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Found 122 results

  1. I'm wondering if this topic can be a thread where we talk about things we would like to accomplish in the limited amount of free time we get in our 24-hour days. Some of those hours have to be spent sleeping, and some of those hours are spent on responsibilities such as work, school, or family/household responsibilities. Perhaps you can explain your situation of how much free time you tend to have, and what you do with whatever X amount of hours you get. Do you feel like what you do makes you happy? You don't have to detail your personal situation if you do not want to. Is there something that you keep saying you will do for a feeling of personal acheivement, such as drawing, reading, writing, learning about something... that you tend to end up not doing because you did some more idle or distracty activity, or were too afraid of not doing it so great? Sometimes I am afraid of drawing because they might turn out wimpy-looking and I will have to look at characters looking misshapen and not interesting. Today I solidly drew for two separate hours. I drew Minka Mark, the monkey from Littlest Pet Shop, on te same piece of paper as an earlier Blythe Baxter drawing, and made sure to draw her at a size properly proportioned with Blythe. And then I drew some of Sunil before retiring from drawing, for the day it appears now, at 3pm. I feel more alive than I did yesterday for doing that. I have a chime on my watch that beeps once every hour to remind me that an hour has passed. After that, I assess what I did that hour.
  2. I tried draw this Rarity =)=)=) :grin2: :grin2: *hides*
  3. Hi there, over the next few days I'd like to showcase some of my artworks, especially the traditional ones and thought I'd start with a portrait of Queen Chrysalis I did some time ago. I used pigment ink (and if I remember correctly just one pigment ink marker). I tried to create an artwork similar to old portrait depicting royalty so I included a stronger focus on the symbols of power (crown, royal coat) as well as designing a fitting frame, relating to the portrayed queen. DeviantArt-Link:
  4. I thought this topic would be a good one to ask, so I did. As for me I will have to say my happiest moment, or moments were when my kids were born. I must say i was off yhe chain happy more so on my second one cause he almost did'nt make it. So after the doctor came in days later, and said he's going to be fine I let out a cry of happness for sure. Today he is my "littlest pony" cause he likes the show, yes I ponified him, and he loves it.
  5. Hey guys! How have you all been I hope you all have been just awesome! Well me, I've been pretty good. Last week was just busy, scary, and boredom galore! My family had a scare with my grandma who is 89 years old, she got super sick had to go to the hospital. Well it turns out she had pneumonia and it was looking pretty serious, all she did was sleep. She didn't even wanna eat, or drink anything. All she did when she was awake was talking about how she was ready to go be with my grandpa. And my whole family just started coming to visit her, because she started looking bad. Like she really wasn't going to make it. But it was just a scare she's back to normal and doing well now so that is the big plus. On the bright side my amazing girlfriend kept me company by texting me and helping me keep my brain happy and not worrying. She's just so awesome. Even though were over a thousand miles away from each other she knows just what to say to make me smile I'm just so happy now I just can't contain it, makes me wanna jump around, be stupid, skip around, and dance. I'm still shocked, how could someone so amazing, beautiful, smart, sweet, kind, caring, and did I already mention beautiful. How could she want someone like me nerdy, not to smart, loser like, cheesy, tomboy-ish girl like me? It's just utter amazement. She just makes me know what I want out of life, and that's her. Anyway enough ranting about my special somepony. That's all I got for now guys. Thanks to whoever reads my blogs, I know that tons of people have one but it makes me feel super special knowing someones reading it. Almost like for once someone cares a little enough to just read what happens in my life, and i appreciate it so much. Give yourselves a hoof-bump from me to you. Now that's enough for now guys but thanks again! Till next time, Stary Dash
  6. It's me! =D (Yes, this is a male pony(Stallion ) Yay! Ask me whatever you want, I'm happy to answer! =D (Dangers of asking questions may include but are not limited to: Muffins, Cupcakes, Party Cannons, Laughter, smiling, jokes, and Huggles) ( )
  7. im leaving for school in a little while, so can anyone write a reply that can make me smile. then when i get home and i check my account i can see some nice comments that make me smile
  8. Hey guys, Stary Dash here! Well this past couple of days have just been the greatest from finding somepony that makes me oh so happy to hanging with my best friends then to seeing some of my top favorite bands in the music business! First things first, about a week or two ago I got on a forum that someone started to either find friends or maybe even a special somepony. I decided you know lets see how this goes. I posted and it said the basics like: "I'm 22 female, I'm bisexual, I'm more into girls." Just blah blah blah, you guys know the basics. I waited for the first couple of days no replies or anything. So I decided to just ignore the the forum I posted on. I had gotten some messages from some stallions, but that isn't my cup of tea. Even though they were nice I'd consider them friends. About another week had gone by, and I get on and BOOM! Behold what is this in my inbox? A message from who? Wait... a girl... finally messaged me back!!! I was so ecstatic, and we started talking and getting to know each other then lets just say 'this mare is off the market.' I'm so happy but happy isn't even the proper word for how I feel! She's wonderful, she's beautiful, and I get to call her mine. Only downside is that we live over a thousand miles away from each other. But she's too amazing and awesome to let distance get in the way of this. Despite all that how better can my life get? Right? Well it surely did actually. I got to see a band I've been wanting to see for almost ten years called "Pierce the Veil" and can I just say they really really really know how to make peoples night! The other band I got to see was "Sleeping with Sirens" cool part about them is that there set was live on yahoo! So I was live on yahoo how cool is that! just had one other most coolest night with my friends! But I missed and wished my girl was there with me it would of been the best night of my exsistance! Well that's all for this week. I'm still not sure what the direction of my blog will be, but I'm sure I'll figure it out guys. Thanks if you read this. ~~Stary Dash~~
  9. Happy 20th Birthday to me! If you haven't yet, why not wish me a happy birthday? Here is one of my YouTube videos that features the Happy Birthday song:
  10. Lately I've been seeing some negative topics regarding painful/terrible experiences or previous hardships, so here's something different . What makes me the happiest is how I have a very great special somepony . I've always wanted to be with someone who really cares about me, or who I can be really affectionate with, who I share several interests with, and well, she's just so gorgeous . I don't think I could ever live my life as happy if I didn't have her around . How about Yall ?
  11. You may not notice life's pleasure lying right in front of you most of the time, but they are there alright. Remember that feeling you get when you do something satisfactory, or just something that makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside? Happiness? :3 Simple things can have this effect on you, and eventually rub off. Here is an example of a happy list I made for myself: Stepping on fresh snow Puppy breath ​New book smell Suckling on an icecube Licking icing off a cupcake Newborn baby smell Sketching out an idea and putting it into action Spring flowers Watching the trees sway in the wind Adorable stuffed animals Cuddly, warm blankets when it's cold Fluffy hair :3 Petting my cat and making her purr with glee My puppy's kisses and the way she loves me Feeding my parrot chips and fruit Lighting a scented candle Watching heart warming anime The feeling of tiredness (Sounds weird, but I like it...feels dreamy.) Blowing bubbles and trying to pop them all Trying to make the biggest bubble gum bubble ever Savoring the taste of a lollipop Cleaning my cluttered room The feeling you get when you're having an awesome day No homework. These are the simple things in life that make me feel an ounce of great emotion, even stuff like eating a lollipop and trees.
  12. Hey guys, I want to contribute to the forum world so I decided to make this...thingy. Anyways, the purpose of this forum is to share stories that you have experienced or put an impact that just puts a smile on your face every time you think about it. I'll go ahead and post mine This is the story of how my dad met my mom and how I got my name. My dad was at a college party, drinking and having fun like he normally did. They ran out of beer so he and his friends decide to go crash a party down the street (the one my mom was at) Once he got there, he met my mom, talked, and got her phone number. He goes home happily with his friends, saying that "she was the one"and so on. And of course, his pals make fun of him. Later, when my dad was about to call my mom, he realized that he lost her phone number. My dad was unhappy and told some of his friends. Thankfully, his friend Shane had her number and gave it to him. Two months later, my parents get married and eventually have me. Sense Shane had prevented them from separating, they decided to name me after him. Now they're happily together after 22 years of marriage. So go on! Write your story!
  13. Mark uploaded a new video discussing how thankful he is for the people who support him, and for everyone out there. This video literally made me cry and think for a while. I love ya Markiplier, I will always support you!
  14. Hey guys, I saw the digital version of this image and it made me laugh for a long time. Then again, I'm boring but still I drew this Enjoy and critique how you see fit. P.S, I know there's a line above Celestia's head I'm tired >.> Also my friend (Pfft yeah right..) Stole my Camera so, my iPod will have to do
  15. Just a picture I drew of Rainbow Dash, jus' sitting there, as you do. Please leave feedback on what's good/bad and how I could improve. Thanks! Why must my iPod be such a troll :'( ???
  16. I appreciate the very warm welcome from my close forum friends on here. You guys sure do bring the best out of me! The reason I left for a while is not only because I was really busy and my laptop battery died (using tablet!), I felt that there was a strong vibe of negativity that I didn't approve of. Don't worry though, because I have been lurking and have seen the decline in it, so it made me eagar to come back. c: Second off, I humbly apologize for not only my absence, but my updates on QOTD (Quote Of The Day). Hopefully I'll get a new battery soon for my laptop, and when I do, I'll get right back to posting them! Again, thank you guys very much!
  17. Twilight Sparkle = super happy. Not sure why I was compelled to draw this, but it was a really fun draw. PS: Still trying to work on my hair drawing technique so I know it's not the best-looking I hope you enjoy her
  18. Does anyone here play the Town of Salem game found here? It's really fun, I reccommend it. Put your usernames on this thread and we can all play together. My username is Amberflight. If you're easily offended though, then don't. People swear a lot and sometimes say mean things to others. You cna report if someone's out of hoof with the insults though. Sorry if a thread already exists for this- I didn't see one.
  19. I figure, there should be different threads for different emotional responses. But I figure its easier and possibly would be more active if i just focused on all works which caused strong emotional responses.
  20. This is something I'm going to try starting (unless it has already). The name of this game is What Made Your Day (hence the title) Basically post a picture or short story of something that made your day. I'll start: In case you don't know, fyre-flye is Lauren Faust
  21. Are you happily in a MLP Forum relationship? Have a wonderful friendship story you experienced with MLP Forums? Feeling hopeful about finding love? Do you like a feel-good story? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then these threads are for you! These are the perfect places where you can express love, whether filial or romantic! It's also a way to show how people have been able to form new relationships on a forum where friendship is indeed magic! I hope you enjoy either thread of your choosing, or both! For couples or hopeless romantics, GO HERE For anyone who likes a feel good story or has a wonderful friendship to share, GO HERE
  22. HAPPY TANABATA, EVERYONE!!! This is my favorite Japanese festival!
  23. Hello people! Working on another song, and I just thought I would post what I have so far because I have to leave somewhere for a week. I just want to see what your reaction is to what I have so far.
  24. HI!! If your happy, you did something recently that makes you feel proud, or some seriously good stuff happened to ya, then go ahead and put right here! Like this. My crush wants to meet me next week, and we both settled on a spot. I'm so happy, because I saw her almost everyday on the bus during school, and I always thought it would be awesome to just sit down and talk with her. Now I get to meet her, and she likes me back! Awesome!!!!!
  25. My friend's birthday present! His gf loves rarity, it's her nickname!