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Found 9 results

  1. On my about me the Video URLs are no longer working. Why?
  2. Hi. I have a sizable problem and I hope it's okay if I start a new thread to get help for it. For some reason, the site won't let me quote anything. Whether I click the "quote" button or select something and quite it, it'll just go a blank response. On a similar note, I can't paste anything and have to type in EVERYTHING I need or want to say even when I'd like to simply paste something. Any info and help will be GREATLY appreciated
  3. My biggest glitch I ever encountered was when nearing the end of Mass Effect Andromeda, while doing some side missions, the entire game basically fell apart. My Ryder character ended up going through the ground, and eventually was eventually only able to jog in place. For the next 20 minutes the game was like this, even after I switched planets. I went to the next planet while the game dropped frames, and my Ryder was sent flying every time she walked. I jumped into the Nomad (which is the game's car), and when I did this, the Nomad gave up on itself and decided to spin around like crazy and blow itself up. I reloaded my save file and the game was still glitched up. So I shut off my Playstation 4, and the game ran normally thankfully. I managed to get most of it on footage from the Playsation 4 video capture though, so there's that. When I tried to complete Sonic 06 a few years ago, I had so many glitches I don't even know where to begin. The biggest ones were probably during Kingdom Valley during Sonic's Mach Speed section, where he kept getting stuck on the wall. When trying to beat Destroy All Humans Path of The Furon on Xbox 360, I had a mission where you had to throw monks at gongs with your psychokinesis (just roll with it...), and every time I threw a monk he would phase out of the wall, essentially locking me out of completing the mission.
  4. Okay, so I'm sure this is an overused topic on the internet but it's still incredibly fun so why not go with it? Just share a gaming glitch that you found interesting, fun, etc. It would also be great if you could share the reason why you found this glitch worthy of mention. Here are a couple of mine: The mew glitch from gen 1 Pokemon games- I love this glitch mainly because of the level 100 Nidoking you can get before the 1st gym. And it grants access to all pokemon without having to trade or cheat. Falling through the floor- Playing a warrior on a WoW private server and using charge resulted in me falling through the floor and into a cave once. I survived with barely any HP and got the "Going Down?!" achievement. When this glitch happens randomly in games and doesn't cause any major damage, it can be a great laugh. Water goggles- A decent glitch for when swimming. In games such as Morrowind and Oblivion, you can keep your head halfway above and halfway below the water's surface, resulting in everything underwater being visible the same way as air. Makes it much easier to spot details.
  5. So... I broke Minecraft... This took me 2 hours and over 600 Command blocks... but I did it. I have created... A sphere in minecraft discuss. YES THIS IS VANILLA, NO MCEDIT.
  6. Alright so every time I click to go to a new page like my profile, the homepage, ect. I get this little message. Its really starting to get annoying, Please fix this bug. Thank you.
  7. Minor bug: Sometimes the artists entries on the artist page all say they "joined a few seconds ago". When you click to another page and then back they show the proper times.
  8. We've all had these moments, right? On DeviantART, YouTube, blogs, forums... Sometimes it's a new skin or theme that causes glitches, sometimes there's another cause you can point at, and at times there's nothing you can put your finger on. In any case, the result is something that completely contradicts the facts. Clearly visible replies aren't counted, the date-time stamps are all wrong, thread/post/whatever's title in the list doesn't match the one you see after clicking it... If you happen to notice such a thing, you have three options, which of course aren't mutually exclusive: go "lol glitch" or "ZOMFG SHIT GLITCH OHNOEZ" and flip out, take a screencap to show everyone, warn the admins of the website. Well If you have any memories, and preferably screenshots, of such events happening to you, post them here! Remember my gift poem that I posted right before leaving for Christmas? Yeah, I was sad to see it with 0 views... then thought it was unusual after a long time, looked at the thread, and saw the brohoofs. DA also omits things and decides to put 0 instead of another number sometimes. And now for time paradoxes, YouTube apparently just had one. My mobile homepage did, at least. I also recall seeing a DA journal, where one of the comments was apparently sent BEFORE the journal itself. I took a screencap of it, but I dont remember where I put it now. Your turn. :3
  9. I'm sure a lot fo people have played the sims games, and that they've experienced a lot of glitches. Have you hade any happen to you? In sims 3 pets, when a person named Ferby(?) was talking to Lachesis about good technology, he greaw into this skinny tall, fuzzy leggy thing with his head turned around, and he had a black crooked smile on his face. It was creepy, and it happened before. If you can, please get a photo of one.