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Found 29 results

  1. Out of boredom, I was checking the MLP Film's IMDb page to see if any new names appeared there. One name I was never expecting was Eric Goldberg. Eric is man responsible for the Character Animation of several Disney projects Genie from Aladdin, Phil from Hercules, Louis from The Princess and the Frog, and Rabbit from Winnie the Pooh (2011). Now he's apparently become the Lead Animator of the MLP Film. I still couldn't find any Official confirmation on Eric's involvement which is why I'm saying POSSIBLY, but let's hope to God it is. MLP Film Page: Eric's Page:
  2. Anyways, wondering how many songs in the movie you think will be composed by Daniele Ingram and be "Normal" FIM songs and how many do you think will be done by guest musicians like Sia? Wondering because, as I just noted, we have Sia as a guest singer for the movie, so I wonder how much of the music is going to be sung by her and guest artists, which I assume would be composed by them personally as well. Curious how much you think will be guest artists and how much will be Ingram composed songs done by the normal FIM cast.
  3. What would your response be if the 2017 movie was the end of the mane six's role as being the mane characters and wrapped up their story, and Starlight and her new band that she'll form in the s6 finale will be the mane characters for FIM from S7 onward?
  4. If they decided sometime in the future to make a movie based on the My little Pony: Friendship is Magic series, what things would you like to see/done in the movie? This could go for season 3 even! What are some things that you guys are looking forward in the new season that is about to come out? For me I'd love to see some more background characters & some exclusive episode featuring other ponies besides the mane 6 . All in all I am so thrilled for the new season & if they ever decided on making a movie that would be truly awesome ! So what are some things that you wish for in the upcoming season 3? If they do plan on making a movie what are things that you would look forward to seeing? <3 Twilight love! See she can hardly wait either!!! *HURRY UP or the bronies will send Twilight!!