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Found 216 results

  1. Come one come all! Show of your art, skins and future/current projects/builds. -Skins can be either of your own creation or just one you are using. If interested I also take skin requests. Post a message here, by pm on the forums or on discord, with details regarding skin: - detail (how you want it to look). - reference (if possible) - size (standard is 512x512 with the ponymod) Art: Skins by me: Skins by others: projects/builds:
  2. You make me a skin, I draw you an OC. Please attach examples of your skins Examples of my art: The second pony is my OC, and I want her skin on a pony body, not humanisation. Pls don't be shy!:з
  3. Hello, everypony! I have been experimenting with pixel art in Minecraft, and thought I'd make a thread to post some of it. I hope you enjoy it! Here's my first finished product. I am just starting out with basic stuff so please excuse the lack of detail...
  4. Build Party! On the 29/July/16 there will be a build party in manehattan, Everyone is invited to build a skyscraper or town house to leave there mark on Equestria. Each player will get a block of there own to build in and help from staff if needed! The Party will last a whole day! If you dont think you got the stuff to build a whole skyscraper of your own you can invite some friends to work with you! Rules: 1:No "was here signs" 2:Only build in the plot you are given unless you have permission of another player to help out. 3:Keep the theme Big town, new york etc.
  5. I was a originally going to do a topic where you could request map art, but since those take lots of time and resources to build I decided to instead make a topic where players of the PoniArc server can share server-related fanart, such as of staff, players, towns, builds, ponified Minecraft characters, Minecraftified pony characters, ect. You can also post cinematic shots of your builds with shaders, but please say what resource pack you used. As of posting this I am still new to these forums, so I hope I don't create any problems or spam with this post.
  6. Post Board A place to post reminders to all builders: only landmark builds like twily tree etc will be decorated inside. decore left in normal ponyville houses needs to be removed only leaving stairs and floors no digging uneccesary underground builds no signature signage "was here 2016" post your ign below
  7. anyone wanna let me know what you think and maybe toss me a diamond
  8. Me and my sis were playing the Xbox 360 trial of Minecraft, and during the night, we were snug in our beds, until A SKELETON woke us up! My sister killed it, and we did a hole check. When we thought everything was ok, she went back to sleep, only to be woken up AGAIN by ANOTHER skeleton. This time, she got killed and re-spawned in the beginning, where she was immediately swarmed by zombies, and the game ended. So, I'm saying that THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE IS REAL!
  9. Minecraft Instillation This is a guide to a clean Minecraft instillation BUT! There are some detailed settings added to this guide to get the most out of Minecraft, Some of you may see jagged edges on the side of blocks, low fps/lag, unstable mods or some other issues, those issues can be caused by outdated java or a setting. (with a non modded Minecraft) If you do not wish to tweak settings follow the guide up to number 4:settings and stop there only reading 1,2 and 3 Caution: A clean install means ALL single player maps, mods will be removed and any player profiles, server names saved will have to be re-added 1:Downloading Minecraft Java Windows users:For 32Bit click "windows Offline" and for 64Bit click "windows Offline (64-Bit)" P.S. please install the latest driver for your graphics card as updates can include bug fixes and performance tweaks, use 64 Bit if using shaders. 2:Uninstall Over time files build up/ become outdated, here we will do some house work :diamondtiara: Uninstalling: Minecraft Java 3:Installing: Firstly we need to install java click the Java file you installed earlier and follow the instructions to install once installed you can now move on to installing Minecraft. For Minecraft click the icon and run the game once to the title screen, this will generate files for .minecraft folder. 4:Settings: BTW i dont know how to do this in MAC as i do not use the OS! Java and Graphics card first lets adjust some java settings, open control panel and find the java icon as you open it click the java tab at the top of the java control panel, double click the box under Path and copy all the text in there for later use, click ok, apply and close all your windows you opened. Right click your desktop and click your graphics card setting.(the option may look different as there are many types of graphics cards) Since graphics card menu's can change please take time to look for similar options as i explain, look for program association's a menu that gives settings to specific programs, in my menu i go to Manage 3D settings and click the Program Settings tab, then i click the Add button i search for the location of the java program installed earlier, you can paste the java location you copied earlier and follow that to find the right program. Once you have created a program association to Java you can now adjust the settings in the association, read the description of each setting carefully some can improve quality or performance depending how good or bad your pc is. NOTE: MC uses very low texture resolutions so set all the settings for performance improvements! Nvidia settings: Once you have finished with the settings click apply and close the menu. Minecraft: Open Minecraft and click edit profile, tick the box to the left of the following settings: Resolution: you can change this to your screen's size if you dont know keep it to its original size. Executable: highlight the text here and delete it then paste the java location you save earlier in the Java and Graphics card guide. JVM Arguments: delete the old text and replace with: -Xmx2G or -Xmx4G for shaders now click Save Profile. Start Minecraft till you reach the title screen, click options then Video Settings. For Newer PC's change these settings: (try these settings first!) Graphics: Fancy (makes leaves transparent and other changes) Smooth Lighting: Maximum (makes lighting less blocky) GUI Scale: *to your liking* (at higher resolutions most of your screen would be covered by menu's or chat) Brightness: *to your liking* (some monitors have deeper blacks and brighter whites, changing this setting to your liking is preferred) Particles: ALL (Particles generated in minecraft) Use Vsync: OFF (limits your frame rate to your monitor FPS) Use VBOs: ON (renders block more efficiently increasing FPS, may cause crashes when turned on) Render Distance: *to your liking* (our server currently uses 10 chunks max so its not worth going any higher ) Max Framerate: *to your liking* (caps the frame rate if you wish to save on resources, this can be used as a Vsync it removes screen tearing for me) View Bobbing: ON (Aid to emulate walking) Attack Indicator: *to your liking* (changes the way the attack indicator is shown) Clouds: Fancy (makes clouds look 3D 2D or remove them completely) Fullscreen: *to your liking* (choose between fullscreen or windowed mode) Mipmap Levels: OFF (this setting can cause lines to appear between blocks at a distance if you want that) Entity Shadows: ON (Entities have there own shadows) For Old PC's change these settings: Graphics: Fast Smooth Lighting: OFF GUI Scale: AUTO Brightness: *to your liking* Particles: Minimal Use Vsync: OFF Use VBOs: ON Render Distance: (Lower till your frame rate increases to a playable speed) Max Framerate: Same number as your monitor refresh rate, if you dont know your refresh rate set it to 60 FPS View Bobbing: OFF Attack Indicator: *to your liking* Clouds: Fast Fullscreen: OFF/ON what ever seems to give more FPS Mipmap Levels: OFF Entity Shadows: OFF And thats it! to my knowledge this will give you a solid performing Minecraft! if you have any issues please comment below
  10. It's been a very long time since I last posted here in this forum. I've been struggling on many things all this time. Things have finally settled down, though. During this time, I thought up a nice idea and part of it is doing Let's Play - videos. So for finally returning here, I'll give you me playing Minecraft! Please note: This is my first time recording a game session and giving it my voice so excuse me if I sound nervous. Also English is not my mother language. Ep. 1: Playing hardcore mode
  11. This is my Ponysona GagiePie! I made my own base for him so it would look more show like. This is GagiePie; he is an optimistic, creative, and energetic child who loves to help ponies in town but also create. His love for creating started whenever he was three; as a young colt. It carried on with him for awhile until his mothers side of the family discouraged his art... and he stopped. Of course, he still drew every once in awhile because all artist know... "Once you start art you can't leave art." He tries to keep a smile on his face everywhere he goes and helps who ever may need it. Of course, he has his own flaws just like every pony else. He often "hates" himself and never fully accepts compliments as truth because he thinks they are all lies. When he makes something, he may think it looks good; but whenever someone compliments it he takes it as some pony putting pity on him so he won't feel bad. He also tends to speak out of turn and often miscommunicates when he doesn't mean to. He often goes into depression but keeps a smile around every pony who doesn't know him and even more around the ones that do. He likes video games, and would love to make one one day that would actually entertain ponies. He wants to see smiles on peoples faces, and he wants to entertain them. He makes a lot of the things he has by doing favors in exchange for money around town. He has a chip tooth he got one day when he was running and tripped over a rock. He doesn't want it fixed because he thinks it looks cool. His design is heavily based on Button Mash but I'd say his hair is a mix between Big Macs bangs and Scootaloos... Hair that's below the ears...?? When he is nervous or scared he chews on the candy necklace around his neck and scratches his hair with his front hoof. His father is very supportive when it comes to things his son wants to do; his mother supports him by keeping a roof over his head and giving him food and a warm bed to sleep in. His father lives in Cloudsdale and works as a snowflake maker while his mom works in the local Ponyville hospital as a secretary. His dad is a bright white Pegasus that earned his cutiemark in music but it didn't work out so he had to get a job else where so he could support his son. His mother is a Grey earth pony with brown strait hair. She isn't always around so he just walks around town looking for task and crusading for his mark. He'll get it one day, he just knows it! That is about all with this little guy. Full Character Sheet: Gender: Male (But why does it even matter?) Sexuality: Pansexual Cutie Mark: He's still crusading for it! ^-^ Age: 14 (Hear me out! The CMC are foals in the show and they were in the High School! That would make them freshman! So..... they'd be 14 or 15) Bio: He's 14.. hasn't had much happen to him... But the short is his parents divorced when he was young and they separated. His dad got weekend custody and his mother has him during the week. While his mom is at work he goes around helping other poines and when he is not doing that he is drawing; it's difficult because he has to do it with his mouth or hoof. He usually tapes a pencil to his hoof. Extra: He is not actually part of the show; but he does live in Ponyville. And of course Pinkie knows him cause she knows everyone. Favorite Color: HE LOVES ALL THE COLORSSSS PLEASE TELL ME YOUR THOUGHTS ON THE CHARACTER; PWEEEEEEEEEZ! Thank you so much~<--- Original Picture
  12. I've been seeing lots of people displaying art work pieces like these ones here in more than one house: I'm assuming these are made with the "Map art" method. When people make them, do they make it completely in survival in the same way pixel art is made? Because in all the time I've been flying around I haven't come across a single horizontal pixel art piece–yet I've found numerous vertical pixel art pieces. I would think that it would be easier to come across them in the overworld, seeing as how there are tons of artwork pieces displayed in the "Art Gallery" warp location. Is there a place on the survival map where I can find them and "load" it onto a map for my house? (assuming that getting these art pieces are free. Otherwise I'd pay diamonds to get them for my MC house. XD)
  13. I want ideas for a comic! Feel free to give as many ideas as you want! P.s. The drawing below is by Vulcan! Give him some credit, guys!
  14. ~Nicknames Want a New Nickname? Need a Nickname? Dont Know What to choose? Post your IGN in the comments with some info about yourself, someone will post suggestions for nicknames. Good Luck!
  15. So as a lot of people know, Nintendo has finally gotten their dip into the Minecraft world and want in on that cash cow. Minecraft Wii U hit stores on the eShop on the 17th and is the latest version of Minecraft to come out. Minecraft Wii U came about 4 years after the initial full release and about 6 after the public alpha was made available. While a 360 and PS3 version of the game was made available in 2013, and a PS4 and Xbox One version made available in 2014 the Wii U staggers behind as dead last. Mojang has already more or less confirmed though that the Wii U version of the game will get last dibs on updates for the console versions due to increased popularity on other platforms. Now the question is: is it really worth it to get Minecraft on the Wii U? Well the answer is pretty much: no unless you legitimately have no other way to play the game. The Wii U version of the game is more expensive. At $10 more, you're essentially paying for more skins, but you're also paying more for a game that will always be lagging behind the other versions in terms of content updates. The Wii U gamepad is not used in any creative way. Now many people will argue that this is a constant back and forth argument. Developers will often skip porting a game to the Wii U due to not wanting to bring special features to the gamepad, but then people will insist that they don't need to. But then when they port a game to the Wii U and DON'T use the gamepad, people criticize it for not using the gamepad. The truth is, that developers should take advantage of the gamepad on CERTAIN GAMES where it is obvious that there is a very easy way they could do it. In Minecraft's case, it could easily be used for inventory management or block building, however it essentially is the same version of the game that other consoles get but it'll be an older version all the time. Minecraft while still popular won't really do much for Nintendo I think. It's not going to sell consoles that's for sure when other versions are available that are more accessible. Minecraft as ReviewTechUSA put it bluntly: "...Is like that girl in high school you never got to sleep with and always wanted to, but now a few years have passed and she's become the village whore whom everyone has been with and now that you can have a turn at her, you really don't want to anymore..." To put it simply: the Minecraft craze is kind of dying for the older fans it seems. While it's still popular with merchandising and such, I am noticing a significant drop in the average age of players. Most of the older fans have moved onto different games and a majority of people playing are like 12 these days it seems. It's not really a "hardcore" title that is going to get people to buy a Wii U that didn't already have one. Most people that own a Wii U own another console at this point. So if they want to play Minecraft they will probably play it on that. I know a few people here that own a Wii U and an Xbox One that would prefer to play on the Xbox One.
  16. Christmas Competition Results! 1st Place goes to: JMoltenlyre 2nd Place goes to: Fluffle_is_cute Prizes: 1st Place will receive a secret gift from me, There tree decorated in the seasonal map, The Items to make 50 Snowmen, 3 Mystery presents! 2nd Place There tree decorated in the seasonal map, The Items to make 40 Snowmen, :grin2: 2 Mystery Presents! 3rd Place The Items to make 30 Snowmen, Mystery Present! now closed thank you for your submissions!
  17. Captainsparklez! Y u no watch MLP? If you need to be filled in, skip to 8:15
  18. I Ponified SkyDoesMinecraft and two of his friends. I based them off of their skins, not actually the person, obviously, or Sky would have a beard. Tell me whatcha think! :3
  19. i'm actually working on a mod for minecraft 1.8 it's called: more utility what this mod actually do is adding more things to the real minecraft that we all know added three new ore: STEEL RUBY TOPAZ tools and armor of them added emerald and lapis lazuli armor and tools added 3 new dungeons (underground) and 5 new randomly generated structures added the redstone ingot added night vision goggles and the night vision helmet added knife to make bread slice added hamburgers it can be downloaded here have fun! (BETA V1.0.2)
  20. Hey, if you're a gamer and want someone to play with, post your username/usernames. Like this: Roblox: Milesprower1992 Minecraft PC: PikachuPotato (That's just what I play. If you play other games, just post them.) (Also, if your game is sometimes referred to as an acronym, for example TF2, please use the full name, in this case it would be Team Fortress 2)
  21. Hello everypony! Not everything should be focused on PC, and thats why I made this thread today, so we ps3 players can find times and plan on when to play. Lets have a lot of fun playing Minecraft on the Ps3! Please let me know by telling me in the thread if your interested!
  22. It's possible to make Minecraft PE Servers with a programm called "PocketMine PE". It's almost like Bukkit, so you could run it on a Virtual Server, Server or host it somewhere. Would be very nice if the Poniverse team would do that! - Blizz
  23. This topic is started to know all current staff and builders in the PoniArcade minecraft server.
  24. Tiberius

    Name Change Help

    Hai, im gonna change my name so i was wondering what names you like the sound of, i have a choice of names it wont be a final decision from the votes, only something to consider sooo yeah vote for what name you like, if you like to comment why Also its a repost of a derp post so nvm that >.<
  25. Hai, im gonna change my name so i was wondering what names you like the sound of, i have a choice of names it wont be a final decision from the votes, only something to consider sooo yeah vote for what name you like, if you like comment why