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Found 905 results

  1. Title says it. What's on your wall? Are you a big fan of hanging things on it or nah? My room is completely covered in band and anime posters, along with art of my ocs. Couldn't find a thread like this yet and was curious so
  2. Let's play a little game, are you Introverted or Extroverted? I personally am Introverted due to me like spending a lot of time by myself. Though that doesn't make me a hermit since I do like spending time with people when it comes to certain things.
  3. I just wanted to see the age range on here! Not being a stalker LOL!
  4. I think that video games, movies, and everything else is a lot better today than they were in the 1990s.
  5. I live in Texas, where we don't get seasons. For those that actually get fall, what is the season like?
  6. Mine would probably be to become an athlete and compete in the Olympics, or to become a pro footballer. So, what is everyone's idea of their dream job?
  7. how many of you are in college or have a degree ? what are you studying or want to study ? or still in school ? what are your grades? Me I have a degree in video game design and studying 3d animation first year second semester and will continue studying after this
  8. Pretty straightforward question here for those who have/had a job, what do you guys like/dislike about it? Sure, job is job but no harm done just letting all out. I work at the retail's deli and one thing I dislike is the rush hours and the costumers being impatient about why it'd took so long for us to get to them. eh? well look around you, you're not the only one asking for sandwich. One thing I like is how easy the job is (minus the rush hrs), just cut up the meat, resupply the food, and making sandwich.
  9. How will you all celebrate New year? I am already celebrating it by drinking together with friends And I haven't blown up my finger's either
  10. If every human on the planet was going to be turned into an animal and you had to choose what kind, what would you choose? Me? I would choose Saltwater Crocodile, its an alpha predator and I love reptiles, and crocs are my favorites.
  11. I do not know if this was already asked or not, but what Era or Year such as Medieval and Ancient Etc. Do you like or interested in? Mine is the Renaissance era.
  12. Hey, do any of you guys have jobs? If so where do you work? Are you old enough? Or are you still teenagers? If you have a job where do you work? Are you allowed to where -pony- MLP shirts to your office or do they have strict dress codes? Do they allow you to use MLP screensavers? Are you ever teased by other workers or customers for liking MLP?
  13. So, who here on MLP Forums is a coffee drinker, and what are your preferences? Are you a only from a coffee shop person? Or do you make it yourself at home? What's your brand, and how do you like it? Well being as that I am like the stereotype of being old, I am a coffee fiend. I usually have at minimum 2 cups a day. While I like coffee shop coffee a lot, the price is not to my liking. When I do go to a shop, I'll get a mocha lattee with 2 sugar. If made correctly it usually needs little else added. However I've had a few times where it just came out crap because the people making it do not mix the chocolate properly so it ends up all on the bottom. At home, I have adopted Folgers with french vanilla creamer. I try and stick with coffeemate for my creamer, and I'll usually do 2 spoonfuls of creamer. My mugs include: One with seals on it that I got from the DC zoo with my wife, my father's old brown mug, and a matching mug that has an SNES controller which says "player 1" (my wife has player 2). What about you guys?
  14. So, what is your ideal date guys and gals? For me, it is a lunch at a coffee cafe or a hike around a beautiful nature-walk area!
  15. I have a feminine side, but I'm not gay or transgender. I'm still straight. I have tried on women's clothing, wore make-up, and applied finger nail polish to my finger nails before and I was wondering. Do you ladies have a masculine side or do you gentlecolts have a feminine side as well? I know this sounds personal, but try your best to answer
  16. They say its the little things in life that make it what it is. What are some of the little things in life that you particularly enjoy? Whether that be an afternoon jog, or the sunrise, or when you can slip your shoes on without having to untie them, or the forum's animated search bar. Whatever the case may be, no matter how small, what small things do you appreciate?
  17. In life they're many things that are either misunderstood or incapable of understanding yet people still think they know sometimes... And then they're things you wish someone would just understand. Perfect example: people are close minded to bronies. I, personally, wish they'd have an open mind and understand that because I'm a brony that I'm not a neckbearded gay loser. So what are some things in your life that you think people just don't understand?
  18. (If this has already been done, please correct me) My favorite color would be turquois, but if I had to choose a normal color, I'd choose blue like my Rainbow Dashie!
  19. Well I thought why not have fun with this Me and my wife are expecting, and in 2 weeks we finally find out what its going to be Was wondering what you all think it might be
  20. Mine is a topaz and I didn't put it on my graduation ring. Just a black onyx, because that is my favorite color. What about yours? Here is a chart of the stones determining the months: January - Garnet February - Amethyst March - Aquamarine April - Diamond May - Emerald June - Pearl / Alexandrite July - Ruby August - Peridot September - Sapphire October - Opal November - Topaz / Citrine December - Turquoise
  21. Well for me, My little Pony always makes me happy. More specifically, my lovable Rainbow Dashie! Coming on the forums and seeing my friends also makes me happy all the time.
  22. I want to be in bed in my warm blankets with my RD plush. It's 6:30 A.M. here, and I'm getting ready for another boring day of school...
  23. Have any obsessions irl, besides MLP? Mine are: NASCAR Horses and horseback riding Weather Pickup trucks, sports cars and muscle cars Coca-Cola! Florida Georgia Line, and just country music in general Hoodies And sunflowers!