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Found 112 results

  1. Hello to all of my recently hired co-writers for most of my projects, I apologise for changing my mind a lot but it is with a heavy heart that I decided to cancel all of my fanfictions, Marella and The Doctor and Summer's TARDIS Adventures altogether. I decided that my dr whooves character the Maniac needs a spotlight in the audio play media on my youtube channel. If you have anymore questions, please skype me or pm me. Thank you. ^^ Also on a further note, I was thinking that we can use Google Docs even it is super slow because it saves added data all the time anyway for the future Maniac audio plays (there will possibly be two I have in mind.)
  2. Bakugou Is My Man <3

    Paris, France Terrorist Attacks 11/13/15

    A group of terrorists threatened and bombed different locations in Paris, France not long ago. Paris borders have been closed and many people have been confirmed dead. Source:
  3. Good afternoon, everypony! Just got a minor bit of news for all Poniverse Fimfiction members this afternoon. As some of you may know, recently a number of new story tags were added by the Fimfiction staff to the existing list of story tags. As such, I've taken it upon myself to add folders to our group for any stories labeled with these story tags. The new folders are as follows: (1) 2nd Person, (2) Drama, (3) Equestria Girls, (4) Horror, (5) Mystery, (6) Sci-Fi, and (7) Thriller. If you have any stories marked with any of those tags, feel free to add them to these new folders. That's all for now, though keep your eyes open for a new fanfic contest at the start of December. This is Batbrony signing off. I'm off! *cue dramatic exit*
  4. Magic Gypsy Dice

    The new Daily Show

    So do you like the New Daily Show and what do you like/dislike about it?
  5. Earlier today Hasbro made a tweet on their account stating that the second half of season 5 will be delayed. Now, this could be bad or good, whichever what you look at it. For me, it's both. We don't get to see the new episodes sooner, which is annoying, but we do get the season stretched out more. This means that the episode coming out tomorrow will be the last one for a while. I'm not too sure on the date of the show returning. What do you guys think about this news?
  6. Are there still people on here, that still listen to the radio from time to time? I feel that most Radiostations just suck, when it comes to the music that they play. It's too much mainstream stuff and it's just played over and over again. But there are still some Radiostations out there, that play stuff that i like and that i can listen to, while i do work, do RP's, etc. I for example (this is me doing some commercial BTW) like to listen to Real Radio XS. A Radio Station from Manchester England, that plays Rock 24/7, be it newer stuff, or the old classics. They also sometimes do interviews, do events and do giveaways. These are the kinds of people, that i want to listen on the Radio. So, what do you think? Do you still listen to the Radio? Do you have your own favorite stations?
  7. So, the creative lead position for MLP has been opened apparently. What's your thoughts on what this bodes for the future?
  8. Auditormadness9

    SIFL list updated

    List updated so anyone can view it! 1.Arma 2.Anabelle 3. Angry Birds 4. Angry Birds: Rio 5. Angry Birds: Go 6. Angry Birds: Seasons 7. Angry Birds: Space 8. Angry Birds: Star Wars 9. Angry Birds: Star Wars II 10. Angry Birds: Epic 11. Angry Birds: Stella 12. Angry Birds: Transformers 13. Blitzkrieg II 14. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 15. Call of Duty: Black Ops II 16. Call of Duty: Black Ops II: Zombies 17. Dead Trigger 2 18. Dungeon Nightmares I 19. Dungeon Nightmares II 20. Evil Days of Luckless John 21. Foreign Creature 22. Gangstar Vegas 23. GTA: San Andreas 24. Happy Tree Friends 25. Henry Stickmin 26. Hobo Brawl 27. Project IGI 28. Littlest Pet Shop 29. Mafia I 30. Mafia II 31. Mob Enforcer 32. Madness Combat 33. Medal of Honor 34. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic 35. My Little Pony: Equestria Girls 36. My Little Pony 1986 37. MLP (Cupcakes) 38. The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion 39. POSTAL 2 40. POSTAL 2: Paradise Lost 41. Power Puff Girls 42. Power Rangers 43. Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45 44. Sift Heads 45. Spiderman 46. Star Wars 47. SWAT 48. Team Fortress 2 49. Transformers 50. The Last Stand: Union City 51. UFO: Aftermath 52. Тупой Дозор
  9. The Park Opens June 12, 2015 So, who here's excited about the new Jurassic Park movie coming out? In this thread, I hope to establish conversation, speculation, hopes, wants, and especially news regarding the new film! For those that have yet to see the most recent news on the film, I'll list it out here so we can discuss about it! Directed by: Colin Trevorrow Starring: -Chris Pratt ...."Owen" -Bryce Dallas Howard -Jake Johnson -Vincent D'Onofrio ....:Patel" (villain), owner of Patel Corporation (source) -Irrfan Khan The rest of the Cast/Crew: Filming schedule: Leaked script pages: Open casting for Jurassic World: Leaked Set construction photos from Kauai:
  10. Hello everypony! Hope y'all are having a nice day. Here's one for ya, I'm thinking of starting a Pony Newscast where I'd basically sit for 10 minutes a day recording a little newscast and then stick it on the internet. Would it be a good idea? I'm getting a really good camera set and microphone soon, so I think it would be an interesting thing to try. My PC is pretty good, running at 4.2GHz with a decent GPU. Would anypony be interested in watching this kind of thing, or are there already loads of these on the web? Thanks for your valuable time everypony, I appreciate it. *hugs* - Nectar.
  11. Hey everyone, this is just a quick update about BronyCon 2015, but given its size and relevance to the fandom, I thought it might be prudent to post this in light of recent events. As I'm sure most of you know, over the weekend and through Monday, quite a bit of civil unrest, protests, and eventually rioting broke out in Baltimore, MD. As I'm sure most of you are also aware, Baltimore has been the host city of BronyCon for most years since it started. Given recent events, the staff there felt the need to issue a statement about how the recent riots, at this time, affect this year's plans for the con. Long story short, at this time there are no plans to change the venue. Given that the con is at the start of August, the convention staff are confident that the city will be safe and order restored by the time the convention rolls around. That said, they are still monitoring the situation and ensured fans that they have a contingency plan in place in case they need to make a last minute change of venue. You can read the full update by clicking on the link below to BronyCon's homepage. I just thought I'd get the word out for any bronies or pegasisters with plans in place to attend BronyCon this year. BronyCon 2015 Homepage and Baltimore Update Oh yeah, one more thing. To any forum members who may live in or near Baltimore, stay safe and God's blessings. I pray that peace may be restored to your city soon.
  12. Jason Darklyte

    Aviators Corner: Recap of April 2015

    Hey there ponies of the creative ponyland! Seems like it's that time of the month again, so here's a brand new monthly post in honor of the amazing Aviators. New songs this month: Dreamwalker (April 11th) Spectres (April 16th, my birthday BTW) What's Up (4 Non Blondes Cover) [April 21st] Miscellaneous news: I know I posted this in the last post, but it is quite important and interesting. And what that is is Aviators' brand new EP, found right here: Well, I think that's just about it for this month. See y'all next month!
  13. I apologize for not continuing my monthly blog here; I've been quite busy working on it at Everypony , and of course that hasn't been appreciated there, so I'm gonna just ditch them and continue this blog mainly here and on Google+, mostly because on this forum, I most certainly do not have that much of a bad reputation. So anyhoo, if you don't know what this blog is, check my first post of it on my other blog. Simply put, it's a news source dedicated to none other than the amazing Brony musician Aviators. Nothing more. So, let's get back on track with this thing. New songs as of February and March: [A FNAF song] (February 1st) {Also on SoundCloud} (March 3rd) [inspired by Luna] (March 13th) [A FNAF3 song] {Also on SoundCloud} [A Dexter Song] (March 19th) {Also a single on BandCamp} And in case you were wondering a little bit about THIS month, yep, a WHOLE new EP has come out of this! (Yep, this at the beginning is definitely the cover art for the new FEVER EP.) Well, I think that's just about it for the two previous months. Catch y'all later in a couple of weeks with my April post!
  14. Jason Darklyte

    Aviators Corner: Recap of January 2015

    I'm doing this on Everypony as well, so I thought about it a little bit and thought why not on here as well? Anyway, I've decided to create a brand new monthly blog dedicated to bringing the latest news and stuff about the Brony-famed Sound of the Aviators. Each post, which will be posted on the last day of each month, will consist of the following: new songs released on YouTube in the corresponding month, news on upcoming music, and miscellaneous news. And that's the order they will come in. New songs this month: and also News of upcoming music: So the last livestream of Avi's that I went to (even though I was only present for about 20 minutes) gave me quite interesting news about his brand new upcoming EP titled "Fever" that will come out sometime after his next major album, From Oceans to Skies. It will basically be a sort of reflection of the 80s, and consist of some quite interesting styles that aren't exactly like the 80s styles, but quite interesting anyway. Miscellaneous News: Well...there's not a whole lot this month. But check this out: Also, I don't know if Twitch keeps archives of each channel's livestream sessions, so I'll check into that. And yes, if there are recorded archives of the streams, I will post them here. It probably doesn't, though. Well...I think that's all I have here to share this month. Catch y'all next month with some more great news!
  15. Hellow, adminds and moderators of that site, i have question about posting there. 1. Where i can post toys news/discussions? 2. Where i can post my My Little Pony toys collection?
  16. Hi everyone, I was wondering what people's opinions were on the Paris shooting incident? The way i feel about this is that its really sad that people died over a comic. I think freedom of speech shouldn't be limited. You need to be aware of what you are saying and how it could affect other people. The Paris shooting wasn't justified in my opinion, i feel that even if something might offend someone it doesn't warrant a violent reaction. i don't know much about Islamic believe, but i thought most religions were about tolerance and doing right by your fellow person. just want to know what your opinions were about this issue as its quite controversial and i'm not exactly sure what to think about the stance on free speech. Thank You.
  17. It seems North Korea keeps moving towards an all out war; with all the attention the media in the United States is giving North Korea, what are your thoughts on the current global situation?
  18. I had been browsing around for something interesting to read to gain inspiration for writing as I do from time to time. I was searching up information on the Paris mines when I came across this gem of an article from BBC news. According to this article supplies of the precious metal silver could run out as soon as the year 2029. Seeing as you can only mine it out of the ground and you can't make it in a laboratory, this would be a ideal asset to get into. I mention this because I would like other people to profit from this situation as well. I've posted the link to the article as well as a few videos I thought would help inform the readers of this article.
  19. I don't even know what to think of this. It makes me disappointed as a Christian. I know it's old news but what do you guys think? I only know about this incident from the article below. If you can provide additional details, feel free to share.
  20. ghostfacekiller39

    Jack the Ripper Possibly Identified

    Notorious serial killer Jack the Ripper may have been identified, according to this news article. I won't put a raincoat on the goat here and say that I feel like writing a super long OP, espicially since you can just check out the story itself and get everything you need So, what do you think? Do you believe it? Do you think it's incorrect? Why or why not?
  21. Hi I run which is a site that reports on anime, manga, and videogames. I have several reporters on the site already who deal with reviews. So I'm looking for people who can report on anime, and manga news. I'm also looking for people who can report on the Japanese videogame company news A couple of 300 word+ articles or more per week would be ideal. If you're interested you can contact me at: it's the same email you'll find on the contact page of my site. You can also ask any questions in this thread. Anyone who is on reddit if you could give me a thumbs up for these threads I've created to help look for recruits for my site it would be appreciated. manga reddit JRPG reddit
  22. Twilight The Creator

    Octavia confirmed for EQG2

    Yahoo posted an EQG2 teaser/trailer and best pone was spotted a couple of times Honestly, to me, it makes this movie a 100x better than it would've been. Thoughts?
  23. The release date has given, which is confirmed at September 27, 2014 at across various movie theatres for the spin-off show seen on the article on Wikipedia and Wikia. Airing on Hub at October 17, 2014 and DVD/Blu-ray at October 28, 2014. "Yes, it's awesome and I'm going to enjoy the spin-off show after it was released! I hope you enjoy my friends and brohoof my first news post!" Directed by Jayson Thiessen and Ishi Rudell (co-director). Written by Meghan McCarthy.
  24. The Onion has been around for a lot longer than I thought. It never hit me that they've been a thing since 1988! So what are your favorite articles by The Onion? Johnson & Johnson Introduces 'Nothing But Tears' Shampoo To Toughen Up Newborns Also, did you think The Onion was legitimate news the first time you heard of them or did you know right off the bat that it was parody?
  25. The one other video game sale besides the great time when Lord Gaban visits us with many great sales and gifts for us to enjoy, from probably one of my favorite video game companies around CD Projekt Red, most noted for the Witcher series and their DRM free policies and GOG website is having their summer sale right now. I just bought the following: Duke Nukem 3D Atomic Edition, Total Annihilation Commander Pack, Red Faction ll, FTL Advanced Edition, and Oddworld Abe's Exodus. Hurry and go on to the following link as you can enjoy some absolute classic video games that were tested to work with windows 7 and solutions for others and even some modern video games that are DRM free! Add Tales of Monkey Island pack, a 35 dollar deal for 3.50 for me