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Found 882 results

  1. So hopefully this is an ok place to post it. Not sure yet. If not it'll get moved or locked. So anyways. . I'm in an art slump. I have been so stressed of getting a job and moving among other things that I cannot for the life of me draw anything right now. I want to create a new oc but nothing is coming to mind. What do you guys do when it comes to artist block
  2. I've been a Roller Coaster enthusiast for 8 years. It's remained a biggest hobby/interest Anybody else here love roller coasters? or have interests?
  3. It's halloween night and here I am sitting in my room with my cat checking out the forum. What's everyone's plan for tonight?
  4. Media seems to psint modesty as evil nowadays. Celebs and stars barely seem to wear anything during their performances, even in award events, their clothes expose gratuitous amounts of skin and are sheer or form fitting. Every day, normal people dress the same way. Twerking is accepted, in spite of it making people look like dogs in heat, with no respect of their own I have to modesty just as dead as chivalry? Ah, I miss the Victorian era, where people were elegant and modestly dressed, and things were left to the imagination.
  5. Which of these monsters would be most deadly if they existed in the real world. What monster would you rather deal with as the easier target. Rules: Classic vampires only Witches are monster/feminine like, don't look like humans Zombies are Return of the Living Dead type(they can run and can't die from head shots... I want to give zombies some edge against vampires and witches) Werewolf on level of the wolfman Ghost can possess people.
  6. Hello everypony My name is boom blocks and Im curious what the last game you played was. Im not being crrepy im just a curious pony. Plz post your reply bellow. Umm.. if you want to that is. As fluttershy would say. The last game i played was Terraria
  7. Hey guys, Unsure if this topic exists, but curious to see where in the world you guys would like to visit and see. I've pretty much seen the whole of the UK, only two areas I've not been is the North East and Northern Ireland. I live over here and my family wernt really ones for doing aboard family holidays. The only place we went together was Brittany (France) and I hated it =/ France is the only other country Ive ever been too, done the Alps and Paris too. My travel wish list is here; Scandinavia (all of it) America (Both Coasts and the northern states) - Including Alaska and Hawaii. Canada Italy Germany Poland Czech Republic Japan Vietnam Thailand Australia New Zealand I do still want to see Russia and Ukraine, but maybe whenever the conflicts die down in the future...if they even do.
  8. It is a controversial topic... Its no secret we're all going to die one die. This topic is really about two things. 1.) Just throwing a body in the ground... No chemicals, burial vaults and expensive caskets which really damage the environment 2.) Western culture is incredibly fearful of death to the point where you can't talk about nature and dying. I know death is awful, but in the western modern world you can't even have a serious discussion about it. So what Green Burial is essentially.... How people have been buried for thousands and thousands of years. Christians get the most flack for starting traditional burial, and while the vikings were known for cremating their deceased, cremation isn't the same as it was centuries ago. People would think cremation is a better option, since there isn't a body to take space in the ground. But these crematories are still pumping excess soot up into the atmosphere and that will damage the plant life and air quality at the constant rate we are doing it. I find it disgusting that it is labeled as unscientific to just 'throw a body in the ground' without formaldehyde and other preserving chemicals we don't need. We inject ourselves with these at death, because humans merely cannot accept that we're going to decay like everything does. I want to buried with dignity and have nature just consume my remains like every other animals goes out. I don't want to be buried and damage the planet with all of humanity's silly games of death denial. There are other cool options too. Sicilian scientists have a patent for 'tree pods'. You dump your carcass into a fertilized pod that will sprout into a tree. Hey, its better than looking at depressing rocks isn't it?
  9. Hello everypony! Fess up! What's the latest thing that you've done to make the world a bit more merry?
  10. I was recently looking at a map and trying to work out how many countries I've been to. While I thought 16 was a lot, in the grand scheme of things it's really not. There are so many countries I still want to visit, which brings me onto the second part of my question: what countries would you like to visit? I've been to: Botswana Lesotho South Africa Swaziland Zambia Australia Fiji China Singapore France Germany Ireland Spain Switzerland UK United Arab Emirates But I'd still like to visit nearly twice as many as I already have with the main ones being: New Zealand Russia Japan Sweden Canada USA Jordan
  11. I find that its talk about religion to me. I'm an atheist, but I straight up hate it when someone talks about their religion because 1) It makes me uncomfortable, as it's a very touchy topic that can easily ruin friendships by saying the wrong thing, 2) It just bothers me because I don't believe in anything (Atheist) , so I basically have to sit there and say nothing, because if i say anything against what they are saying it could be taken as an insult to their religion, and I never want to get into an argument about that. What do you find the most annoying thing someone can do?
  12. So I was thinking to myself at work today, when princess luna was banished how were the bat ponys effected? I mean for some of us with batponys OC I havnt found much lore on there history so this might be me just not looking in the right spot but from what we've seen of her and that one time we first saw batponys I think the fandom (us watching the show) made the relationship with batponys and luna. So it brings the question did they all migrate to a safe hold of some sort? started there own nation in the bad lands and somewhere else? or is it our little spot to figer out? anypony want to bite in?
  13. Hey! You! Yes, you! The one sitting or standing in front of a laptop, computer or whatever doodad of the internet you're using! Pay attention! These words may change your life! Ready? It's pretty simple and true. YOU ARE AWESOME. You are the coolest living thing (Or non-living thing) I have ever met. I can feel your vibes coming through the computer internet waves. Don't let any person, dog or banana (Cats are fine because they tell everyone their not awesome) tell you otherwise. They are lying to your face. if you need to remember this post whenever you're in a pickle, then remember these 3 words: I AM AMAZING. You are weird. YES! That kind of weird. Think about it. Weird hasn't been BAD. It's meant different. It's meant unique. If someone ever comes up to you and says 'you're weird' you can reply with a smile and a 'Thanks! You too!' because its true. We are all weird. See that invisible tater tot over there? He's weird. See that amazing human being over there? The one that looks exactly like you? Yeah, that person is the best thing on earth, ever. You may be thinking; What about the other 10 people who bothered to read this post? Well, they're also the best people on earth. The people who didn't bother? Also amazing. The only people that are the least amazing people are the ones that tell others that they aren't the best. Anyway, when you read this, think of only happy things. When you opened this post, we banhammered all the bad things right at the door. With that first word. So, anyway, I want you to have a GREAT day, or night, or blue moon. Just have a good one. Always, always, always remember these three words: I AM AMAZING.
  14. So, recently I've been hearing a lot about cyber schooling and conducted some research on it. I read some info from a few different cyber schools and to me, it seems alright. You get to learn at your own pace in most of them, and can sometimes have personalized time with your teacher if you don't understand something. I personally think it's a pretty good way to learn for the most part. What do you think? Maybe you go to one yourself, and think it's the best thing since sliced bread, but I want to hear anything you guys have to sat about it. Especially if you think of it negatively, as what I was reading from was 80% the schools themselves praising what they do on their own sites. Thanks!
  15. So, me being me, I tend to say random stuff a lot, mostly to myself, my boyfriend or my friends. Sometimes it is just different ways of saying other words mashed into something that is fun to say despite having no meaning at all. XD Has anyone else ever ddne that? Just made up random words, phrases or sayings that don't have a real meaning? Here is an example of something I randomly say: Buhborshkee. Because why not. XP My oddities know no boundaries.
  16. My crush is Robert Carlyle who plays Rumple on Once Upon a Time
  17. So I'm often very bored and don't know what to do about it? What can I do about it and are you people also often bored like me?
  18. What I mean by that is this. My Dad was talking about an interview call for a position, and one of the things the interviewer commented on was how he talked. He was told that the words he used were 'too big', that talking so intellectually made him seem intimidating, that he wad trying to create an air of superiority by sounding sophisticated. Like speaking somewhere between a professor and an attorney. This came to the point that most work places try to use language equal to an 8th grade education. I heard it's even lower, up to 6th grade. Apparently from what I was told, newspapers are made to be readable at a 6th grade level. My dad was basically told that he sounded too smart, using either too many words or too big of words. That talking in monosyllabic Twitter posts is more approved of. Is language and vocabulary, not just in the work place, but in school, in discussion, in public forums being too dumbed down? Are most people really at the level of needing to read and speak on an 6th grade level? Is being verbose and articulate in speech something to be looked down upon?
  19. so where have you travelled to and which places did you find quite interesting? me: UK (england), USA (california, arizona, nevada, utah), Croatia, Austria, Italy and Hungary. I really liked the universal studios in LA and the british natural history museum in London.
  20. Hay, whats up? Anyone with experience in 3D modeling have any program advice for simple to use and free (or at least relatively inexpensive) modeling software? I've poked around in Blender some but it's really way more then what I need it for. Also started messing around in FreeCAD and it might work alright but I havn't played with it much yet. What I need is something that can make simple geometry fairly easily and allows me to be very accurate, like type in where I want points to go within fractions of an inch accurate and can export in STL. I'm pretty sure most of these programs do export STL as it's pretty standard, but thats fairly important for my purposes. What I'd like is something thats as easy to lay down points as using illustrator, just with the included z axis. But that may be optimistic. (That said I think Illustrator has a few CAD plugins out there, but I'm not sure about their functionalities and the ones I have seen are a bit on the pricey side as far as I'm considered.) I'm not looking to animate with this or anything, think more engineering and designing. Mostly if not entirely static models. Any advice form experience?
  21. I recently decided to dip a toe into the stock market. I bought some shares of Coca-cola "because i drink it and they have been around forever" walmart "because i work there" Hasbro "because they own MY LITTLE PONY and by owning a share I own a little bit of MLP also" Intel "because they make microchips" frontier communications " because they are less than 5 dollars a share" anypony else new to investing or well into investing? what do you own? I try to invest in dividend stock so I can reinvest it and get more shares. I use LOYAL3 because there are no fees for buying or selling and no fees for having an account so I can buy more stock without paying 5 dollars everytime i buy or sell, only thing i don't like about loyal3 is you can't time the market because they only execute orders once a day but I am a long term investor and don't plan on selling my stock anytime soon anyway so what about ya'll?
  22. So far Ive had 3 accounts shut down for no reason, in fact today I got this email, its the same thing I got with all my other accounts that got shut down We'd like to inform you that due to repeated or severe violations of our Community Guidelines ( your YouTube account Midi Brony has been suspended. After review we determined that activity in your account violated our Community Guidelines, which prohibit spam, scams or commercially deceptive content ( Please be aware that you are prohibited from accessing, possessing or creating any other YouTube accounts. For more information about account terminations and how our Community Guidelines are enforced, please visit our Help Center at appealing the ban does nothing, no idea whats happening or what to do Oh and I really have no idea where they got the whole spam, scams and commercially deceptive content from, thats not something I'd do At this point I've really got 2 options, keep making channels only to have them suspended or find an alternative platform
  23. Who would win in a fight? Zeus or Thor?
  24. That's right, today's my birthday. I'm 24 now.
  25. I love the Spring I like it being sunny but I hate it when it's too hot. It's quite hot outside now and I feel like I'm melting >___< It's going to be even hotter tomorrow so I'm planning on living in the bath.