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Found 905 results

  1. When does your school start? Mine starts on August 8 :-o im going to be sophomore
  2. What's your favourite weird smell? I know a lot of people who like the smell of petrol (gas) but I hate it. I like the smell of candles after they've been blown out and hair spray.
  3. Is there any pony that likes night more then the day. For example you have night fishing ,night sporting events,night walks on summer,night life.
  4. Mine would be "Oh noooo, just five more minutes," or "I'm old before my time, I should sleep in," or "Hm, maybe I should've gone to sleep earlier last night, because boy do I feel like I got hit by a truck."
  5. There's no poll for this, so this is usually gonna be posting opinions on which they like better, or what they prefer over to one another. Yes, real friends gain much benefits than those behind the PC monitor, or on the consoles, compared to Internet friends, whom are mixed between legitimate and fake. However, just like on the Internet, even real friends would either drift away and stop caring to everyone else except their own or sever all physical contact to even their best friend for those many reasons that can result in an emotional blow and force them to become too distant from the outside world. As for me? I used to have that many real-world friends back in high school and in junior high, but that all changed and we all parted ways after graduation. I grew distant from others during college, and after that as well. I was focused on my studies to the point where anti-social began to take place because I felt too distant from different people, even younger ones as well because the majority of them do not share the same interests as I have and even if I did manage to befriend them, it'll only end up temporary instead of permanent. That's where I had to make friends straight on the Internet to keep me from going completely anti-social. And yes, I'm aware of those happenings, but there's always places like the forums itself. Plus, to befriend a person in real life isn't as easy as it was nowadays. Sure they can be normal at times, but then they suddenly start to show hostility or make threats, despite not having done anything wrong, and that would include your own friend who would turn against you as well. Sure in the Internet they would do the same (to a lesser extent of course, unless they managed to grab ahold of your credit card information from a scam or through expert hacking), but in the outside world, its entirely different, which is why I'm mostly confined in my own home just browsing along and such to keep my mood in check, even if the results vary. What are your opinions between Internet friends and real friends, and what positives or negatives bring you to either of them or just a bit of both?
  6. What are the best forums to go to besides this one? One with lots of active users.
  7. I'm just staying at home with my parents We will visit my sister and her kids tomorrow at about 11 am I'm having dinner at home with my parents I don't have a clue what my mother and boyfriend got me (I only know my mum got me new trainers) so I'm excited about that
  8. Hello all! Returning fan here; I find myself in need of your reading recommendations: what are your favorite comic/fanfiction series from the last half-decade or so? After getting caught up on the series after a 5 year hiatus I'm seeing that there are a lot of fan-created works that I have missed out on. Like, a metric ton of them. I can't reasonably get caught up on 5 years worth of fan content, so I figured I'd open it up to suggestions! Treat this as if I were a blank flank slate - if you could recommend any fan series from any point in the fandom's history, what would it be? It could mystery, action, adventure, human-in-Equestria, or even just some feel-good/slice of life/platonic/Hallmark ending type of stuff. (Bonus points if it's a long-running series.)
  9. I’m curious.. who do you like most from the mane6 and why? My main is Rainbow dash, i’ve loved her ever since i was little and when her design was still a little different (toywise she had no wings) but those Rainbow colors /happy look sure is nice. + fluttershy, she is a lot like me irl, friends who heard my voice often call me like her.
  10. 2020 is upon us! So, how was your 2019? For me, this past year was definitely one to remember, and so life-changing. I got a truck, graduated high school, got two jobs, and started college. I basically have become a grown up just within the past year.
  11. Anyone here ever got bitten by a mosquito? If so, how often do you get bitten? I always get bitten by mosquitoes, because I go outside to play basketball all the time and it's been humid all summer and most of fall so I'd come in with at least three bites. They get irritating, buzzing near my ears and giving me bites, no matter how many I smack or how fast I run they just keep on coming.
  12. (Okay, so hopefully I posted this in the right place). -- Okay, so basically you just write 7 completely random facts about yourself. Thought this would be fun to do, so that we can make some new friends online. Yay! I'll start- My real name is Olivia I really enjoy pop music I have lived in 3 different countries (South Africa, Switzerland, USA). My favorite colors are hot pink and black I love collecting mugs I am very picky I want to be a teacher
  13. What would you want your last words to be? One of these: "Now, wasn't that something... I'm sorry" "I'm sorry" "Goodbye cruel world" "Fuck"
  14. I honestly love my hair Johnny Bravo Style. (Yes, it's possible)
  15. I've never been to a music festival or concert before... I really want to though! I'm always either too tired or busy to go to any local ones. Going to a Vocaloid or any of my favorite bands concert has been a fantasy of mine since I was younger. I hope to go to a moderately sized concert with a group of friends. That probably won't happen though... Have any of you been lucky enough to go to a concert or music festival?
  16. I'm sorry if this is weird at all, but I was curious to see where people are. If you're single or not. If you aren't in a relationship, why? If you are who is it?, what's their name?, etc. Don't worry, I'm currently in a relationship with a very nice girl. So I'm not trying to trick you or SOMETHING. Anyway...
  17. I do! I'm 24 and I can't imagine sleeping without my build-a-bear! She's adorable and I named her Starfire. :3 Her ears and nose light up.
  18. some back ground, I am a guy and I like to wear skin tight stuff when I work out or when I do anything active. I was on redbuble and they have some awesome MLP leggings and I just could not resist getting a some to try out. (for those that don't know, leggings are the skin tight paints that girls wear all the time. I did not know that was there name, I always heard them called yoga paints) This is the first time I have ever purchased girls clothes for my self. The sizes are so weird. I got a size 12 (the biggest they had) I do have to say it felt very weird to click on the "womens" page when I was looking them up anyway I got these to wear to the next brony rave I go to and maybe even a non brony rave if I get the guts.Think I can pull it off or do I just look like I am wearing girls pants? Also what do you think about guys wearing leggings? I am all for it as long as you hide your "stuff" right.
  19. What things are you good at? Maths has always made sense to me. In primary (elementary) school they ended up teaching me higher maths as I found the work in my class too easy and boring. I actually enjoy maths, I just see it as a fun puzzle. I would get my dad to write me out equations when I was bored I was an odd kid I'm also good at computers apparently. I think that's more to do with the fact that most people are surprisingly bad at computers :/ If I don't know how to do something I'll just google it or watch youtube tutorials. I'll figure it out in the end. I've reformatted and removed viruses/malware from family friend's computers numerous amounts of times. I have been using computers since I was about five so that's probably why. I'm also quite good at drawing. I'm quite rusty now as I don't draw too often anymore, I should really start drawing more.
  20. I can safely say that I'm happy with the life I have so far. I have a roof over my head, I have freedom to work on hobbies such as reading, writing, or exercise, my dad is helping me learn how to drive and I feel like my skills are improving rapidly Overall, I've been feeling so relaxed these past couple of weeks. Life is just beautiful. The worries and doubts I used to always have are now nonexistent Every now and then shit still happens and I face problems like every human being but I manage to get through them and work things out with little to no trouble What about you? Are you happy with life? Have you found your inner peace yet? Do tell
  21. Being sick, cold or flu, will make you lose your appetite, so what foods do you eat when you are ill?
  22. So anyone with lots of free time like me? So I'm unemployed and I've lots of spare time on my hands. Most of the day I'm on the internet as it gets pretty boring. Does anyone have the same problem as me? Too bad that I don't have many friends to chat with as then I would be less bored.
  23. Is it white? Is it black? Something else? Does it even look like a regular mouse cursor?
  24. Test your memory and relive awesome moments by saying what is that fanfic that made you smile the most! Mine? Well it was called Lost and Fallen, it was about a swat agent that arrived in an equestria in which humans enslaved ponies. Unfortunately, it was uncomplete but it was awesome anyway!