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Found 757 results

  1. Nightmare Muffin

    General Robots and mankind's future

    Is anyone else wary or afraid of robots designed to look and act more like humans, and even are capable of AI/ smart self teaching behavior? What are your thoughts on the future of man with these kinds of robots? Or with robots in general? Are we in danger?
  2. What is the most weirdest dream you have had?
  3. So I've been trying to look at other people's abridged anime series on Youtube and I've been seeing a recurring pattern. Why do I feel like Team Four Star got it right with DBZ? I wanted to see if there was one for JoJo's Bizarre Adventure and sure enough, there it was. However it had poor audio, bad voice acting, a black frame around it and it just wasn't funny. That also occurred in the One Punch Man Abridged series too. Three iterations of the same anime and none of them were funny. Granted most of the DBZ abridged wasn't funny to me either but the pacing feels perfect to me. That must be another problem too. The pacing. Team Dai-Gurren's version of One Punch Man had the first three done somewhat right, but it wasn't funny and the pacing was way too fast. There is the whole "I don't see you doing any better" argument. That's the thing, I WANT to do better but why do one if other people did it first? "Do a different anime that people didn't do before"? Kinda hard for me to do when it's hard to follow all the Japanese names. I had (keyword: had) an interest in doing a Psycho Pass Abridged but surprise surprise: it's taken. TL:DR Is Team Four Star the only people who got it right with an abridged series? Is there another one that's actually good and funny? Besides something that involves any of the Team Four Star members? Like Hellsing?
  4. Bright Blaze


    Put your complaints about any episode here!
  5. So, what's the sickest you've ever been? The sickest I have ever been was when I came down with food poisoning when I was 15.
  6. ​I HATE PEOPLE ON LEAGUE! (Gaming people in general ALSO fall into this category.) You know what pisses me off? When I'm going online just to unwind after a stressful day of filling out applications and calling companies for a potential job just so have some (excuse the language) punk ass bitch of a human tell me how I need to kill myself because I'm not playing how he wants me to play. This applies to any gamer, nothing is worse than when you're playing a game minding your own GOD DAMN business having a grand old time and then that ONE person that ONE INSIGNIFICANT person comes waltzing along just to ruin what little fun you may be having! I understand if you're having a bad match or a bad game, that's fine. What's INEXCUSABLE is them telling you things like "You should kill yourself, you're so bad. Uninstall then re-install just to uninstall again that's how bad you are." Now I know what you're thinking, "Just forget about it. He's a nobody, probably a loser who hates his own life." That's true and probably accurate but tonight really made me upset. I'm just so sick and tired of people thinking "Oh just because I'm on the internet I can call you whatever I want!" Psh, if you were face to face with that person I'm sure you'd think twice. Please understand that I don't usually let things people say online get to me but last night was just too much for me and I had to vent. So tell me what you guys think, do you have personal experiences that you remember that just drove you crazy? Have you yourself been the troll? Have you done anything to stop the bullying? What can we do as a society to stop these jerks? Do you think anything needs to be changed? Have you ever been threatened over a game or in person? When do you think the bully takes it too far?
  7. How do I donate to the site using an MLPforums gift voucher?
  8. I could not find a thread like this that already exists. Please forgive me if there is one already. But back to the question: Who is your favorite pokemon? (Please pick ONE) Mine is Nidorino
  9. So today (7th May 2015) the UK gets to vote on the next prime minister! In the UK a first past the post system is used: For a majority government to be held a party must win: 326 house of commons seats for a national majority, If not a "hung parliament" will occur and the Queen will invite the biggest party to form a government with other parties to reach the required number of seats. So! Your thoughts/discussion on what is going to happen today! Everything is open for discussion from the way the system works to whether you are voting to the parties themselves! I have already voted ! (UK bronys that can, make sure you vote! :3)
  10. Right now I'm obsessed with a fine-tip yellow marker I found in my old pencil case earlier and I can't stop writing random things with it just omg this pen. XD What are you guys obsessed with right now?
  11. Treble Bolt

    The Outsiders

    So, anyone saw the premiere of Nat Geo's The Outsiders? Does anyone even have that channel? I don't watch tv, so it sounds like one of those channels you get with 100$ per month package deal (i.e. it's "special").... This is (as far as I know) the first time bronies are introduced as is in an actual tv show (instead of ripped off or laughed at in politically slanted comedy shows). SO...yeah... what do you think?
  12. Sorry if this is the wrong section for this topic And I couldn't find any other topic like this through searching, so apologies if this is a duplicate Let's say you had to pick a piece of music that would play throughout your time on the forums- a MLPForums theme, let's say- which is fitting (not necessarily one you like a lot), though it doesn't need to be pony music. What would you pick? At the moment, this is the main theme that comes to my mind (though my mind may change ): How about for you?
  13. Do you know what the definition of Insanity is?
  14. Hello! This is my drawing of a new Dodge Charger painted like the General Lee from the Dukes of Hazzard. This is my very first car drawing since I'm starting to draw different stuff. I thought it turned out okay for a first drawing so I thought I'd share. I actually thought it would be worse to be honest.
  15. I live in Warner Robins, Georgia. I would really love to attend one. Are there any Brony cons or My Little Pony events in the Georgia area? Any information would be helpful.
  16. I just begun drawing ponies and i want tips for a beginner and you guys have been drawing ponies for like 2 or 1 or half years so you guys know better than i do
  17. Are there any songs, games, artists etc. that you feel are highly underrated, and they don't get the attention they deserve? For me, I'd have to say Risk of Rain. It's a fantastic game. Bridging the gap between Binding of Isaac and Rogue Legacy in a fantastic mush of rogue-like, action plat-former, RPG goodness.
  18. Why I need the General Lee's dixie horn These two videos should do the trick So it's obvious, it's simply because it's awesome.
  19. So, with the Girls Scouts Cookie fundraiser underway and everyone debating what cookies are the best, I got to thinking that there should be a thread where we can all talk about our scouting experiences. I know there are the Boy Scouts and Girls Scouts, but I am pretty sure there are equivalents to these all over the world. So what better way to compare and contrast all these lifeskill building programs by talking about it! I was a Girl Scout. I was only one for 1 and half years, when I was 11-12 years old. I was a Junior Scout. I remember loving it so much, and in the place where I lived, I was the only Junior scout in my district (yey rural communities) so my foster mom was my troop leader (she was also the Brownie and Cadet Leaders for the district). I ended up earning EVERY single badge in the Junior Girl Scout handbook. I remember going to multiple camps at the Wisconsin Girl Scout camp, Camp Sacajawea. I especially enjoyed the horse camps, and I remember having to care for and ride this old horse named Thomas (very sweet old horse). In our trail rides, we always had to follow one another single file, and there was this girl behind me who had this horse the farted all the time on our trail rides. Other than my horse care badge unit and wilderness unit (getting all the badges at once that had similarities), I don't remember much else in the way of badge getting. Since it's cookie time, I must brag just a little bit. The year that I sold cookies, I sold over 4000 boxes, and ended up getting a massive white teddy bear (the theme was "Dream Big" that year), a t-shirt, some patches, and national recognition as a top cookie seller for that year. I had no competition so it was fairly easy. I still have that teddy bear, and it reminds me of some of the best direction and drive I had through some of my toughest years in foster care. It was a fun experience overall, and looking back, I must have been quite the dorky geek, but who cares what other people think? Were you a boy/girl scout?
  20. Treble Bolt

    The Hair Thread

    So, there is a facial hair thread but I could not find a regular hair thread, so here one is! Talk about the hair on your head! What type of hairstyle do you most often have? How long is your hair? What color is it? (is it dyed or natural?) And really anything else that makes your hair unique Also, what are you thoughts about other types of hair and hair styles What do you think someone's hair be like in order to make them more attractive? What's your take on celebrity hairstyles? What kind of hair/hair style do you wish you could have/do? Give me the history of your hair, because hair is one the most defining features of any person...I mean in the Anime world, you can have the exact same body structure, but just change the eye color and hair style/color and BAM....a completely different character is made. This is especially true in the world of Equestria; you can change their body/eye color and their cutie marks, but it's the mane and tail that are the most definitive characteristic of FIM.... For me... I always had shoulder length or shorter hair....I grew up hating bangs and hating long hair....Most of my childhood consisted of ear-chin length hair (about 2-5 inches in length) because I was (and still am) a tomboy. Hair for most of my young life was an inconvenience, and thus I cared little for it, and that's how it was all the way up through college (although I did have shoulder length hair by then). But now I am married. My husband loves my hair a lot, and encouraged me to grow it out a bit more. So I have been for the past four years. I do not trim anything but the bangs (yes I now have bangs), and I just use a razor to do that since it's such a small area. I do not care about split ends and whatnot because unless you look really hard, I can't tell the difference. My hair is very fine and flat. It's so fine that I have never been able to do much with it anyways. Any hairstyle I do falls out within an hour, even if I used a crap ton of hair spray. I have to use special rubber ponytail ties because all the regular ones slide out (all hair accessories do that to me). Thus, the only thing I now do is braid it after showers, and then hold it in a double pony tail (one pony tail at the base of my neck and another ponytail 3/4 of the way down my hair to prevent snarling) once I take my braids out. The braids add volume and life to my hair once I take them out because the hair dries while in the braids. My hair is darker brown with a red tinge to it. I have only dyed it once in my life, and that was black back in college because I wanted to see how I looked with black hair because that was my birth mother's natural hair color. My hair is now about 30 inches long, right at the bottom of my braline (I think it's called BSL)...I plan to keep letting my hair grow out, and have no plans of ever really cutting it unless I can't get around sitting on it and then it will be trimmed. I can't it that I've been heavily influenced by anime hair because I really like long hair, but just don't see it as functional or practical. I honestly think my long hair is a waste of time and a lot of maintenance, but if my husband wants long hair, I want him to be happy. Plus we both really like braids.
  21. If a Fictional Universe cannot exist. What are the chances of a planet that is like Equus and has Talking Horse Beings? I Would love to go!!!
  22. Treble Bolt

    Craft My Valentine's Day gift

    This year, I got an amazing idea for a Valentine's Day gift while browsing for ideas to make and sell at demonstrations. I found a design similar to what I made on Etsy, but it's all plasma cut and pretty much machine done. BUT I am blacksmith, and what better way to expand upon my skills while making something meaningful using my own exertion of energy by making my own heart for my husband. It being Valentine's Day, I've gotten him big chocolate candies in the past, since it's not as $$$ needy as birthday's and Christmas, but I guess when I thought of idea, I thought it'd be wise to go with it since I haven't done much active stuff, especially blacksmithing, all winter. Here is the gift I made for my husband this Valentine’s Day. <3 It is a heart, hand chiseled out of some steel plate. I dished it outwards by heating up small sections, and hammering it into a small swage block we have. I then just too an angle grinder to a piece of plate that was already the size I needed for the banner and just needed to cut some excess off and did not see a reason to go through the hard work of chiseling it apart. I then chiseled out a small hour glass shape at the ends to make the banner curls more pronounced, and proceeded to curl over the ends. To get the wave shape of the banner, it was hard to bend on end, so I ended up just pounding the heated areas against the horn of the anvil, letting the impact and gravity do the bending for me. After flattening the part once bent, I just used my husband’s double diagonal peen to make the other end congruent with the bend. Once I was satisfied with the banner, I found some bolts that I felt were big enough, and drilled holes for their placement, which was annoying because bent pieces are hard to drill through because your cannot properly clamp them down. Then, I took that bolt heads, rounded the head and pound on them in the pritchel hole to make them look more rivet like. Bolted it all together and viola! What made this project difficult was hiding the fact that I was doing anything in the shop from my husband. Our shop is at his parent’s place, and his dad is quite the gossiper. So I mostly did my work between 3-7am, because no one was up (and my husband goes to work at 3am). I started the project the weekend of the 1st, but then last Friday, I had surgery that was unexpected, so I scrambled to get it done by then. This week it stayed in hiding, but I was so antsy to give it to him because i don’t like hiding things from him. The one thing left to be done on this project is having our anniversary date welded to the banner. I am not an aesthetic welder like my husband is, so want him to do that part. Ironically , welding numbers and letters properly takes some artistic skill and pre-planning because welding strokes really matter. There is a quarter besides it to give you an idea of how big it is. I am really proud of this project. It’s the first blacksmithing project I did completely on my own without help or input. I am still just a novice, but I want to keep at it being my husband’s striker and helper. I love him so much, and what better way to show how much I love him then by making something that without his teaching and knowledge, I would have never known about at all, let alone learn. <3 I am so grateful for him. <3 .
  23. Treble Bolt

    Pony Merch Wish List

    Lately, I have been really thinking about pony merchandise that does not exist that I really want. And since we have many threads about current merch. reviews, hints at merch. to come, and even merch. we recently purchased, there isn't a place for an unconceivable "wish list". However, I have not seen a thread (yet) about pony merch. that just does not exist and probably will not come to light in the mainstream merchandise market. There will always be those who create what we won't get from Hasbro, such as legit plushies, clothes, stickers, and 'coughnaughtytoyscough,' but that doesn't mean someone on Etsy will take the time to make what we feel should be around. So, this thread is about pony stuff we wish we could see on store shelves or in online markets. Who knows, maybe someone will whisper enough to the ears of Hasbro and give us what we desire, but we have to voice what we want in order for that thought to eve begin to be conceivable. So, here is my current list of things I want as Pony merch. 1. A Queen/King pony sheet set (especially a fleece set, but that's setting the bar too high ) 2. Apple Family Kitchen stuff....Before ponies, I already had the idea of making an apple themed kitchen. But the Apple Family is more unique than just apples. But this idea is a bit...mature for even the brony fandom. I mean, there isn't enough of us that are that far ahead in life to be able to renovate their already owned homes, so yeah....I may get/find patches and put them on curtains and embroider towels, but I don't see a kitchen set anytime in the future. 3. Cookie Jar.....this is a possible one...Though I am not sure how they may go about doing this...It totally makes sense to grab cookies out of pinkie's brain 4. Pony Computer Accessories- Some already exist for Iphones/mp3 market, but something nice as laptop covers/bags/mouse designs would be nice to see. They already got Hello Kitty for all that, why not Ponies!?!? 5. Candy! - G3 gummies with G4 box does not count...I want to see real pony merch candy cuz Pinkie Pie! 6. Pony vehicle accessories- This is a personal biggie of mine. To deck your vehicle out in pony, you have to find a really specialized place to get anything pony thing in/on your vehicle. Yet, there is Tinker Belle and Hello Kitty" just about everything" for vehicles that you can buy at a local auto place (or Wal-mart). I know that stuff is marketed towards women (camo, sports, and flames are marketed towards men), FIM would fit PERFECTLY in, and I can definitely see not only bronies, but soccer mom's loving it too (the ones like have kids that like the show). Darn it, I want to see FIM seat covers, air fresheners, and floor mats (although I am not too keen on getting them grimy)! How cool would it be to be able to get a steering wheel cover decked out in the Mane 6's cutie marks, or just FLUFFY Pinkie balloons!? So far, all I have done is order special decals for the outside of my little truck, and glued a metallic grab-bag Applejack to my dash...
  24. Blizzard Gale

    Top Three Tempers?

    Hey everypony, Yet another "Top three" I'm doing today. This time the topic will be about. What are three things that anger you the most? Don't forget to EXPLAIN why these things anger you! Anger can be a problem for most ponies. A discussion everypony can join in on, and hopefully help you vent your frustrations and other pessimistic problems! I guess I'll go ahead and list mine off. Give it a hoof-bump if you guys enjoy the topic! ^ w^/) Anyway! Here we go! 1. Squeakers: Don't know what a "Squeaker" is? It is a term often used in gaming to describe someone as with a very high pitched voice. [Around the ages of children of 5-10] Who SCREAM in the mic about non-game related content. Even if you have your volume turned down way low, they still put a spear into your ear drum. On side note of this, The reason I find it annoying is because it's not a child's fault. More so the moronic parent who buys their child a rated M game. Sure, it hurts my ears. What also hurts to know is that parents don't care about what their children are exposed to in an online community. Such as trolls and haters, which can be very... Influential. 2. "Repeaters": Through my youth I've found it highly nerve racking when I'd be concentrating on a task. For example... Dad: Move the pole down the hole slowly. Me: Alright. Dad: WHOA WHOA WHOA WHOA, STOP STOP STOP STOP!!!!! Beyond anything, This highly irritates me. I know exactly what I'm doing 80% of the time, and he screams, panics, and otherwise makes anypony in this situation. VERY uncomfortable. Especially when I'm driving too... I guess you could say this has been somewhat traumatized into my brain. Since this is in the same subject, I also hate "Repeating" Myself. I tend to raise my voice in frustration if I constantly have to repeat something over and over. Mainly this concept only happens when dealing with other people say like... My Managers... =_= Manager: Claudia! Me? Yes sir? Manager: Claudia! Me: Yes...? Manager: Claudia! Me: WHAT DO YOU WANT?! Manager: That's very rude. Me: ... True story too. He was a jerk. Anyways... moving on! 3. Morons: Before we get into this subject, I want to make it perfectly clear that I'm not talking about anypony with mental/physical disabilities. A lot of people get touchy on a subject like this when it's not stated correctly. Main reason I say I dislike "Morons" Is because people with a brain don't bother to use their common sense. Most times when I have to walk places in my town, I'm constantly almost getting hit by idiots driving. NO one uses their turn signals, They constantly speed, They even roll down windows to yell rude phrases at me. I dislike them because people in the world have more sense and more capability to be what they are. Not only anger, but it also saddens me that most of the population of where I live is full of jerks. Just walking up here today! I was almost hit by an idiot who was turning from an intersection with a "No left turn" sign. He did it anyway! =.= I Digress... Anyway, I hope to read all of your interesting replies soon to come. Claudia~ <3