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Found 1044 results

  1. Everything we do every day contributes to our ultimate path in life, but I’d like to hear about your most definitive moments or experiences and how they shaped the person you are today. Some things can be profound and change the direction of your life in an instant; others can be very subtle or even mundane but still have a huge effect in the long run. Please give us a few examples of moments that have changed the direction of your life and why.
  2. If you look on social media, there's no shortage of posts about relatable problems like not passing exams, Mondays being crappy, and all of that played out stuff. Let's change it up a little and share some problems that aren't so relatable, and if someone has that same problem, well isn't that cool. I'll start off with how it's sometimes a bit of a pain to find some good Middle Eastern trap music.
  3. I'm talking about celebrities because they are easily well-known and hard to reach. Sometimes I find a celebrity to be so a genuine and heartwarming person that I wish we could become friends, regardless of fame or anything else. Just valuing the person in itself. It happened with Will Smith (and his family), Robin Williams, Michael Jackson a few others actors and musicians mostly known in my country.
  4. What would you say is the best meat. Chicken, Pork, Beef, Lamb, Fish etc.?
  5. So, which day of the week makes you feel in the laziest mood possible and why? Mine is Sunday, mostly cause a good deal of stuff is already done and time seems to be running somewhat slower for me in those days, but that's just my perspective. My other choice is Wednesday, pretty sure many of you can easily tell why.
  6. What is your favorite type of weather? Mine is cloudy, it's just the perfect weather for me
  7. On a cuteness scale from 1 to 10 how cute would you rate yourself?
  8. I want to see the statistics for each gender, if the question doesn't correspond to your gender please click "Im not a (girl, boy, other)" I really like to wear tighter clothing, even skin tight clothing
  9. I remember doing two for Homestuck. An indigo blood troll (because Sagittarius) and a derse carapacian. And back in the day I used to have a sailor moon sailor scout. Oh! And a Pokemon trainer persona too. Most of them where personas thought. Representations of myself in universe without an specific backstory or roll within a story. How many have you had?
  10. Let’s talk about good deeds. Have you done any lately or have you done something (at any point in time) that helped or made a difference in somebody’s life? Has someone done a good deed for you? When someone does something good for you do you try to pay it forward?
  11. Do you consider yourself a lucky person? Do you have a lot of good luck or bad luck? Positive and negative vibes tend to generate or attract more positive or negative vibes. Can luck be affected by attitude? Do you believe in luck at all?
  12. The oldest house I’ve lived in so far (and probably never again) was a Victorian-age 3 story house when I was very little. This was back when I lived in Illinois. I swear that place was haunted....the basement more specifically. Some people supposedly died there because the basement was actually a doctor’s office way back then....creepy. If only I had pictures of the old place. I hardly remember it though. What about you guys?
  13. I know some pony fied names of cities but states not. marewaukee = Milwaukee mexicolt city = Mexico City chicacolt = Chicago green hay= green bay
  14. ^Title Generally I'd say forum posts and such count (I guess) but one's history of posting or social media doesn't amount to much of a cohesive storyline. That is, unless you can really read between the lines. Fan fiction also counts.The way I see it, "If you write, you're a writer." None of this "you gotta make money" gatekeeping malarky. If you do write stuff, what have you written? What are you most proud of? Anything you want to share?
  15. Ok so I’m hoping it wasn’t already posted ! But what is your internet like ware you live ? Good ? Bad ? Or have to settle with sat. ? For me i have fixed internet with a tower on the house <.< 5mbs
  16. Some of the best stories are origins, and MLP has shown that through the start of the Apple Family as we know them through Bright Mac and Pear Butter. Our lives truly began with that of our parents, so how did yours meet? Feel free to include how you've met your significant other as well if you'd like! My understanding is that my mother and father met each other briefly as coworkers and shortly began dating. After a while they moved in with each other and within 6 months of their relationship they were married! They had me after about a year but there were problems so they divorced when I was two. Plenty has happened since but this isn't the place for my entire life story, lol.
  17. I like to brohoof all the roleplay posts whenever it’s my turn to post so I don’t get lost and read the same thing over and over. Basically, I use brohoofs (hooves?) to mark my spot like a page in a book. Does anyone else do that?
  18. I've had a Samsung Galaxy S4 mini for about three years and have finally bought a new phone I bought a Doogee F5. It seems to have pretty good reviews on Amazon and Youtube and it's a decent price
  19. If an MLP game let you gt a cutie mark over the course of the game how you implement it? I would have a system of completion. If you complete all the main tasks, you get the cutie mark. Completing other tasks determines what your cutie mark will be. Like if you do a lot of tasks on weather- you'd get a weather based cutie mark. If you do a lot of tasks on selling- you'd get a selling based cutie mark. What do you think?
  20. BTW these are lapel pins (not mine and are from this site) and are sometimes called to as enamel pins, pins, buttons or badges. Typically it depends on the person. Do you guys collect any of them? I do and I am starting to make a binder for them because a lot of them are now in bad condition and it sucks. ;-; I know it's bad but I am fixing it now with my own personal binder so it won't happen any more. If you guys collect, do you use a binder as well? Do you just toss them in a drawer, Do you have a theme for your pins? If you don't collect them, is there a specific reason why? Are you willing to? If someone were to give you pins would you take them or pass the offer?
  21. What kind of gaming do you do? (Genres, MMO, Casual, Esports, Etc.) What's going on in gaming that sparks your interest? Xbox or Playstation? Better yet, console or PC? What game(s) have you been playing recently? You trying to find someone to play with? Some of your all time favorite games, moments in gaming, and etc. Free to reminisce, discuss, and meet gamers!
  22. Since everyone is apparently being forced to wear these things, might as well wear one with a personal touch. I’ve seen all kinds of different styles, colors and patterns. Do you have a mask customized to reflect your personal interests, or something generic straight out of the box? I have one with Disneyland attraction logos on it (see below). How about you?
  23. I used to only be able to have the volume set at even numbers but I've recently been able to get myself comfortable with multiples of five as well
  24. I can go first as I've made this post! My sona is a Draconequus but he is able to change himself into a 'normal' Zebra! (The horns stays though, as his magic is channelled through there) Artwork and design done by turnipberry His name is Cacophony! Who's your sona? Do they have any backstory? What do they do and what do they look like! Please tell me more!
  25. so what would bee your dream and what would you like about it? me it's making music and movies for my own studio witch the name of it would be vision wave media.