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Found 868 results

  1. Do you like dogs or do you not like dogs? I personally don't like dogs because I find them annoying.
  2. I was wondering. If there were no unicorn to represent magic, would that role fall on an earth pony or Pegasus?
  3. I think if I had the choice, I would prefer to be born in Medieval England sometime between 800 and 1000 A.D. That way I could fight for the King and kill people lol. Or I could join the Vikings and go around and pillage villages and such. What about you though? What time period would you choose?
  4. Have you, in any point in your life had anything paranormal happen to you, or been somewhere with a history of such? I'd love to hear all about the experiences. I myself have had a few, I was visiting a cousin who recently moved into a new home, and while sitting in the living room a stack of magazines flew acrossed the room as if they were hit by a strong gust of wind, and on more than one occasions since i've been back, any silverware left in the sink to be washed will end up in odd places around the house where it shouldn't be, all really weird stuff I have no explanation for, he lives alone.
  5. So, I was wondering how many bronies there is. Please tell me there's still a good load of bronies and that nopony stopped watching the show.
  6. The most painful day of my life was when I was practicing my Taekwondo kicks on my brother and he dodged this really high tornado kick I did. I landed on the wrong side of my foot and it dislocated really bad. I couldn't bend it or anything and was screaming the ****** hell off my head. My brother on the other hand, thought I was joking and was laughing the whole time. Painful memory.
  7. News Flash: I do it most of the times. I'm that lazy sometimes. But at least it doesn't look like this after sleeping in it!
  8. Where are you all today in this very moment? I'm right now in a lounge chair, relaxing with my friends at Carowinds.
  9. For me, not really because I tended to prefer a bit of privacy back then. Nowadays, I am a bit braver, but I would only do it with people I know very well. If I ever get the chance to do it in college, which I might or might not
  10. Whats your favorite color or colors in the top 3? i would like to know someones unique color scheme about there personality (p.s i'm new to the whole forum thing i usually don't bother so please tell me if i'm doing something wrong.)
  11. I personally miss being a teenager and I personally miss high school. To me, those were really great times.
  12. Whatever social media service you use, you sometimes come across those people who just don’t interest you anymore and you decide to quit following/liking that person Most people don’t think twice about it, but I does it ever make you feel bad when you make that choice?
  13. I'm starting to not see what's so special about being romantically in love with someone anymore. I mean about more than half of romantic couples do end in either a break up or divorce, while most platonic bestfriends remain friends until death. So I'm starting to think that having a platonic bestfriend is a lot better than having a romantic partner or spouse is.
  14. In a few TV Tropes words, Being born in the wrong century means not liking the time period you were born in. While I'm content being born in the 1990s and living through the early 21st century, are there any people here who feel that they could/want to live in a different century, like the Victorian Age, The Middle Ages, The Golden Age of Animation? Remember that it doesn't have to be 100 years away from today. Even if those who wished to have lived through the 1980s and other such decades in the 21st or 20th Century are allowed.
  15. I myself am a constant music box - I'm always whistling something, humming if I need to be quieter, or singing some lines from songs I have stuck in my head if I happen to know the lyrics. I can be doing anything anywhere - buying milk outside, washing dishes, whatever. How about you lovely people? Do you vocalise music often? Do you only do so when you're by yourself or doing certain things?
  16. Idk what would be an appropriate title, but it's like this... I have friends that are conservative christians and are most-likely anti-abortion. I am pro-choice. The idea is playing around in my head that what if the matter o "abortion" came up in conversation one day. Would I be outcasted? I have many friends already who know I am pro-choice who haven't shunned me, but they weren't conservative christian. I personally find it ridiculous to end a friendship over that, but I am on the more "wiggle-side" of course. So my questions extends very far, if you found out your friend republican, socialist, neo-nazi, democrat, other-kin, brony (XD), catholic, agender, etc. would you stop being friends with them? Thoughts?
  17. Which side is more delusional and persistent in their point of view, boldly spitting in the face of over whelming scientific evidence? The flat earth society, who maintain the belief of their ancestors that the earth is indeed not a planet like all other celestial bodies in the galaxy, but instead a disc. Or the more recent believers that the moon landings were a hoax, that all of it was a publicity stunt for funding and nationalism. One group in denial of how the world is. The other in denial of what happened beyond it. But who has it worse?
  18. I've always had an interest in any type of zodiac sign. I for one find them very accurate in shaping our personalities, for the most part. Even though they're not always accurate, zodiac signs are still fun, even if yours doesn't describe you. But anyway, what is your western zodiac sign? If you don't know, then all you have to do is find your birth date here, then find your sign: I'm an Aquarius "The Water Bearer" (my b-day is Feb 7) Symbol: The Water Bearer Element: Air (seems pretty legit) Ruling Planet: Uranus — planet of originality Body Part: Ankles (why??) Good Day: Communicative, original, open-minded, fair, logical, inviting (yes! That's so me.) Bad Day: Guarded, detached, self-destructive, out-of-touch, irrational, desperate (yes) Favorite Things: Computer programming, teaching, team sports, anything with a cause or mission, independent films (computer programming...???? no) What You Hate: Injustice, drama queens, feeling isolated, owing money or favors, having to choose just one thing (Yes this is so true!) Secret Wish: To experience total freedom (definitely) How to Spot Them: Cute smile, quirky movements, darting eyes, long legs (long legs? nah) Where You’ll Find Them: Backpacking through the Swiss Alps, picketing a company with unfair hiring practices, coaching a Little League team, revolutionizing the industry you work in (that last part doesn't really sound like me at all -_-) Keywords: Friendliness, Eccentricity, Teamwork, Humanitarianism, Technology, Futuristic, Groups (technology and futuristic?? no) My chinese zodiac sign is the golden (metal) snake So, what's your sign?
  19. I really thought there was a general thread for this already, but I guess not. :| Unless I missed it entirely. XD One of the things that I really enjoy in life, is looking forward to things. Having anticipation and excitement for whatever. Whether it be a big event or something as simple as a good meal, I love to look forward to things like that. Let's share our own excitement for whatever we are looking forward to! It is always good to reffect on things like this, can't forget the simple joys in life. As for long term, I am very excited for some games that are releasing in the next couple of months as well as the Xbox One X. There is something magical about the holiday gaming season. :3 I am also really anticipating the arrival of Fall and Winter, both wonderful times of the year. Nice and cold, peaceful, quiet. I love it. For the short term, I am looking forward to possibly getting a pizza later today and chatting with my boyfriend as well, since it is Friday after all. Again, loving the simple stuff.
  20. What were your favorite things about sleepovers when you were younger?
  21. Happy Mother's Day everyone! Take this moment to spend some time with your moms since they've all done so much for you in the past and loved you. (Hopefully you got her a card at least or some flowers)
  22. A friend and were having this discussion the other night, and were wondering what the sort of common consensus is. Do you like it when someone else tickles you? Personally, I kinda like it when a friend tickles me to cheer me up a bit. My friend, on the other hand, absolutely hates it when someone even comes close! What do you guys think?
  23. On a cuteness scale from 1 to 10 how cute would you rate yourself?
  24. I genuinely do. I count my sister, my dad and my mother as friends. We've always been close and I enjoy being with all of them. A lot of people don't seem to really consider family as friends. People will say that you're forced to be friends but not really. I'm 25 I could easily move away and not talk to any of them. I choose not to.
  25. Doing anything interesting this summer? Any vacations?