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Found 945 results

  1. Anyone here ever got bitten by a mosquito? If so, how often do you get bitten? I always get bitten by mosquitoes, because I go outside to play basketball all the time and it's been humid all summer and most of fall so I'd come in with at least three bites. They get irritating, buzzing near my ears and giving me bites, no matter how many I smack or how fast I run they just keep on coming.
  2. A girl told me I was really really super cute today but idk if that's a good thing. I didnt know what to say, what do I say? I was kind of afraid
  3. Alright guys! This might be a bit early but what are your plans moving into the warmer months? I know with this COVID 19 pandemic many people are just going to self quarnteen themselves and not do much etc and I'd imagine many pools and beaches closed etc! As for what I'll be doing I'll prolly be ripping around on my ATV and working to afford my hobbies.
  4. Whether you hate it or love it, what are some shows you remember but barley anyone else seems to remember? I'm curious. The Mighty B! As the Bell Rings The Emperor's New School Lilo & Stich: the Series Between Legend Quest My Babysitter's a Vampire: the Series Fish Hooks The Replacemants
  5. I'm getting the feeling that today's cars are like, not the same as they were in years past. For example, a 2018 Toyota Camry is like a 2001 Toyota Avalon, a 2018 Nissan Sentra is like a 1999 Nissan Altima, and a 2018 Honda CR-V is as big as a Honda Passport.
  6. From fashion to personality, how do you like to "style" yourself as a person? For me personally, my style changes due to mood and time of the year. If I'm super happy and it's warm outside, I'll style my clothes with red skirts and knee highs with colorful patterns. If it's dark and gloomy I'll wear big baggy clothes and a hoodie. I will also style my hair into a more "rugged" look when it rains. I try to style my personality as bubbly mixed with level headedness. It's not always successful. Lol
  7. Have you ever been to any camps? If so, got any stories of your time there? I only ever went to one camp, a free one called Camp Braveheart (looking it up, it seems it was renamed Camp Erin). It's for children who have lost loved ones. The one thing I remember most about going to that camp was swinging high above the ground in a harness. It was really fun, but also terrifying. Another thing that happened was there being a small scorpion in the cabin I was staying in with others. It got squished.
  8. Okay, I have no idea how this thought came into my head, but it's been there for a while, and since this forum has a fairly large sampling from a number of countries around the world, I thought I would ask this of you all: Other than your country's national holiday, which holiday that your country celebrates widely best defines or is most emblematic of your country and why? It could be any holiday at all, whether religious or secular, whether celebrated in many places around the world or if it's really meaningful only to your country, but what holiday is most essentially unique or uniquely celebrated by your country? Why, yes, of course I'll go first. I'm Canadian, and I think the most uniquely Canadian holiday would be Victoria Day, celebrated on the Monday of or before May 24th. Originally, it was celebrated to commemorate the birthday of the British monarch that granted Canada its independence (after we asked politely). Since then, however, it is celebrated as a turning point in the year. It's seen as the unofficial start of Summer in Canada, a long weekend of first barbecues, first camping trips and other outdoor activities to mark the end of another seemingly endless and harsh Canadian winter. So, how about everyone else?
  9. Feel most people took shower but sure some do still take a bath. Like some people still sleep with their teddy but do some bath with rubber duck? Well I do. Also do you collect them.
  10. Would you be happy if you became a viral meme? Sometimes becoming famous because youre the star of a viral meme can bring good fortune but sometimes it can absolutely destroy someone's life.
  11. What age do you start to feel old? And does watching mlp or any other cartoons have anything to do with it?
  12. Do you wear a uniform of any kind? Any kind of uniform can apply; It can be military, school, sports, job-related or anything you can think of. Feel free to describe or post pics of what you wear for special tasks, special appearances or formalities beyond your ordinary mode of dress. Do you like wearing a uniform? Do you dislike it? Tell us what you think.
  13. I'm starting to not see what's so special about being romantically in love with someone. I mean about more than half of romantic couples either break up with each other or divorce each other, while most platonic best friends remain friends until death. So I'm starting to think that having a platonic best friend is a lot better than having a romantic partner or spouse is.
  14. So anyone with lots of free time like me? So I'm unemployed and I've lots of spare time on my hands. Most of the day I'm on the internet as it gets pretty boring. Does anyone have the same problem as me? Too bad that I don't have many friends to chat with as then I would be less bored.
  15. Your story could be funny, scary, etc. Must be real though. One of my travel stories: First I must provide some background for this to be understood, in my area it is illegal to pump your own gas so someone is hired to stand by the gas station, wait for someone to drive up, ask how much, insert card, insert the pump etc. One time, we flew to Europe to visit my family for a 2 month stay, which about 90% of my family live there. I wasn't old enough to drive yet so my grandpa lend my mother a car for our stay so we can move around town without paying for buses all the time. One day my parent was driving me back from the grocery store and we stopped at a gas station to get gas and so we forgot that it is legal to pump your own gas so we just waited until we went to go ask if somebody works here to realize the truth. Not only that, we accidentally pumped the diesel car with gas because we are just so used to seeing gas powered vehicles everyday since about 95% of cars in my country run on gas.
  16. This is something I have thought about for ages, what with my dissatisfaction with the way things are. I came to plenty of conclusions (I am setting literally no rules on how you answer) involving other universes and being some kind of supernatural creature, and I think now I've finally come to an answer I never thought I'd come to: THIS life... except with all the most regrettable parts taken out. I mean, if we're setting no boundaries since this is purely hypothetical, you'd think I'd take full advantage of it by making it that I'm some kind of ultimate sorcerer or a celebrity. But this life is what I realize I truly want, it's just all the blemishes that ruin it for me. So if some ultimate power allowed me to restart life with all the knowledge I have now, that would be swell. So, if you could choose literally ANY life you could think of, what would it be?
  17. If so, do you wish the world was more logical or emotional thinking?
  18. Ever since I had my DSLR converted, I have really enjoyed Near IR and UV photography. I just love comparing how objects look in light that we cannot see. Near IR landscapes appear dreamy with white vegetation and black skies. Flowers look so different in UV, with patterns that aren't visible to the human eye. I have a modded DSLR that handles Near IR, Visible, and UV-A with the appropriate filters. I also have a cooled thermal camera that operates in the midwave infrared band, but it's the size of a broadcast camera. Anypony else enjoy photography? If so, what kinda stuff do you typically photograph?
  19. Throughout history, humans experience different events and are brought up in different lifestyles depending on what time period or generation they were born in. Here is a list of the generations we know: The Silent Generation: Born from 1925 to 1945 The Baby Boomers: Born from 1946 to 1964 Generation X: Born from 1965 to 1980 Generation Y a.k.a. Millennials: Born from 1981 to 1996 Generation Z a.k.a. Centennials: Born from 1997+ I belong to generation z, as someone born in 2001. So, which generation do you all belong to? Do you believe in the concept of generations? What did you experience as you grew up and how did that compare and contrast with other people your age?
  20. Do you have you ever been to chuckecheese ? do you like it, hated , do you find the weird or whathever ?
  21. I would love to raise awareness for World Autismday and autism in general. Autism is something that some people have to live with, and unlike most issues, it is not something people see or understand. People do not expect someone without legs to run. People do not expect a blind person to compete in archery. People do not see the issues Autists have to deal with and often do not take these issues seriously. Autists do not have specific and defined issues. It is a very very very broad array of issues they can have. Yes, as like every human they learn to deal and act upon their issues. But nevertheless, it doesn't hurt to show some compassion towards people with autism. I want to wish everyone with autism a very happy life and compassion! And if you are brave enough and willing, please feel free to share your story down below! I might do so 2 later on when I find the courage.
  22. What do you hate most about your home? Doesnt need to be the house its self it can be anything related to basically where you live. What I hate most? how people keep disassembling the car in my neighborhood at night because they dont want to buy car parts if their own
  23. Why dont they like modern things? Why dont older generations decided to just sit down at their computer one day and get caught up?
  24. I just wear boxers and a white shirt mostly year round
  25. To the people who have children - Why? Isnt it just an extra baggage you put upon yourself? Isnt it just something to suck the money out of your wallet for no reason? Why do you choose to make yourself have to feed an extra mouth, pay for extra necessities, possibly pay for an extra car (not every parent does it), or pay for someone's tuition (not every parent does it), invest extra time out of your day, or forcing yourself to look after a child? I always thought people do it because they feel like they are needed or feel they have a higher value