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Found 1044 results

  1. I would like to know what everyone's horoscope is. If you don't mind, mines Libra btw
  2. In what style do you talk to your friends? Polite or mean? I wonder how many people here have different opinion on what is acceptable to say to your friend. For me, the closer a person becomes to me, the ruder I talk to them. Starting with very polite and eventually getting to the "best friends" point where I make jokes for which I would be banned here. Of course I don't mean anything of this but that's the way it works for me. Actually that's almost the only type of "best friends" I've seen irl (but idk how girls handle their friendship thought)
  3. Can we say that there are other actual types of ponies other than the three main tribes or types of ponies, earth, unicorns and pegasus? Like, can we say that the crystal ponies and the Kirin are distinct from these three tribes? Thanks.
  4. My neighborhood is Boring and nothing much to do But besides that it's a fine place
  5. If you could have the power to fly where would you go? Well as for me the power to fly means freedom and freedom is good for the soul and if I had wings I would go somewhere nice with my girl friend like a island or something like that and since my oc vision wave is all about flying it fit's me and that's why this next upcoming artwork for my new album means what i'm talking about gives you the idea and this art of me with the wings was made by my friend Dj Game Dragon so yea that's me now it's your turn everyone.
  6. Are there things from your first language that you you miss when using different language(s)? When I speak English (or any other language) I miss idioms. Yeah, I can learn then, but I'll never be able to use them as precise and fluent as a native speaker. Also I miss genders in English, it's handy on the internet to hide your identity, but it's a bit uncomfortable for me, I really got used to that I can see who I'm talking to immediately
  7. Who is your favorite actor and why? For me it's always been johnny depp regardless of what people have said.. I just really got drawn into his movies especially potc.
  8. Has anyone here ever stayed at a Capsule Hotel? Here’s a link for those who aren’t familiar with them. We don’t have many in the US that I know of and I’ve never seen one in person, but I’d love to try one out. Does anyone here have any first-hand experiences with them? Are they comfortable, quiet, safe? Please describe your experiences. And for those who have not been to a Capsule Hotel, would you be stay in one if you had the opportunity? What are the pros and cons?
  9. So what is the oldest item you have?
  10. I had an unjustified ban from the poniverse discord server, and I would like it if i could talk to an admin other than the rude one that banned me, so I could get back in. My discord username is Seraphim. Or if possible, redirect this post to the appropriate thread since I can't find it.
  11. What is you favorite video game or games you have played. Mine are Pokemon, The Division 1 and 2, and Gmod,
  12. For me, it's some t-shirts I've had since before I was ten that I still wear as pyjamas, along with some super comfy underwear that are maybe five years old at most.
  13. Anyone in school right now is probably experiencing some level of confusion, whether it’s dealing with online school or social distancing rules in actual school buildings. Whatever it is, it’s probably stressful, so that’s why I created this thread to talk about it. So, for those of you in school during 2020, how has it been for you so far? Are you stressed, anxious, or scared? Are you actually excited or looking forward to something? Feel free to discuss it all here! Might as well lay down a few rules before anyone starts: - If you need homework help, there’s already a separate thread for that. Talking about, for example, how homework is different for you now is completely fine. - If you want to vent, go ahead, but please do not discuss anything overly political or toxic. You are welcome to share your feelings, but let’s not start any fights! - Obviously the virus will be a big discussion topic in this thread, but like the above rule says, nothing too political is allowed or anything that would start a big fight. Just be mindful of each other and everything should be fine Now that all the rules are out of the way, feel free to share all your thoughts and experiences about the new year. It’ll definitely be different, but I believe in all of you! Good luck to all students this year!!
  14. When you perform your ablutions, what kinds of implements do you use? Do you use soap, body wash, bubble bath? What about shampoo or conditioner? Do you use a washcloth, sponge or brush? How about bath beads or bath salts for those luxurious moments? Got a rubber ducky?
  15. Looking at the Cake twins, and remembering the flashback of baby Applejack, I'm sure everypony's wondering... What's up with the beady eyes of a foal? Are their eyes not grown in or what? I've been wondering myself, and-and sometimes those rounded eyes don't even have any color yet! What's with that???
  16. How did you come up with your oc's ? what inspired you? Pandora is my ponysona, she is based on irl me. Scars and all. Derpy, clumsy, somewhat mental issues.. smiley, bouncey, careful, shy.. totally awkward. Kind most of the times but not all the times. Because I feel like i'm walking a tightrope all the time at night I gave pan a sprout on her head, this one breathes life into her. Hurt it and she'll be hurting. Pan hides the sprout by hiding it under her panda beanie and almost never taking it off unless she is with close friends. I currently have panda's high up in my list as a favorite animal therefor.. panda pony.
  17. Do you work at a job or frequent any other area of interest that requires you to wear a name tag? Does it bear your first name only or the whole thing? Does it have your picture on it or any other information? Do you wear it pinned to your clothing or do you wear it like a lanyard? Please feel free to show your name tags here, but blur out any personal information like last names, photos (optional) or anything you wish to keep private!
  18. Let’s talk about good deeds. Have you done any lately or have you done something (at any point in time) that helped or made a difference in somebody’s life? Has someone done a good deed for you? When someone does something good for you do you try to pay it forward?
  19. Do you consider yourself a lucky person? Do you have a lot of good luck or bad luck? Positive and negative vibes tend to generate or attract more positive or negative vibes. Can luck be affected by attitude? Do you believe in luck at all?
  20. I know some pony fied names of cities but states not. marewaukee = Milwaukee mexicolt city = Mexico City chicacolt = Chicago green hay= green bay
  21. Please describe the quality of your sleep last night. When did you go to bed and how long did you sleep? Did you fall asleep quickly or did it take a while? Did you sleep soundly or were you up at all hours? Did you dream? What was the nature of any dreams you had? Were your dreams vivid or do you remember them at all? Did you wake up refreshed? Please give us a rundown of your general excursions in Sleep Mode.
  22. Everything we do every day contributes to our ultimate path in life, but I’d like to hear about your most definitive moments or experiences and how they shaped the person you are today. Some things can be profound and change the direction of your life in an instant; others can be very subtle or even mundane but still have a huge effect in the long run. Please give us a few examples of moments that have changed the direction of your life and why.
  23. I like to brohoof all the roleplay posts whenever it’s my turn to post so I don’t get lost and read the same thing over and over. Basically, I use brohoofs (hooves?) to mark my spot like a page in a book. Does anyone else do that?
  24. Some of the best stories are origins, and MLP has shown that through the start of the Apple Family as we know them through Bright Mac and Pear Butter. Our lives truly began with that of our parents, so how did yours meet? Feel free to include how you've met your significant other as well if you'd like! My understanding is that my mother and father met each other briefly as coworkers and shortly began dating. After a while they moved in with each other and within 6 months of their relationship they were married! They had me after about a year but there were problems so they divorced when I was two. Plenty has happened since but this isn't the place for my entire life story, lol.
  25. I remember doing two for Homestuck. An indigo blood troll (because Sagittarius) and a derse carapacian. And back in the day I used to have a sailor moon sailor scout. Oh! And a Pokemon trainer persona too. Most of them where personas thought. Representations of myself in universe without an specific backstory or roll within a story. How many have you had?