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Hearth's Warming Helper

Found 2 results

  1. So, while I've only surrounded myself around men and women who don't judge people such as myself, since a fraction of them actually watch the show themselves, but the only men I know who watches the show are finicky. One wears a necklace of Rainbow Dash, and the other posted a RD pic on his Facebook. But, I am also aware of the side of people which get judged for liking the show, are you one of those who get judged?
  2. Alright, now before anyone even posts and I know this sounds redundant, but I would like to remind people: this is the debate pit. Be prepared to deal with opinions you may not agree with. I know I shouldn't have to say this, but unfortunately people don't seem to get that. Basic ground rules: 1. Please cite credible sources when asked. 2. Please keep the entire debate relevant to the debate. 3. Do not personally attack people. Anyone who does not follow this basic conduct will be reported and ignored. Forewarning now. I understand this is a touchy subject, but I ask everyone to approach it with their emotions set aside and their heads fairly level. Now, statistics to get things rolling! There seems to be a lot of debate on how many bronies there actually are. Some people have even suggested as many as 1/3 of the US population. Well, fortunately we have a survey that was conducted near the start of 2013 (with a new one in the works now) done by bronies that gives us the following: Thus, we can state with a 95% confidence that between 4.0% and 6.8% of the internet-using US population strongly identify as bronies, or approximately 7 to 12.4 million people. Taken from the Herd Census website. Now obviously, bronies conducting a survey about bronies is going to be a biased and flawed experiment, however that usually means that bronies will try to give themselves a better statistic than what is true. Even with that factored in though, bronies themselves who have researched the subject have stated that approximately 7% of people identify as bronies and only 17% of people in the survey said they would identify at all with the word. This means that 83% of people said they were not a brony in the slightest. According to their 2013 census the following is established: A vast majority of people surveyed said that bronies try too hard to get people to like the show. This once again was a survey conducted to bronies by bronies. This would suggest that a lot of bronies feel the behavior of the fandom is inappropriate at times. Now this raises an interesting question. If this survey is even the slightest bit accurate, it would suggest that less than 10% of the US population are bronies. Even though these surveys are far from unbiased, this is about as close to "evidence" as we're going to get to back up the statistics until another party comes forward. None the less, the question is: If this is true, do bronies really get as much hate as they make it out to be? Speaking from personal experience here: I have never once been ridiculed for more than 10 seconds for being a brony. I would consider hatred anything beyond just a simple "That's dumb" kind of comment. I.e. something truly meant to get under one's skin for their interests or more or less, constant bashing. Does anyone have any kind of statistics or evidence to suggest that bronies are receiving an abnormal amount of hatred? I think this is important because if the answer is no, or we can find evidence to suggest that the fandom receives far less hate than is portrayed, perhaps that could be the cause of an internal problem within the fandom. If the fandom is inflating how much hatred it seems, that sort of comes off as a victim complex. I am not arguing at this moment if they have one or don't, however I am curious if anyone has concise evidence to answer these questions. Now if you have read this far, congrats, however I ask you to help build a concise profile for this specific question. Please take a moment to answer this short survey before responding. I would like to build an accurate profile for this question if you'd be so kind. You may discuss your thoughts now. Are bronies getting hated too much, or are the number of "haters" exaggerated. Let's find out!