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Found 30 results

  1. This is my second attempt at drawing my griffon oc, sole. How did I do? (Again, sorry for the crappy picture, its the best I could do) Constructive critisizm welcomed, I'm trying to get better at this so I want to know what to improve and work on. I'm going to try ponies soon, they might actually be easier to draw.
  2. OK, so I am getting closer to a final version of this guy. I think I made the body too low, which made the bloom to long, but other than that, I think I did well. What do you think?
  3. This...may be the first thing I have drawn in the MLP fandom that is actually good. It doesn't suck at least. I would like to get feedback on where I can improve. I think I have nailed the head. The legs and the proportions of the body maybe not.
  4. I am making a griffon OC. And I wanted some feedback on how to improve. And your opinion on the character design, and how I can improve in that area. Anyway, BEHOLD MY ATTEMPTED ART!
  5. This is a sketch of my oc, sole. The pose was directly inspired by a picure of gilda, but I added as many of my own tweaks as possible. Tell me what you guys think! (Sorry about the crappy quality of the picture, it was taken on a tablet... with a camera that pointed in the same direction as the screen! It sucked getting this picture.) I was thinking about coloring it, but his feathers and fur are supposed to be black. I'm afraid of smudging the sketch (my hand drags across the paper while I draw) all over and making it look crappy. I don't know if want to risk it, but it might make it look better. So Should I color it?