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Found 778 results

  1. hell everypony, is 2019 and i need some help, should i save money to buy a drone? or a gaming pc? the most voted one will be picked.
  2. What pair of shoes do you currently wear? If you own more than one pair, feel free to share your collection. You can also talk about how the shoes are, and if you would recommend them. It can be running shoes, skate shoes, hiking boots, whatever. For me, I'm currently wearing the Nike SB Dunk Low Pro model in black and white. Skate shoes are great when it comes to comfort, and are also great for hanging out in. I like to get colored shoes from time to time, but I usually get black and white since it matches with everything. I'd definitely recommend trying these shoes out they have a simple yet clean look and are very comfortable.
  3. Arc Flash

    General Name the Tank Game

    Heres the deal… As a fun way to say thank you to this awesome community.I have come up with something I think will be kinda fun to do! So as you all may know, I have a saltwater reef tank..thats never been named and is about to get a huge facelift, in-fact phase 1 starts this Friday.. Anyway, heres where you all come in, I want you guys to come up with a name for it, as it will now be the community tank! Heres how this works… you guys come up with names, submit them in the comments and i’ll add them to the list, then after I get enough, I'll let you all vote. Now the fun part! The winning name will be engraved on a glass plaque and added to the tank which will be in all the upcoming videos I've been asked to make for it. Now the one who comes up with the winning name will get a commission of there OC done by @Trix or Treat?, paid for by me, and ill also be making a donation to the Gallery of Goodwill. Just a small way I wanted to say thank you to you all. Official name is Aquastria!!
  4. So, not only am I a brony, but I am starting to turn into a nerd. I'm wondering where I should buy nerdy glasses. Thank you, everypony!
  5. This might be weird but I’m really interested in knowing what people like to discuss, it can be anything, even something you’ve never discussed before but would be interested to have a conversation about. I was thinking about doing a survey irl but would like to see what kind of results I might find first, it only has to be a sentence describing a topic or if you like a more specific conversation you’ve enjoyed in the past.
  6. It sucks living in the south, where you don't get snow. What is snow like?
  7. hey guys i was thinking that um... will i be single forever or maybe there's somepony out there? you know just wondering >.> <.< or maybe there's no hope at all? because im Single and so other ponies out there which idk if i can talk to them.... and also this is just a question because i been like this since 2013 to 2018 and counting. im just asking ok?
  8. It can be anything everyone. (Jumping off skyscrapers, steal a car, drink something, meet a pony, etc.) At this moment, I would love to be jumping off an airplane 25,0000 ft. in the air skydiving, with no shirt on.
  9. Member Berry

    General How's your spelling?

    I'm actually really bad at spelling >.> Thank God for spell check that's all I can say
  10. I'm not exactly a "straight A" student , and lately I've been losing my determination in studying , so I've been wondering how you guys handle it. to put my two cents in, My study habits are...well right now...I have none , I wait till the last minute , then panic o_o What are your study habits? and if it applies, what motivates you to study?
  11. I'd rather die by fire because I can't imagine drowning in water.
  12. Do you tune in to CBS every day to watch The Price is Right?
  13. AkiraLeeJounouchi

    General Share A Dream You had.

    Ok so I wanted to share a dreami had last night. But I didn't wnat to limit this thread to me alone. So I made it so that everyone can post a dream they had. Be it funny or weird. And we can all discuss it. So Last Night I had this Dream about Yu-Gi-Oh! If you ever saw the last ep of Duel Monsters then you might know the Millinum Room. In my dream it was that room, only smaller and it had two stories. In the dream Kaiba and Mokuba touched the stone door on the wall and went through in a light. Later Yugi joins them. The other side look similar to the jungle in Noah's vertual world arc. Kaiba and Mokuba is already there as well as Atemu. What happens next it those typical transition scenes with sad music, as of the series was about to end. If you ever watched the Japanese version of yugioh, you might know the song "Bonds Of Friendnship".It's a heartwarming OST that is most fameous for playing at the scene were Jounouchi died after being attacked by Ra. I see Jounouchi Enter and then it fades to Shizuka and Anzu entering, then fade to Jounouchi Hugging his sister Sizuka after entering the place and, then it fades to Kaiba smirking, then a close up of Kaiba quicky stopping his smirk, looking all serious. And then we fade to Sizuka dueling somebody in the same place, and the monster she has on the feild is A Pony. A pony that is gray, has a tail similar to Rareity and a Mane similar to Pinky Pie. The Mane Tail was a Pale blue colour. She did have a cutie mark. But I can't remember what it look like. The face on of the Pony looked gloomy and sad. As if it was gonna be destroyed by the opponents monter this turn. Then we fade to Jounouchi hugging both Anzu and Shizuka and then we fade to them hugging Yugi, then hugging Atemu. As if they was happy to see them after a long time. Or they was just happy to make it though the portal in one piece. Then we fade back to duel and the time has come for that Pony to be destroyed by it's opponent monster. The Pony looks at Shizuka and Shizuka has the same expression on the Pony's face on her face. And the dream ends there. Even when I'm sleeping my head makes up FanFiction. XD
  14. When does your school start? Mine starts on August 8 :-o im going to be sophomore
  15. I met my best friend in a...interesting way. It was around 6th grade in grade school and two new male students joined my class. I tend to stick with my already made friends so never talked to either of them. 2 weeks in the classroom was all that was needed to make the class hate them both deeply. Their names were Connor and Brandon. One day while on the playground the whistle to line up for lunch time went off. So all the kids ran to their respected lines and waited. Of course everybody tried to be first to get to the food faster. I was at the front of the line since I was sitting there the whole time reading. I stood up and waited. Then I felt a tap on my shoulder and I turned around. I didn't realize that the two new kids ran behind me while I turned around. When I face forward again they both had cut me in line. Well my younger self was more forward and I decided to tap their shoulders. Connor turned around and said "what?!" Loud and very rude to me. I told him that I was in front of both of them and tried to walk in front of them. When I was at Connors side he grabbed the hood of my jacket and pushed me forward. I fell to the ground and even damaged the library book that I was reading. I got up and probably did the dumbest thing that someone could do in a situation like this. I pushed Connor back and Brandon caught him. Connor proceeded to push me even harder on the ground and I ended up getting a gash in my arm from the second fall. After I went to the nurse and got it disinfected (I fell on a black top) I came late to the lunchroom and sat down to eat. I was at the corner table by myself since all my friends were sitting with others and I didn't feel like talking to anyone after getting hurt. Connor came over and sat down next to me. He started to make fun of me and poke at my arm. It hurt and I tried to ignore him as best I could. Eventually he started to eat my lunch without permission. That was the final straw and I picked up my plastic spork and rammed it into his hand HARD. I felt bad and was amazed by how much blood started to come out of his hand. He didn't say anything or do anything except ran out of the cafeteria. I never got in trouble since Connor never told anybody about it. The very next day he found me reading in the shade of a tree and got in my face again. Although he wasn't mad. He seemed proud of me. He told me that he respected me for standing up to his bullying ways and wanted to play basket ball with me. I declined, but said thank you anyway. From the point on he introduced me to the more rougher kids and they all liked the silent shy girl. Of course nothing like that will ever happen again, but my first best friend was a memorable one.
  16. I'm an introvert. Most people get on my nerves. I love having time alone. I like being with my friends and family but I need time away alone. People may find it odd but I've accepted it's just who I am and I like it.
  17. I feel like there's money used for everything these days. Is there ways to do things, get things and have fun without money? What is one you can think of? Create a bow and arrow in the woods and hunt for food.
  18. Pretty much what title says. I was wondering which historical event of your country you guys consider your favourite/the greatest/heroical? It can have worldwide influence but can be an internal one only as well. I'd love to hear some combat related ones, but obviously some countries are more known for other things than that~
  19. Photon Jet

    General New Year Resolutions

    Hi there! So, here we are. A new year means new adventures! Wonder what 2019 will bring to us? Only time will tell. Which reminds me, every year we come up with new year resolutions to create new goals we can achieve. I know what mine is, to take part in more video game events near my home so I can bring loads of entertainment to the audience. So what is your new year resolution you hope to achieve? Feel free to discuss!
  20. In a surprising, super rare occurrence, I was invited to go ice skating with a large group from my religious congregation. I wanted to decline at first, but decided to at least try to come out my shell more. (And I appreciated the opportunity to get out the house) so I slept on it, and accepted. But oce at the ice rink, I bought skates. Didn't even touch the ice, for fear of making a fool of myself, and beinv recorded. We went out to eat. Bought a tiny salad, but didn't touch it, because I'm self conscious about eating in front of other people. I just hope no one thinks I'm a boring, do-nothing person. Have you guys ever been asked out with friends, accepted the invite, but just kinda hung back and not involve yourself in ything?
  21. Hi everypony! I've come up with a topic we all can relate to. It's all about the actions we did in the past we regret we shouldn't have done in the first place. Let's face it. Everypony has done regretful things in the past. That's why we have to learn from our mistakes so they cannot happen again. That is the element of redemption as it helps us strive to be better ponies work together to achieve the impossible. To play hurtful jokes on ponies or to post unkind things on social media is not the action of a good brony. I know it's tough explaining your past actions but I thought this would be a good time to emphasize our feelings with each other. Therefore, we can work together to spread the magic of friendship around our world. If Sunset Shimmer and Starlight Glimmer were reformed, so are we. But there's one thing Solid Snake said we all must remember is to not regret your past, learn from it. Regrets just make a pony weaker.
  22. Heh. Not sure if someone already made this, but eh. Rn Im feeling DETERMINED!! And quite careless too. Oh, you can also post more than once
  23. I myself am a constant music box - I'm always whistling something, humming if I need to be quieter, or singing some lines from songs I have stuck in my head if I happen to know the lyrics. I can be doing anything anywhere - buying milk outside, washing dishes, whatever. How about you lovely people? Do you vocalise music often? Do you only do so when you're by yourself or doing certain things?
  24. Mine is a Dark 'N' Stormy. What is yours?
  25. Crushing on a fictional character? Confess here! Braeburn is my husdando. He's all mine! No touchy!