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Found 87 results

  1. Sorry if this has already been posted, but a quick search came up with no results. So my friend is into 8-bit music and such, and he decided to make his own 8-bit version of This Day Aria. But he heard about youtube monetization thing, where you can earn money from your videos. He got really interested in that, and he wants to do it with his 8-bit song. But I wasnt so sure if it is actually legal or anything. Cause he didnt make the song, he is just 8-bitifying it. Do any of you know if he can actually earn money from this? It is a really good 8-bit so far.
  2. Just wondering... How much would you pay for a Derpy plushie? Lets say its about 3 inches at the shoulder, but its legs a sprawled out, so it's laying on its belly. It took about a week to make. Some say it changes depending on the amount of time spent making it and how big it is.... But what do you think? How much would YOU pay?
  3. Third Quarter profits for blog "Teatime Tirades" has fallen 58%. With this in mind, the board of directors, and the chairman of the board, Whiteshade, have decided to opt out of the current business model for a new strategy. We feel compelled to reveal this new strategy to you, the shareholders, and seek your majority approval on the future of this venture. The Previous Model: The previous model on "Teatime Tirades" was predominantly off color and black humor, combined with highly potent silliness, and most importantly, veiled insults that were aimed to decrease the overall intelligence of the audience to create more viewership. However, the demographics for this sector have changed, and increasingly, competitors are creating more serious and long winded blog entries. These entries have consistently ebbed away at our viewership, only more exacerbated by the absence of the publisher, Whiteshade, for two weeks in late August. As a result, third quarter results are dismal, and the board of directors are currently evaluating new strategies. The New Model: The new model is a revolutionary one that we, Whiteshade LLC, believe will shake up, blow up, destroy, decimate, raze, and nuke the competition. In short, we are very confident in this strategy. The new strategy will consist of injecting steroids into the blog "Teatime Tirades" on a weekly basis. This we believe will make the blog more alert, and as well more Hulkish when engaging competing blogs. There is a proverb from ancient times: "Violence solves everything". We here at Whiteshade LLC adhere to that philosophy. Anyways, by injecting steroids into the blog, we can basically transform it to a de facto death lotus, alluring hordes of competitors, then destroying them all in a single circular fell swoop. This model we believe will help significantly in the fourth quarter, and so we ask you, the shareholders, so approve this model at the next shareholder's meeting. From Whteshade LLC with love, ~Whiteshade, Tyrant of the Masses
  4. I am 10 minutes away from loading up all the cans in my garage and taking them to a grocery store for monies. So let's play GUESS....MY....BOTTLE RETURN AMOOOOOUUUUNNNNNNNTTTTTT!! Keep in mind, Michigan gives TEN CENTS back for each can! That's right TEN! ONE-ZERO! SUCK IT OTHER STATES Guessing forms: # of cans = (# of cans x $.10) = Whoever is correct or closest will get a free brohoof from me.
  5. To frankly put it, I'm wondering if I should start setting a pricing on art commissions for future works? (for when I get a graphics tablet) If I were to set a price for commissions right now, I wouldn't want it to be too high because I only can photo edit. Do you guys think I should start setting a price on Art commissions? I'm still insure on the subject and need some feedback if you'd please Here's an example of what I could do with vectors or anything people give me to edit for them: I'm thinking prices should go from Cell shading: $1 (80 points) Soft shading: $3 (240 points) Soft shading & Lighting: $5 (400 points) Soft shading & Lighting W/ reflective lighting & hair: $10? $7? (800 points, 640 points) I can add the backgrounds and all that too like my picture, This is mainly for when I get a graphics tablet for custom art, unless right now'd be good too. I don't want to be cheap
  6. Week 1 Straight Up Record: 9-6 Week 1 Spread/Betting Record: 6-9 Overall Straight up Record: 9-6 Overall Spread/Betting Record: 6-9 Aww yes here we go, week 2 of NFL football already! Can't you feel the excitement? RG3 goes off on the Saints, Jets open a can on the Bills, Niners rock the Pack at Lambeau, Ravens claw up the Bengals, Peyton Manning is BACK, and other exciting happenings from week 1. Thursday Night: Chicago @ Green Bay (-6) Green Bay is going to be PISSED and looking for a bounce back from their home loss to the Niners. Bears may have improved over last year but the Packers will be playing angry and will find a way to win. Taking Green Bay to win BUT Chicago I think will cover because they're rivals and rivalry games are always tough. Tampa Bay @ New York Giants (-7.5) Giants put up a stinker last Wednesday. They also had 4 extra days to prepare for the Bucs. Giants will win AND beat the spread. Arizona @ New England (-13.5) Patriots continue their dominance by shredding the Cardinals in their home opener at Foxboro. Patriots to win and beat the spread. Minnesota (-1.5) @ Indianapolis Colts are a home dog surprisingly because Minny isn't so great themselves. I think Andrew Luck will have a good game and Colts win thus covering the spread. New Orleans (-2.5) @ Carolina Saints aren't going to get embarrassed two weeks in a row. Drew Brees is a professional and will not have a repeat performance. Carolina seems to be a young team whose spirits could be broken with a second straight loss. Taking Saints to win and beat the spread. Kansas City @ Buffalo (-3) Buffalo still a favorite despite getting bombed by the Jets. With C.J. Spiller the #1 back, Bills might enjoy better success. I'll go back to Buffalo and pick them to win and beat the spread. Baltimore @ Philadelphia (-2.5) Man did Vick suck or what? Against Cleveland! And boy did the Ravens look dominant against Cincy. I get Philly is the home team but I thought Baltimore would be the favorite. That's why I'll take Ravens to win and thus cover the spread. Oakland (-2.5) @ Miami This has the makings of being a cripple fight. Oakland looked terrible Monday night and Miami didn't have much success themselves. That being said I think Oakland wins and beats the spread. Cleveland @ Cincinnati (-7) Battle of Ohio! Didn't really see either team play last week, just the scores. I think Cleveland benefited from a really bad game from Michael Vick than their own defense being strong. Cincinnati to win BUT Browns to cover. Houston (-7.5) @ Jacksonville Texans are going to destroy the Jaguars. Arian Foster is a beast. Houston to win and beat the spread. Dallas (-3) @ Seattle Dallas looked pretty decent Wednesday night in New York. I think they can handle Seattle who might be second-guessing starting Russel Wilson. Dallas to win and beat the spread. Washington (-3) @ St. Louis Holy man Robert Griffin III was impressive and against the Saints too. Will he make the magic happen again? Against the Rams, I think so. I'll take Redskins to win and beat the spread. New York Jets @ Pittsburgh (-6) Pittsburgh will shut down the Jets' offense and will recover from their SNF loss at home. Steelers to win BUT Jets will cover. It could be a low scoring game like 14-13 or something. Tennessee @ San Diego (-6) Titans have injury issues with Nate Washington and Jake Locker taking hits last week. San Diego was okay on MNF but not terribly impressive. Since Chargers are having their home opener and the Titans ailing, I'll take Chargers to win and beat the spread. Monday Night: Denver @ Atlanta (-3) Peyton Manning showed that he is back and just as good as before. Falcons had a big offensive game against the Chiefs last week as well. I feel this will be a shootout but with the Falcons coming out the winners. Falcons to win and beat the spread. Doctor XFizzle's Detroit Lions Report: Detroit @ San Francisco (-6.5) Sunday Night Football, Schwartz vs. Harbaugh II: The Handshake Returns (or The Schwartz Strikes Back). I can see this going either way, Niners blowing the Lions out of the water or Lions getting the upset. I think the Niners will be way over-amped for their home opener and riding the high of beating Green Bay at Lambeau in Week 1, making them ripe for a letdown. I think the Lions will shock the Niners and win, thus covering the spread. There you have it, week 2.
  7. I shall devote some of my precious time to answer your questions to my best ability. You may ask about facts of general nature or about my fascinating life (fascination guaranteed).
  8. How much have you spent in pony apparel, plushies, toys, etc.? Personally me I haven't spent any but if I would have, I would have bought like 4 or 5 brony shirts, like 3 twilight sparkle plushies and a bunch of mini figurines (Estimating, that would be a few hundred all together depending on the size and quality of the plushies.)
  9. With last week's move to a dedicated server, MLP Forums is running faster and smoother than ever before. Unfortunately, our operational costs are also higher than ever before, and relying only on members to make a donation whenever they feel like it is proving to be less and less sustainable. So, we've been looking into a variety of new ways to monetize the site more consistently, to ensure we can afford to stay on this beautiful new server for a long time to come. We'll be writing about our ideas here in Canterlot Castle, and it will be greatly appreciated to have your input on how effective you think each may be, and whether you would personally make use of them. After all, this forum is for all of you at the end of the day, and we think it's only fair that you get to have a say in how we cover its expenses. Proposal #1: Subscriptions At the moment, our current system of accepting donations works as a pseudo-subscription system of sorts, with every dollar you donate granting you three days of donor status. If we were to introduce subscriptions, they would completely replace the current donations system with a more traditional monthly fee you pay to keep the status. However, to accommodate different levels of generosity, I'm thinking of adding a little twist to it. All subscribers would get the same account upgrades as our current donors. However, those wanting to donate more towards the forums every month would have the option of simply paying more for their subscription. Essentially, we would have a number of subscription tiers, all of which offer the same benefits, but allow you to choose how generous you want to be. The tiers might be as follows (proof-of-concept only; this is by no means a final list): $10/month $15/month $20/month $25/month $30/month $50/month Anyone wanting to donate more than our highest available tier would also be welcome to contact me for a custom subscription. The main advantage of subscriptions over donations is that subscribers will receive a recurring bill every month, reminding them to renew their subscription. It is even possible to set up an auto-renewing subscription that automatically bills your credit card or PayPal account every month. This will likely lead to a much more consistent stream of income as we have members who are willing to spare a certain amount of money on a monthly basis, and this system will accommodate them well by essentially committing them to pay money every month. Often, someone might be willing to commit to a monthly donation, but then they forget to actually keep their commitment. What do you think of this proposal? Would you prefer it to the current donation system that asks everyone to donate towards a fixed goal? How might it affect members who want to make a one-time donation and aren't interested in keeping the donor status indefinitely?
  10. I have been wondering for a long time (and i'm sure others have thought about this), how does Rarity keep the boutique in business. I know this is getting technical, but think about it. The Carousel Boutique makes clothing. . .The ponies dont were clothes so how do they stay in business. Enypony have any ideas or theories?
  11. So I was thinking about things, and the lottery crossed my mind, so I wanted to know. What would you do if you won the lottery? Any lottery? As for me, I'd set one part for myself, one part for my family, one part for my education, and the rest I'd probably donate to charity and the forums. But I might change my mind if it happens. Imagine you hate cats. Just imagine it. You'd say "If I ever owned a cat I'd give it away." Well what if you just happen across a box with a small kitten inside, cold, hungry, and unhealthy. Would you just walk past, and leave it to it's fate? NO! You'd pick it up, take it home, and nurse it back to health, even thought you're a cat hater. So what would you do as of now if you won the lottery?
  12. Today I was browsing the internet and came across this picture.. This brony claims that they are losing their house this month if they don't raise $15 000 US, with no background story or proof of this. They are offering to do commissions, but are also asking for donations in a rather guilt-tripping sort of way. Since commissions will not be enough (my fiancee and I both work full time and don't make that much a month). What are your thoughts on this? ~