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Found 57 results

  1. I just wanted to see how many people in this forum have no brony friends. In my case, I don't have any brony friends , yet they know i am one. It's just that they really could care less if I watched colorful, scaled-down, magical horses. Tell me your story, or brag about how all your friends are bronies, idc.
  2. Here's what I found today on a local press website: He beat two men to steal toys for little girls Wednesday, March 26th, 2014 (15:52) There was a fight about... little pink horses in Bielsko Biała, Poland. The policemen caught 28-year-old man who beat two other younger men and stole their toys. For mugging he can go to jail even for 12 years. {This is surely canard. Even rapists don't get such serious punishments here.} The event took place during the convention of "My Little Pony" fans. Young men were exchanging their toys and gadgets with each other. The 28-years-old saw them. He beated a 16-years-old and a 22-years-old and then robbed them. He stole their jackets and several pink toys. {What is it about their obsession about "pink"? ;P} Thanks to the city monitoring the policemen were able to identify the culprit. He was captured in his apartment in Mysłowice, Poland. He was very surprised. {Yeah, I'm surprised too: Polish police actually caught someone? That fast? For stealing pony toys? Impossibru!} He already heard the charges. For mugging he may spend up to 12 years in jail. A portion of the stolen objects has been already recovered and returned to their rightful owners. {Good for them.} Original source (in Polish):,nId,1373469
  3. So I wake up in the morning go down stairs an check my mail an let's see what we got here. bills bills bills bills 50% on pizza an wings hmmm oh my an a MSG from a church near me0___0... So at first I'm thinking oh it must be some kinda invite to come to church but then I look at it more an more an its a private letter from them. So I open it an what I see you will never believe. Dear blank blank blank (not going to tell my name) we have gotten notice from one of our sources that you have signed a form on a site to legalize gay marriage -____- an it may of just been that I sighened that form but they also inclouded that I am apart of the brony community an that I should come to on of there private sessions of cleansing. At first I was like wtf?!?!? An then I started thinking I wonder if my pony friends in my area got this to (we all sighed that form) so I MSG them on Skype hey anyone els get that weird church letter all them go u to? So that leads me to now I'm kinda scared to be a brony an a supporter of stuff. I'm not scared easily but it got worse then that so my thing to you is have you ever been scared to be a brony this also relates to school kids that said they where bronys got beat the hell up an teachers well we all know how that goes.... But getting back to the point are you scared or does this show that the brony community is growing an ppl should be happy over being scared? UPDATE POST So I was browsing through my old topics and I saw this one so I'm thinking hey why don't I update that one since stuff has gotten fixed and what not so here we go. I think this went on for 5 days straight at one point i Basicly grew a pair and opened the door. not five seconds into opening the door did I get I nice yelling of not one not two not even three but 4 poeple yelling at me (1 women 2 men and a preacher)not even the fun part the two men where keeping my door open so I was Basicly screwed on walking away now so my choices A. call the cops(I did not pick this one:|) b. yell at them till they walked away( I picked this one ) so the screaming began for 4 straight hours. by the time I was done my voice was gone and but so where they. this seemed to be pretty much it for the last times I saw or had this happen. I got the looks ever time I went out for a wile but that's kinda normal but Basicly I did it without violence and that's what counts. so ya that's pretty much the end of this topic glad I can finaly sit in peace and such.
  4. I'm sure many of you are familiar with Yahoo Answers. What are your opinions on it?
  5. They are Dedicated So about a month ago I decided to marathon the most infamous/famous mlp fanimations, one being that pokemare one, I posted a comment and I quote "MOTHER OF CELESTIA! What did I just watch?!", anyway a few days ago I commented on a video which's comment section was dominated by brony haters, needless to say, I got hate, they only used one insult "horse-fucker"(and there were 5 or 6 haters), one decided to check my google+ feed, and found pokemare
  6. So, the fandom has been around awhile now, and like all new fandoms, or new ways of doing things, it had to be built up on something. For the bronies, the fandom was built up largely with one thing in mind: Love and Tolerate. Well my friends, it is time to change. As most of you know, the term Love and Tolerate wasn't originally used by bronies, but was actually used by internet trolls throughout 4chan for a decent amount of time. The term was then taken to heart by bronies and has been used throughout the fandom ever since. This has had some good repercussions, but at the same time, it has made us a very easy target. I would like to compare the term Love and Tolerate to the Articles of Confederation of The United States. Little history lesson. The Articles of Confederation were formed to help bring a small amount of order to the U.S. during the Revolutionary War. This was the first constitution. But this constitution had issues. How did they solve it? They decided that as a nation, they would come together and figure out how to change these issues. After a few years of discussion, they came to a conclusion and eventually The Great Compromise was created, bringing the Federalists - people who supported change - and the Anti-Federalists - the people who supported the current ways - together. That is exactly what we as a fandom need to do. We need to fix the issues that this term brings to the fandom. The issues I see, for example are stuff like how people treat us. I am teased and made fun of all the time. Are you not tired of this? Personally, I am tired of being treated like a damn doormat! I believe, that if we take this term that we have written across our flags, and make into something bigger, and better, that maybe we will be treated differently. Whether that means just tweaking the words themselves, just tweaking the meaning, or even just a whole new term all together. We NEED to change. So my question for all of you is this: Do you think we need to change? If so, what are your ideas? I would love to hear some of them. And if you don't think we need to change, then explain why you feel this way. Thanks for reading.
  7. Alright, now before anyone even posts and I know this sounds redundant, but I would like to remind people: this is the debate pit. Be prepared to deal with opinions you may not agree with. I know I shouldn't have to say this, but unfortunately people don't seem to get that. Basic ground rules: 1. Please cite credible sources when asked. 2. Please keep the entire debate relevant to the debate. 3. Do not personally attack people. Anyone who does not follow this basic conduct will be reported and ignored. Forewarning now. I understand this is a touchy subject, but I ask everyone to approach it with their emotions set aside and their heads fairly level. Now, statistics to get things rolling! There seems to be a lot of debate on how many bronies there actually are. Some people have even suggested as many as 1/3 of the US population. Well, fortunately we have a survey that was conducted near the start of 2013 (with a new one in the works now) done by bronies that gives us the following: Thus, we can state with a 95% confidence that between 4.0% and 6.8% of the internet-using US population strongly identify as bronies, or approximately 7 to 12.4 million people. Taken from the Herd Census website. Now obviously, bronies conducting a survey about bronies is going to be a biased and flawed experiment, however that usually means that bronies will try to give themselves a better statistic than what is true. Even with that factored in though, bronies themselves who have researched the subject have stated that approximately 7% of people identify as bronies and only 17% of people in the survey said they would identify at all with the word. This means that 83% of people said they were not a brony in the slightest. According to their 2013 census the following is established: A vast majority of people surveyed said that bronies try too hard to get people to like the show. This once again was a survey conducted to bronies by bronies. This would suggest that a lot of bronies feel the behavior of the fandom is inappropriate at times. Now this raises an interesting question. If this survey is even the slightest bit accurate, it would suggest that less than 10% of the US population are bronies. Even though these surveys are far from unbiased, this is about as close to "evidence" as we're going to get to back up the statistics until another party comes forward. None the less, the question is: If this is true, do bronies really get as much hate as they make it out to be? Speaking from personal experience here: I have never once been ridiculed for more than 10 seconds for being a brony. I would consider hatred anything beyond just a simple "That's dumb" kind of comment. I.e. something truly meant to get under one's skin for their interests or more or less, constant bashing. Does anyone have any kind of statistics or evidence to suggest that bronies are receiving an abnormal amount of hatred? I think this is important because if the answer is no, or we can find evidence to suggest that the fandom receives far less hate than is portrayed, perhaps that could be the cause of an internal problem within the fandom. If the fandom is inflating how much hatred it seems, that sort of comes off as a victim complex. I am not arguing at this moment if they have one or don't, however I am curious if anyone has concise evidence to answer these questions. Now if you have read this far, congrats, however I ask you to help build a concise profile for this specific question. Please take a moment to answer this short survey before responding. I would like to build an accurate profile for this question if you'd be so kind. You may discuss your thoughts now. Are bronies getting hated too much, or are the number of "haters" exaggerated. Let's find out!
  8. Something I've always found amusing is that the show and the fanbase seem to depict two different things when it comes to Rarity. In the show, Rarity and Applejack are depicted as the 'dead-lock' opposites who get on each others nerves constantly. They had an entire episode all about them bickering with one another, which we all know to be Look Before You Sleep. Since then, we've seen a plethora of scenes where their opposite-ness is shown again and again. For a season three example, all throughout my personal favorite episode, Sleepless in Ponyville, Applejack made several comments referring to Rarity's fussiness, over-packing, etc. The 'Uncouth VS Fussy' Duo is all but a staple of the community at this point. Interestingly enough, the fanbase's general attitude doesn't seem to depict the same thing. I don't see much strife very often between Rarity and Applejack fans. Oh no, in the fanbase, what I notice much more is that it's the Rarity and Rainbow Dash fans who are constantly hating on the other and their favorite character. For a local example, it seems to me that seven out of ten Rarity fans, at least the more active ones, hate Dash, or at least have her near to the bottom of their favorite character pole. Coming from a character perspective, it makes perfect sense that Rarity fans would be the most likely to not like Dash, given that they like Rarity's sophisticated nature. Dash is even more of a tomboy than Applejack is, and is probably just as opposite to Rarity as Applejack is. I suppose the show latched onto Applejack's stubbornness, especially to girly things, and that acted as the clincher that made her the pick to be Rarity's 'polar opposite' character as opposed to Dash. Dash and Rarity hardly, if ever, come to verbal blows, unlike the fashionista and the farmer. 'Honestly, I wonder why our fans bicker so much, Rainbow Dash.' 'I dunno, but if I was a fan of me, I'd fight tooth and nail for my awesomeness, too~' I simply find it interesting that the show depicts a rivalry of two characters that the fanbase doesn't reflect much, meanwhile, the fanbase depicts a rivalry about two characters of which the show doesn't reflect much. You don't see Applejack fans and Rarity fans attacking each other often, despite the fact the show has them as opposites, and you also don't see Dash and Rarity butting heads in the show, even though their fans do. I myself am just as apart of this noticed trend. Dash is my favorite character, Rarity is my least. It should be noted though that I don't hate Rarity, I think she's great, she just interests me the least of the characters. Maybe her being so very opposite of Dash is a part of that.
  9. What games do you think could make MLP haters happy? Play as some guy like Jason Voorhees and kill everypony in Ponyville game? Or how about a first person shooter Conversion Bureau themed game? Where you get to shoot Ponies that are trying to wipe out the Human race? Ponies invade Earth, that sort of thing. Some Ponies on Human side thing. But annoying to the hater would be the game's Karma mortality like Fallout/ Paragon/Renegade like Mass Effect, you could spare the Ponies at end of game which would give you good ending, or kill them all which would give you the bad ending. Note: It's also evil ending if your a Pony that sides with The Conversion Bureau.
  10. I used to be a pony hater too you know. Sometimes call it gay Due to popularity. Well...... I tried to watch episode 1 in youtube. It was an amazing experience! Now I continue watching all season one to three! I am now a brony! How about you guys? Do you used to hate MLP but loved it now or you love it before and now?
  11. Personally, here are some of my favorite singers/bands that seem to get some hate: Linkin Park Adele Those are actually the ones off the top of my head; most people seem to be neutral on bands/singers I enjoy. about you all?
  12. Check this page out. I have to admit I'm pretty disgusted by the things posted on this page. This guy completely takes the piss out of the MLP fandom and says some insulting things about us as well as others do. I don't want to do anything drastic, like try to take the page down, and I don't want anyone else to try that either. And I haven't been completely explosive-mega-angry-hateful-person towards the page either. But I did post a little something on the wall voicing my opinions, with no swearing or hateful comments, and he deleted it. Well, isn't that nice? I spent ages writing that out and he goes and gets rid of it. What do you guys have to say about this page? I can't believe some people can be completely disrespectful and intolerant like this.
  13. *WARNING* This may contain substitutes for swears (buck,shift,grass,) this may also include homophobic phrases. So, you know, if you are offended by such content, please click the back button. The first thing I want to rant about is a commonly used phrase by haters. The phrase is "fag" it has different variations such as "horsefag" or "ponyfag". I honestly don't know why this is an insult. Being gay is not wrong, the only reason i can come up with is that the show is for "little girls" and that "us men should not be viewing such girly material". If you think that, you can buck off. The only reason they say this is that they have not seen it. They just judge the show by its name. I also hate how they argue in a childish manner. Here is an average argument between a brony and a hater "lol this iz gaye" "no, the show is decent and teaches good values." "well ur a fag" "no, i actually have a girlfriend." "Shut up horsefag". I'm not even lying, this is how arguements always go. It seems that a monkey escaped from the zoo and types hate. I have saved the worst people for the last... THE GOSHDARN ABB. These people are completely and utterly ridiclous. They are an embarassment to the human race. They will go out of their way to find and harrass bronies. They even go as far as to threaten death to us. Anyways, this is my first rant. I know it's bad, but could you guys give feedback and tell me what i could do better? Also, i want to thank you for reading my wall of text.
  14. Ok, so I know what all of you are thinking, good and haters in the same sentence, but as many of you may not know is that without them, the brony fandom wouldn't be as big as it is. So, what is the number one way that an Internet phenomenon spreads? Through Internet publicity of course. Basically, through the haters, the phenomenon took in so much publicity, whether its negative or positive, that more and more people hear about it. So, I don't know about you guys but I became a brony partially because of the haters. I heard about brinies through all the hate, I gave it a chance, and BOOM! Now I watch cute little ponies run across the screen 24/7. So I just wanted to hear what you have to say about it. I personally have to thank the haters for spreading the fandom and giving it publicity, again whether its good or bad.
  15. Please can I get some support on my video about "Why I like-My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic". Am I getting a little bit of negative feedback
  16. Right now I'm going to refute all the claims of those who hate our fandom. I know every fandom has haters but come on, if you hate something have valid points. 1. Bronies are pedophiles. Refutation: MOST bronies are fathers, brothers, uncles, cousins etc. of little girls who started loving the show after watching it with them. We are the ones escorting and keeping little girls safe in pony conventions and if a brony tries to mess with a little girl in any way, odds are he's going to be dealing with a raging relative brony. 2. Bronies are man children Refutation: What is wrong with adult and teenage males liking a show for kids? We've been doing forever. Most teen age bronies are pretty active in life with hopes and dreams and a lot of the adult bronies are with jobs and family. A lot of haters I've seen are actually fans of kids shows themselves like Regular Show and Adventure Time (just like us). This brings me to my next point: 3. MLP is for little girls. Refutation: So what? We don't like the show because it's for little girls, we like the show because it is legitimately awesome with great animation and characters etc. Those are good enough reasons for someone to enjoy any cartoon and not get picked on for it. But no, if somehting is for little girls, than we have to stop liking it. What pisses me off is that this is the only claim that some haters can think of and repeat it like wildfire. 4. Bronies are gay: What is wrong with being gay? Plus, the vast majority of us are proven to be hetro and a number of us are in relationships with girls we like. A lot of the adults in this fandom are married with kids as well. 5. Bronies are furies/want to have sex with ponies Refutation: I highly doubt anyone in this fandom seriously wants to engage in sexual intercourse with a pony. Those who say they do are pretty much trolls. True this fandom has cloppers in it, but I don't consider them to be a true part of this fandom because they're more interested in reading about their weird fics and place ponies in sexual situations rather than actually discussing the show and appreciating its values. As for the furies, well if you have any show with animals or creatures in it like Pokemon, you are going to have furies. But like the cloppers in this fandom, they're more interested in their drawings than the show itself. Hell 95% of bronies are turned OFF by clop and furry. The only time we actually find our selves gawking over ponies is when we see PROPER anime humanizations of them that look hot. Peace out everybrony!
  17. Despite my displeasure with Derpy being censored and my issues with her haters though I am trying as best as I can to say what I feel needs to be said but without making this video a total hate fest. Some of the things I am going to say are going to sound a bit harsh but I want to see if anyone has any suggestions so I get my point across with minimum misinterpretations and misunderstandings. I don't usually talk to much about my own hobbies in youtube videos but I feel that the Derpy situation deals with issues that go well above and beyond the show and Derpy. As an individual with Autism I know exactly what it is like to singled out and misunderstood for being different and it is that reason why I identify so strong with Derpy as a character and why it makes me so angry how so many of the Derpy haters claimed to speak for the disabled by complaining yet completely ignored the multitude of people many of whom are disabled who identify with Derpy because they know what is like to seen as different. Because this is so personal and close to home for me I want to do this as much justice as I can, we have come a long way in how we treat the disabled but we still have a long way to go.
  18. Feel free to ignore this post entirely. This is a bit of a rant, very much a tl;dr, and the result of too much coffee ice cream. I’m not really in my right mind as I write this, it’s merely an observation from a new member of the community. The Brony community is known for their “love and tolerance”, which is the message the show preaches to us. Well, in all fairness, I don’t think I’m any more loving and tolerant by watching the show – I still have a short temper, poor debating skills, and the inability to leave well enough alone. (As many of you here in the forums have discovered). And I’m pretty sure there’s a good many people like me, who are just regular people who still have their faults and flaws and aren’t morally impacted by the show in any way. We seem to have a fixation on “trolls”, or “Brony haters” who go out of their way to heckle us. But it also seems like we go out of our way to defend our beloved characters and TV show. So we’re engaged in this eternal tussle over the TV show we love and the people in our fandom who draw a lot of negative attention. A lot of us feel like we’re being unfairly judged because of the kid-friendly, female-oriented nature of the show, and that somehow saps men of their masculinity. So to make up for that, or to “take back our masculinity”, the men defend themselves to an unnatural degree. I can’t stop people from feeding trolls. It’s hard, since trolls design themselves to provoke and inflame. (Look up the “You’ve Been Trolled” song on YT.) But there seems to be an element missing here. An element of harmony, if you’ll pardon the obvious reference. Look over at the “Welcome” section of this forum. Have you noticed how many people in there have been driven out of other communities because they expressed a different opinion? These people aren’t being persecuted by Brony-haters or trolls, they’re being insulted and hurt and shunned by us. People just like you and me. We kick them out of our forum sections, message boards, chatterboxes, or what have you, simply because they disagreed with something we hold dear. We’re supposed to “love and tolerate”, and I see a lot of people suggesting we do that to the “haters”. But not once have I seen someone say, “You know, we treat some fellow Bronies pretty shabbily. We ought to tolerate and love them a bit more.” Shouldn’t we focus more on our groups instead of the people who hate us and our preferences in lifestyle or television choices? Sure, it can be said that the trolls and some other members of the community have the same opinions, therefore we’re bound to clash over some issues. But here’s the difference: these kids aren’t trying to inflame or provoke. These are their honest opinions. Maybe their opinions are skewed due to media portrayals, or maybe their opinions don’t align to yours, but the person sitting behind the computer screen genuinely believes those opinions. I’m not saying don’t stop trying to love the haters, but it seems like we need to rethink our priorities. So can we stop focusing on the haters who try to bully us, and try to love and tolerate the people who try to join our little neighborhood? It seems pretty hypocritical of me, so don’t bring that up, since I feel guilty enough already for slamming some people for having different opinions than I do. Like I said before, I don’t always think before I act, and I can’t just walk away from an argument. But I will make an honest effort to try to be a little more tolerant of people in this community who have contrasting opinions. Because when it comes down to it, we’re all very different. We’re only united by our love of muffins and gemstones and sonic rainbooms, but we’re all unique, and having varying worldviews and upbringings. I’m new to this community. Not really new to the fandom, since I’ve liked it for a while, but this is really my first time actively participating with other fans of the show. Because of this, I’m pretty sure I’m wrong about this. My judgments have been based largely on YT comments, and this message board here. I’m rambling now. And I’m getting a headache. I should stop eating this ice cream, it’s giving me brain freeze and weight gain.
  19. After a quick search on the forum, I couldn't seem to find anything related to reporting (and subsequently owning) haters outside of MLPforums! Whats up with that? Let's stick up for each other and help one another by coming to a fellow brony/pegasister's aid when (s)he's being hated upon. Let's show these motherbuckers that the herd look out for one another! I'll start: "" The linked comment shows me (walale12) being accused of having a mental disorder (Asperger Syndrome), because my avatar is derpy! Let's show these guys that we mean business! (Post links for any abuse that occurs, not just to yourself, and any website that allows people to reply without anything more than registering an account (e.g. YouTube, most fora etc.) so we can easily show these guys we mean business!)
  20. Well I know the most often answer is ignore them. Well me that's not how I am I can't walk away form something like that for a iffy reason well I'm one of those people if they have something nasty said to them they have to reply that's just how I am now I do this with grace by putting them down by 1.Being condescending. ex. person:you should stop watching MLP because it for little girls. I demand it! Me: oh you demand me yes your highness. This is SOMETIMES a good method. My second way is to use a phase like if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all. This works 95% of the time for me but if all else fails don't be afraid to stand your I don't recommend this but it mostly comes down to how you feel about the argument. A footnote:this is what I do you don't have to follow me on these matters. But I hope you were at leased interested.
  21. I'm writing an article in my school newspaper about why Bronies love MLP and Haters hate on bronies and the show. I was wondering iff the community could help in giving me reasons to put into the paper. The reasons I have already about why bronies love the show... 1. Good animation 2. Good character development 3. Good plotlines 4. Good message Reasons I've found that haters say they hate the show.... 1. Childish 2. No plot 3. too perdictable 4. terrible animation Can anypony help me figure out more reasons? Thank you! NOTE: these are opinions, I will not declare them as true or false!
  22. I've been wondering: How exactly does one deal with haters? I mean, I know that haters in general are pretty easy to get rid of... but what if the hater is someone you've known for a while? ~ Long story short ~ So my friend and I were Skype calling (we've been close friends since we were three. Our parents knew eachother), and I linked him a beast song by Vinyl Scratch. After around ten seconds, he closed the link, made fun on Vinyl Scratch, and started hating on the herd. As a brony I feel that one does not simply mess with the herd. So we had a little fight about the matter and he, of course, found out I was a brony. Now everything is all awkward and he can't get over the fact that I "actually watch that s**t". Big Question: What do I do? I can't let the fact that I watch MLP get in the way of a 13 year old friendship. I mean, friendship IS magic, right?
  23. Recently, I saw the topic here about a video called 'Are Bronies Changing the Definition of Masculinity?'. It was a generally positive look on the brony culture, and really hit the nail on the head with alot of the subject matter. However, there was one issue he mentioned that actually got me thinking a bit. And I'm almost afraid to mention this, because I have a feeling this is going to get around. But I already mentioned it on the other site I frequent anyway, so I'll bring it up here too. When he started talking about haters, he mentioned that alot of people that hate bronies actually hate us because of the fact that we like a show that was originally marketed for little girls. Basically, it almost sounded like he was implying that haters felt that girls should watch 'shows for girls' and boys should watch 'shows for boys'. Initially, I didn't think much of it, until I started encountering haters on youtube, and it occurred to me that there almost seems to be a pattern. It seems that alot of haters (not ALL of them; some of them are just trolls) actually DO believe this to be the law of the land (girls should watch 'shows for girls' and boys should watch 'shows for boys'). So that brings me to the point of this topic. Do you think that haters are sexist (or at the very least, do you think they act like they're sexist)? Also, what kind of situations have you encountered to confirm (or refute) this theory?
  24. So i was talking to my friend on skype eariler. I was trying to get him to watch the show. He knows one of my other friends, And he knows some of the ponie's names through him. So, I was showing him a picture of rainbow dash. Then, he blurted out "I'm going to kill her in a new minecraft youtube series i'm doing" I'm shocked. So i ask, "What is it about?" And he tells me the basic story, Which involves RD trying to take over the minecraft world. I asked him why he would do that. I can't remember quite what he said, Because i was a little bit too shocked. I didn't feel like talking to him for much longer after that. My point is, I find it hard to love and tolerate him after he said that. Does anyone have any similar experiences and/or tips? Thanks, -Ben
  25. I have a mate that is a fan of MLP, and he just got a new bag that he plans to wear to school. Do you think they should do it, even though the people there have been known to fight other people over the smallest of things, and even went as far as to stab people? they asked me to post this, should they?