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Found 868 results

  1. My record is 25 seconds! Although, I can look at this sun all day!
  2. I'd personally love to have a second MLP Movie. We need a second one. (By the way, we might get one)
  3. If so, do you wish the world was more logical or emotional thinking?
  4. According to these 4 websites the bond between a mother and her daughter is a lot stronger than the bond between a father and his son is and the bond between a mother and her daughter is a lot stronger than the bond between a mother and her son is. The websites also try to explain why the mother/daughter bond is the strongest bond out of the parent/child bonds. I am personally not sure if those supposedly facts from those websites are true or not.
  5. my mum calls me lazy even though I work and study my ass off and then she has the gall to blame it on my irregular sleep schedule, even though that irregular sleep schedule exists because of my work and studies maybe it's just the angsty teen coming out of me but my parents have been annoying me lately anyone else experience something similar recently? vent it out
  6. Read an interesting article recently. Why do you suppose this is? Why do you think half the population lives in these particular states?
  7. The desert: A barren, dry and incredibly hot place in the world. No water, no food and nothing but sand and heat! How long would you last before giving up? Or would you persevere through the pain and make your way through the desert and make it to somewhere cooler? For me: Maybe a day
  8. Right now I'm obsessed with a fine-tip yellow marker I found in my old pencil case earlier and I can't stop writing random things with it just omg this pen. XD What are you guys obsessed with right now?
  9. Title is pretty self-explanatory. Personally, I'd have to say the strangest thing is a television flicker. No TV. Just the flicker. Y'know, just in case someone wanted to change the channels on the toilet or something.
  10. Additionally, If you want to post any pics of your Pet/Pets you're welcome to as well!
  11. I go through phases where I will wear none at all and then will wear it again. Do you guys wear make-up? If so, what types? I normally just wear foundation, powder to set the foundation (my skin is pretty oily so I need it), eyeshadow, mascara and lipstick or lipgloss I do like eyeliner but I'm crap at applying it lol so don't wear it often. Also, I'm going to start buying products not tested on animals. I really wish Mac wouldn't test on animals
  12. Hello everyone, just curious as to if there are any other truckers out there, been driving for 3 years, last 2.5 years been local, but now I'm going Western Regional, was OTR before my Local.
  13. I would donate a chunk of it to Clayne's charity, The Clayne Crawford Foundation. The rest would probably go to helping pay off bills. XD What about you?
  14. What is your favorite body part / organ and why My favorite organ is my Brain because it is the only part that is truly me and is the main center of ideas and actions
  15. I just took a picture of a really old and confirmed authentic $100 bill this morning:
  16. I'm making this thread for important reasons. It technically doesn't qualify for the Life Advice thing so I'm posting it here. WELCOME TO THE "I admit it" THREAD!!! Here, we admit things to not only each other... but to ourselves as well. It's like the confession thread only MUCH deeper than that. In this thread we admit our flaws, our mistakes, our deepest fears and other things. This thread is about opening up out of that rusty shell! There are some rules however so don't get started just yet. Please consider the following rules before posting Ok! Now, lets start this off with me admitting stuff first! I admit it, I'm not a perfectly confident person. I have a LOT of insecurities that I need help with... and that is ok. I admit that I try to hide it all the time which sometimes makes me lie a little about my true feelings. I admit it, I am not a superstar at being confident. I admit it, I get angry. Not as much as I used to but still, I DO get mad. I take things to heart and I need to learn to let certain things go. I admit that the feeling of anger is within me and is real. I admit it, I love making others happy more than making myself happy. I feel selfish when doing something for myself and I admit that it needs to change. I admit that I overly give.
  17. My main goal here, is to reach the rank of Pegasus. Has been ever since I joined. It’s taken me two and half years to get where I am now, just one rank shy from my goal. And after that, well who knows. What about y’all? Have a main goal you still have yet to reach here on the forums? Or have you already reached it?
  18. So I live in Washington state USA right? Well, we have our fair share of weirdness like the rest of the states. The weirdest thing about us washingtonians is our obsession with bigfoot... we have people literally all over world coming here to our forests looking for him. It's quite entertaining. Another thing that's weird about Washington is our amount of Starbucks here. Coffee is like our fountain of rejuvenation.
  19. I'm a little bored so I decided to make this post friendly to discuss a little about the different personalities and points of view, so let's get started! I am the kind of person who believes that forgiveness is good ... either because of some bad word you said, some comment, some bad action ... or something that we regret, I think forgiveness is good (eye, this does not mean that because there is the word forgiveness we have the right to be bad, none of that, do not confuse.) in your case, Do you have trouble saying "I'm sorry"? Justify your answer