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Found 69 results

  1. Here's a holiday surprise (that was already revealed on the IDW forums a week or two ago)! This issue will be available in December. Cover can be seen here:
  2. As someone who waits for the graphic novels, I'm not always the most up to date on the comics, but I was kind of intrigued that IDW broke their typical four issue volume format with volume 8. At the time I just assumed that they found the 4 issue format a little arbitrary, but then they returned to it for volume 9. Now I know that volume 10 will also have 5 issues and end with issue 42. If the next two volumes are typical four issue volumes, then volume 12 will end with issue 50. That likely means that volume 12 will be comprised of a story arc that ends with issue 50. I don't have that much experience with comics, but I've observed that issue 50s tend to be treated as a special issue, as it's seen as a milestone. Do you think IDW has something special planned? If so, it probably won't be too much of a surprise as it's not an unheard of practice, but here's hoping we'll get something great.
  3. Friends Forever's overall quality has been decent at least. Sure, you will get a bad issue here and there, but it's been more consistent. Unfortunately, I can't say the same with the main comics. Since Reflections, the main series has been a major mess outside of Manehattan Mysteries and maybe one other comic. Some comics have problems of their own, but many of them share the very same issues (no pun intended ). Some of them are: The pacing is all over the place. The chapters themselves can be too fast, too slow, putting so much in that nothing flows naturally, or putting in too little so they have to pad it with filler. Siege is the worst arc with this. Long-established characters becoming out of character, flanderized, or both for the sake of the plot. They include: a. Pinkie Pie acting like a random idiot, either to spout jokes or some other reason. Two of the worst examples include her being the vessel to mock people criticizing their work and being dumb enough to fall for a blatant trap that got her trapped in a makeshift jail. b. Rarity being flirtatious "just because." c. All of Ponyville nearly going into civil war over a stupid PLAQUE. d. Celestia for either being useless (including Luna) or completely disregarding warnings by Star Swirl just to enter the mirror and be with Sombra there. e. Twilight acting like a complete idiot who elects to let the ponies suffering suffer more and follow a law that defends the aggressors. d. Flim and Flam, Iron Will, and Lightning Dust choosing to join Chrysalis and be side-villains in Siege. They would never do this; they're antagonists, not villains, especially IW. Then, halfway through, they disappear and don't appear again, degrading the whole side-plot into filler. Introducing new characters that we're supposed to care about, but the arc and characters are written so poorly, the reader can't get invested. a. Great-granduncle Chili Pepper's absence from Rancho Bronco was a focal plot point, but how can I, the reader, care when his absence is unresolved and is backed by Twilight and the rest of the Mane Six being trapped by the idiot ball? b. King Aspen is supposed to be someone we should root for against Well-to-Do, except WtD is a strawman (written to make Aspen look better) and Aspen and WtD are equally detestable. c. Radiant Hope is written to be a flawed character who stuck by King Sombra through all of his trials. But how can I like her when she watched him kill so many ponies, lead the siege of TCE in the first place, and shows no guilt for her actions? To make it worse, she's a complete idiot who supposed to be looked at as naive. I hate using "Mary Sue," but she is one. Nearly every single arc features the entire Mane Six cast. Juggling with six/seven is troublesome enough, but they're repeating a dangerous habit in every single arc. I don't know why, but to thrust the whole cast when you could've used maybe two or three at the most and write a story way better. The destinations and journeys are extremely predictable in these action and adventure arcs. You know they'll face some kind of evil, and it's up to them to solve it and beat them. Nearly every single A/A arc since Reflections feels exactly the same with only window dressing to make it appear different. Therefore, the stories feel less like stories and more like virtual checklists. It feels like every single time IDW writes an A/A arc, it puts its eggs in one basket. As if in order to engage to the audience and differentiate from the show and Friends Forever, they must write grander and grander stories. Quality writing doesn't work that way. You don't need to write ultra-"exciting" action and adventure to wet bronies' whistles. By collecting so many eggs and hoping it'll succeed, the eggs crack, and the yolks bleed through the bark. Just write good stories! Because there are so many consistent flaws in the main comics, and the comics become apparently worse and worse each time with little effort to improve, my faith for the main series sharply fell. I stopped reading the comics entirely after the 2014 Holiday Special because I haven't had time to read it, but I took the chance to read Siege of The Crystal Empire after how much it was panned. As I read it, my heart sank. Its first four-parter arc since Reflections, and it managed to be worse than that. Cliché, but apropos: Siege was the nail in the coffin for me. Until it got consistently better, I gave up on the main series. I took a little peak in FIM #40 (which came out earlier this week). Reading the reactions and skimming the pictures made me realize that the main series wasn't going to improve. I have less faith in it than EQG; if you follow my post and status history, that says something. This edit I found in EQD's discussion blog for #40 sums up its big flaw in a nutshell: Does anyone else here feel a similar loss of faith in the main series, too? If so, do you think it'll improve?
  4. I've been a long time fan of comics ever since I was a little kid and have yet to find anyone who shares the exact same feeling I get on Comic Book Wednesday. So my question for the forums is..there's still anyone who reads? Currently i'm reading: Marvel - All New Inhumans - All New Wolverine - All New X-Men - All New, All Different Avengers - Carnage - Deadpool [Mercs for Money, Spidey/Deadpool] - Drex - Extraordinary X-Men - Magneto - Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur - Moon Knight - Ms. Marvel - Old Man Logan - Punisher - Red Wolf - Scarlet Witch - Star Lord - Thor - Uncanny Avengers - Uncanny X-Men - Venom - Space Knight - Wolverine. [re visiting later volumes.] DC - Batman - Cyborg - Death Stroke - Detective Comics - Harley Quinn - Starfire I need to read through what I have on my phone before I can add anymore.
  5. So; any opinions on this one? I really wasn't expecting much form this one, but I was pleasantly surprised.
  6. I just got #28. What do you think of it? I know a few dislike it because some of the characters behave a little...out of character (Rarity for example saying "I love outlet shopping!" and Spike replying "Not now, Rarity")? In the comics the characters seem to have a bad habit of making jokes at inappropriate times, with another replying "not now" or such. The ponies try to come up with a way to stop Well-to-Do's construction plans and his army of bulldozers. Eventually the ponies gain the monsters and wild animals on their side to help them. Not one of my favorite issues, but as usual there was still some funny humor put in it. :3
  7. And now we have part three of the Siege of the Crystal Empire arc. Loving these Sombra-specific covers. <3 So, any thoughts? Gotta say the Chrysalis was quite the star here; even if she wasn't fully part of the issue. And those Umbrum...quite the frightening race they are. >_<
  8. With a teacup we don't see often in the show we have Flutters and AJ somewhat involved with the finding of the mythical Pigasus. So; thoughts? Personally I thought it was decent, though I may need to read it a few more times to get the full feeling from it.
  9. If you look on Equestria Daily it Is indicating that MLP Friends Forever Issue 21 will be Spike & Zecora team up. That got me thinking that there have been some team ups that we haven't got yet that I think would be pretty fun and/or interesting. With that being said I have a Friends Forever Team Up Wish List. If you don't agree with me that's fine everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I'd also like to hear feedback and/or what team ups you'd like to see in the Friends Forever series. So with that out of the way here's my list of dream teams. Friends Forever Dream Teams: Twilight Sparkle & Rainbow Dash Applejack & Fluttershy Rarity & Pinkie Pie Princess Celestia & Princess Cadence Twilight Sparkle & Princess Luna Rarity & Princess Luna Spike & Scootaloo Twilight Sparkle & Fluttershy Princess Celestia & Shining Armor Twilight Sparkle & Apple Bloom Princess Celestia & Cheerilee Twilight Sparkle & Cheerilee Spike & Shining Armor Twilight Sparkle & Trixie Twilight Sparkle & Rarity Rainbow Dash & Princess Celestia Twilight Sparkle & Discord Zecora & Trixie Discord & Trixie Rarity & Princess Celestia Twilight Sparkle & Scootaloo Rainbow Dash & Scootaloo Cutie Mark Crusaders & Babs Seed(Post: Bloom & Gloom) Pinkie Pie & Discord Princess Celestia & Discord Twilight Sparkle & Applejack Twilight Sparkle & Zecora Apple Bloom & Zecora Princess Luna & Princess Cadence Cheerilee & Cutie Mark Crusaders Spike & Cutie Mark Crusaders Rarity & Trixie Princess Luna & Trixie Applejack & Cherry Jubilee Princess Celestia & Trixie Pinkie Pie & Cherry Jubilee Maud Pie & Big Macintosh Pinkie Pie & (Reformed) Gilda Rarity & Octavia Twilight Sparkle & Spitfire Twilight Sparkle & Moon Dancer Twilight Sparkle & Minuette (Colgate) Lyra Heartstrings & Special Agent Sweetie Drops Octavia & Vinyl Scratch Derpy & Doctor Whooves Fluttershy & (Reformed) Gilda Discord & Tree Hugger Minuette (Colgate) & Moon Dancer Minuette (Colgate) & Lyra Heartstrings Cheerilee & Berry Punch Cheerilee & Cherry Blossom Twilight Sparkle & Princess Cadence Shining Armor & Princess Cadence Twilight Sparkle & Cutie Mark Crusaders Cutie Mark Crusaders & Princess Celestia Princess Luna & Cutie Mark Crusaders Big Macintosh & Cheerilee Big Macintosh & Shining Armor Trixie & (Reformed) Gilda Spike & Babs Seed Trixie & Babs Seed Twilight Sparkle & Lyra Heartstrings Big Macintosh & Fluttershy Princess Cadence & Spike Big Macintosh & Spike Big Macintosh & Princess Luna Pinkie Pie & Maud Pie Discord & Princess Cadence Pinkie Pie & Cheese Sandwich Cutie Mark Crusaders & Diamond Tiara (Reformed) Rarity & Coco Pommel Rarity & Sassy Saddles Coco Pommel & Sassy Saddles Team Up To Happen or Has Happened Which do you like and which do you dislike and what are some of your Friends Forever Dream Teams?
  10. Well, it is the second Wednesday of April, and as such a new issue of the FIENDship is Magic comic line is out, and this time we have Lord Tirek as the star. I have yet to read this myself, but considering how well the Sombra issue was received, anyone have any thoughts on this one?
  11. I have a lot of ideas for MLP Friends Forever Team Ups but I can't decide which have potential and promise enough to be a conceivable comic and which don't have that. This poll is solely based on Twilight Sparkle Dream Teams I thought of. I will be posting more polls with for different members of the Mane 6, to the CMC, the other 3 Princess', to background characters, etc. So just answer the question and a reminder you're allowed to vote for more than one team up. My next poll will be which Princess Luna Friends Forever Team Up's you'd want to see.
  12. Well, the first part of the four-parter "Siege of the Crystal Empire" arc has been released. So to those who have read it; what are you thoughts? Personally I enjoyed it! There were a couple of minor things that caught my attention, but overall it feels like a solid start.
  13. So far in the comic series Friends Forever there has yet to be a Twilight Sparkle & Rainbow Dash team up issue. Question...WHY THE HELL NOT!?! Not only is TwiDash my OTP but when i'm not shipping them I feel like they are the consummate superhero team. (With the exception of Pinkie because obvs.) Twilight Sparkle & Rainbow Dash are shown to be pretty much the strongest and most powerful members of the Mane 6. I also think there is a lot of potential for them if they have an issue where it's just them teaming up together and potential for some laughs to. As long as it's done right, I personally think it could be a great comic. But let me know what you guys think of the idea. Also if you want you could give me some plot ideas for the comic.
  14. So, for this issue we have Spike and Zecora. Any thoughts? Personally I found this to be a fairly strong issue overall; possibly my second favorite behind Trixie/Dash. Really loved the common ground that Spike & Zecora found to have, and this is coming from someone who didn't have any expectations for this.
  15. I have a few Ideas for Cutie Mark Crusaders Friends Forever Team Ups. Feel free to vote which ones you like in my poll above and feel free to leave any suggestions for CMC team ups. Also you can vote for more than one. Also: Be sure to check out my other Friends Forever poll on Twilight Sparkle Friends Forever Team Up Ideas
  16. In two days the latest Friends Forever comic will be released and given that the team up is Discord & Princess Luna, I had some ideas for future Discord team ups for Friends Forever. So if you're reading this I would really appreciate your vote and any feedback you may have about the ideas. I would also appreciate any Discord Team Up ideas you guys may have so feel free to add them. You can also vote for more than just one of the options above, so just keep that in mind.
  17. Seeing as how in two days we will be getting a Princess Luna/Discord team up for the next issue of Friends Forever, I have some ideas for future Princess Luna Friends Forever team ups. Like I always do I will use the poll above to determine what the most popular choice is. I will be forgoing the Celestia/Luna team up because I feel that its a given so I felt no need to include it in the poll. So whichever team(s) you would like to see in a future issue of Friends Forever just vote and remember that you can vote for more than one team. Also feel free to leave any feedback and/or unlisted team up ideas. Thank you.
  18. Oh boys and girls, this looks pretty good . The preview images are in the spoiler mark
  19. Or as I like to call it, "Hilarious facial expressions the comic." Anyway, Twilight is working herself silly trying to be the best Princess of Friendship she can, so she seeks help from the hardest working pony around: Big Macintosh. No matter what it takes, Twilight will learn the secrets of working so hard from a pony who never says more than two words. Or go insane trying anyway. Whichever comes first.
  20. With week #4 comes issue #4 of FIENDship is Magic; this time we have a glimpse of Nightmare Moon's time on the moon. So, what are your thoughts on this entry?
  21. While today is April Fools Day, today is also the release day for the first issue of the five issue "FIENDship is Magic series" that will be detailing the major villains of Equestria. The first issue details my favorite MLP villain: King Sombra. So, what did I think? I shall leave that in the spoiler below...
  22. For better or for worse, if there has been one common complaint in regards to the IDW series of comics based on the "Friendship is Magic" franchise it has been the writing of comic author Katie Cook. Is this justified? Well, at first it would've been hard for me to say. For me personally, her best work was the "Reflections" arc which I do recognize is a bit divisive between those who have read it. At the same time I share in the belief that while "The Good, The Bad, and The Ponies" had some good elements here and there the overall package was lacking somewhat when compared to some of Cook's other works; or even "Manehatten Mysteries," which was written by a different author. With the release of the "Revenge of Everfree" arc I had been considering the question of Katie Cook's recent efforts. Personally, I have been fond of the vast majority of her work; Reflections, Chrysalis, the Big Mac & Shining Armor/Cadence arcs, and even the Micro & Friends Forever issues she contributed to. However, "The Good, The Bad, and The Ponies" arc had plenty of issues and while the Everfree arc is improved from the previous one; some have noted various issues with it. I was giving some thought to all of this when I came upon this video from one of my favorites in the MLP analyst community. Admittedly I still need to give some of the earlier arcs a second or third read because as much as I did love the "Revenge of Queen Chrysalis" arc, he points out a few issues here and there. For me, it will be worth to put it through a second reading as a refreshed perspective can be quite eye-opening. He points out that in his own view Cook's strengths lie in the issues that feature a more SoL angle; as opposed to the larger adventure-style stories. He may have a point there, and it was one that I never considered. So, what do you think? Has the writing of Katie Cook suffered as of late? Has it improved? Or has there really been no change, and her strengths just aren't in the 'antagonist-centered' arcs that we have had as of late?
  23. So, we have a new entry to the main line of the comics series! What are your thoughts in regards to this one? Personally this kinda feels like a return to form for the comics, IMO. This one is easily among the best in the series; though it also really feels like a Friends Forever issues than a Main Series issue, but that could be a good thing. It definitely has a more "Slice of Life" feel than the two previous arcs, and that is probably what was needed. I may expand on my thoughts in the near future, but what about the rest of you?
  24. I was bored one day. I had been banned from a forum which I frequently went on for expressing a lot of strong opinions, and all of my friends were either offline or busy. I was hyped for both season 5 and the FEINDship is Magic comic series, but the truth of the matter was that they weren't out yet. So what did I do? I went to Comixology, and shelled out a few dollars for the Reflections arc. And your probably wondering. What did I think of it? I want to first start out by saying what a cool idea this was. I loved the Gothic and dark design of AU Equestria, I loved the idea of Celestia and Luna being evil and Sombra being a kindly man, I loved the idea of developing Celestia a bit more and making her have more faults, and I actually really loved the idea of having a love story between Celestia and AU Sombra. A lot of these ideas really worked, and where this arc shines, it really shines. However, as much as anybody likes this arc, nobody can deny that it has HUGE problems. So what did I like about it? Well the idea's were really cool, and every theme and plot this arc tries to convey were done superbly. Twilight's eternal conflict about what her dream was and what she ended up becoming was very well done, and I loved how she sought help from AU Sombra, with the answer being that as long as you mean well, you can be a great leader. He also mentions that Starswirl could have made a great alicorn too if he'd asked to become one. Another thing I thought was fantastic was Celestia. It's great that she's actually portrayed as having faults and weaknesses in this arc. She falls in love with AU Sombra, but yet she lies to and disobeys the instructions of her only friend at that present time: Starswirl the Bearded. It's also great to see Celestia have these great faults, because in the show she never had any. I love how Twilight says at the end that she respects her more now that she's made a mistake, because it show's that she doesn't have to be perfect to be a great princess. It's heartwarming, touching, and is a great piece of character development for them both which should have really been in the show. The best scene in the entire arc was when Celestia was getting frozen in crystal and she said to Twilight that her and Luna were in charge of Equestria. In fact, it made me want to write a fanfiction about if that really happened. It also establishes a beautiful mother/daughter relationship between the two. Celestia's mistakes lead to her near death, turning a near Mary Sue into a borderline Shakespearean character. I also loved the character of AU Sombra, and just the whole other world in general. It's bleak, dark, depressing, and the complete opposite of Equestria in just about every way. And yes, although the ending was shit, I thought the sacrifice made by AU Sombra proved how selfless, humble, and kind he really was. In fact, I may have shed a few tears. It was really great how they couldn't kill evil Celestia and Luna, because it added a no win situation for the mane six. It was executed very badly, but I have to commend them on this idea because it drove a lot of tension for the majority of it's run time. Another thing is that Starswirl the Bearded was very cool. It's not exactly how I imagined him, I kind of imagined him more of how AU Sombra was portrayed in this comic, but hey, it's not my vision, and I still think that this version was very fun to watch and hilariously goofy in a really good way. The last thing I'll say is that, as always in this comic series, the artwork is fucking beautiful. This is some of the best artwork I have seen in a comic book, and I strongly believe the artists should receive awards. It was actually a major part why I kept on reading this comic, the sheer eye candy. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Now for the bad. And there's a hell of a lot of it. So we'll start off near the beginning, when the mane six are in the library trying to find out about the portal. Somebody says "I wonder what it was like down here hundreds of years ago." We then jump to hundreds of years ago, and we see Starswirl the Bearded and Celestia. Then Celestia speaks of Luna growing distant and that she hasn't been able to talk to her that easily. CONTINUITY ERROR! Everyone who has ever watched the pilot episode of MLP knows that Luna was banished one thousand years ago. This is a well known fact, and is consistently referenced throughout the show. Why would anyone forget this fact. She's apparently growing distant from Celestia hundreds of years ago but was banished one thousand years ago. WTF? This is such a pitiful mistake that I already had low expectations from this arc from this point forward. Unfortunately, this is just the tip of the iceberg. So after that they see Celestia jumping out, and apparently Sombra thinks that it's Celestia from the other world, so he was attacking her. However, this is never mentioned again and is contradicted throughout the arc because Sombra clearly knows the difference between the two. This plot is just set up and never mentioned again to give the mane six a reason to be there, when in fact it completely overwrites and forgets this fact in the next part. This is so convoluted and such a stupid mistake to make that it is a pure insult to reader. Another one of these in this comic continuity problems is that it says at one point that Starswirl never forgave Celestia, however later on, it's revealed that all he wanted to do was just forget about it and pretend it never happened, which means he totally forgave Celestia. Did this issue seriously have one writer, because I'm convinced it had at least three. There is also so much stuff that doesn't add up. For example: it's said that the AU universe use to be a bright and merry place, but ever since Luna turned evil it became nasty. Now, this implies that before the Elements of Harmony, Equestria was barren and destroyed, when it clearly wasn't. There is an amount of stuff that doesn't add up that I would be willing to expect from an arc like this, however, this completely overdoes this. Why are there no Elements of Harmony? I was expecting there to be some kind of Elements of Disharmony, hell even the cover art showed evil versions of the mane six, implying that the Elements of Disharmony existed in this world. However, the fact there is none of this is just a cheap ploy to get the mane six into the other world, and in doing so, creates something which is huge missed opportunity and a big mistake. This is suppose to be Reverse Equestria, not just a random other universe in which you can add anything you want in it to make you have to try slightly less hard with the writing. It's a real shame too because the Elements of Disharmony has been something that the fans have been wanting to see pretty much since the show started airing. I almost feel scammed by the fact that AU mane six were on the cover but don't appear in the comic. And I haven't even got to the ending yet have I? This ending.... Is probably one of the worst endings in all of MLP. For the whole special I had been left scratching my head at so many things from the inconsistent continuity within the comic and the show, to how many things were forgotten about, to how the two worlds didn't add up properly, but this ​completely took the cake. So the mane six and AU Sombra think of this plan to trap Celestia in crystal. Now, it's suppose to be a twist that both Celestia's would end up in crystal, but I knew this from the moment this plan was put forth and Twilight was more of an idiot in this comic than ever before, due to her clearly learning nothing from the whole fiasco about physical impact (which by the way, when that's first established, Spike gives the letter to Twilight before Celestia and Luna even write the letter. Epic fail.) So after that dumbshit plan, the worlds are apparently merging with each other because the mane six are in the AU. Even though Celestia spent so much more time in there than the mane six and until now there were no breaks whatsoever. Evil Celestia then has a plan to force Sombra's deal on him by using Luna as bait to get good Celestia in the AU, which she hopes the mane six will mistake as her and use the Elements to freeze in crystal. So Prime Luna smashes the portal as she was sitting near the portal when evil Luna being thrown off the castle, and something more drastic happens, the worlds completely merge because of the broken portal. So then the Elements of Harmony freeze both Celestia's (which we all saw coming,) and then somehow Sombra uses the Elements of Harmony to remove the evil from evil Celestia and Luna and put it into himself, which will somehow fix the world merge. I have so many questions, that it's going to take a hell of a long time. 1. Why can Sombra just wield the Elements of Harmony without friendship, I thought in the pilot the Elements became permanently friendship bound. 2. Why when he applies the Elements on evil Celestia, the opposite doesn't happen to good Celestia. Although the lack of the Elements of Disharmony was another problem I brought up. 3. Why does the evil from evil Celestia and Luna need to be absorbed somewhere else, when they permanently got rid of the evil from Nightmare Moon. 4. WHY THE FUCK DOES THIS STOP THE WORLDS FROM MERGING. This was such lazy writing that it makes me think the person writing this had half a brain cell. The reason why the worlds were merging was because people were world hopping too much. So why the fuck does this not only solve the problem, but also close the portal forever so they have to get back quickly? It's never explained, never foreshadowed, doesn't make any sense, and feels like a scenario where the writers had made the mission so hard for the mane six that they didn't know how to wrap it up, so they just came up with the first idea that came into their heads. Fuck this comic! I don't think I can quite describe how much I loathe this ending, because it is singularly, the worst ending I have ever seen in any media ever. Yep, worse than Emerald Star. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ You don't know how much I wanted to love this comic. It had so many great ideas, and a lot of them were executed very well. However, the comic has so many major problems that I don't see how weren't avoided, that all in all it's just a massive waste. It feels like the writers of G1 wrote this arc, I'm not joking, it had that many narrative problems. Despite the sheer beauty of some of the plot elements in this arc, the way the main plot was executed was so awful that I kind of became weary of the comics all together from this point, and I have to admit I'm much less hyped for FEINDship is Magic than I initially was before I read this. How can I trust that they won't completely screw that up? Great artwork and ideas, ruined by sloppy, shitty writing. There was stuff I enjoyed in this comic and stuff which was well written, I spoke about that a lot. But overall it's let down so much by it's flaws, that it's not good.
  25. This is for a college project that I'm doing and I wanna know these two questions 1) What year was Andy Price born(I know he was born on January 24th) and 2) What City and State was he born in?(My guess is Alabama)