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Found 122 results

  1. Welcome to the *insert Topic Title here* where myself and a few other ponies will try to post up funny or happy content Daily so you can cheer up and not be so Sad or Grumpy Because the content can be anything like videos or music or stuff like that *edit* i forgot to put in a crucial word
  2. Hi there! This is the Rainbows and Kittens thread, because why not Here, you can post news about rainbows and kittens, or both. Rules: #1 No dogs. #2 Be nice! #3 Cherry Rainbow is awesome and you should brohoof her. Enjoy! ~Cherry Rainbow PS: This is not ment to be spam in any way, I just wanted to make people smile by talking about rainbows and kittens. Sorry.
  3. Hay I'm spike twilight told me you had some questions for me?
  4. I finally figured out how to create a blog. I'm so happy, it was quite difficult for me to do but it was worth it. Now you guys get to see all kinds of interesting things from my blog.
  5. Right when I first joined, I noticed something about this place: A lot of depression going on. So I made a happy drawing, now, I understand its just a drawing, it wont fix anything, but still, I wanted to draw it, plus, its happy, a fluttershy
  6. Just a little quick doodle practicing heads and shading tell me what you think
  7. Seeing as Christmas is only a month away, what is everypony here planning on getting for Christmas? I'm getting a boxset of the old Star Trek movies (1-10) along with a Die Hard boxset and the following movies. Downfall, Iron Sky, Inglorious Basterds and the two newer Star Trek films. And I'm also getting Skyrim and Battlefield 4 on PS3
  8. Seems like simpler times in here. Kindergarten, 1st grade, no responsibilities, etc. Good times. But growing up has its perks.
  9. So are you ready for the premier of S4 of MLP FiM? I know I am! Tell me, how are you going to prepare for this ever so awesome occasion?
  10. So here it is! My finished WIP! After seeing all the encouraging comments at I decided to go ahead and finish her this evening though I was a little tired. EYES! Y U SO HARD TO DRAW?! Anyway, I think she looks great! I still use the same style as before: sharpie on pencil with colored pencils. I'm pretty much using the art supplies carried around by the average third grader, But this is my style of hand drawing and I love it. I figured I'd just drop Twi in her normal setting: her library! Even though it's a beautiful day out there, she's gonna stay in today and read a book. Let me know what y'all think! As always, thanks for the criticism. I don't have a whole lot of experience in doing this so any constructive criticism is very appreciated. That way I can use your suggestions in my next work and sharpen my skills. You guys are all awesome! Dang! I make reading adorable!
  11. There are so many people on this site. As we spend more time here, we find people who you find yourself brohoofing every time you see a post of thiers. I have my own personal list of favorites. : @Athanshadow @~Gamer Barrel~ @baman @Zygen @Rainbow Hash List your top five if you would like...
  12. What I a picture that has text in it that could cheer someone up or just make their day. Here's my example: Anything from you all?
  13. Hello everypony, Batbrony here with some exciting news! Well, after a productive day as it was, in which I sent out some reference letter forms to some past professors, made headway on some grad school appliactions, helped stack 70 bales of hay in a barn's attic for some good church friends, and had a lovely dinner at Wendy's with my mom followed by new episodes of "The Middle" and "Modern Family", I decided what better way to end the day than by finally baking some muffins! So, in the spirit of the season, I dug up a pumpkin-and-chocolate chip muffin recipe I'd found online and got to it! About an hour and a half later and, wallah, my first batch of muffins, or any baked goods for that matter, ever baked entirely by myself was all done! And boy oh boy did they turn out swell!!! Teehee, they're quite yummy if I do say so myself! It was really a lot of fun baking 'em as well; had my Ipod playing while I was mixing everything in, just singing along, real blast really. Well, anyways, there you have it; the circle in my always growing love for Derpy and muffins is now complete! I done baked me some muffins of my own, and they are delicious!!! Not to mention festive! Yes Derpy, that's right, I done you proud. Oh wait... do you want one? Well sure, here you go!!! Enjoy!!!
  14. Hey people! The other day I made a cheerful little electronic tune on Fruity Loops! After playing around with it some more, I felt it captured the happy 'essence' of Pinkie Pie, so I dug up some samples and plopped them into the sequence (much to the glee of my Meesey brony friend), turning it into a tribute to Pinkie! Here are the results! I'm kinda new at the whole music development thing, so I welcome any constructive criticism!
  15. Hello everypony! I want to introduce you to other new project. This time I make a remix of the song Babs Seed, and I really don't know how the idea of this song came out... I just started putting the voices in the music editor on LMMS: "Babs Seed, Babs Seed, what we gonna do? Got a bully on our tail"And I then I tried to make a nice lead to "fit" with the voice... And the rest of the song came just like that. The song is a work in progress, I'm now trying to find a way to fit that lyrics part "Everywhere we turn, she's just a step ahead". Waiting for your opinions! Brohoof /)
  16. OMGZX U GUYZ WY R US ALL SO DERPRESEED????!1!!! So there's a particular Pinkemena banner that I saw today (COUGH COUGH THANKS LUGIA) that seems to have gotten some people down in the dumps. Why not have some funny pictures to counter that negative energy eh? Share some with your friends, or even just link this thing to them. Everybody needs to smile smile smile every once in a while while while Then again, according to f_ing everybody I'm an emo. So what would I know about that anyway... Have some pics before somebody gets depressed again! Ok, I gotta admit though, Lugia makes a pretty sexy banner. XD
  17. I wanted to ask this question out of curiosity, who here is happy in life? Happiness in life doesn't mean everything is going perfect but you are just confident in your place in life. I'd say that I'm pretty happy in life despite some bumps in the road, what about you guys?
  18. When I was 6 years old, all I wanted more then anything in the world was to be 16, ah to drive a car that freedom and that feeling of I'm one step closer to being a full grown adult! When I was 16 years old, all I wanted was to be 18, I can go see R movies on my own, and I can vote! When I was 18 years old, all I wanted was to be 21! I can buy my own drinks now! and I'm a full grown adult! 3 days(Aug/8/1990 is my B-day) in tell I hit 23, ah funny thing is all I really want now... is to be 6 years old. We all have birthdays! can't say you don't..... anyway I want to hear about you're happiest one! or if you have more then one, all of them! Me ah I didn't really have to many good ones, only had one good one. my 12th birthday. I had invited all my friends to come over! not one showed. Just me and my mom, my sister was a run away at the time.. anyway just me and her. Now I didn't get many gifts, many years I got noting at all, I didn't mind, this year I got one gift, I still have it to this day! Mario Cart Double dash! for gamecube! I was so happy to see it. Me and my mother played that game all night! every day my mom came home we played for hours in tell we got everything done on the game. To this day every time I go and see my mom we play that game for a few hours. So please tell me about your happiest birthday! or all of them!
  19. Normally the sort of stuff I love to listen to is songs that feel like they have depth and meaning. As if the Music artist is trying to illustrate some of their emotions and imagination in a few (or more) minutes of audio. So I thought I may dedicate a thread to that to see what songs you guys love. Here's a few from my phone:
  20. This is the happy face... A severed head placed on a pedestal with its eyes carved out. You don't want to see the sad face.
  21. There's no such situation which wouldn't become better when Pony shows up:) A little story how Rainbow Dash visits reality. And, of course, lovely fluffy costume in video too!
  22. Butter Bean has been vewy happy lately! She made Apple Fwitter Cupcakes with sissy Pinkie...oh! She also talked to some of her new nice pony fwiends as well!
  23. I have come to notice something in recent times. A lot of games, movies, and stories I have played, watched, and read respectively, all opt for a sad or bittersweet ending. I understand that sometimes a happy ending is inappropriate in a story, but there are times where it is just there for the feels. I have heard that a happy "everybody wins" ending is clichéd, and that is why they aren't done much anymore. But I feel like it had gotten to the point that sad and bittersweet endings are just as clichéd. What do you think? Do I have point? Am I just babbling on about nothing? You decide.
  24. The image with this post is amazing. I know it may not be the best piece of art in terms of the way it's drawn or colored, but it cheered me up so much when I saw it a few days ago that I just had to post it in my next blog (originally seen here:, thank you to @JesstroidPrime . In the last week it has really been confirmed to me that I want to stay on this forum for as long as possible. The willingness from people to listen to others points of view and not just bash is amazing. I have also seen people give the most amazing advice over @The everfree forest, the love and kindness people have shown to others (be it through text or the time spent trying to help people with issues) is overwhelming. Thank you for making MLP forums so much fun to visit! Now on to more stuff about my life (lol). Easter is upon us! now with my family being christian this is a very busy time of year for us! It's almost as important as Christmas so I';m looking forward for the whole family coming around on Sunday where we celebrate Jesus's resurrection ! I think this year we are also inviting some people who are currently living alone as well so it should be extra fun ! I am also a massive sucker for chocolate and especially creme eggs :3. I love those things so much it's unreal! hopefully I wont make myself to sick from all the egg's that no doubt will disappear within 1-2 days of me getting them So to everyone, have a great Easter weekend! PS. also looking at making a dota2 team, PM me if your interested!