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Found 87 results

  1. I lost 30,000 Rubles I had in moving from my parents house. It was on a check and I cannot find it. I remember taking it but not taking out of the house... *Panics.*
  2. Is spending $2,174 at BronyCon too much? Or is it just average? Why is my amount so much? I'm taking a train, not a car or airplane. (And I'm coming from Indy) Train (Amtrak - 50 Cardinal) - $174.00 ($87.00 + $87.00) for round-way. Checked Bags - Free, I'm only taking 3 bags, 2 are carry-on, it'll be 4 on the way back. Registration - Silver: $500 Money for Vendors/Food (only 2 meals a day) - $1,500 Hotel - I plan on sharing with somepony else. Should I bring more for vendors and food? Advice and stories of previous experience is greatly appreciated.
  3. How much does somepony normally spend on cosplay costumes? Is it like $300? $500? (Stories about personal experience is much appreciated! Cuz I love reading!) And is it okay to not seem the same weight as the character you're cosplaying? Cause I've heard people judge people who are overweight and they say they 'ruin the character or the costume', my mother being one of those people…
  4. Theodore Marvin "Ted" DiBiase, Sr. (January 18, 1954) is a retired professional wrestler, manager, ordained minister and color commentator. DiBiase achieved championship success in a number of wrestling promotions, holding thirty titles during his professional wrestling career. He is arguably best recalled by mainstream audiences for his time in the WWF, where he wrestled as "The Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase. Among other accolades in the WWF, DiBiase was the first North American Heavyweight Champion, a three-time World Tag Team Champion (with Irwin R. Schyster) and the 1988 King of the Ring. DiBiase also created his own championship, the Million Dollar Championship. He was well known for his cutting-edge heel promos, which were often concluded with his trademark evil laugh. He held the WWF Championship belt in 1988 after purchasing it from André the Giant, but this period is not recognized by WWE as an official title reign. Nonetheless, DiBiase frequently performed in main event matches and has been cited as one of the finest in-ring technicians in history. DiBiase was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2010 by his sons, Ted and Brett.
  5. Hey everypony, So I might as well let it out now that I am a tax accountant and have been for over 5 years. Yes, I know... boring. I just wanted to give a heads up that I've been receiving a lot of inquiries stating that the IRS have been calling around saying that they are filing law suits against them. I just wanted to let everypony know to please IGNORE THESE CALLS!!! These calls are scam artists attempting to steal your identity. If the IRS was to file a law suit, they will correspond only via our resident Mailmare (she can't always bring good news). If you are still nervous, you may contact the IRS directly. Refer to their website for contact numbers. If you have any questions, don't be afraid to contact me. Have fun all, ST
  6. I was curious to see how much everypony spends per week on food, and also if you eat at home more than say you go out. I try to eat at home more so than going out going out is an expense I can't afford, and fast food is just so much more unhealthy for a pony. So i buy grocerys every two weeks at a cost of about $200.00, and mind you thats for four ponies. So I think its much cheaper, and heathier to eat, and prepare your own meals.
  7. Hello all. Always had a hobby you wanted to try but couldn't for a particular reason; whether it be family, money, time or anything else? I've been wanting to take up smiting as a hobby but I can't because of both family and the lack of equipment to try it with. Maybe when I get a job I'll rent out a garage to turn into a small workshop. But of course I'm too young to do so. *sigh* Can't have everything though can we? So, anyone else want to add to the thread?
  8. is this site getting enough money to continue? its not going to end anytime soon right?
  9. Capitalism at its finest. The input? Human waste. Something we all want to get rid of anyway. The output? Clean water, electricity, ash, and money. Now, while it may not generate enough to replace coal or uranium, it's a brilliant step forward for third world developing countries with too much crap and not nearly enough of anything else. And the best part? It's profitable on every end, so there's nothing stopping prospective entrepreneurs from setting these things up everywhere they can.
  10. I had been browsing around for something interesting to read to gain inspiration for writing as I do from time to time. I was searching up information on the Paris mines when I came across this gem of an article from BBC news. According to this article supplies of the precious metal silver could run out as soon as the year 2029. Seeing as you can only mine it out of the ground and you can't make it in a laboratory, this would be a ideal asset to get into. I mention this because I would like other people to profit from this situation as well. I've posted the link to the article as well as a few videos I thought would help inform the readers of this article.
  11. There is a lotto winning jack potted to 70 million AUD (Australian Dollars) for division one prize pool Now my question to all of you guys is... (well, to whoever even bothers to read this) What would you do with all that money? I would probably spend it on holidays, gifts, dream car(s) and a nice house! But anyone could put that into greater detail of course
  12. Does any of you remember J.G. Wentworth commercials. Preferably the "it's my money and I need it now" ones. I remember seeing them and thought they were funny and I think that they referenced the movie Network with the people sticking their heads out of the window and shouting. I also can't help but think that commercial and the quote can be used for future references. What do you think? Here's the commercial in case you haven't seen it or can't remember it:
  13. Source: Metro and Fallout: Illustrations of a Post-Apocalyptic Economy
  14. They use bits as currency, but they also accept gems as currency? How does that make sense? Equestria is loaded with gems, how come they don't have crazy inflation?
  15. I posted a thread a while back that I kinda spent some of my fathers money on a game that was cheap. A lot of people told me to be honest and say, but he hasnt mentioned anything about it... So I just might not say anything until he does... I just dont wanna get into trouble.
  16. Hey guys, Carbon Maestro here, and today I'm a youtuber that'll give you a brief but necessary rundown on what you need to make your money bits! There are those who want to throw money at you (Your fans) and those who want to take your money (i.e. Multichannel networks like Machinima, or Youtube's Adsense) and hopefully you can navigate the dangers of such things! As a Youtuber partner myself making about $240-$300 a month on 60,000 views partnered with a network, I want to let you know that not ALL Youtube channel networks are created equal. Let's start with the basics on terminology. Know these terms before moving on: CPM - cost per thousand (CPT) (in Latin mille, which is thousand), usually used as a measurement for advertising money. MCN - Multi-channel networks. An organization that works with YouTube channels, which can offer money/copyright protection in exchange for a percentage of ad revenue. If you calculated my CPM above from $240-$300 for about 60000 views, you'll find that my CPM is around $4-$5. This is the average amount that you should be getting for thousand views. Now there are two ways that multichannel networks give you money. There's flat rates of MCNs giving you $4 for every 1000 views A Monthly percentage, whether it's 90/10, 80/20, 70/30, 60/40 (You/MCN). Note that with any money making deal, there's a contract. You'll find that some contracts last indefinitely, some 7 years, some 5, and some even 1 year. Make sure you know the length of your contract, because once you signed, there's no going back. Alright, sounds fine and dandy, so long as you meet the requirements of the Youtuber Partnership, right? Well, this is where you have to be careful. MCNs are EVIL. Like, evil enchantresses but if you're poor, a necessary evil. I realized that other topic about a brony song being taken down was because of the MCN Hasbro EST flagged it for copyright. No seriously, the terms that I see nowadays are pretty unfair if you're a Youtuber trying to make money. The thing is that you need to realize that the MCNs give much poorer terms than ever. Back in 2011, MCNs were giving $4 CPMs for new partners. Nowadays? I see these these turkeys giving $0.35 CPMs for new youtubers. Beware of those guys who put you on a 60/40 revenue share contract and give horrible CPMs for 5 years. I can't recommend any single partnership network, but I can say which ones to avoid: Machinima - AVOID AT ALL COSTS. Perpetual contracts that lock you in unfair 60/40 deals for life are a big no. Maker Studios - Try and avoid this one. Any MCN that offers a 60/40 and/or 5 year deals. Here's a short summary of what you should do: Join an MCN that has 70/30 or better. Look for an MCN that is transparent and tells you everything without hiding anything. Shorter 1-2 year deals. This gives you flexibility on networks. Only JOIN a network if you want advertisements and make a little cash every month (In the beginning, it's not much, but with time, diligence, and mostly luck, you'll make more). Realize that in order to make a living off of Youtube, you pretty much need to have 60,000 views A DAY and even then, CPMs have to over $4 to mean something. (Psssst, I've heard Curse is the best network of the bunch!) Sadly, if you're about to sign that $0.35 CPM contract for 5 years, don't. Avoid that. If you have any questions or if you're confused at what MCN you want to join, feel free to ask!
  17. It's easy to see that bits are a common currency in Equestria, but we've also seen several instances of gems being used as currency in and of themselves. In real life, while gems are certainly quite valuable, they can't just be tossed around as currency. Instead, they have to be carefully appraised and sold for currency which, of course, can then be used as... well, currency. But in the show, ponies have actually bought things only using gems. In Rarity Takes Manehattan, the bellhop even offers to get Rarity change for the gem she gave him as a tip. All that leads me to believe that ponies must either have an innate sense for how much gems are worth or be taught the values of all manner of gems as they're growing up. Thoughts?
  18. Introduction Project Under One Roof is about trying something different to what we have grown up thinking about housing and family. Because it is about at least two families sharing a single household building in order to reduce the individual burden of finance and upkeep, such an undertaking is sure to have challenges of its own. We must be prepared to think that some of the challenges that we’ll run into along the way will be unforeseen or underestimated. One proposal is to break things down into smaller steps where the stakes start low and work our way up only when we’re ready to do so after adapting to the present iteration. The principle is just that: that this be an iterative process of development. In this essay, three phases are outlined. Vision While this idea started because of me, to constrain the development of this project solely to my own vision and comfort zone would not only be selfish and go against the imperative of compromise, it would also undermine the project’s potential – especially in the long run. My opinion shouldn’t matter any more than anyone else’s. In fact, my argument is that opinion should play a minimal role and that we instead follow a set of principles which hopefully have broad enough applications to have enough of an influence on project development and sustainability. The ultimate goal is to become less dependent on society’s iffy financial-market economic system through sustainability and to promote our wellbeing which includes the quality of social relations. Principles Because opinions are often at the root of conflict or division at the very worst, the argument is that taking a more empirical approach is to be taken in matters where action or inaction will have real consequences. This hopefully and indiscriminately reduces the weight of people’s opinions in matters that are important. The idea being that not one of us knows what is ultimately best for the project and so it becomes important to have a method or a set of principles to help us figure that out because there certainly is a lot that needs to be figured out as we develop and scale up. The more we figure things out, the better we get at doing what we’re set out to do. In theory this means that it will make us less and less vulnerable to hiccups in the surrounding economic system as well as becoming a more stable and adaptable group of people with a common goal where exploitation is very minimal – especially relative to the surrounding society. What that will ultimately look like or how exactly it will work, only time will tell. Phase 0: Dialogue and Planning The phase we’re currently still in. At this point in time, too many of us are still in college and without income. In the meantime, it’s good that we try to figure things out. Because this idea isn’t all that new or unique, it is recommended that we talk to other people as well about this and not just between ourselves. What’s more, each of us have our own set of ideas that could be put to use which in itself poses a challenge for us to compromise. The will seems to be there but skill is still lacking as communication has been very limited due to the circumstances. The only time we can really get talking about this is when I return home from studying abroad. Communication through online means hasn’t proven very helpful due to sporadic availability time of each of us. Writing essays like these is also part of it – exchange of ideas and all that. Phase 1: Renting a House At this point it would be unwise to design a house when we’re not entirely sure what kind of design will be best suited for our needs. What’s more, the stakes are very high when lack of experience is taken into account. By renting a house and sharing it, we will hopefully get acquainted with the most fundamental challenges while the stakes are still low. The best we will be able to do within these constraints in order to move towards decreased dependence on the economic system would be conservation through sharing. The most challenging area is believed to be how our money gets handled and how to keep things fair in this regard. More fundamental is learning to compromise in what is likely to be a less-than-optimally-suited house. As we go through this experience, we can really start to talk about what the design of our household should include to make things easier. Further preparing for the next phase, we can save our money in order to need a smaller loan to pay for the more adapted house as well as being able to pay off the mortgage more quickly, saving us a lot on interest payments. Only when we get there can we really gauge how much was saved from the financial system. Phase 2: An Adapted Home Aside from being better suited for multi-family housing, here we will also experiment with technologies and/or practices that make us even less dependent on the market. This could range from collecting rain water to having solar panels for our energy to permaculture. There will be constraints as to what can be done on a given plot of land. At its core, what I can say for now though, is that it could be pictured as an ordinary house with an extra bathroom and more bedrooms. Things could look different when we get there. Possibilities For Upscaling This is all projection and I can’t really tell you what’s going to happen here with any shred of certainty. It could be a bigger household building to house a larger number of families or it could be more of a complex with more specialized compartments. It starts to look more like a community than a household and that’s going to require some serious organization. It is likely to be self-sufficient when to comes to food, water and energy. It’s improbable that our horizons for sustainability would be limited to just those three things at that point. Who knows how much the importance of income would have dwindled by then. Personally, I do look forward to seeing this happen but we have a long road ahead before we get there. Looking forward to feedback.
  19. How is everypony? I was wondering how much money everypony plans to bring to Babscon for merchandise. This may sound like i am a robber, (LOL) but I just want to bring a reasonable amount
  20. I hate my job, but I'm making decent money and really not working all that hard. Problem is my Boss treats me like a Slave and with total disrespect. I HATE her. I also get no time off and no sick days. Should I pursue another career even though I may have to work longer hours for less pay? Which is really more important, money or happiness??
  21. So yeah like it says what phone carrier do you have? I have Verizon at the moment and let me tell you... they have great signal but they are so freaking expensive! I am probably going to drop them just because of how high they are. I have a used 4G smartphone and paying a 2GB data plan, the bill is about 110$ per month. I know they say you pay what you get for but I have also read other people's reviews over Verizon and I think they are a bit stiff with their prices. I don't text much or use the internet much with my phone so I probably would not be at a loss downgrading. What are your thoughts? What cell phone service do you prefer?
  22. When I mean young I mean child wise and teen wise, or if you still do I have to say no. The only time I got money from them is when I did my chores and helped my dad and mom. I started then helping other people and getting money from them, and then a job. I never asked my parents for money, why would I? They gave me clothes, food, drinks, shelter, my own room, I never asked them for money if I saw something I wanted, like a toy, or a cute purse. They only got me clothes that I needed, never a purse or necklaces. How about you guys? Yes or No?
  23. I've been studying and doing a bit of research in financial planning lately. I've recently came across a lot of articles that claim that although going without using a credit card is more difficult and requires some planning and establishing good savings, it is a much better option than having to rely on credit card to cover your expenses. I am still no expert on the fundamental economics and finances that comes into play here, but that's why I decided to post this topic. To gather some of your thoughts. A good majority of the community here is composed of adults ranging from their early twenties to thirties, with a whole lot of experience in the economic world where balancing budget, personal finances, and savings is a real necessity. So I'd just like to know your guy's thoughts on using only cash as opposed to using credit cards or both. Like how does one balance that out? How do you handle your credit and finance?
  24. The big companys are out there for the money! Period! Go bye yourself some indie games (the good ones) Those are people who are making games cause they are fun! ie. Papers Please! Go buy this now! CoD and fans: CoD may as well be on the moon. They don't listen to there fan base at all. EA and fans: EA will listen only if they feel like it and 99% of the time they don't. Bethesda: Fans have a hotline with them practicaly Indie: Fans are practically sitting next to the makers Big companys are not listening to the gamers and are making the same games over and over again (with a few exceptions) Play CoD 1 then CoD Black Ops 2. Fairly simliar in mechanics and gameplay.
  25. So the episode "Daring Don't" in the end has the mailpony giving RD her book at her address. . . and to be honest the place is pretty damn spacious (And what a nice house). You got massive open windows, a wonderbolt statue, a grand looking door. . .Man it looks like the Ponyville Weather service really pays well. Just LOOK at the place! It's honestly better than any house I've seen this series. Meanwhile Fluttershy lives on welfare in a really crappy shack overrun with animals . . This could actually be a Wonderbolts barracks/dorm which makes more sense considering how nice the dorms sometimes are in universities. But do you think it's her house considering that she opened the door for the mailpony, or does she really live alone in that pimped up mansion?