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Found 832 results

  1. ~C. Discord~

    Hypothetical Mane Six Siblings

    It's a different dimension. Lauren and her succeeding minions have chosen to give a sibling to one of the other Mane 6 that isn't Twilight Sparkle. Ignoring the obvious changes and complications it would have for everyone's favorite wedding episodes, if one of the other Mane 6 were to have a sibling suddenly be introduced, much like how Shining Armor was with Twilight, which pony would it be, and what would the sibling be like? For me personally, the thought of Rainbow Dash having an older brother appeals to me, as a head-canon concept. She's a loose cannon most of the time; she's competitive, brash and can have an inflated ego. Ergo, I can imagine her having an older, more mature, cool cucumber of a brother who tries to keep her in check, attempting to keep her on as short a leash as possible best he can when he's around, to various levels of success. All for her best interests of course, to make sure she doesn't overdo anything, or accidentally hurt herself. I can also completely see her getting flustered and embarrassed at any and all affection or talking to's he attempts, as she thinks she's 'far too cool' to be seen being hugged or scolded in public Eh, just seems like it'd be an interesting relationship. How bout ya'll? Can be any of the mane 6, even those who already have a younger or older sibling. Just brainstorming and discussing, here ^^ Being a hypothetical version of the show, each of the mane 6 don't 'have' to still have the siblings they have in the real show.
  2. I made a video talking about my thoughts on upcoming seasons and when pony should come to an end. DISCLAIMER: I do make some jokes that some people would consider offensive, just keep in mind that they are jokes and I do not mean anything by them.
  3. Anonymous Old User Who Has Left

    PMV - King of the Changelings

    I watched the MLP S6 finale one day. I got bored the next day and made something. Is this an epic coincidence or what?
  4. Do you think there could be too much fandom influence in the show? You know, with the memes and such.
  5. fuwafuwakitty

    Floofy Ponies Comission Shop

    I now have a commission shop open. If you love my fluffy pones and want one for yourself here is my store ---> Some examples of my work:
  6. fuwafuwakitty

    Mintyheart [Art Trade]

    Art Trade I did with Tangle. Her OC Mintyheart.
  7. Have you noticed that sometimes sports teams sell merchandise with famous cartoon characters on them? Like you would see Disney characters or Looney Tunes, among others pretending to be members of a popular sport team. Well I was thinking: What if they did that with My Little Pony? Somehow I can imagine them selling stuff like: -Pony figures in the team's colors with the team's logo as the cutie mark. -Pony plushies with them dressed in the team's uniform. -T-shirts and sweatshirts of the ponies as fans or players of the team. -and other stuff. One problem though is that sometimes they do this for only a select few teams. However I feel they should do MLP sports merchandise for: -All 32 NFL teams -All 30 NBA teams -All 30 NHL teams -All 30 MLB teams -Several NCAA teams. What do you think of this idea?
  8. fuwafuwakitty

    Two old-ish pones

    Two old-ish pones I found. First one, Blue Charm, owned by Blue-Charm on Deviantart. And a pretty old illustration of Fluttershy. Before I had my fluffy style. XD
  9. fuwafuwakitty

    Lunabelle [OC Pone]

    Lunabelle saving a kitty :3
  10. fuwafuwakitty

    StarNote [Art Trade]

    Drew StarNote's oc as an art trade.
  11. fuwafuwakitty

    Marshmallow Cloud [OC]

    Since I call the ponies little marshmallow floofs I decided to make a character which I named Marshmallow Cloud.
  12. fuwafuwakitty

    Noxious Heart [Dragon Pone]

    First dragon pony I drew yesterday. Noxious Heart.
  13. fuwafuwakitty

    2 New Pony OCs

    Two new OC pones XD First one, Little Raindrop Second one, Sneezy Firefly
  14. Hello just wanted to say mlp s7 is coming and there are even leaks on eqd of episode names plus the movie this year is getting kicked off to a good start also one other thing these people keep saying the show is bad ever since s3 but i dont think so why do people keep saying this its so annoying i have high hopes all the time for this show and they just tear me down
  15. i have a question is is possible for our fandom to reach a higher peak then in 2012 i mean i thought anything is possible i was thinking if the movie was good season 7 was good eqd specials were good and other things like what idw is doing could that bring in more fans
  16. Just when things were getting slow we finally get some new info on the movie plus this new sleek version of the logo! Looking pretty sharp, eh? But that isn't the most important news to break from Variety today as they are also reporting that Zoe Saldana is now part of the MLP Movie! Starring in such films as Avatar as Neytiri, the Star Trek movies as Uhura, Guardians of the Galaxy and more according to her IMDb page. The star power is really adding up, I just wonder what part she will play? Thanks to the countless folks for sending it in!
  17. Twilight Sparkle has been very forgetful lately, wherever she goes she seems to leave something behind. Growing tired of having to retrieve them, she decides to cast a spell that will bring these items to her. But, the spell isn't quite what it seems and now Ponyville has four new residents. Unsure of how to return them to where they came from, the Mane 6 must teach these newcomers how to fit-in in Equestria. Takumi, Iketani, Kenji and Itsuki are just having a guys night out racing along the roads of Mount Akina, when suddenly a flash of light changes everything. Now they must learn how to live in this new world and form strong bonds along the way. Will they ever see their world again, or will they have to make Equestria their new home? Link to the story:
  18. Hello i was just curious what does that mean sia will write two new original songs for the movie does this mean the songs were already made or are these new songs we have never heard before i get so confused by this because in the music industry the word is used different thanks (/ It was announced at Comic-Con today that Sia will write two original songs for the upcoming animated feature My Little Pony: The Movie.
  19. I know we have our favorite ships(mine is rarity x pinkie pie), but im pretty sure we have some ships from the brony fandom that we don't like. List them here, they can also be from EQG series too, but try to keep it to gen4 MLP:FIM, and EQG. My least favorite ship is Fluttershy X Rainbow Dash.
  20. TwilightSparkleAndAJ

    Movies/TV Regular Show's finale

    Hello i was just curious i not only loved my little pony back then i also loved regular show is there any pony here who liked regular show the reason im asking this is its unfortantly coming to an end very soon
  21. Nightshroud

    Jojos bizzare adventure and what not

    welcome to my topic thingy here we disscuss jojo gaming kingdom hearts and whatever else that pops in our heads and of course MLP
  22. Hello here is a simple question for yall in 2017 from 2012 can we make the brony fandom more known and bigger then it was in 2012 or will we just keep the same as we are now i did love 2012 of the fandom and 2013 but 2 years that was not enough hype for me i need to see more hype pls so i can go out and spread the word and be hyped again i dont like just being hyped about something once in my life i like to have at least 2 times to be hyped about something so pls guys can we do it again (/
  23. Where is the hype for season 7 and my little pony the movie????
  24. Hi everyone! I did a cover of Applejack's Lullaby to Applebloom about getting her cutie mark. Let me know what you think and also let me know what I can do to improve my singing voice since I haven't really sung in a long time.
  25. CuddlyPowel

    How many MLP fans are there?

    I wonder how many mlp fans are there around the world?