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Found 126 results

  1. So I was on YouTube when I found a user with this name Best username ever.
  2. How do you feel about donations on the Internet? Ie the angry video game nerd movie was funded via donations. Some sites use donations as an income stream. Leave your 2 bits here.
  3. For anyone who saw my other post on my podcast: I forgot to note one last thing. This is a school project. Instead of doing a video package every three weeks, I decided to do a podcast every two weeks. Also, my teacher wholeheartedly supports my efforts to build a viewing. Also, he is a brony as well. And he wants me to succeed! If you missed my first post, I run a brony podcast called All Around Equestria. The podcast can be seen here: If you would like to be a guest on the podcast, email me at: Follow the podcast on twitter: Thanks for your support and comments!
  4. I recently saw a post that asks “Do your parents know you’re a Brony?” ( At least to me, that question seems to be inspired from an understandable assumption that people seem to make (as far as I’m concerned) that participants in movements such as The Brony Movement are young adults who are in High School or College (or are at least of “college age”). But that general assumption is not always true (and I for one am gald it isn't). I do believe some people also thought that all participants in The Occupy Movement are young adults who are in High School or College (or are at least of “college age”); but in reality, people from all ages actively participate in Occupy, and I also do believe that The Brony Movement is something for everyone (except of course the more Adult Oriented activities). For example, I do see that some if not many of the shows crew who are married with children (notably Tara Strong) find time to dedicatedly participate with the Brony movement. So, are there any Bronies (including Pegasisters) or general fans/viewers on these Froums who are married with children? Or, do any of you on these Forums know any Bronies (including Pegasisters) or general fans/viewers who are married with children?
  5. So as of yesterday i have been without internet. I am at a friends house stealing his internet just to catch up on things. Mainly Homework and actual work. the only diamond in this big pile of bull**** is that i can post on the forums. At&t claims that they are working on the problem and its to be fixed before the end of the day but i have had so many problems with them before that i do not trust a single word they say.
  6. Funny thing, the internet. Bloody brilliant idea, something just about everyone has access to and contains massive amounts of information. We’re privileged to live in a world where any information we desire can be accessed whenever we like so long as we’re within that wi-fi modem’s range. However I think after this blog post many of you may view me a little differently in that regard. I’m going to be likely the only person among thousands here that has this to say about the internet. I think the world would be better off without the internet. You all know the gist of how my mind works and how passionate I can be about my thoughts, so brace yourself. This will likely be quite controversial. “The internet is a genius and amazing idea. It is kind of like communism. It is really great on paper but in practice someone always has to screw it up.” ~A very dear friend of mine The internet was a tool. It was meant to make things easily accessible. It successfully achieved this, and far more than its creator originally intended! Unfortunately… it also achieved something I’m sure the creator of it did not intend on doing. He created a weapon that harms people from multiple fronts, ranging from wisdom, emotion, language, communicational and even the state of the world’s economy and various governments. Yeah, there’s plenty of positives that the internet brings. MLP Forums exist, me and many friends likely would never meet but… then I stop and think to myself: “If I didn’t waste all my time behind a computer screen, would I be better at face-to-face communication? Would I be smarter from reading books and researching as a pass time? Would I be doing better in school?” And as I begin asking these questions I realize there are a lot of things that I could be doing rather than being on the internet. You’re right. I could choose not to use it. But I think all of us are far too deep in various forms of crap in order to do that. And not just my online responsibilities, such as ‘moderation’ and working on the Poniverse gaming project. I’m more referring to the fact that we’ve found so much other stuff to occupy our time with. Most of these things are certainly fun, gaming, laughing at entertaining pictures, internet memes. They’re all fun and worth a laugh! But there’s too damn much of it! Have a look at this. The sheer number of different kinds of memes should be plenty of evidence that there’s a lot of stuff out there. Sure, lots of it is probably false and uninteresting. But think of it a moment, how many of these 10,532 memes do you know of? How many do you find entertaining? Now think of how many instances of each meme there are, with different captions on the same picture, and edits, and adjustments. They’re all fun, but there’s so much it swallows the subject whole. I’ve managed to get myself lost in Imgur and the meme websites, and even youtube, quite often. Even when I should be doing other work, or something productive. Most people feel some sort of guilt over this, and I’m not accusing those that don’t. Think of how many more great minds there’d be out there if we dedicated our time to learning and growing instead of sitting in front of the screen watching the same picture with minor changes each time over and over again. Now… dare I get started on the “cyberbullying” and “anonymity” topic? I won’t touch up on this too much, because most of us have heard all of this stuff before. Hopefully those stats will strike you as extremely concerning. I’m accusing nobody here. I just think this is something that is seriously disturbing about the internet. There’s a ridiculous number of speeches and walls of text about this topic, unfortunately from personal experience I have some doubts these get very far. So why do I include it at all? I’m sixteen years old. How many writers of those professional articles and news clips are fellow teenagers who feel extremely passionate about this, and have experienced these troubles themselves? Maybe more than I think, but I’d like to make it clear, I am a teenaged social rights and justice activist. I believe if more people my age raised their voices things may start happening. Call it a dream, a distant hope, but a dream doesn’t become a reality unless you believe it can. Regardless of how I appear online, I am not a social person. I have attempted to make an effort, a valiant effort, to improve me real life communication skills. I can’t think quickly, I need time to gather my thoughts and write things down. Correct and control myself. However as of lately I've discovered it’s actually working. I’m better at communicating my ideas and thoughts through voice and word of mouth. Think of the days when people wrote letters, two-hundred years ago. When you see those the language in them is… confusing? No, spectacular. (mywordiloveitalics) The people back then were experts at verbal communication, so when they sat down to write a well thought-out letter they wrote what could be consider masterwork tales and accounts of personal experiences. Why? Because they had time to think about it, something they rarely had back then. Therefore there communication skills were excellent, because they were forced to use it. Oh yes some of you can already see where this is going. 1. The decline of the English language 2. The ease of mistreatment behind a keyboard. Now… again I won’t touch up on the second point much, but hear me out. When I say the decline of the English language I’m referring to things like this: (Yahoo Answers. The answer displayed isn’t entirely accurate to all of Canadia. At least the questioner used a question mark.) Yeah, and that’s not the worst of it. Browse yahoo answers for a while some day. See what you can find. Then you have my permission to curl up into a fetal position and cry. As someone who loves ancient literature (that explains a lot) I enjoy writing styles such as Tolkien’s, and B­eowulf’s translated tale. Dang I wish I lived in the times of Tolkien and C.S. Lewis. Those seem like the pinnacle time of wisdom and great writing. Then technology began picking up speed and mankind became a little too bold, even a little too lazy, eventually resulting in the internet and the famous trend setter “lol.” Me and my friend (the same one who uttered the communism quote earlier) go to the library for 2 – 3 hours per week, and dedicate ourselves to either writing, or reading. I’ve been reading Beowulf lately, and he some of J.R.R. Tolkien’s more obscure written works, edited and released by his own son Christopher Tolkien. This was my first step to disconnecting myself from the internet a little. I choose not to rely on the internet to gain my information and read, either historical fiction or actual ancient history/mythology books. Those are my interests of course, and not yours necessarily. My point is, we’ve learned quite a bit lately in regards to the Celtic culture and history, as well as found some great literature to learn from. (We are both writers. We are fascinated by fantasy worlds and fictional history.) Now to conclude… I am a teenager living in the past, longing for the times of Tolkien to return. It’s not possible of course, I missed that time period. Unless some of those post-apocalyptic stories about technology come true, we’re stuck here. Yeah, maybe this is a venting blog, but I do think we can take things away from this. We likely can’t completely disconnect ourselves from the internet and/or technology. (Heck in this modern world that’d probably be a bad idea.) However we can improve it for ourselves. I’m going to start by limiting my internet or computer time. I doubt I’ll keep it consistently but you can be damn sure I’ll try. Thanks for taking the time to read this blog post. If you have something to say, feel free to comment and discuss, but please keep it civil. If you want to debate I’d like it to be calm and with care. If you like these sorts of blog entries, I will likely be making more. Though your ratings and ‘brohooves’ (or lack thereof) will help me decide when and what my next blog entry will be. Cheers, everypony! ~Matthew E.M. Grice, Marcato
  7. It would seem to me these days that people don't have much respect for each other anymore. The internet is no exception to this. On the contrary, the internet seems to be the place where people have the least respect for each other. For example, I'm sure everyone know about the trolls. They exist for one reason and one reason only to get a rise out of people. I don't understand how pissing other people off or bringing others down could make anyone feel better about their pathetic existence. It just makes me want to vomit when I see a string of comments that only serve to bring someone down. Another thing that really, and I mean really makes me angry about people on the internet, particularly youtube, are the self promoters. If you don't know what self promoters are they basically find a very popular video on youtube and post in the comments section begging for subscribers. The funny thing is that every single one of these comments always starts along the lines of, I know nobody likes these but this is the only way to get views. Imagine you are the creator of the video that they are promoting themselves on. How would you feel? it's like if you were putting on some sort of show for your fans and I suddenly show up at the front door begging people to leave and come to my show after you had worked really hard to put on this show. What do you guys think? What are your experiences with trolls and respect or lack thereof on the internet? Do you hate the self promoters as much as I do? Let me know and as always keep it respectful. Cheers.
  8. There are so many people on this site. As we spend more time here, we find people who you find yourself brohoofing every time you see a post of thiers. I have my own personal list of favorites. : @Athanshadow @~Gamer Barrel~ @baman @Zygen @Rainbow Hash List your top five if you would like...
  9. I've seen a lot of... how do I say it... 'interesting' pictures on the internet, but what are some of the randomest? I don't quite understand how people come up with those types of pictures, well, the ones that leave you stumped with that same ol' question, WHAT KIND OF DRUG WERE THEY TAKING!?!?! I guess we can just says its normal on the internet xd What are some of the most random pictures you've ever seen before? Apologies if this is offtopic, I haven't been 'on' much ever since school started, so I'm a bit rusty again with which stuff go where, or even if people can reply with images. qq
  10. Well this is the forums' second year of existing, and even though I haven't even been here for a full year I feel the need to gush about how awesome this site is and how much it has changed my life. Well for starters, I joined during the summer. I thought I would have an average boring as heck summer, UNTIL THAT FATEFUL DAY!! I was looking on the internet for ideas of how to make a cutie mark for my OC, and I came upon a post in these forums that talked about OC ponies and stuff. I was interested and looked around. I decided to join the site cause what the heck I COULD. Then my life changed. Right from the start I was greeted by plenty of people that made me feel very welcome here, I couldn't have asked for a better first day. I immediately started to get to know the forums and spent everyday getting accquainted with everyone here. Eventually after a month I had plenty of great friends and even uploaded a tour of the Forums video on Youtube to help the newbies here out. Luckily I have found that there are some people that have joined the forums due to that video as they have all added me as their friend. I am very honored that I have contributed in that way to the forums and I hope I can do more in the future. Through all the friendships I have made here, there have been some that have REALLY changed my life. Here are some of the amazing people that made my time here EPIC. @, formerly known as The Paris Swing Box THIS GUY!! He has been my pal since a couple weeks after I joined the forums. He's hilarious and we got along pretty great as friends. He's the person I have the most pages of messages with and I'm glad to have met someone so cool He used to be on literally almost everytime I logged on so we could always chat. Sadly though, due to school and life, of course he's not on as often, and we don't chat as frequently. But I'm still mentioning him for being a great person and overall helping in making my time here interesting. @@Pinkie D Pie, Another great guy I used to talk to frequently, sadly just like Kurt school has been a huge factor in why we no longer chat as frequently. But I feel happy whenever I see he's sent me a message still trying to keep the conversation active. I met him in a roleplay and we just talked. Great friend he is @@Dsanders, MY SPECIAL SOMEPONY AND BESTEST FRIEND FOREVAH!! He's amazing in every way imaginable. Well it's just that I never thought I would EVER get a special somepony or boyfriend irl, and well no boy has ever shown an interest in me. I have had PLENTY of guy friends, but they're just friends, I can casually talk to them about video games and just joke around. But they're into other girls and I never felt bothered by that. Sure I secretly wished that one guy would one day express an interest in me but I didn't let that affect me. Then I found this guy. We talked one day and it just went from there. We've been BFFS since then and he recently asked me to be his special somepony. We have just bonded SO MUCH it was necessary. We have alot in common and the similarities just never seem to end. Even though we live in different countries we stay in contact and keep hoping that one day we can meet irl. I'LL DIE IF THAT EVER HAPPENS!! So final point, he's awesome. And he has changed my life so much he just MUST be recognized here. So these are just the people I have talked to the most and whom have really changed my experience here on the forums and made it more enjoyable If you're a friend of mine and you want a little recognition, ask me for a shout out I'll gladly give it to you. Bottom Line: THANK YOU MLP FORUMS FOR CHANGING MY LIFE AND HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!
  11. (If mods think this fits in media discussion, please move it. I think it fits better here, since it's not discussing a game or anything) So I've got the strangest issue ever. When I'm on Windows 7, and I go to YouTube to watch a video, and I turn it up to 720p, The internet capabilities of all my browsers are gone. Until I restart my computer, I cannot use Chrome, Opera, IE or the Sandboxed browser. Even the in-game steam browser can no longer use the internet. I can still game just fine, TF2 and NFS World are no problem to play. The weirdest thing is, not only do the browsers on my computer go out, every device on my name on our MAC network can no longer use browsers. iPod can't, my two DS's can't, and even my PSP 3000 can no longer browse. What is this sorcery? Can anyone tell me what it is?
  12. What is your power level MLP Forums? Mine varies between 1 and 9001 depending on the time of day and wether I have been drinking. Full details are always fun. Gather ye popcorn ^^
  13. From EqD: As some commenters have pointed out, it would cost the Canterlot treasury to register .ponies/.pony/.pon as a TLD, but I went looking for other domain solutions and there are other ways you could have a ponified domain. Sadly, most of them are taken. The ones that are available to register are in green below. I've also provided links where sites exist for those domains. (Celestia Radio) (Anonymous Free Radio) (useless page with one single image on it) You know, I think some of these domains may have been registered by trolls just so bronies can't have them.
  14. If the internet has given us one thing, it's given us the power of anonymity: the ability to be lying deadbeats amd brain-dead morons without fear of consequence. But I know that not everyone is like that: there are intelligent people one the internet, you just have to be hard-pressed to find them. But how honest are you truly on the internet? And however honest you are the internet, does that reflect how honest you are in real life? For myself, I feel like on here specifically, I feel more honest than in real life. Slightly. If I ever get asked a personal question, I try to answer as honestly as I can. I won't give out exactly where I live for reasons. I have been more open since joining this site, but if I meet some random stranger, I'm not going to give him my life story. Even on here, there's some stuff I've rather not say about myself unless if it's necessary or if I've known the person a good amount of time.
  15. I dunno... It's just something I've been wondering for a while. It's the one thing I never liked about making internet friends. Once school rolls around, you barely have time to do nice things together. From roleplaying to simple chatter, it just feels that whatever attempt is given between two people to solidify a friendship over the internet, it just feels like it dies so quickly. It can happen with real life friends too, but with internet friends, it seems to form and die much more quickly. There's a lot of people I really miss right now, and I really do feel that because of varying schedules and school, that it really hurts opportunities to do things together. I know it sounds really selfish, but I really do wish I could just... see them face to face for once. After all, their life is out there and not on the internet. At the same time, you gotta wonder... why have internet friends? They too will eventually pass like real life friends. Maybe they'll pass by even more quickly because of how transient the internet world is. I can name quite a few internet friends that I feel my friendship with them is fading. And it's all because either they have their own issues to deal with or it's simply because they're too busy. I won't mention names though. That's the thing. Am I sounding selfish? I want the same level of friendship I have with my friends I see everyday face to face from the internet, but the more I try, the more I feel that's impossible... Anyone share my feelings?
  16. What is the scariest thing that has ever happened online to you? Mine is pretty tame. I was browsing through a server hosting website, and suddenly I got jumpscared by a .GIF (think 420yolo) then DDOS'ed for almost three weeks. It freaked me out cause the only link I could go to was the 420yolo-ish link.
  17. something I cannot do. I've always dreamed of at least having a teeny-tiny little following of peeps who dig my work. I can say without a doubt that that has not happened in the past 4 years I've had a "presence" on the internet. I managed at one point to accumulate over 100 subscribers on my first YouTube channel, but it was pretty much useless, as, even when I posted stuff related to the apparent reason they subscribed, they didn't give a crap about me or my stuff. At least that's how it seemed. I've "restarted" a couple times, in fact. Once last year and once this year. Why? Because I was going nowhere. Ever since, I've uploaded various things to various places, tried to make friends, etc. It's gotten me a few favs and several watchers/subscribers, but again, not many of them seem to care. Don't interpret this post the wrong way. It's not a pity party post. It's a vent post. And possibly a suggestion post. Does anyone here have any ideas on how to get noticed?
  18. So, what online streaming service do you use to listen to music? I, myself, started with Pandora, but the mobile cap shifted me to iHeart Radio. Now that Pandora will drop the cap, I might go back to them, but not likely. I am also getting into Mixify and TuneIn Radio, because one of my best friends is a DJ, so I'm following him.
  19. What do you you think of Tumblr? Is it totally awesome, or a nonsensical waste of time? Explain By the way forgot to post it here is my own
  20. Do you think Twilight Sparkle would love reading our books. I bet she would love The Lord of the Rings, and become big fan of lotr. However, she might be a little creeped out by some of the fan fictions that exist about her on the Internet. You know the fan fiction I'm talking about. But then again if she's one of those rabid Human fans like Lyra of the My Little Humans Fans Universe, she would like them those type of fan fictions about her. Note: Since Human don't exist in Equestria, I think Sugarcube Cornert is the appropriate section for this thread.
  21. And I found a few videos by a young man named Kassem G, and one in particular kinda stood out to me. Why? Because he looked like a massive jerk. So, from what I gather. He basically went around Comic Con both this and last year, and the one from last year had a video which consisted of him basically going around, insulting random strangers and denouncing them as Cheetos eating nerds, which they kinda are, but do you really need to point that out at ComicCon? being excruciatingly inappropriate in public, which includes dropping F-bombs in front of little kids and doing nothing but talking about cleavage and penises around the cosplayers, and honestly it got to the point where I just started to wonder: "Is everyone just okay with this?" His fans call them jokes, but the people he's "interviewing" don't know that and the thing is, these are peoples wives, mothers and girlfriends, not models that are used to be treated like pieces of meat. Hell, he just straight up says "I'm going to look for a girl with a bigger rack" like 2 minutes in and that was harsh as fuck. And then I look at his channel, dude has over 2 million subscribers, his fans keep spouting off that "this is just his type of humor" and no other vids talking about him in a negative light. So I come to you, Random peeps and cronies, to ask: Am I crazy, am I just uptight or has being a complete douche just become the easiest way to get popular?
  22. EDIT, YO: I've kinda lost interest in this whole thing, so you can keep suggesting sites, but I won't do them right off the bat. I'll continue once I have interest in this again. :/ 7/20/2013 EDIT, YO: I'm gonna start doing this crap again, with a brand new range of website pone. LOOK OUT FO' DIS CRAP, YO. I was thinking to myself "What would various websites look like as ponies?" and so... uh... yeah. This thread showcases some of 'em. THE LIST: -Kongregate -Photobucket -Skype -Twitter -eBay -Amazon -Pirate Bay -Bing -Court Records -iTunes -Imgur -Dueling Network -Wordpress -Cheezburger
  23. For people who don't know what Vine is, it is a website where users can post short videos and share them. Its like Youtube, but doesn't have a fucking argument about politics on every video focuses more on short mobile videos. Some people like to make funny videos on this site, so post those.
  24. Post your favorite internet personality here, real or otherwise. They can be as normal or strange as you like, from anywhere in the dark corners of the internet. (Mine is "danisnotonfire")