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Found 87 results

  1. So I have some money. Okay, cool. I want to spend my money, yeah? I want to buy a cosplay, with my money. Nothing wrong with that, is there? No. Let's recap... I want to buy a cosplay, with MY money. No one else's... I am 17 years old, I have responsibility and I know how to handle myself in this world... so does my Mum have the right to deny me buying a cosplay with my own money? She will not let me, and it's really getting on my nerves... It's a Death the Kid cosplay, in case anyone was curious.
  2. Has this ever happened to you before when ever you go into a GameStop to purchase a product or a video game from them. Moderator's Note: There used to be a video here, but its language was edging inappropriate territory, so I edited it out. However, this thread is still open to continue the discussion of your annoying experiences with cashiers at Gamestop.
  3. me and a few others have been wondering how does rarity spend her money i mean she has her own shop and apparently her own tea make, so im sure she is loaded on bits but how does she spend it
  4. I want to raise money for a new phone, next year's Brony Convention and save up a little for animation/graphic design college. I'm going to sell my fan art or other cartoony art to people at high school. The drawings can be about anything that has something to do with cartoons which is the best I can do. They're going to be put in decorative frames that I'm going to make with Construction paper and I'm going to sell small ones for 3 bucks, medium for 6 and large for ten. I know a couple of Bronies and I think they'll want to buy some I just want advice on how to convince other people at school or where ever to buy my drawings I can't sell online because I'm only 15 and don't have a lot freedom Show your generosity by helping me out
  5. Even if I recently went to BronyCon and got autographs by the actresses, I might go next year to the next Bronycon and I was wondering if I spend my 20 dollars to get a signature by an actress, am I only allowed to get one autograph or 2 atleast? It's just that I have this drawing and want to get it signed but it would also be cool to get those a Enterplay cards signed as well
  6. If I won the lottery, I would give my grandmother a new house and car so she can move away from my horrible aunt and her scumbag husband, pay off all her bills and give her some money for herself. I would also give my mom a new car and pay off her bills as well. I would also set aside some money for myself so I can have some fun, (I probably wouldn't go too crazy lol) but also I would go to Manchester to see my girlfriend and just give her whatever she wants. :3 What about you? What would you do with your new-found wealth?
  7. So, many games these days offer in-game purchases, some of us have bought our fair share of them. Maybe its that nice hat in TF2, a courier in DOTA, a cool gun or some awesome character expansion pack. So my question is to you all, what is your most expensive purchase of a SINGLE item/add-on for a game? and how did you justify buying it? To be clear, what i mean by a single item is this: A set would count, for example an entire costume made up of single components, but buying a bunch of sets at the same time wouldn't, a DLC pack will count but its the cost of the pack itself, such a season pass. The most expensive item i ever bought was recently, i bought 2 couriers for DOTA 2: Osky and Captain Bamboo, Both at the cost of £55 ($88) each, the only way i could justify it was that they should go up in value by next year :3
  8. Lucky number 7! Wow, I never knew that I would have so much to give back to a certain group of people. Lucky me. SPEAKING OF LUCK I got another $10 iTunes gift card for all of you music lovers out there, and if you're lucky enough, you just might get it. So leave a post below describing your luckiest moment! Example below. This contest ends on October 2nd. Good luck! P.S. the code will only work in the USA!
  9. So today we received order forms from a salesman for our 2015 High School Graduate Class Ring. I'm not the type of guy to really wear jewelry (the farthest I would go is probably my shark tooth necklace) so I don't really think it is worth it. Everybody else, on the other hand... The ring is a total cost of at least $289 USD. My immediate reaction is "HELL NO" but I'm interested to hear what you guys have to say about class rings. Would you buy one/have you bought one and is it worth it? I don't think it's even worth my time to look through the pamphlet to be honest. I hate high school. Why would I want a permanent Sterling Silver memory of it on my finger?
  10. It's that time of the year again! *Checks calendar* Oh wait, I guess Heart's Warming Eve is still a bit away... but Rarity rocks this place all year long, so why not have a gift of generosity right now? Just leave a comment describing your favorite RARITY scene from the show to enter for a $10 Itunes Gift Card Contest ends on September 18!!! Winner is absolutely random. How did I get this for Free? Well I earned it through a very quick time on this website. If you yourself are feeling generous, give it a click and do both you and I a favor I will be doing another one of these shortly. So look out for that too!
  11. 100 dollars just for a coin that's most likely useless? Seems legitimately fair.
  12. This week was the week where I, as well as many of you, went back to school for the semester or year. Now unlike the rest of the semesters where i dreaded the first day where the instructor would read over the syllabus for the entire two hour class, I looked forward to it. I had a good summer, had a positive meet-up with fellow bronies and made some memories that will stay with me forever. Getting back to my complaint, I sat through the lectures (falling asleep through one) and soaked up the knowledge the instructors spat out. Everything was going great until they told the class of required textbooks. Now, i know i had to get these textbooks beforehand. Its an inevitability in college. What ticks me off is the price tag. When we were all in elementary school and when the teacher gave out the texts she sent us home with papers saying, If we damaged the books or defaced them we would have to pay a $50 dollar fee( although, for some of you it may be more or less.). Now that I am a college guy, i have spend an average of $60 per book. The most expensive book i bought was a communications book which was about $98. Now that doesn't sound so bad, right? Well let me ask you: how much did you spend on that last Harry Potter Book? Yeah thats what i thought. The book is about 200 pages compared to Harry Potter's 1000 pages. Whats more is I'm only going to use this textbook for 3 months. I could just sell the book back at half the price but theres still that other half that the school gets. Thus bringing me to my issue. The colleges(community) charge you an obscene amount of money for things you could easily research on your own. I know some people's brains don't work that way, but for a majority they do. School systems dont cater to everyone. Only to a general population. They rarely have programs or teachers that cater to those creative thinkers. To those critical thinkers that like to break everything down. Also, i have found that colleges only cater to those with money. If you have the money they will bend over backwards for you. If you are middle class or struggling they could care less about you. All of my friends agree, you got money but not the will to learn or achieve goals you'll do fine in College. You got the will and the goals but no money, you will struggle. Just the other day my fellow Twilight Sparkles brony told me that he shares a dorm with spoiled rich kids who do nothing but binge drink and smoke marijuana. All illegally. He's middle class and even though its the second week for him, hes already suffering from their actions as well as financially. In short, the system only caters to the rich and leaves the poor behind, even though the poor could be future doctors or physicists.
  13. My Steam account is $370.74 USD worth of money. How much is your steam account worth. find out here Note: This is does not include when you broght games witha special offer or coupron so it does not have the 30% it the full price
  14. Do something real to fight global hunger and help people who are chronically hungry and living in poverty – donate to the 40 Hour Famine! 40 Hour Famine is one of Australia’s biggest youth events, raising community awareness and much-needed funds to help fight global hunger. This year the 40 Hour Famine will help support projects that fight hunger in Malawi, Ethiopia, East Timor, Nepal, Tanzania, and Uganda and helps World Vision respond to emergencies and other needs around the world.] $40 can help feed a family of six for a month! Please consider donating to this worthy cause and help make poverty history! Donation link: My Famine ID is: 2013010816 enter the famine ID here^ Thankyou to anyone who donates for your support
  15. Twilight is a beautiful creature. I do not care what you say about her wings. She's still my beloved and humble librarian That i will always consider one of my many waifus. ALSO a special guest appearance from luna!!
  16. To those of you who have attended Bronycon in the past, here is a question for you. I'm a student returning to work in July, so I'll have some monies, but not as much as I'd like. How much does Bronycon REALISTICALLY cost? How much have you ended up spending whilst at a previous bronycon? Some people have told me that the floors can get really expensive really quickly, and that worries me. I don't want to go if it means I can't have any fun, but if "fun" is out of my budget, I won't even book my plane ticket. TL;DR How much have you spent at Bronycon?
  17. Hello there my fellow pony-goers! How many of you out there buy pony merchandise? Whether it be custom-made or top brand quality, post your thoughts and pictures here! Also, let's discuss things that you would buy and things that don't look so appealing, and why they don't seem to tickle your fancy. I personally LOVE plushies and I have one on the way right now! It is a custom plush of my OC, Kismet (link in signature) and she is currently in a box shipping to my doorstep. I'll be sure to post tons of pictures when she arrives home! On the contrary, I'm not much of a "trading card" type person. Sure they are cool to look at, but not good for much else. It seems better to me to spend your money on something you can cuddle and take pictures with like your very own My Little Pony Come on bronys! Post your pictures and thoughts:
  18. So, i went to HotTopic today. The Derpy jacket was usually $40.00 and i got it for $26.50 And the Rainbow Dash Vinyl Collectible was usually $14.50 and i got it for $7.25 Deal Here: If you buy something, you get the second thing for 50% off. Deal ends April 28th. I am a happy pony.
  19. It's over! So basically this is what happened. Inside my head, The Original PWD's "Arcane" and Alpha Centauri's "Freida Furry Ears" were having a epic battle. Arcane firing his uber lazors of cuteness, and Freida building an incredible amount of sheer awesome power simply with her presence. Suddenly Arcane shot a bolt of cuteness directly at Freida, but she dodged just in time. Freida's aura exploded back at Arcane and then.....! * Commercial break* During the final lead up to the end of the contest, I got an excellent submission from Winterbass. Unfortunately, it didn't quite fit, but was still really amazing. In a later post, it came up that he had actually hurt his drawing hand. So, I don't know if it's healed yet, but everyone wish him well! As a second honorable mention, Basileus Soundgarden submitted possible the most incredible OC ever. As you can tell, it wasn't right to use in the animation, because this character passes the amount of work and quality that goes into characters actually used in MLP: FiM. Basically it was too good for the animation. Unbelievable. You are an inspiration to us all. Alright, now back to the epic battle between Arcane and Freida. Something happened about a second cuteness lazer, huge explosions and various other epic stuff. In the end, I couldn't resist the cuteness anymore. Congratulations to The Original PWD's "Arcane"! Thanks to everyone for making this possible and submitting such awesome OCs! The only thing left to do is finish the animation, and having everyone contribute to it is a huge honor. I don't totally know when I can finish it, but hopefully it will be fairly soon. Thanks to everyone for posting, and have a great day! It's been fun... But now it's done. Congrats to everyone. If you want to, you can see the original post below.
  20. I remember a Marshall Stack I was going to buy way back a couple of years ago. It was worth about as much as my guitar which is a great deal considering Marshall Amps go for about $2000 at least. The price was $1600 for a JVM Head and Cab and now I can't find it so now I'm raging! But not that hard as I found some pretty great deals at a sam ash in my local area! I can probably get a Stack for cheaper than $1600, but it just makes me wish I had a Job that could only make enough money for this Amp in 1/4th of a Year! I know Stacks are for live playing, and I'd love to play live but I need people to back me up live! It's so aggravatingly hilarious I JUST CAN'T STAD IT LOL!!! Any other guitarists have any suggestions for Amps? What a dream!!!
  21. My mod allows you to GAIN gems, bits, and hearts from the Apple Picking and Ball Bounce minigame! Spend money no more on pricey gems to complete the game! I know it looks boring, but I didn't know what i could do to pep it up, without people moaning that it's hard to read. Note: You need the first winter edition of the game, as well as being able to access files. Android can do that by default, you will need to jailbreak for iDevices
  22. Okay, I've recently been applying for scholarships for college, and one of the ones I applied for is worth $40K. It has no requirements, and the more people who sponsor you, the more likely you are to win. Yes folks, that is what I need. I need as many people as possible to sign up at the website, which is an easy and free process, and have them sponsor me. Here is a copy of all the information you need to know to make it clear on how to help me. As you can see, it doesn't even hurt. So please, find it in your hearts to sign up and sponsor me. It only requires the click of a button. My email address is Thank you all for your support. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. If you want, perhaps recruit other people to help if you can.
  23. So I'm fifteen and in high school. I was wondering for those who do and don't have jobs what its like. Whats it like with out a job? whats it like with a job and if you do have one do you like it?
  24. Sorry if this was already posted, but nothing came up when I searched. I really need some money, but I am not old enough to get a job (At least where I live) Does anyone have any suggestions? This isnt like a get rich quick kinda thing. I just need money, and I'm willing to put in the work to earn it. Thanks in advance!