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  1. Next year on August first, A prequel book to the My Little Pony movie will be released. Here is a link:
  2. I want to build up a super strong community of people who want to help each other in the game by sending hearts and leaving presents and other good stuff. Please please please, add me, and post your own friend code, so others can add you as well. My code is 7e6b23 I look forward to helping you out!
  3. I don't mean like just a cameo or something, I'm talking like speaking roles and maybe a little bit of helpfulness or action. I personally want to see more of Ember (If you couldn't tell). I would also like to see more of Derpy, and Lyra and Bon Bon. I wouldn't expect villians to appear, but you never know.
  4. Almond Blackberry

    what is the coolest bit of merch you own?

    I can't decide on my coolest, i love all of the merchandise i bought! What about you guys?
  5. The title says it all. She’s so underrated it’s crazy why there isn’t much on her in Season 4. Her screentime this season is short! There’s just so much to talk about (her homeland, how she learned her magic, knowledge). It's definitely something that just NEEDS to be explored. Do it DHX. Make a episode of Zecora's homeland and bring Zecora along. Oh man I'm totally up for that idea.
  6. I noticed that on Google Trends that the search term for "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" has had searches since before the show was even aired. Google Trends is a site that shoes statistics for web searches. The graph shows the frequency of it being searched. (Sorry I had to screenshot from my phone). At first glance it makes sense, since it really spiked when it was announced, and simmered down a bit since, but still being searched a bit. The thing is: Apparently it has been being searched since long before it was aired! I can understand at most a year or so since it would be announced, but it has been searched since before 2009, even being searched in 2006-2007 ish, more than three years before its release. Could someone have came up with it randomly as a coincidence, has it been marketed even before, or has Hasbro looked it up before? There could be many reasons. What do you guys think?
  7. Check the link above for proof. According to the interview conducted by Equestria Daily, season 7 will air in the Spring of 2017. I recall Season 5 & 6 airing in Spring 2015 and 2016 respectively, so it looks like this will be the norm for the release of subsequent seasons. I for one am very excited to hear this news. I predict S7 will premiere sometime in April or May, so we only have to wait ~5-6 months . 2017 looks to be a very busy and productive year for the franchise with S7, the 3 EQG specials, and the movie coming out in October. Here's looking forward to seeing what the future has in store for our favorite group of heroines .
  8. So on several Articles announcing Liev Schreiber & Taye Diggs, I found something in them that Rita Hsiao (Writer of Toy Story 2 and Mulan) is now Co-Writing the MLP Movie Screenplay along with Meghan McCarthy. Hope it's True.
  9. Good morning everypony, and welcome back to another edition of "Batbrony Reviews," the penultimate edition of Season 6!!! Just like last week, we were once again treated to an absolutely delightful episode, albeit far less surprising than last week's was. It was a high flying adventure this morning set at the Wonderbolt Academy, so without further ado let's dive in, this is "Top Bolt"!!! So let's get this out of the way to start things off: I didn't like Sky Stinger. I know some people are shipping him like crazy already with Vapor Trail, and not for entirely bad reasons, but frankly I found him insufferable. This is purely a personal opinion, mind you, I'm not saying you're wrong if you liked him. Really I think it comes down to two things: (1) I found his voice to be grating and annoying in its natural-cocky mode he seemed to slip into every time he spoke, and (2) I've played sports and have known some people like him in real life, which made him all the more insufferable. I think the final factor that made me not come around to him is that less time was devoted to him fixing things than it was to Vapor Trail. Vapor Trail started improving what she needed to fix in her own life for at least half of the episode, if not more, whereas Sky had at best the last third, probably more like the last fourth, to get better. Is that entirely fair of me since it was just a matter of episode pacing? No, not entirely, but the fact remains that we spent far less time seeing Sky in a better light than we did Vapor, and in the end I just didn't really come around to him that much. He's not as bad as Zephyr Breeze was, no way, but he was still plenty annoying all in all. *cough* DOUCHEBAG *cough* You're not a very smart pony, are ya Sky? Besides Sky, however, I really loved everything else about this episode. I love pegasi, I love the Wonderbolt Academy, and I love the pairing of Twilight and Rainbow Dash. Those two, when they're really on their A-game, make for a very fun and entertaining pair, and I love seeing them work together because they have very different ways of approaching problems, as was nicely highlighted in this episode. Twilight's very methodical and much more bookish, whereas Rainbow Dash acts much more based on her instincts, which we saw very much in this episode given the setting where she was very much in her element. As with Fluttershy and Applejack as well as Pinkie Pie and Rarity earlier this season, while these two had their disagreements in the course of solving this friendship problem, they ultimately overcame them and utilized their strengths to the best of their ability in helping out both Vapor Trail and Sky Stinger. Good pep talks, good learning experiences, very mature behavior from both of them all around, which is especially commendable for Rainbow Dash considering what she was like when the show started (Sky was definitely a call back to that, no doubt, very similarly to how Lightning Dust was in Season 3). Overall, I thought that they both had a very solid episode and were just the right amount of wise, entertaining, and adorable. Excited book horse is excited Behold everypony, through the power of science we have made... A RAINBOW DASH!!! The stand out character of this episode was without a doubt Vapor Trail. Oh goodness, I liked this character A LOT. She was adorable (both in her behavior, design, and even voice), she had a very compelling character arc, and all around was just very likable. Like I said before, she definitely had more time devoted to her character arc and development than Sky did, and it definitely paid off for the better in her case. They both certainly had sympathetic backgrounds, heck, Sky's might have been even sadder (although I thought their depiction of the dysfunctionality of a multiple-sibling family was a bit simplistic and exaggerated, it seemed to me more so like maybe their problem was their economic situation more than anything else), but Vapor got the lion's share of time to change and ultimately it made for the more compelling character arc of the two. Her problem was one of self-value, heck, there's even lessons there for victims of domestic abuse who give too much care to their partners (I'm not saying Sky was abusive, he clearly cared about her, just that the parallels were there). She definitely didn't care enough about her own needs, and in the process she actually hurt both herself and Sky as well as a result. So before she could really be there for him, she had to learn how to care about what she wanted for herself as well, besides being around Sky. Given her devotion to him, I can certainly see why people are already shipping those two in earnest, but like I said, this devotion is far more complicated than it appears at first glance since it was at the center of what she needed to fix about herself. If fanfics subsequently come out starring these two, I hope that writers identify this and are able to handle their relationship with the care that it deserves, because it's far more nuanced than people might think at first glance. It was a pleasure getting to see her grow and learn to care about her own needs and wants as the episode went on, in fact, it was my favorite part of the episode, and like I said before I found THAT conflict to be far more compelling in its execution than Sky's own growth and development was. So all in all she was a delightful character to get to know and I would love to see more of her in the future (even if it means we'd see more of Sky as well). Oh my goodness she is too cute I like this pony, she knows her stuff. Also, I seriously can't get enough of that Twilight face Oh no, my heart! THAT IS JUST TOO SWEET!!! I thought that might be a fan playing her, but I had no idea those were the circumstances of her getting that role! ALL THE FEELS!!! As far as laughs go, this episode wasn't nearly as fun as least week's was, but it was still very funny. The classroom scene was a riot, but honestly my favorite source of humor in this episode was Spitfire. It was a blast getting to see her shooting the breeze with RD as a fellow Wonderbolt, not just a superior, throughout the episode, and the running gag about her loving her job as the Academy instructor was hilarious. Some of the Wonderbolt recruits were pretty funny as well, especially that fan-girl pegasus, and Twilight and RD definitely had their moments throughout. But I think it wasn't quite as funny as last week's episode because there was something undeniably sad about Vapor holding herself back to boost Sky's own ego and Sky being so unaware for so much of the episode that he wasn't the hot-stuff he thought he was. Definitely made for an interesting friendship problem, just not as funny of an episode. Man there was a lot of blowing in this episode... wait... BLOWING HORNS AND WHISTLES, BLOWING HORNS AND WHISTLES, YOU KNOW WHAT I MEANT!!! Overall, this was a solid penultimate episode for the season, and that is not to be taken for granted. My least favorite episode to this day is "MMMMystery on the Friendship Express," and that sullied the otherwise amazing season that was Season 2, coming right at the end right before the season finale. So really, even though this was hardly the best episode we've had this season, I'm just glad that it was good. It's been a great season of MLP everypony, but as with every season, it must come to an end, and next week we close out Season 6. I'm glad to say I have NOT watched the finale despite the early leak, so I'll be going into it fresh next week and cannot wait to do so! Until next time everypony, this is Batbrony signing off. I'm off!!! *cue dramatic exit*
  10. Good evening everypony! I'm just here to let you all know about the latest updates to my fic, "Batmare Begins"! After a very long hiatus, I've brought back updates to it in a big way; in the last two weeks, I've posted 5 new chapters totaling over 40,000 words!!! I'm always looking for and happy to get new readers, so if you'd like to delve into a crossover that's earnestly trying to make crossing over the MLP universe with the Batman universe (and with Derpy in the titular role of Batmare, no less) work, then please click on the link below where you will find my story! Likes, favorites, and follows are always appreciated, and feel free to leave any comments and questions you may have in the comments section for the fic itself! Thanks for your time everypony, and have a nice evening. Batmare Begins by Batbrony
  11. Awwwwww yeah, this older brother LOVES him some good ol' fashioned sibling rivalry! Good morning everypony, and welcome back to another edition of "Batbrony Reviews." I'm very happy to say that this morning's episode was surprisingly delightful! Not that I thought, going into "Where the Apple Lies," that it would be bad or anything, just that I didn't really have any expectations for this episode and so wasn't sure what to expect. What we got was something very new, which is quite surprising for a Mane 6 character at this point in the show, ESPECIALLY one as consistent in her characterization as Applejack usually is. Going forward, I would love to see more episodes like this one (more on that later), but for now let's delve into today's episode: this is "Where the Apple Lies." So as I said before, this was an episode unlike most we've ever gotten for the Mane 6, with only a few parallels to it: a backstory episode. I can easily count on one hand the number of similar episodes we've had to this one, episodes like "The Cutie Mark Chronicles," but that episode was an ensemble episode that only gave us short flashbacks for each of the Mane 6. Likewise, we've had flashbacks in other episodes before back to when certain Mane 6 characters were younger, but again, they've never consisted of virtually the entire episode. So really, this was a first for the show: an episode largely devoted to a chapter from a single Mane 6 character's past. In that respect, it was very experimental for the show, and again, for a Mane 6 character that is very surprising at this point. After almost six full seasons of the show, it's obviously getting increasingly hard to find new things or stories to tell with the main characters just because they've learned so many lessons at this point. Frankly Granny Smith's lucky she didn't end up in the hospital for other reasons this ep One obvious solution then to this dilemma? Make more episodes like this one, episodes which delve into the pasts and history of the Mane 6 and also give the writers and animators a chance to show us Ponyville and Equestria in a very different light. In today's episode alone, we got to see a preteen/early teenager Applejack, a teenage and VERY talkative Big Mac (which was both hilarious and bizarre to watch), Granny Smith when she was pretty much raising those two at a much younger age (I assume that either Apple Bloom was an infant OR their parents were out of town at the time and she hadn't been born yet, though the episode did not address that question), a much younger Filthy Rich WITH his fiance of the time, Spoiled Milk (BTW that name is too perfect for her), and many more fun little bits of Ponyville at a different time. A personal favorite cameo of mine was when we caught a glimpse of a presumably teenage Derpy (she had a similar body build it seemed to AJ's) at the hospital speaking with a doctor or nurse with bandages covering her eyes, implying that some type of corrective eye surgery had recently occurred at the time of this incident (a very interesting implication for backstory for a character who obviously hasn't gotten much, being a background pony and all). So obviously, with the rich abundance of new things this episode offered to viewers (and the makers of this episode in getting to put it together), it's clear that we should want (and possibly expect) more episodes like this in the future. They will give us a chance to see old characters who we've become so familiar with at this point in a new light, as well as characters around them, including family members we maybe haven't gotten to see as much from before. Who wouldn't love to see a young Twilight with her parents, Shining Armor, or Princess Celestia in her youth? How about more of a young Pinkie Pie on the rock farm OR better yet, when she first met the Cakes (we saw a young Mrs. Cake (though it was unknown if she was married yet at the time) in this episode after all)? A young Rarity and young Applejack in their youth, Fluttershy when she first moved to Ponyville, young Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash growing up in Cloudsdale, there are simply a TON of opportunities presented by this format, so the fact that this episode was made should be very encouraging to all of us as viewers and imply that more episodes like this one may be coming in Season 7 (which we now know as of this week will for sure be made). I don't know about the rest of you, but after how delightful this episode turned out, I for one cannot wait to see more episodes like it next season and hope that the creators seriously consider making more like it! Huh, that... could actually explain how Spoiled Rich, dare I say it, actually looked *gulp* better in her youth I didn't even catch this one, but 80s Cheerilee? That's an AWESOME callback to Season 1!!! Awwwwwwwww, Derpy looks so cute and upbeat despite probably having just gone through a very scary procedure! That's my girl, that's how best background pony (and best pony in general) rolls! So how exactly did this episode unfold? Well, besides some of the delightful bits I mentioned already, we got to see both a hilarious and very entertaining episode which also managed to feel rather important since it highlighted a very important and formative part of Applejack's youth. Since the show has started, we've all known Applejack to be the most honest pony around; I mean, it is her Element of Harmony after all. Only on rare occasions have we seen her lie, and usually when she's been induced to in a magical sense by someone like Discord. This time, however, we got to see not only Applejack lying of her own volition, but also how said lying led her to value honesty so importantly. This episode-type is not new; cartoons which highlight the importance of honesty by showing white lies and fibs getting out of control have been done a whole lot before. It's not always easy to execute them well since they can get redundant, but it worked very well here for a couple of reasons; (1) it was Applejack doing the lying, so it felt very out of character for her, but since it was in her youth it made sense since, at the time, she didn't value honesty in the same way as she does now, and (2) it did the escalation aspect of this episode VERY well indeed. She found new ways to lie and fib, the lies and fibs got increasingly far-fetched and resulted in more and more extreme outcomes, which in turn meant that the episode only got more and more entertaining as it went on. This in turn also meant that, besides seeing Applejack lie, we also got to see a side of her we rarely do: panic-mode Applejack, and as a filly no less. With Big Mac and her constantly bickering as things got more and more out of control as well, as well as poor Granny Smith having no idea what was going on but remaining her usual ornery, cantankerous but also lovable self, as well as Filthy Rich and Spoiled Milk only causing more grief for Applejack as they kept forcing her into going to greater extremes to maintain her lies, this all made for a very fun, entertaining, and consequential episode. It really felt by the end like, yeah, this is something that would lead Applejack to truly value honesty as a core of who she is and what she does, after everything that happened here. I mean, her brother almost got amputated for crying out loud because of her lies! And what's more, it made sense in a way that she let it get out of hoof; for one, she was a teenager at the time, and they tend to buck up at life choices in certain respects, and she also thought that telling the truth would jeopardize her family's business and future well-being because she wasn't confident she could tell Filthy Rich the hard truth in the first place in a way that would maintain their business relations. For all we know, she and Big Mac were bickering so much about who was going to eventually run the Apple family business because their parents may have recently, at that time, passed away and now it was up to one of the Apple siblings to get ready to run Sweet Apple Acres. Behold, Applejack's "cat-coughing-up-a-hairball" impression! It's... well, it's accurate, I'll give it that So all in all, like I said, the mere fact that this episode was largely set in the past is what allowed it to be so balanced in terms of both having a valuable and consequential lesson taught as well as being so highly entertaining. Apple Bloom got to learn both the value of honesty as well as why it means so much to her older sister from AJ herself, we got to see a side of many characters we hadn't before and a conflict in a uniquely presented fashion, and most excitingly of all we now have a new type of episode for the show which I hope we will see more of in the coming season for other members of the Mane 6. Overall, "Where the Apple Lies" was a delightfully enjoyable surprise, one of the best of Season 6 in terms of how it so exceeded the few expectations I had for it in the first place, and I cannot wait to hopefully see more like it in the coming season (or seasons) of this show. That's all I have for you today everypony, until next time this is Batbrony signing off. I'm off!!! *cue dramatic exit*
  12. This on this channel I give all the songs and MLP Equestria Girls
  13. Love*Potion

    MLP: FiM Language Dubs

    Just curious: How many bronies out there watch MLP FiM in different languages? Allow me to explain: I take German in school, and my father speaks it fluently. I personally think it's a beautiful language and I dream to speak it someday So, being my curious self, I looked up MLP in German. I discovered the cutest little pony voices and funny accents. The cool part is I understood some of it! Anyway, go ahead and try it out: Listen to all the Mane 6's voices in German. Super cute! "20% Cooler"
  14. I have a Great Song/Dubstep song idea so i was thinking if someone can bring it to life! to make this spectacular song i will need -A Remixer/Dubstep -Help with Lyrics -I and you people can help me with the design like pictures/animation in the background. and thats it! so please comment below if you want to join in and help me/each other to make this Amazing Project! Love you all! ~Sweet Shimmer
  15. So I made a Twilight Wallpaper at least, took a bit of a simple abstract way to it and kept things in simple colors and just layout. No effects have been used and added in the texture background to fill out the outline of Twilight in all her princess glory! Just kept to shapes if anything as a frame in expanding out and stuff. Took me about a week in mostly just the layout killed me which always does in moving things and kinda brushes to use and just playing around with it.
  16. Good evening everypony! I'm just here to let you all know about the latest updates to my fic, "Batmare Begins"! After a very long hiatus, I've brought back updates to it in a big way; in the last two weeks, I've posted 5 new chapters totaling over 40,000 words!!! I'm always looking for and happy to get new readers, so if you'd like to delve into a crossover that's earnestly trying to make crossing over the MLP universe with the Batman universe (and with Derpy in the titular role of Batmare, no less) work, then please click on the link below where you will find my story! Likes, favorites, and follows are always appreciated, and feel free to leave any comments and questions you may have in the comments section for the fic itself! Thanks for your time everypony, and have a nice evening. Batmare Begins by Batbrony
  17. Ok. soo i have made a new series for this whole october which theres some new videos now about the series so i was thinking if anypony here would like to join us in the series all you need to do is just put your skype below or join the conversation be below and i will add you and talk about what to do! also can someone help make this song better at least with anything ill put you in my credits for helping out! thanks see you ponys later! SkypeChat below My youtube Channel for the three videos! Thanks Sweet.S Out! Thanks Sweet.S Out!
  18. So... was the trip??? Alright, good morning everypony and welcome back to another edition of "Batbrony Reviews"! This week we've got a pretty standard episode, quality-wise at least, with a pretty unique approach to its execution. "P.P.O.V. (Pony Point Of View)" is actually a send-up to Akira Kurosawa's film "Rashomon" (a film I've never seen but read enough up on to know that this is definitely a send up to it), and in that regard it's a pretty clever episode. That said, it's not exactly mindblowing, but it didn't commit any unforgivable errors either, so it was a decent episode all around. Without further ado, let's begin, this is "P.P.O.V. (Pony Point Of View)". Oh sweet, it's the return of the Rarity drama-couch AND Rarity's drama-ice cream, ALL IN ONE EPISODE!!! So the basic idea of this episode, same as with "Rashomon," is that we receive multiple points of view from the main characters, each one of them self-serving and putting themselves in the best light, and obviously not showing the whole picture either/retelling events that happened in a completely accurate light. The idea is that eventually all the different retellings will be cleared up and tied together, and what really happened will come through. Overall the episode does this quite well, although I will admit that, given that they have three different POVs to get through, the episode doesn't have much time to dwell on anything else besides the main events. Don't get me wrong, overall the pacing is fine, but it still felt at times like they were trying very hard to fit a lot into one episode, and I almost would have preferred if they'd limited it to two points of view. But all in all this story device worked, especially since it wasn't a terribly serious episode. Hmmm... not sure if "to sandwich" or "not to sandwich"... hmmmmmmmm... The funnest part of the episode, obviously, was seeing what all the different points of view were, as well as Twilight figuring out what really happened at the end. Applejack, Rarity, and Pinkie Pie's distorted recollections were quite entertaining (though it was bizarre in Pinkie's to see herself thinking of herself as the "normal" one of the bunch) and had some very funny references as well (Applejack in Rarity's POV was DEFINITELY a reference to Quint from "Jaws" and I'm pretty sure that Rarity's dress in Applejack's POV was a direct reference to Rose Dewitt-Bukater's dress in her introduction scene in "Titanic"). It was also lots of fun trying to figure out as a viewer what really did happen (there were definitely some things the characters told which seemed like they probably did happen, like Applejack accidentally knocking the cucumber sandwiches into the ocean), and what definitely didn't. That said, besides some of the pacing, the one other issue with this episode was the believability of the conflict. The episode itself tried to confront this by admitting at the end that "even long-time friends can have problems," but that's not the issue. The issue is that this conflict apparently, if this episode is to be believed, almost ENDED Applejack, Rarity, and Pinkie Pie's friendship! Now, I know that long-time friendships can deteriorate. However, I have a hard time believing that this particular conflict could have done such a thing! It was just a bad boat trip, nothing more, so yeah, the conflict felt a tad forced. Their reconciliation at the end was nice and all, seeing them all realizing that they all had just wanted to help their friends try something new together, but still, I found myself hard-pressed to buy that this could have actually ended their friendships this far into the show. "Back home we got a taxidermy man. He gonna have a heart attack when he see what I brung him." "Farewell and adieu to you fair Spanish ladies. Farewell and adieu to you ladies of Spain. For we've received orders for to sail back to Boston. And so never more shall we see you again." "Titanic was called the Ship of Dreams, and it was. It really was." Still, despite pacing and conflict issues, this was an enjoyable enough of an episode. Like I said, it was very entertaining, and the resolution at the end was very nice. It was fun getting to see Twilight exercising her intellect in order to help resolve things (and I don't just mean looking into some books for research, I mean she had to have Spike take notes and then review said notes, and THEN work out how all three POVs fit together), and that sea creature that showed up at the end was ADORABLE!!! The episode was certainly colorful, and it was cool getting to see most of the episode primarily set on the ocean (surprisingly, sea/ocean environments are quite rare to see in this show). Hopefully we'll get the chance to see such a setting even more later on in the show, either this season or, more likely, next season (if the show is renewed for a new season, of course). Overall, this was a good episode. It was not perfect, but it was perfectly likable and didn't have anything really horrible about it, plus it was cool how many movie references and send-ups it made in so many different ways. That's all I've got for ya'll this week everypony, until next time this is Batbrony signing off. I'm off!!! *cue dramatic exit* D'awwwwwwwww, who's a cute sea monster? YOU ARE! YES, YOU ARE!!!
  19. OK, good morning everypony, and welcome back to another edition of "Batbrony Reviews." This week's episode was some classic MLP, a delightful combination of entertainment with a well-written story and a excellently executed lesson. It was also a nice return to form for Starlight Glimmer, as well as probably the most she's interacted with the entire group of Mane 6 this season. Without further ado, this is "Every Little Thing She Does." So oddly enough, this episode was kind of a spiritual successor to "Lesson Zero" back in Season 2, albeit not quite as hilarious as that episode. Starlight, as we saw, still has a bit of a problem with how she understands the concept of friendship, namely in that she's quantifying it. She thought, going into this episode, that being good at friendship literally means you're skilled at whatever you do with your friends, and if you're not, then you're being a bad friend. Given that so much of her self-worth her whole life (in her mind) has been measured by how good she is at magic (something that's very much still apparent in this episode as well), this is understandable; even after her reform, her initial friend of the group was Twilight, and one of the things that Twilight was most impressed about Starlight early on was how powerful she was at magic. I won't say that Twilight was a part of this problem, then, because frankly this is on Starlight and her inability to properly convey her anxiety to Twilight, but it's perfectly logical that given that she's now living with Twilight and was trying to distract her with how her magical skills continue to improve, she would in turn think that Twilight similarly would "grade" her when it comes to magic (it does not help that Twilight tends to keep lists and records about EVERYTHING). So the problem that Starlight had was actually really good because it felt believable; some episodes this season have struggled because the problems they dealt with felt like they belonged in earlier seasons of MLP, but here, it did not feel like this lesson learned was inappropriate or the problem forced. Starlight wasn't unnecessarily incompetent, Twilight correctly identified and addressed the problem as soon as she knew it was happening and understood it, and the pacing was just right, with just enough attention given to setting up the problem, seeing it unfold, and having it addressed. In the end, Starlight learned a valuable lesson about what it means to be a good friend, and I imagine that going forward she'll be more comfortable with all of the Mane 6 now, not just Twilight. The only problem I will raise with how this episode unfolded is that I feel like we saw Starlight engaging in many of the same activities she was so nervous about today at the end of last season when she first befriended the Mane 6, but I can forgive that considering it was so quick and took place in song. Overall, this was yet another really, really solid episode for Starlight, and she continues to delight as a member of the main cast. Well now, that certainly doesn't look healthy Not gonna lie, I REALLY want to know the whole story behind this! As I said earlier, as far as the humor and entertainment factor of the episode goes, it (like the lesson) very much resembled and felt like a spiritual successor to "Lesson Zero." Like in that episode, things escalated out of hand FAR more than one could have anticipated going into this episode to the point of insanity, yet it felt like an insanity that could actually happen in this setting. Just like how Twilight melting down and freaking out was completely believable in "Lesson Zero," things going crazy after Starlight cast a number of mind control spells on the Mane 6 made, well, perfect sense. The fact that the insanity "made sense" only made the humor all the more enjoyable to see as it unfolded, and the Mane 6 under Starlight's mind control spell were a delightful combination of hilarious, creepy, and utterly useless. I myself particularly enjoyed Applejack, and give major props to both the writers and Ashleigh Ball on a hilarious turn as our favorite country mare. The 'chillaxing' running gag was pretty hilarious as well, more so when they were joking about understanding the concept as opposed to just saying the word a bunch. And it was also hilarious to see Pinkie Pie as the most pissed off of all of the Mane 6 about the mind control spell, and what's more because she burned cakes while under Starlight's influence. Finally, in a turn for a joke I never thought I'd see even on this show, I'm pretty sure that the Mane 6, after being freed from Starlight's powerful mind control spell, were intentionally depicted the next day in a state that resembled having a hangover. Some of the gags they pulled at the start of that scene were hilarious, particularly Rarity's insisting that the Mane 6 make as little noise as possible, and it's a great use of adult humor in a kid's show because obviously most kids would never understand that that was being referenced. D'awww, the poor, adorable dear... she has no idea how much she just bucked up That's it Twilight, you let her know! So, you got it now Starlight? Damn it :ninja: Animation-wise, everything was top notch as usual, particularly the facial expressions, which really felt spot on here. It was nice getting to see an episode that wasn't just set in Twilight's castle but actually explored it a ton as well; we got to see the kitchen, the library, the foyer, the basement, Starlight's room (which we'd never seen before), and even the roof at the end! It really felt like we got to explore the castle more than ever before, and that's always nice when we get to see not just a new setting, but more of a setting we've seen plenty before, but haven't necessarily explored in-depth. Finally, I thought the final shot of this episode was just really nice; it feels like it's been awhile since we got to see all the girls just relaxing with each other to end an episode, and seeing that (with the addition of Starlight awkwardly trying to relax with them) was really nice to see yet again, especially all the different ways they were unwinding, or rather, chillaxing at the end. Overall, this was just a really, really solid episode and I can't really find a fault with it. It wasn't quite the level of amazing that "Lesson Zero" is, but it was very exceptional all the same, and a solid addition into Starlight's existing canon and ongoing character arc. That's all I've got for ya'll today everypony, until next time this is Batbrony signing off. I'm off!!! *cue dramatic exit*
  20. rcollinz13

    Using MLP as Escapism

    There is no denying our affinity for this show and the fandom that it has garnered. Some of us are old school cartoon fans that were drawn in by the quality animation that most modern cartoons don't have. Others were open minded enough to give the show a chance after hearing about the massive backlash to it. I myself got into the show after watching 'Teens React To MLP: FiM', and hearing the teens pass judgement on a show that they hadn't seen. Regardless of how one may have gotten into this show, I think it is fair to say that this show has become a great source of escapism for many. It's no secret that we are living in some turbulent times. There is an economic recession, the ongoing concern of global climate change, a crumbling job market, and a myriad of other things to be concerned with. There is all this negativity coming from the world around us and in comes MLP. A show completely divorced from reality. A world separate from our own. It's full of fantasy, adventure, new experiences, and just good feelings. MLP offers a form of escapism from the cold and harsh realities of our world today. It's not just overarching issues too. The show provides escapism from the simple stresses of everyday whether that be your family life, stressful job, or anything else. In a simple sense, there is nothing wrong with having something like MLP to be used for escapism. We all need something to 'detox' at the end of the day and keep ourselves sane. The problem is when it becomes less of a sense of relief and more a sense of denial. Where the person uses the escapism to deny reality and ignore the real world. In some respects I think fiction is a more powerful drug than anything. The ability to get lost in a world completely divorced of the problems that we have in our own is strangely appealing. However, falling too far down the rabbit hole can cause someone to become dangerously detached from the real world. Let me know if MLP has become a source of escapism for you. Do you think it's possible to become to separated from reality? At what point do you need to take a step back and return to the real world? I I welcome your thoughtful discussion. Cheers.
  21. ArcadePony

    My new Animation

    Hey comment and tell me what to improve. YT: My animation
  22. Good evening everypony, and welcome back to another edition of "Batbrony Reviews." First of all, I need to apologize for being so late on this one; I was busy last week travelling for a job interview, and this week just got away from me. That said, I'm very happy to be getting this written up now, because me oh my this was a DELIGHTFUL episode! Without further ado, let's begin. So first things first, I don't think this was so much a Cutie Mark Crusaders episode as it was a Scootaloo episode. Don't get me wrong, they were all involved from start to finish, but there was a clear focus on Scootaloo as the primary actor pushing them throughout the episode, mostly because she drew many parallels with the episode's new character. That said, it was still a phenomenal CMC episode overall, because at no point did any of them come off as needlessly stupid or malevolent. The writing was phenomenal namely because everyone behaved realistically; they were presented with someone they really wanted to help, but an awkward situation because they really didn't know how. This will lead into a bigger point I have to make later on, but a resonating theme with the group in this episode was optimism and hope, how far those can take you, and what their limitations are. The episode tries to answer how does one balance boundless optimism with logic and realism, especially in a crummy situation, and it answers it spectacularly I thought. For the Crusaders, it gave us a chance to see that they continue to mature and grow; they're no longer trying ideas they know are probably bad, they think things through carefully and have a system, and I love seeing that. This was exactly what the successor to their first Season 6 ep needed to be, and I couldn't be happier for it. So now we come to our new character. Gabriella. Oh my. Gabby, Gabby, Gabby. I don't think words can do justice to how cute this little ball of fluff and feathers was, so I'll just leave this instead... Yeah, seriously. New best griffon? Oh buck yes, new best griffon!!! And you know what the funny thing is? I bet this was a hard character to write. No, I'm not even joking. It would have been SO easy to make her a Mary Sue, because of how bubbly, and optimistic, and cheerful, and just plain adorable she is, but somehow they avoided that trap and color me impressed that they did! As with Scootaloo not being able to fly (which the episode phenomenally wove into the story), there was an unspoken pain lying beneath the surface with her. We either are this person or we know a person like this, someone who tries going through life as cheerful as possible, not for their own sake, but just to try to make other people happy. That's Gabriella in a nutshell. You think at first that it's some sort of mask to help her cope with how crummy Griffonstone is, but no, it wasn't! As the episode plays out (especially once we reach the end), we learn she's as genuine as could be in her constant cheerfulness and optimism. Yet at the same time, one can still tell that there was a hidden pain to this character for multiple reasons. For starters, she's gone her whole life, naturally cheerful and upbeat, dedicated to making other griffons happy, but unfortunately for her that is not a natural inclination for her kind. So basically, she's been surrounded by distrustful curmudgeons her whole life. On top of that, she's never felt like she belongs nor knowing what her purpose is. So basically, she has no rewarding outlet for all her cheerfulness up until she went to Ponyville. Not that we should expect something for doing good things, but Gabby's situation was extreme; she had nothing, NOBODY in her life giving her so much as a smile or a thank you for her efforts. To say her situation was depressing is an understatement. This leads me finally to the themes of the episode. While some may say the episode was just about finding your purpose, I'd say it was more than that. Finding your purpose is a theme that has gotten recycled for multiple CMC episodes at this point and will continue to do so, after all, it's what they do. No, I would say that boundless optimism was at the center of this episode, very much akin to, believe it or not, "It's a Wonderful Life" or "Forrest Gump." These are movies that, while simple in certain respects, are effective mostly because, at the heart of them, is a simple but powerful theme that resonates with many people: the power of just being a genuinely decent person. That was very evident in this whole episode. You felt for Gabby, even if you weren't sure just like the CMC weren't what the answer to her dilemma was, because she was just so genuine and decent and good, and to make matters worse she lived in a country that didn't appreciate or encourage those qualities of hers. She didn't just want to find her purpose, she wanted to find her place, although surprisingly she never attempted to or thought of living in Equestria (though I guess I couldn't see her abandoning her home). But you could tell, in many respects, that this was someone who on the inside was probably running on fumes of hope at this point, and she oftentimes came off as almost desperate to find the answer she was looking for. You can't help but feel for such optimism and hope, and it just sucked me in from the second she showed up. I didn't think she was gonna get her cutie mark, but I wanted her to find her purpose, and more importantly, just find pride in who she was. She didn't just find purpose in learning that her purpose is to simply help others however she can, she found self-worth and a reason to just keep going for herself, because such a good person shouldn't be asked to just keep going for others, even if it comes naturally to them. She could probably spend the rest of her life impoverished and destitute and she'd still be totally satisfied knowing that alone, and that's what made the episode so powerful. A genuinely decent character found the one thing she was looking for that was missing from her life, and there was something really powerful about getting to see that because I think it's easy to forget that it's not always hard to be a good person in life, much less like Gabby, especially growing up where she did. So like I said, for an episode that didn't exactly have many tears, this was a powerful one, and I loved it for that, especially because I think it handled its themes with nuance, grace, and poise. Besides that, this wasn't exactly a laugh-heavy episode, but that's fine; there were some good ones here and there, particularly getting to see Twilight nerdgasm, but that's about it. There was a good song in the middle but nothing mindblowing for this show. It was nice getting a simple slice-of-life Ponyville episode again, and I was super happy to spot Derpy with Dinky again (further confirmation of her being Dinky's canon mom this season!!!). But like I said, when I think back on this episode and return to it, I'll always think first and foremost about it's wonderful writing, handling of its themes, and of course, the wonderful, wonderful, WONDERFUL new character that is Gabriella the Griffon! That's all I've got this week everypony, until, well, tomorrow, this is Batbrony signing off. I'm off!!! *cue dramatic exit* Cutest griffon? BUCK YES CUTEST GRIFFON!!!
  23. Golden Harvest

    Scariest Moments in MLP FIM!

    Ok I want you to show me the most sariest or most confusing moments in the show so far. Just list the season and episode or the just the name of the episode, what happened, and what your reaction to it was.>>>>> <<<<< I will start this off with one moment that I almost threw my phone when I was watching the episode... It was the terrible episode .... "Too Many Pinkie Pies" when one of them says the worst line ever... "Bet ya can't make a face crazier than... THIS?!" and shows her head as if it were generation 1.
  24. Hi everyone! So as the title suggests, do you think the show and the fandom has reached its high point yet? After being on the air for nearly 6 years, I think that it's fair to pose this question to everyone now. In my honest opinion, I believe that the show and the fandom reached its highest point in popularity back in 2013 (around the time of the season finale and the release of the 1st EQG film). I still remember the whole Twilicorn and humans debacle that went down during the Summer months while waiting for season 4. You couldn't browse the internet w/o seeing a pony avatar somewhere followed by a thread of nasty comments (whether it be on Facebook, Youtube, you name it). It was also all over the news too! Maybe not to the extent like Pokemon Go, but I remember when news stations and articles would write up about the Brony phenomenon and the early rise of the convention scene. Nowadays, we don't get the same attention that we received a few years prior. I guess that's just the nature with this sort of thing. The show was new and challenged the stereotype that only girls could enjoy this type of media. With it being on the air for so long and lasting far longer than any of us could have imagined, it was only natural that its popularity would slowly die down. Nowadays, MLP videos on Youtube don't get the same traffic like they used to, and plenty of musicians, artists, and animators have moved on to other outlets to express their creativity. For those of us who are still here eagerly waiting for new episodes every Saturday, I commend you for your tenacity and dedication. Plenty of fandoms come and go, but we've shown people that the Brony community was not just a fad, and that we are here to stay for years to come .