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Found 63 results

  1. my friends and i were debating on if you had to be an adult or not to be a brony so can anypony clear that up for me? please.
  2. Do I need to get my OC approved to be able to roleplay and if so how?
  3. So, I'm just curious. What do you think, how would generation 5 ponies look like? If you want to, you can designe your g5 ponies! That would be fun!
  4. Earlier I was wondering when and how MLP will jump the shark, so I decided to ask the MLP forums, so what season do you think MLP will go down hill(if at all). And what kind of change do you think would ruin the show?
  5. Without going into much detail, I have already worked enough on a universe to the point where I think I can begin a working on a story based off of it. Problem is that I have no experience in actually writing stories seriously. In general what makes a good story? What are things I should keep in mind when writing stories? Would appreciate help.
  6. If that is her favorite word, does she even love the fruit itself? They look like oranges. BTW, how do you think she fell in love with kumquats? Or is it just herself being random?
  7. I've been needing to make a little money drawing Cutie Marks but I don't know how to price myself. I have Photoshop, Illustrator and willing to use GIMP if need be. I could probably get it done in 30 minutes depending on complexity.
  8. Well, you all may our may not notice all resent additions to Background ponies on the show, so I thought would do little game here where just name them. Either with you coming up with name on your own, our if know there name cause read allot of wiki. Any how thought this could be fun. I just hope don't begin with to hard pony to name. His far as i know only been around sens season 4. So don't know if much is know abut him. So what is this pony called? And feel free post your own curious background ponies. Maby we can find name for them here.
  9. how dose the human brain work or aka how dose the brony brain work? mine well just works
  10. You may move this forum if it's in wrong discussion. I would like too know how do ponies earn there rank too become princess's and also can you tell me the main princess's in mlpfim on how they earned too become a princess and became a alicorn.
  11. This question isn't about how to be patient but rather, your methods of waiting for the next episode to air. Seeing as how next week we won't see a new episode, I made this topic. Personally, I just think of this as waiting for a football game seeing as how teams play every Sunday (with the occasional Monday, Tuesday, and Saturday). In regards to FIM, I just think of some other things like video games and read some fanfics to think about what the new episodes might be like.
  12. So I want an OC really bad! -What is the full purpose?: I know its cool! but thats all -How do i get one? :)
  13. Hello There! I would absolutely love to make some music for the Fandom. I just don't know how to start. I am a Game Programmer so this is kind of out of my range. I know of some good programs such as Mixcraft, but what would you recommend to a new-bee! Leave any comment below, and If you want to know more about myself check out my profile! -Thanks for your time ~Camsterman101
  14. I was looking at the How Do I Submit a Banner? section, and i noticed how it was only for older MLP Forums theme, and there was nothing for the MLP Forums (New) theme. Could you possibly add the dimensions (and other things needed for it), so the users who don't know, but want to make a banner, can do so.
  15. With some sources stating that our fandom can include as many as a million members, I am confounded by the fact that there are only around 15,000 registered users on MLP Forums. What are the reasons for such a low forum population on a topic that spans such a great length across the internet ? Are there multiple forums that split us up? Do only the most serious bronies decide to join? Are a higher percentage of bronies "closet bronies" than we think? Do most bronies not even consider joining forums? It seems like everywhere I go on the internet, I am always able to find someone with a pony avatar or someone making MLP references, so it surprises me to see that there are only 15,000 users ever to be registered on the forums. I would like to know what you all think of this. Should we be concerned? Is this normal? Are forums dying as a method of communication? Let me know what you all think.
  17. So I've heard a lot of disscusion about this, and I want it finalised so I can begin work on a project I have, So how do you guys think a pony should hold a sword or any other weapon?
  18. how do I role play??? i cannot figure it out. how do i start a new thread? do i just jump into a thread? how???? i needs help please
  19. I see everybody on the forums has something called a member title, but I have no idea how to set one. My current one is a parasprite, the same as my badge.
  20. It's a parody of "Teach Me How To Dougie. dont know why it's so quiet, but turn up your headphones XD Soundcloud: Bandcamp: Youtube: Cover art: ~Featured~ TGSM - Nicis - Zayuh -
  21. To all you other DJ's out there, how do you keep your performance catalogue organized? Mine has been generally disorganized until recently, I've started categorizing everything by Genre, and then 5 sub-levels of intensity. I just started with what I thought would work, but if you have a more efficient method of organization, please show! (No track names please) Organization based on Genre (Work in progress) Organization based on Intensity. Directly related to the time of day. Lighter levels happen earlier in the evening, and later levels are later at night. Does anyone else use this method, and if so do you find it easy to work with? What method do you use?
  22. So my family is moving into a our very own house. FINALLY XD. And I really want to get a new puppy, but I need the money first. I have 2000+ Pokemon cards that I have been collecting since I was little, including many foil cards and several very rare full and completed evolutionary sets. Most of these are first gen pokwmon though the gens of the cards vary and none of them are from B/W or X/Y. Diamond and Pearl is as bew as they get. I need 350 dollars for the puppy but I have no idea what a collector would pay for all my cards. Does anybody know what they be worth?
  23. So, we all know that Celestia and Luna were not around when Equestria was formed. But supposedly they came to power a little while later. Judging from the Fan-Episode Snowdrop (awesome story BTW) they ruled for about 100+ years before Luna became Nightmare Moon. I just found myself asking "How did they come to power in the first place? And why?" I don't know if this is ever addressed, but I suppose we can theorize for now. That's what we can do here. How do you think Celestia and Luna gained control of Equestria? And why?
  24. The longer I am a brony, the more I wish I had brony friends. I have been trying to convert a few of my friends by convincing them to just watch through the first two episodes, but they are extremely reluctant and suspicious. One of them is slowly moving over to the brony side, and hopefully the two of us will spread the magic of friendship to everyone around us! (Insert evil laugh here). Anyway, I wanted to know how you guys try to get others to watch the show and if you have any funny stories about people's reactions.