under Japanese rule until 1945 in world history class at school, but what would your reaction be, had the Surrender of Japan failed, and the US and Canada's last presidents were Franklin Roosevelt and Mackenzie King before they were both replaced by Hirohito?
  20. Get wooshed 9283726272839 times. Well technically my dad has friends on steam, Online friends so just my mom's case. Also it's been a while I've been here.
  21. Treble Bolt

    Weird things your pets do

    Okay, there's a pet thread about what pets you own, but I haven't seen one on strange things/quirks/habits your pets do! Like my hedgehog loves metal. If I am wearing my rings while handling him, he'll bite me trying to get them, but if I take them off and he can get at them, he'll take it, put it under his body, and huff at me telling me "this is mine." Or my one crazy cat. If we have company over, he doesn't want anything to do with the company and instead sits in an adjacent room staring at everything. If I happen to leave the room company is in, he'll follow me and will begin "talking" to me in an urgent manner...But then as soon as I go back to the main room, he'll quietly go back to his area of observation and won't make a peep.
  22. Yes, I ripped off Star Butterfly's topic because I did. What do you expect to be doing ten minutes from now? Here's the best part: You can return to this topic and tell us whether or not your prediction came true. Ten minutes from now, I will be preparing a pancake. It will be topped with Cool Whip and cherry pie filling. And given it to a very patient pony. x3
  23. I don't know if there's a thread for this or not but I'm wondering if there's anyone else who's big into toy collecting as a hobby. I used to fancy myself a big time 1/6 (GI Joe size) figure collector until the market got too expensive. I have a pretty extensive collection of GI Joe size figures (although now they're all sitting in boxes) from various companies like Sideshow, Hasbro, Dragon etc. I've also got a pretty decent collection of those fancy MLP "fan series" sculptures like Discord and Chrysalis (as well as a few decent plushies). Anyone else here a toy collector?
  24. In high school, did you ever decide to take the ASVAB (armed services vocational aptitude battery)? And for those that don't know, it's a test sponsored by all the branches of the armed forces to test how qualified you'd be to join and what your potential could be. Were you considering joining the military? We're you just curious about how well you would do? Where there a bunch of soldiers there? Do you end up getting calls from recruiters like I did? And how well did you do?
  25. I think the average time is about 15 minutes for adults. How long does it take you? It takes me about 30-40 minutes :/ and that's a good night. This is with medication prescribed from my doctor (mirtazapine)