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Found 887 results

  1. If you could bring an item or specific knowledge that would have been completely foreign to the ancient world to it, what would it be? Would it make people treat you like a wizard? You also have the means to maintain and fabricate more (e.g. rubber tyres). I would bring a mountain bike.
  2. Or close to that. This is my pathetic attempt to network with other fans around the same age. Hey; at least I admit it's pathetic-ness! Tell me about yourself, your hobbies and interests. I'm perfectly cool with diversity (it actually helps keep conversation interesting and I'm always down to learn something new). I'm an avid: - weightlifter (and part time runner) - doodler - documentary watcher - meditator - food vacuum (fruits and veggies please) - animal and pet lover (I've got rats and a cat) - philosopher (of no real talent; I just enjoy it) I'm new to the fandom. Show me your favorite fan works whether they be artwork, music, or fan fiction! Oh, please and thank you. ❤️
  3. Just in general, how do you sleep? I ask this because sleep is so important for good health.
  4. Feel most people took shower but sure some do still take a bath. Like some people still sleep with their teddy but do some bath with rubber duck? Well I do. Also do you collect them.
  5. So I'm in Dallas right now and on my way to the hotel I saw these bird scooters that the city has out for people to use for like $0.15 a minute. I'm thinking abouit giving them a shot to get around. Ever use one? Anything I should know? Positive or negative experience with any? Pic related
  6. So on your travels this year, what was the best city and worst city you've stayed more than a day at? And no, you're home town doesn't count for the former and hopefully the latter. Ex: for me thus far, the worst has been NYC. Pain to get around. Everything was expensive. So freaking crowded. Best: Dallas, TX. Not too crowded. Nice people. Efficient ways to get around. Great food. Beautiful architecture. Your turn.
  7. If you need to make an income, chances are you need a job, and if you need a job that means you need to go through the dreaded job interview. I think a good majority of people hate these, and it's reasonable as to why. Many people believe these are fair determinations of who would be best for the job, but the truth is that job interviews actually are virtually completely random and do not really determine who is actually best for a job in the slightest and actually completely prevent certain types of people from getting jobs they would otherwise be qualified for. Interviews are only checking a 10-30 minute scope of a person Is it possible to really get an idea of how good a person is in 10-30 minutes? Every team has a bad game but if you only graded a team on one game then the worst team could be considered the best and the best team could be considered the worst. 10-30 minutes isn't enough time to grade a person on if they are qualified for a job and realistically it's not enough time to determine if a person is worthy of work. Extroverts have an unfair advantage If someone is introverted they are automatically at a disadvantage for the position. Interviewers expect people to talk and be lively with them, which isn't even a sign of work ethic. Introverts more or less are far less likely to get a job because they don't interview as well simply because they are not people that are comfortable warming up to people so quickly. Most employers choose candidates based upon references anyways A lot of interviews are only formalities. Most employers will choose someone based upon whom put in a good word for them, or if someone already in the company put in some nice words for them. A lot of the time the interview is just to see if they'll change their mind. I can think of so many other reasons, but what are some of the reasons that you feel job interviews are completely pointless?
  8. Not statues. Not plushies. Just articulated action figures (thankfully, ponies are not exempt anymore). List all the figures you own, or any that you have on pre-order. If you have pics, even better. I've built up quite a solid collection in the last few years. Guess I'll start with Marvel Legends:
  9. I met my best friend in a...interesting way. It was around 6th grade in grade school and two new male students joined my class. I tend to stick with my already made friends so never talked to either of them. 2 weeks in the classroom was all that was needed to make the class hate them both deeply. Their names were Connor and Brandon. One day while on the playground the whistle to line up for lunch time went off. So all the kids ran to their respected lines and waited. Of course everybody tried to be first to get to the food faster. I was at the front of the line since I was sitting there the whole time reading. I stood up and waited. Then I felt a tap on my shoulder and I turned around. I didn't realize that the two new kids ran behind me while I turned around. When I face forward again they both had cut me in line. Well my younger self was more forward and I decided to tap their shoulders. Connor turned around and said "what?!" Loud and very rude to me. I told him that I was in front of both of them and tried to walk in front of them. When I was at Connors side he grabbed the hood of my jacket and pushed me forward. I fell to the ground and even damaged the library book that I was reading. I got up and probably did the dumbest thing that someone could do in a situation like this. I pushed Connor back and Brandon caught him. Connor proceeded to push me even harder on the ground and I ended up getting a gash in my arm from the second fall. After I went to the nurse and got it disinfected (I fell on a black top) I came late to the lunchroom and sat down to eat. I was at the corner table by myself since all my friends were sitting with others and I didn't feel like talking to anyone after getting hurt. Connor came over and sat down next to me. He started to make fun of me and poke at my arm. It hurt and I tried to ignore him as best I could. Eventually he started to eat my lunch without permission. That was the final straw and I picked up my plastic spork and rammed it into his hand HARD. I felt bad and was amazed by how much blood started to come out of his hand. He didn't say anything or do anything except ran out of the cafeteria. I never got in trouble since Connor never told anybody about it. The very next day he found me reading in the shade of a tree and got in my face again. Although he wasn't mad. He seemed proud of me. He told me that he respected me for standing up to his bullying ways and wanted to play basket ball with me. I declined, but said thank you anyway. From the point on he introduced me to the more rougher kids and they all liked the silent shy girl. Of course nothing like that will ever happen again, but my first best friend was a memorable one.
  10. Anyone have a favorite season? Mine is autumn! Autumn to me is Frank Sinatra and the smell of rain, hot chocolate with cinnamon sticks, doggy snuggles, tart honey-crisp apples, candied pecans, the anticipation of Christmas, crunching leaves on walks, the smell of chili in the crock-pot on Sundays, the chill in the air that wakes you up in the morning, fuzzy socks and long sleeves, blankets freshly warm out of the dryer, hot pancakes on Saturday mornings drowning in maple syrup, foggy sunrises, cozy sweaters, decorating my desk with baby pumpkins and gourds, poetry, beeswax candles, skinny jeans and boots with leg warmers, pumpkin bread, rereading Harry Potter, swings and bike rides looking up at the changing tree stars, cinnamon rolls, tea, and apple cider. I just love it so much! :3
  11. I asked this question on another forum a while back but I think it's an interesting situation so I'll ask it again here. So here's the situation: You are allowed to go to any place in the world during any past time period for a single weekend. You are given the period equivalent of $500 and you cannot take anything with you except for clothing. For me I would probably go to Toronto in the 1920's just to see all the awesome old tec that was around back then. Seeing the harbor front and the train station with all that steam equipment would also be quite the sight. Victorian London in the 1890's would also be awesome to see what the place was like back then.
  12. Heres the deal… As a fun way to say thank you to this awesome community.I have come up with something I think will be kinda fun to do! So as you all may know, I have a saltwater reef tank..thats never been named and is about to get a huge facelift, in-fact phase 1 starts this Friday.. Anyway, heres where you all come in, I want you guys to come up with a name for it, as it will now be the community tank! Heres how this works… you guys come up with names, submit them in the comments and i’ll add them to the list, then after I get enough, I'll let you all vote. Now the fun part! The winning name will be engraved on a glass plaque and added to the tank which will be in all the upcoming videos I've been asked to make for it. Now the one who comes up with the winning name will get a commission of there OC done by @Trix or Treat?, paid for by me, and ill also be making a donation to the Gallery of Goodwill. Just a small way I wanted to say thank you to you all. Official name is Aquastria!!
  13. Happy Canada Day... To Celebrate my Countries Birthday. I Illustrated my Character Blossom, ( From my First Novel In the Series " Blossom and The Dragon '' ) Holding My Home countries Flag. I was Born in the Province Newfoundland. So was my Spouse and first Child. Moved to Alberta there we had of 5 children. Then we finally Moved to Ontario. mortgaged a home in the country to settle down. Sure we traveled and seen much of Canada. Ocean Ferry Boat Ride Made me sea Sick however Still Fun. However Canada is and Will Always be my home. Hugs Everyone. Laurie Ann Garland.
  14. Let me first start off by explaining why this thread needs to exist; due to the fact that some of you may be wondering why a thread like this is not merged with the LGBT Support Thread. Bisexuality is different than both hetero and homo sexuality in that it, by it's very definition, means the attraction to both male and female genders. This has lead to false stereotypes and discrimination not only throughout society, but also throughout the LGBT community as well. These stereotypes include bisexuals being promiscuous, greedy, confused, ect... And if you're still in doubt that bisexuals face discrimination within the LGBT community, then watch this video by, one of my favorite YouTubers, TheNotAdam where R.J. explains how he experienced biphobia at a pride parade in L.A. Do to the fact that allot of these particular issues effect solely bisexuals, I felt compelled to make this thread. That being said, this thread is open to anyone and not just bisexuals. I want everyone to be able to join in on the discussion. Lastly, I'll end on this. This thread is also meant to be a safe haven for people who are bisexual. Any bullying will be reported to a moderator or administrator. Thank you for your corporation! ~Cyber Spartan
  15. What's your go-to drink when you're out with friends? Do you like beer or are you more of a spirit+mixer type of person? Or maybe you're more fancy and like sipping on wine? I've recently fallen in love with Captain Morgan after having tried it finally. And Midori + lemonade has always been my fave drink.
  16. Basically what the title says. What is the worst thing someone has ever said to you? I'll start us off. One time, a supposed "friend" of mine said that I would be more attractive without my freckles. This insulted me more than anything, because I have had freckles all my life and had always liked them. To have someone say that to me really made me furious. Edit: I understand if this topic is too personal, so I won't be angry if anypony doesn't end up replying.
  17. Do you still purchase fireworks, firecrackers, sparkles & M-80's for use on National America Day? Or have you grown past that and get annoyed when your whole neighborhood is riddled with explosions over the course of three days?
  18. I didn't see a thread about being left handed, so I figured I'd make one. So, who's a southpaw around here? Got any left handed struggles? I would personally like to condem pens and pencils to the pits of hell for smudging my hand.
  19. Hey any choir or former choir brats out there? Give me a shout out!
  20. I couldn't find a thread like this, so here it is. It's exactly what the title says, what's your natural high? The addicting feeling that you come back to that doesn't harm your health at all unlike drugs? I'd like to see what they are. Mine is listening to Evening Star and TheDashDub. Those two artists hold a big place in my heart.
  21. it can be any animal you want. even mythological creatures
  22. When I was a child and teenager I was very shy and socially awkward. I'm still a bit socially awkward but I care less about what other people think of me. I remember my Psychology tutor asking the class whether we consider ourselves extrovert or introvert, I said introvert and my tutor was taken aback and thought I would say extrovert. This is when I realised that I wasn't considered shy anymore. I prefer spending time alone but I'm not shy around people anymore. I was also a lot more pessimistic when I was a teenager.
  23. Out of my own curiosity, and as a little study on the average human, how often do you get to speak to your friends. Once a month? Few times a week? Near every day?
  24. Mine is a Dark 'N' Stormy. What is yours?