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Found 57 results

  1. Okay, I will not be linking the video, and I don't recommend looking for it if you're a child or easily offended as it gets relatively NSFW. But for those who have seen it, I was wondering what you guys thought? I ask this because it seems to have caused some controversy, offending some Bronies on YouTube and, unsurprisingly, erupting into a bit of a flame war between Bronies and non-Bronies. Personally, I wasn't particularly bothered by it. because while the portrayal may not be accurate to the majority of the fandom, I feel like I can't really deny that there is a dark side to the fandom that does fit such stereotypes. My best friend had to block such a person on Fur Affinity. And while there are haters, I do feel that a majority of these jokes are directed at the crazies, not all of us. And I prefer to laugh along. Because I have seen that dark side of the fandom. And as disturbing as it is, there's really no changing it or distorting the truth of it. So the best thing to do, in my opinion, is laugh it off and say 'glad I'm not that kind of Brony'. So yes, I actually got a few laughs out of the flash, despite how disturbing it was at points. While it does generalize, I still stand firmly by the belief that it's not intended to target us as a whole. Rather those bizarre few. And... Really anyone who can't take a joke. Thoughts?
  2. [media=]http-~~-//[/media] I'm pretty sure that this is a troll video. 1. He seems to be purposefully swithcing character names. 2. He says he shut off the first episode before he had finished. It bothers me to no end when someone says that, and most bronies I know feel the same way. 3. Insults to bronies. 4. Insults Derpy. But maybe this is real, I'm not sure... any thoughts? EDIT- Oh yeah, he also says MLP must be taken off the air to save Family Guy
  3. I was browsing around on YouTube and went to go give " " another listen through when I came across this interesting chain of comments.
  4. Look at my DA gallery guys, you'll find an explanation in the artist's comment. There's other cool stuff in there, too (I think... since it's being ignored by everyone, that must mean it's good, right?).
  5. By this I mean what do you ususally do when someone slanders MLP in a video comment, another forum, or a videogame. I usually avoid talking to haters/trolls and try not to get involved in flame wars. If someone does start directing insults at me becuase of my Xbox live bio, TF2 spray/Steam avatar, or something else, I usually just say, "I find the show interesting and fun. You are entitled to your opinion, and I mine. I have nothing more to say." If he happens to say I'm gay, then I'll throw in 'I have a girlfriend and wether you believe me or not is your choice.' somewhere in there.