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Found 107 results

  1. Only 3 days after launch, the MLP Forums has FINALLY gotten a LPW thread. Oh, and one more thing...
  2. I'm surprised this forum doesn't yet have a count to a million game. The forum I've used to visit quite often is up to 74000ish, and that was about five years ago.These first few posts you make will be history when we reach a million! Make them worthy. We're now on Facebook! Also check our channel. CTAM FM And a radio ? One thing to know: -If you are for any reason unable to access the forums again, make an account on DeviantArt, or a website where you could talk to a counter so you don't become unreachable. . My DeviantArt name is WinginWolf. -Speed-posting is fine. -The number must appear in the post or if posting pictures, the picture must have something that represents the number (i.e., three fingers to represent a 3 is fine) or if the name of something in the picture represents that number. Otherwise, the url of the image must be posted in addition. Current Top Poster: , with 48087 posts. Last recorded June 12, 2015. Estimated date of completion: 2097 (84 years) As of 08/27/13, post 455 Estimated date of completion: 2112 (99 years) As of 10/27/13, post 2078 EDOC: 2031* (17 years) As of 04/28/14, post 49663 EDOC: 2018-2020 (4-6 years) As of 12/05/14, post 216733 EDOC: 2019-2021 (4-6 years) As of 06/12/15, post 301919 EDOC: 2113 :C CURRENT SPEED: 1000 posts per 63 days Last edited: May 2, 2018 The last time I logged the speed (December), it was also at 1000 posts per 2-3 days. I do feel like we're slightly slowing down though. Also, there is no 20 character limit in this forum, so posting the number is just fine. It's a game forum; the post count won't increase, so you can be as random and blunt as you'd like! One rule I should mention: During times of high activity, it is very likely you will be ninja'd and will have to go through the frustration of editing your post to the correct number. If you are on mobile, this becomes even more frustrating because you might "fat-finger" a lot and have to keep backspacing until you hit the right numbers, not to mention folks before you may have the incorrect number and you can't see the post # to tell you where you are. There fore, you are not required to edit your post if you are within 10 numbers, plus or minus of the correct number (don't be posting the incorrect number on purpose though : . I guess it should be 10 numbers below the actual since most people probably won't anticipate a ninja. I say 10 and not 5 because some people have long posts sometimes. And to be honest, even if your number is more than 10 numbers off, I wouldn't care xD. The key is to try to post the right number! Here are some milestones reached in the count to a million game throughout the years months: (actually it’s been years now . As of 2019 Gonna go ahead and add this milestone too (surprised I didn’t have it logged). We’ve been at 400K for a while... over 3 years! It’s been our slowest 100K... not so many regulars like before. Edited 12/28/2019 Oh, and I think I should quote these to humor you: You may be asking what on earth is a partial palindrome, or any palindrome in general (well you wouldn't ask the latter to me because that's what Google is for!). WEll, here is a list of the many types of palindromes you may encounter while counting (this is "Wolfian Nomenclature"): And this here is Seyeth's nomenclature: Click Here I also like to say "hrmm" a lot. Count away!! Oh. And 1 . Can't believe there was never a 1 until now (I think the date of the 1 was 2016-2017, to give you an idea how long we went without a 1 ).
  3. So, how about it, everypony? What is blowing your ears out at the moment? Here's what I got. Everypony should listen to Volumes, they are heavy and are good at adding clean vocals. Edit to replace dead link.
  4. What are you thinking at the exact moment you read this? When I made this post I was thinking about the catchy Equestria Girls theme song.
  5. It's supah simple!!!! Just rate the member's avatar that is above you a 1-10 (10 being best) and then it goes on. I will start.
  6. The obligatory banned game. It's one of the largest threads on every single forum I've ever been to. This is how it works: you "ban" the last poster and cite a reason why. The reason can, quite literally, be anything. So, here we go! Banned because you don't exist!
  7. Moderator note: To minimise the number of repeat discussions regarding the Furry fandom, this thread can be used to discuss all aspects of the Furry Fandom - whether that be with respect to the Brony fandom, or the Furry fandom on its own. This thread is for discussion of all furry related things. (SFW obviously) A few starter questions: What furry artists do you follow? (Like on Deviantart, Furaffinity, Tumblr, etc.) What furry series do you follow? (Webcomics? TV? Fictions?) What's your favorite type of furry? (Mammal? Reptile? Avian?) Do you like when non-anthropomorphic characters are turned into furries? (No right or wrong answer here!) What is your opinion on the notion that bronies and furries are one and the same? (Once again, no right or wrong answer) What do you think of anthropomorphic versions of MLP characters? Remember that not all furry related material is of a sexual nature, characters like Bugs Bunny and Sonic the Hedgehog are indeed furries and there's nothing sexual about them, so let's get some variety in here! I don't think there's any particular problem with showing something a little risque, and as far as I know it doesn't go against the rules of the site, but absolutely no NSFW images as they are against the site rules. Any NSFW discussion should be taken into personal conversation elsewhere. NOTICE: This topic is for furries, by a furry (myself). If you are uncomfortable talking about or with furries then please kindly leave the topic. We want no flame wars or trolling here and we are not intentionally trying to cause discomfort. Also, this is not an RP thread. Keep all Roleplaying in it's respective board. Now to answer some of the starter questions myself to get some conversation going! I follow a lot of furry artists; some for their furry work, some for other reasons and the fact that they are furry artists is just a coincidence. I'm not gonna bother trying to name them all but some of the ones I follow are: Blacksen, BleachedKitten, Jolly Jack (Philip M. Jackson), Jay Naylor and Slugbox. Some of these you might have heard or or follow yourself. I haven't seen a lot of activity from Blacksen or BleachKitten lately but I follow Jolly Jack and Jay Naylor's webcomics religiously. As for Slugbox I go on his Tumblr every once in a while for his pony art and sometimes his really funny reblogs. I am a webcomic maniac so I follow quite a few furry webcomics (usually find them through ads but I find them nonetheless lol) A few furry webcomics I read (And definitely recommend for any who wanna check them out) are: Better Days/Original Life Better Days comes before Original Life. Both done by Jay Naylor Unlike Minerva/You Say It First Unlike Minerva came first and jumped from artist to artist before it settled on Isabelle which continued on through You Say It First and still going strong Pretty much everything on There is a group of artists that came together and created this wonderful site that hosts a small group of webcomics (drawn by said various artists) each one of them furry webcomics. I have yet to read Draconia Chronicles or The Eye of Ramalach but I absolutely love Las Lindas and the recently added Yosh! Catena Manor This webcomic is hilarious and though it's artstyle gets gradually less realistic over time it seems to be better that way anyway in my opinion. It's been on hiatus for over a year now I think. They are doing a redesign of the series so anything in the past comics will not relate directly to whatever they do next. The artist has been keeping herself busy with other projects though. VG Cats Here's one many people will likely know. VG Cats is popular not for being a furry comic but for being a video game comic. That should be good for now. There's many more but I'd like to leave some for others to talk about! I don't wanna be the only one talking here. I don't particularly have any preference on what type of furry I like but the one thing I don't appreciate is when furries look too human. And I mean this in the sense where they have realistically shaped human faces where it looks like someone just painted their face to look like a cheetah or something. I find those particular kinds of furries ugly as sin. I prefer them to have a more anime/cartoony air to them. Of course I love when non-furry characters are turned into furries, that includes ponies, and generally they are some of the best kinds of furries imo. Furry pokemon are fun, for example. I don't believe at all that bronies and furries are exclusively the same thing. That doesn't mean one can't be a furry when they are a brony or vice versa, just that being one does not automatically label a person as the other as well. They are very different fandoms that have very different focal points. Phew, took a while to type this up. Let's hope it was worth it and this topic doesn't get buried! xD
  8. A forum game made entirely by me, brought to you here by... me. Basically, you just got to explain what the poster above you is known for on these forums. EX. (let's pretend a mod posts or something here) Next poster: You're known for being a mod. Yeah, it's a crappy example, but you get the point. Make some humorous ones! Make a sarcastic one! A serious one! I don't care, just DO EET. The poster above me is known for being so ninja, he/she doesn't even exist. /inb4I'mnotknown.
  9. Simple forum game. You have to give some kind of witty caption for the avatar of the post above you. EX: my pic next pic: B***h please, I have a coat. your argument is invalid.
  10. Just wondering what books you lovely people are currently reading? Any you recommend perhaps? And what do you think about it? At the moment I'm reading a book called 'The God Emporer Of Didcot', its one I picked up in a charity shop recently and had to buy it simply because of the cover. http://img1.fantasti...n54/n271974.jpg So far its not too bad, fairly funny and well paced. But it does feel like its missing something, not sure what. Anyway its a stop gap until I get my amazon order for the next in the Thursday Next series. Oh and I did a quick search and couldn't find anything about this so I'm sorry if there's a thread already existing.
  11. *Searched and didn't see another thread like this*I saw The Grey today.I really liked it since it didn't follow hollywood conventions.
  12. Answer the question of the ponie above you, then write a question of your own. I'll start with, Why is the sky blue?
  13. I'm sure some of you don't want to do this for any reason whatsoever, that's fine, but for those who do, let's see the awesome brony you are! This is my most recent picture. It's from a HUGE airsoft game about a month ago. Simon Edit: While silliness is always encouraged in lounge threads, this thread does deal with people posting actual pictures of themselves, so it's prone to some unique issues. Because of this, we do ask that members try to refrain from lengthy discussions that are completely off-topic to this thread, and also try to refrain from spamming large quantities of joke-images. Of course the occasional joke post in here is fine, but we'd really appreciate it if spamming was kept to a minimum.
  14. So Which Element of Harmony do you think you are out of the six elements. I believe that I am the Element of Honesty. Whenever I get asked a question I always answer with an honest answer. Also whenever I am wrong I admit it and not have an argument over it.
  15. So if you were to have a cutie mark what would it be? Mine would be a slice of chocolate cake.
  16. (Please note this isn't the same as the topic about what songs get stuck in your head a lot. This is what is stuck in your head at this very moment in time) This is a very random question, but I am wondering what song is stuck in your head right now at this very moment you read this sentence. This does not necessarily mean you like the song, just wondering what song is stuck in your head. There is always one song stuck in your head. For me, I always have single song stuck in my head for each day. It switches each day for me and is completely random. Right now, the song "Spies" by Coldplay is stuck in my head. What about you?
  17. Post your funny or creepy YouTube finds here! going to the store Halo: Reach Fanboy Orgasm.
  18. I've noticed a lot of threads being made solely to show off new merchandise, so from now on, if you want to show off something you you just bought, please post it here instead of making a new thread. This also includes any merchandise you recived as gift. Here's what I just bought today. These are the only new toys my Walmart has right now. I'm planning on going to Target and Toys R Us some time this week to see what they have.
  19. Tell us what video game you're playing at the current moment! I'm am currently playing S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Shadow of Chernobyl. Great game if you love Fallout 3!
  20. You have to rate someone's signature in between of 0-10 by depend of your likings or opinion. Let's Start! *Munch*
  21. Hey I've never seen this type of thread created before so as the title says Skype Exchange you can comment your skype name and have people add you My Skype: bigblueeyes1996
  22. I have a little pet dog who was subject to fits. She's a miniature dachshund, about 12 years old though, so she won't be around for much longer. Anyways, what kind of pet(s) do you have?
  23. I can start off my telling you that i live in Norway near the capital Oslo