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Found 30 results

  1. Well this complicates things. Now Gallus is added into the list of characters whose family is a complete mystery, alongside Spike, Smolder, and Scoots (other than her aunts)! So... who's up to theorizing Gallus' family? Here's my theory: Gallus comes from royalty, but since royalty is no longer a thing in Griffonstone, Gallus might have no idea, and it's up to him to reunite Griffonstone as it's rightful king! Yeah, that theory came outta nowhere like my Smolder theory and it's random, but this could give Gallus what he rightfully deserves! Other than Gabby, Gallus is a griffin that can reunite Griffonstone, he could make a great leader figure! How about your theories on Gallus' family?
  2. For me, it's almost a tie between Gabby and Gallus. They're very different but I like them both! (Edit: wait, wouldn't this go to show discussion?)
  3. Hello there! I'm Thundy! You may think that I'm pure griffon, but I'm actually part pony. See, my backstory is can be hard to talk about'll find out...just ask away!
  4. I've been curious about the hippogriffs, it's said in the movie that they are part pony, and part eagle; similar in how griffons are half eagle and half lion in Gilda's debut back in S1. Thing is, in mythology at least, hippogriffs are actually half equines, half griffons. You think that's actually the same case with FiM hippogriffs as well? You may argue that they lack any lion parts, but hippogriffs rarely look different from griffons with horse rear instead of lions .
  5. Say, FiM airs in a country where: the gryphon/griffon is its national animal, the gryphon is the most popular animal of that country, some people even worship gryphons in that country, or (Optional: gryphons actually exist there, and some of them are kept in zoos or aviaries.) Considering how negatively Gilda the Griffon was received in the West (while other gryphons get a new fanbase there), how do you think that sort of country would deal with FiM, especially in regards to her character, and those of Gustave, Gabby, and Greta?
  6. Even though Gilda caused many bronies to hate griffons, it (or appearances of other griffons) also led to the creation of many griffon OC's, and a fascination with the locals of Gilda's homeland. Considering that griffon fans are usually either fantasy or mythology geeks (like me) or furries, I think it is like the show's griffons attracted more fans to the show. I wonder, what makes them like griffons like Gilda (before Season 5)? And what about you: why do you like griffons? Is it because of their majestic shape (unlike the cutesy ponies), and their glorious wings? Is it because of their mythological associations? Is it because they are beautiful, or even cuter than ponies? Is it that Griffonstone (or the griffon empire, or their nation) used to be intriguing and mysterious, that fanfiction will fill that gap?
  7. Delzepp

    Gabby Fan Club

    Hi everyone. Welcome to the Gabby fan club, the rules are as follows: · No bad language (no swearing, cursing) · No bullying (no badmouthing any other forum members, let's all be friends here) · NEVER post naughty/NSFW images (please keep this fan club clean for all ages) If you break the rules, you'll make Gabby sad That being said, have fun!
  8. *UPDATE - the character has been scrapped* Greetings and salutations, fellow pony enthusiasts! Today, I'd like to ask for your assistance in making the OC I devised, seaworthy. Or atleast more or less believeable. So, without further ado, here's the link to the OC database entry: *UPDATE - the character has been scrapped* I admit I'm rather bad with names, so I would appreciate any suggestions in this area. The current one is more of a placeholder really. I'm interested in Your opinions, from general impressions to specific issues that you may notice. For example, if the backstory holds any water, if the personality doesn't seem like a couple shipwrecks bolted together, or if the colour pallette is an eyesore like a viciously pink sail in high noon. Also, please keep in mind that, while making the OC, I played heavily to the Affably Evil trope (External link to TV Tropes, SFW), hence the unusual, a bit double sided personality. Now, since the OC itself is a griffon, I'd like to ask You, whenever I should use facial expressions with this toon or not. Canon griffon characters in-show do emote with their faces, but those teeth look weird. Plus, real beaks don't smile (thanks, Cpt. Obvious!), so... I'm in a bit of a rut. While RP-ing a stone faced character could be fun, making him a friendly sort without seeming aloof could be tricky. I'm curious what's the general consensus in this area. Last but not least, I'm not very emotionally invested in this toon, and it's not a ponyso I-I mean, griffonsona? So if some part is leaking badly, I'll just remake it. Honestly I expect atleast a few holes in his hull. So, yeah, I think that's about it. I eagerly await for any replies. And remember - in this case, I appreciate Honesty over Kindness. *UPDATE - the character has been scrapped*
  9. You want to ask this shy but sweet griffon a question? Please go ahead
  10. Here is a griffon I drew. Enjoy!
  11. OK, this is my first analysis topic. So please do constructively criticize or praise my thinking. I was watching ''Griffon The Brush Off'' and was thinking, Twilight and Pinkie are both Hypocrites. Twilight accuses Pinkie of Misjudging Gilda, Then later blames herself for Misjudging Pinkie, then a season later Shining accuses Twilight of Misjudging his wife, and then it was all clear. The problem is, everyone and anyone in Equestria can be a Hypocrite. Shining Misjudged Twilight, and Pinkie then Misjudged her. The other problem I have with the episode is the disproportionate retribution with Gilda, Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash set up pranks for her simply because she was mean and rude, but she did petty actions. Such as steal an apple that cost very little, scream at Fluttershy, and accuse Pinkie, twice. Why should that involve such a cruel prank, Twilight says that the moral was that real friends are better than false friends and you shouldn't misjudge people. But that is like Celestia blatantly ignoring the note and one season later says ''You have a lot to think about''. The problem I have is that they could have shown Gilda the error of her ways through rational thinking, perhaps intimidate her about her childhood(which is not too good, I must admit), at least counsel her, and instead they cause a very mean prank on her. It's disproportionate retribution at it's finest. Do you have any thoughts on this? Because I think that in Equestria, anyone and everyone can be a hypocrite. The Mane 6, Shining and Celestia are Hypocrites. Because they all misjudge each other. What do you think? Misjudgement times in MLP. Griffon the brush off, ''You must be misjudging Gilda'' ''I misjudged you''. A Canterlot Wedding, This, The problem is every character Misjudges each other. Shining vs Twilight, Twilight vs Pinkie, Celestia and the Mane 6 vs Twilight. And No real apology at the end of the episode, so therefore. Misjudgement with no apology. Note that everytime Shining Armor gets stressed, his brain goes off, indicating the effects of the spell were making him stressed, also note that he is being extremely unnecessarily pedantic. I'm just patiently waiting for a response.
  12. The first 2 choices are big cats. The last one is a large house cat. Or I was thinking I could have a mini griffon about the size of a large cat or small medium sized dog and go with the last choice. I wanted a grey cat for the back half of the griffon and a gyrfalcon for the front bird part. Her name would be Winter-something. Canadian Lynx: Snow Leopard: Grey Savannah: How big Savannah cats are: Gyrfalcon:
  13. Just like the title says. I recall Gilda was taking flight lessons with RD being brought up, but what about the Griffons who participated in the Equestria Games? Are griffons citizens of Equestria then?
  14. So I drew this griffon for a DTA (draw to adopt) contest on dA. And I thought drawing ponies was hard... I'd appreciate a critique. How can I improve? This is my first time drawing a griffon, so... Yeah... And yes, that is my watermark.
  15. So I finally drew something again, but it's sadly not as good as I'd hoped. While browsing YouTube I ended up watching the preview for sonic boom, and this randomly inspired me to draw my main OC sole as a mobian. For those of you who don't know, a mobian is an anthropomorphic animal race from sonic. Yes I know it's not very good, but it's also my first time drawing in this style. So don't hate me too much Remember to give feedback please, and be honest. I don't want your patronizing, I want your honest opinion on this crappy first attempt
  16. ~Sole~


    Drew another picture, but there is something different about this one. I drew more then just sole... And for those of you who haven't read his backstory, the grave is of his best friend that was killed right before his eyes. I know it isn't nearly my best work, but I like it. It's sad, and it kind of reflects my feelings as of late. So as always, please leave feedback and constructive criticism. (Also, I know the talon really sucks and I apologize. I just couldn't get it to look natural.)
  17. Was anyone glad to see the Griffon team in Rainbow Falls? I was, it shows Ponies will allow other species to play in the games. Granted, we still have little to no knowledge on the Griffon's culture, only fan fiction theories for that.
  18. Does Equastria really interact with other countries? An clear example is with Saddle Arabia but that's it. We never hear about other countries or there doings. All we know is that there are four kingdoms which include: The Griffon Kingdom, The Changling Kingdom, Saddle Arabia, and Equestria. Do they interact? None of them have have played a clear role in Equestria.
  19. I know it's been a pretty long time since I've really drawn anything, but I just thought I'd kinda remodel sole (my main oc) and make him look more unique. And for all of you one piece fans out there, that hat might look familiar. I did this on purpose to reference one of my favorite heroes. Anywho, tell me what you guys think! Also, it's in pencil, but his fur color is supposed to be black. (Constructive criticism only please.)
  20. Ever been playing a video game and thought of a way that you think it can be improved? I was playing Age of Empires earlier today, and as I was sending my units in to flatten the enemy base, I had a sudden vision of what it would be like ponified. Now, I'm not all for the mane 6 going to war and killing each other, but AoE deals with the history of civilizations and how they evolved and got to where they are today. This made me think of the history of Equestria (don't ask me how playing a war strategy game got connected to MLP, I couldn't tell you why), and how little it has been explored. I had questions like: -Who where the original inhabitants of Equestria? -How did the multiple races expand to such a large area if no war was involved? -How did the races of ponies defend themselves against invasions and other threats (eg. King Sombra)? -When did the Zebras and Griffons emerge? Where are their respective empires? Those are just some of the questions I had popping into my head as played, and I thought how it would be cool to have an AoE-like version for MLP:FiM explaining the rise of the various empires. I assume I am not the only one who thinks this, or at least wants an MLP:AoE, as there are a few animations out there that showcase ponies in the AoE setting. So with this in mind, I have thought of several campaign arcs, along with 5 different races/focus races (I say focus races because all 3 races of ponies worked together after the Windigo incident). As the post is already lengthy, I will leave those for a later date. I wish to see if any other bronies or pegasisters out there would like to see this game created. Please post your opinions below. Edit 1: Race Ideas Main race focuses: Earth Pony- + Health (5%) -Piercing Damage (5%) + Food gathering from plants/farms - Slashing Damage (5%) + Maximum population limit (+30) Pegasi- + Unit speed -Armor (5%) +Dodge chance (10%) - Siege Damage (10%) + Building Health Unicorn- + Spell Damage (5%) -Health (10%) + Research Speed (5%) - Food production (5%) + Build Speed (10%) Misc race focuses: Zebra- + Research Speed (10%) - All Damage (5%) + Chance to inflict poison each hit (10%) Griffon- + Unit speed (10%) -No ranged units + All units have flying (excluding siege) -Health (10%) Dragon- +Armor (10%) -No damage upgrades, claws only +Damage (10%) -Building and unit speed (15%) + Learn flying after living 5 minutes in real time Changling- +Armor (5%) -Health (5%) +Can disguise units as enemy units -resource gathering (10%) +1 food per 2 second
  21. :I I think I've been reading too many Guardians of Ga'Hoole books LOL Excuse silly nonsensical writings in there, I got bored and started to write stuff down for some reason. I'll never understand my mind at three in the morning *-* Got my scanner to work 8D ... and I forgot to draw in his other wing. *facepalm*
  22. So, I've been practicing on my drawing skills. I know I should practice ponies more, but I like drawing my main oc sole the most. Please tell me what y'all think, don't spare any details. I'm looking for feedback people, be it good or bad is up to you! ps. Sorry about the sideways pic, couldn't fix it.
  23. Hello everyone! I kinda got bored and drew a picture of my oc sole... he's saying hello. Sorry if this is too vulgar or rude, but I thought it was funny. I know its not my best work, but as usual, I ask that you judge it unbiased, Don't spare my feelings. Tell me what ya guys think! (And also as usual, excuse the bad photo!)
  24. This is an updated version of my oc, sole. I just felt like changeing his look a little, plus he looks pretty badass with a cursemark. For any naruto fans who recognize the mark, sole got it fighting a ponified tobi in the rp bloodbath. Its a vampire rp, don't ask me why tobi is there. Just tell me what you guys think, all positive and negative critisizm is welcomed.
  25. This is my second attempt at drawing my griffon oc, sole. How did I do? (Again, sorry for the crappy picture, its the best I could do) Constructive critisizm welcomed, I'm trying to get better at this so I want to know what to improve and work on. I'm going to try ponies soon, they might actually be easier to draw.