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Found 907 results

  1. From fashion to personality, how do you like to "style" yourself as a person? For me personally, my style changes due to mood and time of the year. If I'm super happy and it's warm outside, I'll style my clothes with red skirts and knee highs with colorful patterns. If it's dark and gloomy I'll wear big baggy clothes and a hoodie. I will also style my hair into a more "rugged" look when it rains. I try to style my personality as bubbly mixed with level headedness. It's not always successful. Lol
  2. So everypony,has there ever been a moment in your lives when karma and/or justice had been served to you or someone else? I got a story from yesterday that may be a good example. Yesterday afternoon, I was on public transportation headed to the nearest mall. As soon as I walked on the bus, two horrible women started laughing at me and called a very homophobic slur. I sat down on the chairs in front of them and waited for a moment. I then picked up my phone; pretending that I was getting a call from Sea World. I said out loud "Hello? Sea World? You want a picture of the whales??? OK!". I then turned to the pair of women and pretended to take a picture of them. They got so mad that they stormed of the bus at the next stop.
  3. I'm so slow, bad and pathetic. I dont mind reading things that are interesting but I hate reading aloud.
  4. I used to not look down at the keyboard but then I kinda got lazy and got in the habit of looking down again. But i still use the correct fingers for the right keys. I type pretty quickly on my phone tho
  5. Which one do you wanna see? Panda or Brown bear. Other oc: name a color, race etc Hint: the oc which is asked for will be shown >:3 /i don’t know where this thread goes, i’m sorry mods/
  6. I've been thinking about life recently, and I can't find anything in life worth living for. It all seems pointless, as everything will eventually fade away at one point or another.
  7. I’m curious.. who do you like most from the mane6 and why? My main is Rainbow dash, i’ve loved her ever since i was little and when her design was still a little different (toywise she had no wings) but those Rainbow colors /happy look sure is nice. + fluttershy, she is a lot like me irl, friends who heard my voice often call me like her.
  8. I'm talking about celebrities because they are easily well-known and hard to reach. Sometimes I find a celebrity to be so a genuine and heartwarming person that I wish we could become friends, regardless of fame or anything else. Just valuing the person in itself. It happened with Will Smith (and his family), Robin Williams, Michael Jackson a few others actors and musicians mostly known in my country.
  9. What would you want your last words to be? One of these: "Now, wasn't that something... I'm sorry" "I'm sorry" "Goodbye cruel world" "Fuck"
  10. Have you ever lost contact with someone a long while ago and now you wish you could associate again but can’t for some reason? Explain. This is happening to me currently. I lost all contact with someone nearly four years ago and I want to speak with them again but I know that will likely never happen.
  11. Is today the start of a new decade, or is that not until 2021?
  12. I'm kinda torn I mean it sounds fun and I realize the chances of anything going wrong is actually fairly slim but I think It'd be so cool to look out and see the earth from 600k feet or so in the sky!
  13. Now that the year's finally wrapping up, along with the decade, what are your thoughts on each individual year of the decade and which one was your favorite? 2010 was a pretty good start to the decade. I had a simple life, was loving my video games, doing well with my school work, and having an all-around good time. Even with some petty family drama here and there, I had myself a blast. 2011 was even better. My mom brought some dumb drama to the table with her boyfriend and divorced husband, but that didn't stop me from having a mostly great year. I will never forget this year as the year where I got really into retrogaming thanks to the Angry Video Game Nerd, started breaking out of my Naruto shell with anime and manga, and of course, getting into MLP. One of the best years of my life. 2012 was a downgrade. Really not so bad in objective retrospect, but this is where I was starting to get depression from my hormones kicking in. Worse, this is where I could start to see how bad the disconnect I was feeling with my already fractured family was getting. Main positive to this year was getting into writing fanfiction, feeling so free to just write whatever the heck I wanted to on the internet. Passing my SAT this year with an 1840 when I was only 16 and putting out my first playthrough of a brutally hard Nintendo game (Ghosts N' Goblins) was good too. 2013 was a rollercoaster. Better than 2012 in some ways, but really bad in other ways too. Couldn't figure out what I wanted to do when I went to community college, got depressed to the point of wanting to commit suicide at one point, and wasted a lot of time just diddling around. I at least aced my writing class though, took some good tips that would help me improve my story writing later on, and watching independently animated internet shorts helped with my depression by giving me the inspiration I needed to later learn to draw. 2014 was better than the past two years. Although it was the year I had to drop out of community college, running out of funds and not wanting to go into debt, I had no other real low points this year. Despite learning the hard way that college is for people with plans, not people who are being pressured by their peers and family, I really did starting enjoying my games and my free-time hobbies more this year. 2015 was also an upgrade. I started putting out more stories again and rarely ever felt depression slowing me down. Despite this unfortunately being the year where my dad left the country for good and the warning signs of my sister changing for the worse started to come up, this was a solid year of my life that I'll always remember as the last where I felt a sense of 'innocence'. 2016 was brutal. It started off productive with me putting out stories once a month, but things quickly went sour when I had to start taking abuse from my sister being on drugs and had to consistently watch my older brother struggle with her while my mom's drinking got so bad she couldn't even function in society by the end of the year. Two truly good personal memories from this year worth a damn to me are beginning to draw and meeting who would prove to be my first true e-friend. One of the worst years of my life otherwise. 2017 was rocky. I had to leave the house after my mom approached me with a gun in a drunken stupor and moved to stay with a friend for a while. Things got better after I got a job, but things got worse after I quit the job, something I sort of regret now even if I felt justified in doing so at the time. Despite trying my hardest to get another one, I eventually got kicked out of my friend's place and was only able to find refuge somewhere else thanks to my uncle stepping in. Worst of all, this was the year where my sister robbed my old house and let my inheritance be taken by drug dealers. I am grateful for this being the last year I ever had to deal with her nonsense though. 2018 was hectic. My mom wound up in jail, I had to clean out my old house, had a huge falling out with someone I thought was my friend, and I had to move to another city to get a job, unfortunately forcing me to say goodbye to another friend. This year and 2017 were by far the hardest years of the decade for me after 2016. However, they matter more to me than 2012 and 2013, and this is definitely the year that woke me up to what was really important in life, got me in the proper mindset for focusing on working and getting independent, and saying goodbye to worthless internet drama for good. 2019 was mostly good. Getting laid off from my job at Amazon at the start of the year was hard, but I eventually moved on to a less demanding job at Macy's warehouse, where I am now a top performer. Done with victim mentality forever. I also was the most productive with my stories that I had been since 2016, started taking my artwork more seriously, even found the drive to put out some more gaming help videos, and have more e-friends than ever now. Not exactly a dream year, but I couldn't ask for a better one to close out my decade after all the struggles that came before. For me... 2011>2010>2015>2019>2014>2017>2018>2013>2012>2016 Not giving up the uphill battle, I'm looking forward to 2020.
  14. As the title says, I'm interested to know if you love/loved or hate/hated someone in your family and why? For me I would have to say that I hate my grandmother. She is crazy(Literally) and I know it isn't her fault but it still annoys me, A LOT. I hate hearing her voice now. (We all have a dark side I guess). (I hope this haven't been posted yet)
  15. I do usually because my Family is sort of a "Party family" if you will so we always drink together make each other uncomfortable and they always end up giving me a hard time about being a brony etc, good times! Welp what about you all!
  16. I USUALLY try to change my own oil but since living in an apartment complex makes it rather difficult I sometimes take it in now or do it quickly so no one can call in and complain about it!
  17. So one of my biggest pet peeves is THIS!!! When someone says K or even kay or ok with no further explanation it just really REALLY peeves me. Like come on someone cared enough to send you an entire paragraph explaining their day are all you have to say to that is "K"?? Anywho what's some of your biggest texting peeves?
  18. 2020 is upon us! So, how was your 2019? For me, this past year was definitely one to remember, and so life-changing. I got a truck, graduated high school, got two jobs, and started college. I basically have become a grown up just within the past year.
  19. Another Christmas has come and gone, so how was everyone's day? Did you have a good time? Do tell! My day started by having a strobe light shined in my face to wake me up at 7AM, before me and my family exchanged and opened gifts (there was lot of chocolate this year. Like, no one went away without a couple bars of chocolate!) and then did it again once my relatives arrived. All and all, it was a pretty good holiday.
  20. Test your memory and relive awesome moments by saying what is that fanfic that made you smile the most! Mine? Well it was called Lost and Fallen, it was about a swat agent that arrived in an equestria in which humans enslaved ponies. Unfortunately, it was uncomplete but it was awesome anyway!
  21. This happens to me a lot, as often my stress reaction is to laugh, but let’s hear your guy’s stories about when you laughed inappropriately and it got super awkward. For me it was when my cousin was jumping on the trampoline and the fabric ripped, and she fell through. She had a cast on her arm, and seeing her on the ground crying struck me as the funniest thing I had ever seen. I made some lame excuse, and ran inside to get her step dad. It took me about 30 seconds to blurt out what had happened between laughter, and it spread. He started laughing, too. It took another two minutes for him to control his own laughing before he could go check on her. She got super angry because he was laughing at her. Completely my fault.
  22. Rate from g, pg, pg13, r or m! I'd say mine would r because language sometimes!
  23. You know what they say.. "Curiosity killed the cat". It can be anything, fun or serious. Heck, It can also be something you read from the user's post just now. I have few things that I regret finding out something that may ruin the franchise for me, one example. Finding out that Voldemort and Bellatrix hook up and have a baby. eh..yeah not a great image to have in your head.. So how about you?
  24. Somehow I want to sync up all the Chromebooks at school and play I'm On a Yacht to all the mean kids..
  25. Following the madness that is Black Friday, a day which supports big business retail, the following day shines a spotlight on local small industries. Small Business Saturday. So what are you gonna do to chip in and what local business will you support? Shout them out below! I for one will be going to Hen House cafe for breakfast, the one place for early risers. Hit up 1863 Coffee Saloon, have a latte and read a magazine until they kick me out. Maybe have lunch/ dinner at Rustix, the biker bar turned restaurant. See if the Upcycle thrift store has anything to offer. And after all that, maybe I'll order some cassettes from some indy labels. Your turn!