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Found 1046 results

  1. If an MLP game let you gt a cutie mark over the course of the game how you implement it? I would have a system of completion. If you complete all the main tasks, you get the cutie mark. Completing other tasks determines what your cutie mark will be. Like if you do a lot of tasks on weather- you'd get a weather based cutie mark. If you do a lot of tasks on selling- you'd get a selling based cutie mark. What do you think?
  2. BTW these are lapel pins (not mine and are from this site) and are sometimes called to as enamel pins, pins, buttons or badges. Typically it depends on the person. Do you guys collect any of them? I do and I am starting to make a binder for them because a lot of them are now in bad condition and it sucks. ;-; I know it's bad but I am fixing it now with my own personal binder so it won't happen any more. If you guys collect, do you use a binder as well? Do you just toss them in a drawer, Do you have a theme for your pins? If you don't collect them, is there a specific reason why? Are you willing to? If someone were to give you pins would you take them or pass the offer?
  3. What kind of gaming do you do? (Genres, MMO, Casual, Esports, Etc.) What's going on in gaming that sparks your interest? Xbox or Playstation? Better yet, console or PC? What game(s) have you been playing recently? You trying to find someone to play with? Some of your all time favorite games, moments in gaming, and etc. Free to reminisce, discuss, and meet gamers!
  4. Since everyone is apparently being forced to wear these things, might as well wear one with a personal touch. I’ve seen all kinds of different styles, colors and patterns. Do you have a mask customized to reflect your personal interests, or something generic straight out of the box? I have one with Disneyland attraction logos on it (see below). How about you?
  5. I used to only be able to have the volume set at even numbers but I've recently been able to get myself comfortable with multiples of five as well
  6. I can go first as I've made this post! My sona is a Draconequus but he is able to change himself into a 'normal' Zebra! (The horns stays though, as his magic is channelled through there) Artwork and design done by turnipberry His name is Cacophony! Who's your sona? Do they have any backstory? What do they do and what do they look like! Please tell me more!
  7. so what would bee your dream and what would you like about it? me it's making music and movies for my own studio witch the name of it would be vision wave media.
  8. I thought this would be a nice topic to start off. Basically you have to say how famous/popular E.C.T you are on the forums. I think it will be quite cool to see what people think about themselves! So the rules are say how famous you think you are, and there is an option to say how famous the person above you is to! I think I am average, I am only a bunny and people don't see me that much. I would rate myself 7.1/10
  9. Do you think the future will be dark with the rise of the machines. And thus the machines takeing our jobs . Or do you think their will be terminatiors or robo cops in the future?
  10. Do you have you ever been to chuckecheese ? do you like it, hated , do you find the weird or whathever ?
  11. Have you experienced anything for the first time today? It can be anything, big or small (and within tasteful limits). Maybe you tried a strange new food today, got a different haircut, or learned a new skill. Everyday ‘firsts’ are everywhere, so let’s hear what’s new in your life. As for me, I’ve never posted a new thread on MLP forums before, but today I have. (If it gets locked I’ll have to try again with something new tomorrow).
  12. Hey guys i need help, i was posting this image called "Anti Air missile" but i changed to pony as a part of my storyline, it was on 2015 when couples of oc's sabotage ships lost a lot of crews so i build these missiles and gave it a test and it was a success... But 2016 and onwards was silent... No attacks so far, 2019 retest the missile again and some random OC's just eated the missile without a feel, the modern missile in my storyline has already equipped with Electric shock, Poison and High Explosive.... So is there a way to defeat them?
  13. Do you have any personal possessions that make you feel happier, more attractive, more confident, or reinforces your identity? Maybe you have an outfit that’s comfortable and reflects your personality, or a cool gadget that gives you the tools you need to succeed, a jewelry item or accessory that accents your image, a vehicle you love to drive, or even a personal decoration like a tattoo or a different hair color? Anything goes, so please tell us about your own special confidence boosters and what you love about them.
  14. Have you been to a Disney Park before? If so, which one(s)? Do you have a favorite? Do you plan to visit one or more of these parks in the future? Please tell about your experiences and any future plans as well!
  15. Do you prefer Summer or Spring? Or maybe Winter? What about Fall? Each season is a magical and beautiful time of the year. Each are amazing, each with their own holiday(s)! My absolute favorite is Winter! I absolutely love snow (even if my skin is too sensitive for it), Christmas is absolutely the best holiday, cozying up under a big fluffy blanket, wearing adorable season/holiday themed sweaters, drinking hot chocolate, and all the Christmas decorations!! Also winter/snow is one of my top favorite kinds of photography and aesthetics. uwu -Gif is from Sims4-
  16. August has started and summer is almost finished in the Northern Hemisphere, so my school and part of the school district will begin on August 24th as the first day of instruction. Hopefully I'll study again and perform at the string orchestra concert in December and May. You can share your thoughts here about when is your school start? Hopefully you're going to resume your studies in school until you're finally 18.
  17. Mine is Sagittarius. I don't know if I believe in zodiacs as they are usually understood. They probably have truth behind them but I think it's mostly similar to a self fulfilling prophecy because you already have a preconception of how a person is suppose to be. Even if you don't believe on it your brain is already predisposed once you learn about zodiac signs and how they are supposed to influence you. Like you learn about aries being work oriented and that idea stays in your mind subconsciously. Kinda like certain names. There's names that sound weak or strong and that probably influences your personality and growth to a certain degree. Same with this. But yeah that's about the amount of influence they can have on you and your life I believe.
  18. I’ve always wondered how many people have their lover watching mlp too or if they even know you are watching it in the first place.
  19. So I'm often very bored and don't know what to do about it? What can I do about it and are you people also often bored like me?
  20. Opening Argument: What IF we are all ponies? What IF we all lived in Equestria? These questions are valid that gives us an idea on the way we interpret what is real and what is not. Although our existence differs from the "fictional" world of My Little Pony, a major difference but there may be evidence that we too live in another world. To determine whether we believe we are ponies, we need to compare these two worlds, it might even prove that we are ponies! Conclusion: Humans share a similar trait with ponies, it is no coincidence that we may be ponies. A valid statement but rather difficult that not even science can explain. This could be just some belief in reincarnation or perhaps a skeptical illusion that we are all dreaming as a human or other living beings. If we did live in Equestria, what would we look like? Depends on our personality, cutie marks "usually" best describes a person's trait or capability. Whether if it's on land, air or sea. Does this mean you are a pony? A valid question but rather difficult to answer. So I brought up some examples. Here are some examples what is valid, and what is invalid. Invalid ❌ A pony has a tail, my brother has a tail bone, therefore, my brother is a pony. My brother has four limbs, a pony has four limbs, therefore, my brother is a pony. Valid ✔️ My brother is a pony, my neighbor is a pony, therefore I am a pony. Closing Statement: Of course this is a theory, we don't know when we'll ever wake up. Maybe we are all ponies and we just don't know it 100% sure of that. That is all I have to say. Happy reading everypony everyone. Even if you don't believe, just remember, that's just a theory, my little theory!
  21. Feel most people took shower but sure some do still take a bath. Like some people still sleep with their teddy but do some bath with rubber duck? Well I do. Also do you collect them.
  22. I think I have fifteen first cousins. Four of them have kids of their own. How many cousins do you have?
  23. First of all, some background if you want to read in detail what Alter-Ego Acting is according to TV Tropes: TL:DR: Alter-ego acting is when you start treating like the Character you play as could be its own character in several different degrees of how real is the Character? Now, a better explanation of what my topic has to do with Furries and Alter-Ego acting: Now, according to an article about Alter-Ego Acting on TV Tropes that talks about Furries, it said, Members of the Furry Fandom vary wildly on how they apply this trope to themselves and their characters, with some considering themselves and their characters to be entirely separate and never referring to themselves as their character in real life (unless wearing a fursuit or other costume); some viewing their characters as real people whom they "channel", speaking of them in third person and slipping in and out-of-character in public; some refusing to answer to any name but their furry name (further complicated by people who get their names legally changed, not all of whom believe their furry self to be real or separate from themselves); and some not even having a "fursona", just an online handle. But in general most furries are of the Type 3 variety, acknowledging or even proudly admitting that their fursona is just like real life, only with animal features (or a different body type), with very different fursonas either being a challenging exercise in roleplaying or indulging in wish fulfillment about their ideal self. Now For what I expect from you and why I'm doing this poll: I want any and all Furries and those with ponysonas to vote on what type of person do you see your Fursona and such? Do you keep your Fursona and Real Life self separate? Do you treat it real when you're in costume? Or are you a Furry who doesn't have a Fursona and just use a name as an online handle? Just vote for the options that best fits your view of you and your Fursona/Ponysona? If you can't find the poll option you want to say, let me know in a post here I want to know how many people see their Fursonas one way or another. And if you wish to give a specific answer, go ahead and post it. AS FOR ME: I have two Ponysonas: Unicorn Will Guide and Changeling Will Guide. Unicorn Will Guide is my main Ponysona. Whenever I'm "in Equestria" I'm this red Unicorn with a talent for telling Disney Stories with my Unique Disney Magic. I do try to keep him separate from my real life most of the time. Changeling Will Guide is a 2nd soul that can only exists in Equestria. When he died in my arms in the Everfree Forest right before I would lose all memories of him for some time, his soul became a part of me and so he exists by sharing my unicorn body. I see him as real in Equestria and would channel him from time to time when I'm talking about my "experiences in Equestria" Since we share our body and mind like a car, whoever you see on the outside is the current "driver", either me as Unicorn Will or him as Changeling Will, while the other soul is like a passenger in the "backseat" of our mind. The Backseat passenger can experience everything the "driver" is experiencing; they're just not in direct control. I usually use a Magic Mirror from the Beauty and the Beast world to show whoever's in the backseat when both of us want to talk to the ponies around us. Well, that's my Ponysonas; What about you guys?
  24. I've been a Roller Coaster enthusiast for 8 years. It's remained a biggest hobby/interest Anybody else here love roller coasters? or have interests?